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The update with Edward is still the same, he wants time alone, away from the family. Mom and dad aren't happy about it, they are trying to convince him to come to Alaska so he can straighten out. Alice is still watching what his next moves are, Rosalie and Emmett are almost ready to go get him and Jasper is doing a lot better now.

Also, dad doesn't want me missing too much of school, so it will be only me travelling back home. My plane leaves later on today. He also mentioned that he called Billy asking if he and the pack can watch out for me.

I'll talk to you soon,


Allison closed her laptop, letting out a sigh. Several weeks ago, they thrown Bella a birthday party which ended badly; Bella had gotten a papercut, Jasper almost attacked her... well, in short terms, there was enough blood that all of the Cullens except for Carlisle left. Jasper didn't listen to anyone except for Edward, which helped him calm down a bit but he still felt the need for human blood. Eventually, that made everyone come to the conclusion to leave. Her dad got Allison at hotel room in Seattle until they were able to get Jasper under control before coming to get her then head off to see their other family in Alaska.

Allison tied her curly, black hair into a ponytail. She was the only human that had grown up with the Cullen family, that was because Esme had found her. Esme had came across a house that was attacked by vampires sixteen years ago, everyone in the house was dead except for a baby girl that was about four months old. She instantly fell in love with the baby, she gathered some clothing, diapers, formula and also went through some pictures in the albums so the baby can know her biological family. Both of her parents were African- Canadian that had moved to Ohio two months prior of the attack.

Allison shoved her laptop in her suitcase, then checking her purse for her wallet and house keys. She grabbed both bags before heading out to the living room, where her mom and dad were getting ready to take her to the airport.

"I'm sure going to miss your humour," Tanya said, coming out of nowhere to give her a hug. Tanya was the best partner to help pull pranks on other vampires.

"You're making this as if I won't ever come back," Allison smiled, hugging her back.

Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper also gave her hugs and told her to call them as soon as her plane lands. Kate, Irina, Carmen and Eleazor also hugged her and wished her trip back to be well. Her dad grabbed her suitcase, heading out the door, while mom stood waiting for her.

"Keep your mind down, I'll be watching on you," Alice said, her face very serious.

"Promise." With that, Allison and her mom walked out the door.

It was a two hour drive to the closest airport, Esme was making a list for Allison to be safe. Keep in contact and always answer their calls- if a call was missed, call them back, keep her mind shield down so Alice can check on her, if there is any threats still with Bella or stay with a pack member. Carlisle placed a comfort hand on her leg, assuring her that their youngest daughter will be fine.

"I'm the mom, I have to worry," Esme said.

Allison smiled. "I'll be fine."

Esme didn't say anything but nodded. Once they arrived at the airport, Carlisle was the first one out of the car to get Allison's suitcase from the trunk. She couldn't help but worry, this was actually the first time that she wasn't close by, the farthest Esme and Carlisle ever been away from their human daughter was the next town over.

"Alright," Carlisle said, handing the suitcase to Allison. "Call as soon as you land. Sam is going to pick you up from the airport."

"I will." She hugged her dad then hugged her mom. Esme hugged her tight. "I'll be okay. I promise."

"I know." Esme let her go.

Allison gave them one last smile before heading into the airport. They watched her walk until they couldn't see her anymore. Carlisle wrapped an arm around Esme's shoulder, but that couldn't help the unsure feeling she was getting.