At the big city of Theed, battalions of battle droids marched down the streets of the city. Citizens were forced into their homes. Some retaliated and so the droids arrested them and took them away to be punished, or in some cases blasted them on the spot.

A transport flew in to the city and landed outside the palace. Viceroy Nute Gunray and Rune Haako stepped out. Gunray took a deep breath "ah! Victory!" He sighed.

They made their way up the grand palace steps through the beautifully designed palace hallways.

They found Queen Amidala dressed in black with her 5 handmaidens, 5 security officers and an old governor named Sio Bibble, all captured and surrounded by battle droids armed with blasters.

The captured humans looked in fury as the two Neimoidans came towards them. Sio Bibble spoke out:

"You have gone too far with this invasion! However will you explain this behaviour to the Senate?!"

Nute Gunray smirked, "we shall legitimise our actions," he explained, "by means of forging a treaty between the Naboo and the Federation. This treaty will legitimise our control of the system. With her majesty's signature, the Senate will have no choice but to accept this invasion."

"I shall not cooperate with this!" The Queen retorted.

"Now, now, your highness," Gunray reasoned, "you will wish to reconsider when you see what we do to your people."

It was all the strength Queen Amidala had for her to appear hard-hearted, but she failed to hide the effect the Viceroy's threats had on her. Her eyes displayed a sense of distress over the matter.

Viceroy Nute Gunray continued, "perhaps you may wish to observe the suffering of your people." He smirked, "that should persuade you to see our point of view." "Commander!" He ordered.

A commander B1 battle droid came forward.

"Take them away for processing!"

"Yes, sir!" replied the droid commander. He turned to the droid sergeant, "take them away to camp four!"

The sergeant nodded and, with about seven other armed battle droids, escorted the Queen and her party of hand maidens and guards down the palace hallways towards the main entry way.

(Qui Gon and Obi Wan POV)

At the river just before it goes down the falls, on the outskirts of the city of Theed, the Gungan Bongo resurfaced and bobbed up an down on the waters.

"Well," said Qui Gon Jinn from inside the sub, "we're in the right place. What did I tell you? Trust in the Force. Now let's get this thing started."

Obi Wan tried to start the sub, but the sub wouldn't move forward. The river was flowing the opposite way, taking the sub in that direction. Qui Gon Jinn turned to look behind them and saw that they were headed for a waterfall.

"Quick!" He yelled, "start the engines!"

"I'm trying, Master!" Obi Wan yelled in frustration. The sub finally started and was now fighting against the currents.

Swiftly, Qui Gon Jinn got out a grappling gun from his pocket. He tied one end of the strong cable to the sub, then fired the grappling hook end to a railing on shore.

Obi Wan was still piloting the sub when the engine coughed and died. Obi Wan turned to his master, "we've lost power!"

"Leave your post, Kenobi!" Qui Gon ordered, "follow me!"

Qui Gon jumped into the water, grabbing hold of the cable and climbing himself across, with Obi Wan following. The two Jedi knights made it just in time as the cable snapped and the submarine drifted off the horizon, plummeting hundreds of feet down the waterfall.

They make their way up some steps by a pond with a nice fountain. They heard the click of blasters being set behind them.

"Hands in the air!" Came the automated voice of a droid.

They turned around to see two B1 battle droids armed with blasters.

"I said hands in the air!" The droid repeated.

Qui Gon and Obi Wan immediately ignited their lightsabers and sliced through the slim metal soldiers with ease. They then carried on through an archway into the city streets. The city was absolutely quiet, no crowds of people walking about on their daily routines, no shouts from salespeople, it was absolutely mute in the city which set Obi Wan to a state of unease.

Qui Gon Jinn did not like the silence either, he knew that the people had not all just simply stayed at home all day, they were all being kept within a certain place, whether in their homes or in a prison camp somewhere.

"I have a bad feeling about this," he muttered darkly under his breath.

"We could take out the droids, capture the Viceroy and clear this out with the Senate." Obi Wan suggested

"No we can't," said Qui Gon grimly, "there are too many droids for us to take out."

"What is the plan then, Master?"

"The main plan is to rescue the Queen and then find a way to get off this planet past the blockade to Coruscant." He explained, "the key is to slip past security, destroying any droids if we have to, and then rescuing the Queen."

"But how will we find a transport, Master?"

"Afraid we will have to trust the Queen on that."