When Geralt had woken up, he found himself crammed into a tiny bed. The swinging heap of pillows bouncing off the wall. After what was probably the second-worst sleep cycle he had experienced. He quickly stood and escaped the tight compartment onto the deck. The sun had barely crested the water's surface as the dawn had finally come. The early risers all headed in the same direction. The Galley.

Upon the main deck, the kitchen was found under the mainsail. Its windowed walls reveal the busy chef inside. A tiny woman with deeply tanned skin and legs for days. She was beautiful, with long violet curls and horns. Her unique features aside, Geralt arrived at the galley along with everyone else for a serving of whatever she was dishing out.

Captain Edward joined the line behind Geralt, his nose in a book while a quill hurried against the note on the opposite page he read. They waited in silence as the smell of creamy spiced eggs calmed the Witcher's senses. When he reached the woman she gasped at his face.

"My my! Geralt of Rivia! I know you!" She squealed and grabbed his hand affectionately. "Oh, my darling sweetie pie I have a treat for you!" Minnie pulled him into her kitchen as the Captain snapped his book closed.

"I guess I'll serve myself. Again." He sighed as Geralt was brought into the belly of the woman's workspace. Where an apple pie waited on the table. She sat the Witcher down and handed him a fork. "That's all for you. Share if you like, but you don't have to." She winked and kissed Geralt on the cheek before walking away.

"You touch my tools I will cut off your fingers." She shouted and marched back to the Captain. Who was in the middle of serving himself a plate? Geralt was so confused but ate the pie for breakfast, and honestly, it was the best he ever had. The pie was still warm, the crust was flakey and the apples were the perfect balance of sweetness and spice. The Captain was bickering with Minnie, the line of hungry crew wailing behind. Geralt merely watched with amusement as Minnie flipped the ladle out of his hand.

"I don't want that much!" Edward disputed.

"You're going to eat it all! And this too!" Minnie shoved a raw apple in his mouth to silence him.

"Oh come on! Can I have some pie?" The Captain complained as he chewed the first bite she forcefully gave him.

"No, now scoot. Illia! Baby! You're back! Oh, I missed you." Minnie cheered as she shoved Edward out of the way to give the redhead a butterfly kiss on the nose.

Geralt locked eyes with the warrior. Together they were locked in the battle of the coldest stare down before Minnie stood between them. The chef fills Illia's plate with bacon and an apple pie of their own.

"What! Come on, why does Illia get a whole pie?" Captain Edward complained from the door. Illia picked it up and took a bite from the side to the Captain's dismay.

"Because they don't steal my chocolate bars!" Minnie shrieked. Geralt jumped at the sheer volume of her high pitched voice. His unique sense of hearing drilled her voice into his brain to a deafening degree...

"One time!" Edward's voice was distant now, and he walked away with Illia ranting. Geralt, still a little confused, was Illia glaring at him. Why? Before he could think of a reason Jaskier stepped in. Wearing his lightweight cotton tunic and baby blue trousers. Jaskier noticed Geralt, and quickly averted his gaze to Edward and Illia eating at the door.

"Ya, no worries we have plenty of water for the additional travellers," Edward said as the elf narrowed their eyes at the Captain.

"You mean actual water and not rum right," Illia asked.

"Yes, I expect to survive on the ocean for a few weeks on nothing but rum. Of course, I mean water, what do you think I use my magic for? To blow hot air up my ass?"

"You could use it to put some fucking wind into the sails we're dead in the water today."

"Do I look like a god? I can't change the weather!" Edward replied as Jaskier approached nervously.

"I'm going to go hang out in the crows' nest, give me a holler if you need me," Illia said as they walked away when Jaskier arrived.

"Watch out for Harpies please," Edward called to them, Illia flipping him the bird as they headed for the main deck.

"Excuse me, Captain. Good morning." Jaskier said politely. "Thank you for letting me borrow this," Jaskier said and handed the flask he was given back to the Captain.

"You're welcome. How was your first night onboard?" Edward asked, taking the flask and tucking it into the hidden pocket of his jacket. Jaskier getting a peek at his bare chest and the large tattoo emblazoned across his chest.

"Horrible, it was tight, damp and cold." Jaskier shivered and hugged himself.

"Well sorry, not much I can do about the guest accommodations. You could always go to the crew quarters for a nap. I find the hammocks down there more comfortable." Edward suggested.

"Is that where you sleep?" Jaskier asked.

"Oh hell no, I have a king-sized bed in my cabin." Edward laughed.

"What!" Jaskier complained

"Perks of being the captain, though it's still cold and damp." Edward sighed.

"Sounds better than a mouldy closet swing." Jaskier ran his fingers through his hair, irritated he did not bathe before the show last night when he had the chance.

"Well, if you're creative there are many things you do with a swing bed." Edward mused with a cheeky smirk on his face. Jaskier blinked a few times as the Captain's suggestive wink made him blush.

"I know a few things about being creative," Jaskier replied quickly but felt a hot gaze burning into his back. Peeking over his shoulder in time to see Geralt's reaction.

As the Captain chuckled in response, the flutter of fabric revealed King Lukas as he came into the kitchen. Minnie squealed in response.

"You're majesty!" Her voice caught Edward's attention, and he quickly pulled himself together and returned his hat to his head.

"Good morning my love. What did you prepare for me today?" Lukas asked as she giggled.

"Oh stop! You make me blush like a teenager in heat." She said and pinched his cheek.

"Minerva! How many times have I told you to stop putting your hands on people." Edward scolded. "Excuse me." He said to Jaskier before stepping away over to Lukas and Minnie. The three of them proceeded to get into a discussion as Jaskier watched Geralt. The witcher didn't react, if the pie wasn't so delicious, he would have stopped eating altogether. Still, Geralt kept his eyes on the buttery pastry and not the steamed face of the bard.

"Captain please, I don't mind it," Lukas said as Minnie ran her fingers through his beard.

"That doesn't matter, Minnie does this to everyone," Edward said with a cross tone. Geralt finally stood and returned the empty pie dish to the sink.

"That's because I appreciate everyone far more than you could ever understand," Minnie said as she scratched the King's chin. "Besides, look at this handsome face. You put me on a ship with all these drop-dead gorgeous gentlemen and I'm supposed to keep these fingers to myself!?" Minnie asked. Lukas merely watched with a dopey smile as Minnie treated him like a pet. Geralt made his way to the door before he heard a voice speak in his head.

"Are you alright" Lukas's velvety voice slipped in his ear, Geralt spun around to look at him, but the King was still staring at Minnie?

"Enough." Edward scolded and separated the cook from his majesty and she huffed defiantly.

"Oh, you stubborn goat! Maybe if you finally took me up on my offer you would understand." Minnie began.

"Oh please stop, I'm not sleeping with you," Edward said.

"Stop poking around in my head." Geralt thought.

"Not my fault you're an open book," Lukas smirked as Minnie served him a small plate of Eggs and Bacon, but also handed him a large wineskin.

Jaskier was blocking the exit, and Geralt stopped in front of him.

"I'm not talking to you." Jaskier huffed.

"Can you move from the door?" Geralt asked calmly. Lukas blew a kiss to Minnie and took a swig from the wineskin before he headed out himself. Approaching Geralt from the left.

"I have some plans to discuss with you, perhaps we can talk in the war room witcher," Lukas said and smiled at Jaskier. " Did you sleep well, friend?"

"No, I actually didn't," Jaskier replied bluntly. Lukas winced at his glare and chuckled.

"My my, you really can be a threat when you want to," Lukas said and walked up to the bard.

"You're not the first vampire who's crossed my path," Jaskier whispered. "Yet unlike the rest of those monsters. You care about us hm?" Jaskier questioned.

"Of course I do," Lukas said and placed his pale hand upon his heart. "You scorn me, love, I am no monster just a victim like the rest of the world. Unlike most complaining and whining about regrets, I see fit to take what is needed and do what must be done to make the world a peaceful place. Do you not share that desire?"

The room fell quiet, as Jaskier stood his ground at the door. "I want an apology." Jaskier blurted out.

"Excuse me?" Lukas asked.

"Jaskier." Geralt spoke.

"Yes, an apology," Jaskier replied.

"For?" Lukas asked.

"For lying about my play," Jaskier said triumphantly.

"By the light, are you joking?" Geralt pushed Jaskier, harder than he wanted to since the bard was pushed free from the door and almost fell on his ass. Jaskier kept on his feet. Being offended was merely scratching the surface of his scorned feelings.

"An apology for the critical review I see, well. It's not the first time someone has said Lukas's unwanted opinion crashed a party. Alright. How would you like me to apologize?" Lukas asked and walked up to Jaskier as he dusted his coat straight.

"Written," Jaskier said proudly.

"Post haste." Lukas gestured and kept walking now that Jaskier was no longer blocking the way. "Witcher, give me some time to write my apology and we can discuss business in my quarters," Lukas commented before gracefully striding up the stairs. The wind caught his cloak and billowed it behind him.

Lukas headed for the ship's war room. Geralt followed the vampire, leaving Jaskier alone. Where Edward poked his head out to see what was going on.

"Can I hide in your room for today?" Jaskier blurted out to Edward. The captain blinked a few times but smiled nonetheless.

"Sure, I have work to do, but I don't see why not," Edward said before Geralt could not hear anymore. Standing at the war room doors where Illia and Lukas had taken a moment to exchange words.

"You don't have to write him an apology," Geralt stated as he opened the door

"Of course I will, and I'm going to make him read it out loud," Lukas replied. Inside, Lyra was already there writing at the table pouring over scrolls and letters. Next to her was a magnificent Macaw with red and blue feathers preening his feathers. The war room was lavish, hand-carved wooden tables and desks arranged to plan a war. She noticed Lukas and Geralt enter and became alert, smiled and stood up.

"Hello your majesty," she chirped brightly and bowed.

Mounted in the bay window behind her was an elaborate birdcage filled with Ravens and various tiny birds. All within their own enclosure and peacefully enjoying an afternoon snack of millet branches. The mess covered the entire floor, and a few stray birds were flying around the room landing on whatever piece of furniture they wished. A cockatiel with a unique crown sang at Lukas's arrival and flew over to land on his awaiting hand. Geralt looked around the room curiously. The birds created a lively atmosphere despite being a place of plotting and planning. Geralt's nose twitched as a strong smell of the sea struck him. He shrugged it off as the open window is the cause.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Lyra asked.

"Geralt, I don't believe I introduced my companions to you. This is Lyra, she comes from the northern isle beyond the sea of my kingdom." Lukas said as he brought the cockatiel to the perch near his desk. That of which has a fresh stack of papers for the King to go through.

"It's lovely to meet you," Lyra's sweet smile never wavered but her body language became stiffer. She bowed to Geralt respectfully just as she had Lukas.

At first glance at the stack, the King sighed. While Lyra fumbled around Geralt. He stashed them aside under some loose drawing parchments, all while whistling little songs to the bird on his hand as a distraction.

Lukas collected his quill and some paper and sat down, sitting the little bird on his work desk who perched on a random branch probably fished out of the water-based on its colour.

"Geralt's going to be helping us against the blight," Lukas said calmly as he began to draft his apology letter to Jaskier. "Brought a needy crowd with him too, I was hoping to return home with warriors instead. I have a ship full of entertainers." Lukas scoffed, licking his teeth more than usual. Lyra chuckled softly,

"Any man can fight given the right incentives or motivation." Geralt noticed that the elf remained close to Lukas and avoided stepping too close to him. The smell of the sea not subsiding from the room.

"If I am not needed, I should go…" Lyra tried to excuse herself from the room.

"Right, the paperwork… I'll finish that first," She took some of the papers from the stack and took a seat at the table. She dipped her quill in the ink and looked cautiously to Geralt before turning her eyes back to her work. Geralt was not sure what to make of the woman and moved closer to her, wanting to see her reaction.

"You're a fighter, right?" he asked. Lyra jumped.

"Yes, I am." She replied. Her voice sounded lyrical in a way and the smell of the sea grew stronger.

"Spears?" Geralt pressed, "I saw you fighting before we departed." Lyra nodded and turned her head back to her work.

"I don't mean to be rude but I have a lot of work," Lyra said trying to shoo Geralt away from her.

"Geralt, could you come here for a moment," Lukas asked, his eyes locked with Lyra for a moment. His calm smile was combined with a wink as he flicked the parchment flat and blew the ink dry. Geralt did not move from where he stood. Something about the woman seemed off to him. Lyra looked to Lukas haplessly and then back to Geralt.

"Is there something you need of me?" she asked gently, putting down the quill. She turned to face the Witcher and folded her hands into her lap. Lyra still smiled but a fear lurked behind it. Geralt searched for something to say to keep her attention.

"The show… You were in the audience, what did you think?" he asked finally. Lyra blinked and looked at him confused.

"The dancers were lovely and the costumes looked like they took a lot of time to make," Lyra's voice became softer as she spoke and she started to fiddle with her hair. She shot a look back to Lukas again, like she was asking for backup.

"Geralt, please… Lyra is a busy woman." Lukas said and stood up. "It's not very gentlemanly to pester a lady while she's working." Lukas crossed the room to Geralt's side. The smell of the sea became overpowered by the smell of the undead. Geralt glanced over at the curious woman one more time. Lyra scooped up her paperwork and delicately walked around the two.

"It's alright. I'm going to work elsewhere. It's a bit distracting to work with you two talking," Lyra excused herself from the room and left.

"Speaking of the play. I heard the tales of how many encounters with Royalty you've had throughout the world Geralt. Including that recreation of Emperors Emhyr's rise to power the famous Dandelion performed… Tell me, did he ask permission to do that?" Lukas leaned against the desk. Though the stench of undead was strong, whatever was smelling of fish was now outside the room.

"I was told he did not need to ask permission because it was art," Geralt grunted.

"Should have or could have are two different things. Plus I thought Emhyr had turned into some sort of beaver?" Lukas incorrectly remembered the tale.

"More of a hedgehog actually," Geralt corrected.

"Ha, he must have looked foolish." Lukas snickered.

"I don't know why you are humouring him. I don't even know why I brought him!" Geralt huffed.

"You brought him because you care for him and don't want to see your friends get swallowed up in war," Lukas said with concern. Crossing a leg over the other as he perched on the desk. A bead of sweat rolling down his back. Lukas heart rate was elevated, and hard to hide from the witcher.

"Friends is a strong sentiment," Geralt replied.

"I thought you two were lovers." Lukas sighed a bit as if a little disappointed. His eyes followed the Witcher as he paced. Geralt sighed heavily.

"Why are you making that assumption? I thought you could read minds." Geralt leaned against the tables and crossed his arms.

"I don't need to read minds to know that, and the fact you look good in that shirt." Lukas complimented, hoping to divert his attention elsewhere. "Looks more comfortable than that armour you were wearing."

"Yes, this shirt was fitted to me for the play," Geralt replied.

"I might have to rip it off you for myself." Lukas snickered.

"How's the letter going?" Geralt said dodging the comment.

"Oh, I'm already done. I just wanted to touch base with how you're doing. You look exhausted." Lukas said and stood up from the desk. "Did you want to find somewhere quiet to be alone? I can ask to captain to let you into the brass box." Lukas suggested.

"The what?" Geralt asked.

"The Brass box. There is a bath aboard for you to relax. It's also a special access room that only a few people know about. So it's private." Lukas said and approached Geralt. "I'll keep everyone away from you if you need your privacy," Lukas reassured as he rested his hand on the Witcher's hand as he leaned over the desk

"I appreciate you coming to help me. I will not take that for granted." Lukas said softly, tracing one of the scars peeking out from under his sleeve. Though he removed his hand quickly and stepped away.

"Are you reading my mind again?" Geralt asked as he noticed the king recoil.

"No, actually, I wish you could read mine. There is so much to explain." Lukas sighed and stepped away from the witcher to circle the desk.

"What is it?" Geralt asked.

"It is about my allies, Lyra in particular. I'm sure you noticed." Lukas said.

"Noticed?" Geralt questioned.

"She is a Siren," Lukas said bluntly. Geralt's eyes nearly crossed, as he finally realized what the scent was all this time.

"A siren!" Geralt announced, the nightmares of the hordes of sirens attacking him in the waters around Skellige fresh in his mind. Lukas even shuddered at the thought.

"Please, you must relax." Lukas touched the witcher again, but Geralt pulled away.

"How many monsters are you protecting?" Geralt asked.

"As many as I can! We are capable of love, thoughts and feelings the same as you. So why must you dictate who can live or die?" Lukas asked.

"Monsters kill people." Geralt snapped back.

"Humans kill more than monsters ever could, they band together in battalions of thousands and lay waste to entire villages over marital disputes!" Lukas snapped back, his fangs exposed in his anger. Geralt paused, stuttering at a response where Lukas stepped up in his face.

"You're a monster Geralt, in their eyes, you are the same as me," Lukas warned, leaning in close to look the witcher in the eye.

"I am nothing like you." Geralt's voice shook nervously.

"You're right, you've murdered more than I have," Lukas replied and handed Geralt his wineskin. Geralt was confused at first, but the King had pulled off the cork and Geralt could smell what was inside. Blood… but, it was mixed with wine and fermented yet he knew what kind of blood it was.

"How?" Geralt asked.

"Volunteers, no one needs to die to keep me alive. It just takes a lot more time to prepare it." Lukas replied and took it back, corking it closed.

"Is that Minnie's blood?" Geralt asked.

"She is very generous, hence why she isn't allowed to prepare it anymore," Lukas said as he put it away for later.

"So, you're servants, just donate blood for you to drink." Geralt still was not enthusiastic about the situation.

"It's complicated, I don't feed to indulge, just enough to survive," Lukas explained and sat down on the desk and sighed heavily, feeling rather exposed.

"You're starving yourself?" Geralt asked, shocked.

"In…. a sense," Lukas admitted.

"You're set to fly into a frenzy if you don't drink more." Geralt said, concerned.

"I know when I am at risk for that!" Lukas snapped, hissing a bit as Geralt's smug expression made the King go red.

"You can't honestly tell me you're in full control." Geralt said and cornered the King. Lukas standing up as the Witcher body blocked him in between the bird cages.

"I am." Lukas glared at the witcher, chest puffed out proudly. Geralt cocked a brow, and pulled a dagger from his waist belt and poked the tip of his finger with it. The two locked eyes as Geralt held his hand up. The single drop of fresh blood pooling on his fingertip as he waved it in front of the vampire. Lukas proudly smirked, not breaking eyes with the witcher as he tempted him.

"That won't work on me,Geralt," Lukas said, as Geralt pushed closer, making the King back up against the window. The closer proximity made him spit the kings blush easily .

"You sure?" Geralt asked, rather impressed at how strong he was. His eyes never shifted or lost focus, and after a long moment. Geralt felt ashamed for judging him. For how much his regal layers made him look broad, Lukas was rather small. Shorter than Geralt by a few inches which forced him to look up submissively. Geralt relented, licking the blood from his finger before pinching it to stop bleeding. Lukas's eyes finally moved from Geralt's yellow iris's to his blood-stained lips. The vampire's blue hues flashing red as Geralt's senses picked up.

"Lukas?" Geralt asked. In a flash, Lukas grabbed Geralt by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss. Geralt gasped, Lukas's incredible strength pulling him off balance as he was pulled into an embrace. Lukas licked the blood from Geralt's mouth which surprised the Witcher, a chill running down his spine.. Lukas was gentle, and he kissed him with the lust lorn greed of a gentle lover. Geralt intoxicated by the taste of his lips as he leaned into it.

/I'm sorry/ Lukas spoke into his mind, as he let go of Geralt. The witcher pulled himself away from the vampire as he gasped for a breath and covered his mouth. Searching for bites on his lips, but finding none.

"Geralt!... Get out." Lukas demanded.

"What the hell!" Geralt shouted.

"I said get out!" Lukas's face flared red, as he tried to escape the corner but Geralt was still blocking him in.

"You kissed me?" Geralt asked.

"I've been flirting with you since we met, if Jaskier wasn't around I would have done that sooner, Now stop teasing me!" Lukas replied in a fluster. His heart rate was still up as Geralt watched him curiously. The cute way he crossed his legs to hide his excitement, plus the slumped posture as he kept his eyes averted.

"Jaskier and I aren't a thing anymore." Geralt said firmly, his own heart starting to race. "That wasn't about the blood was it?" Geralt asked. Lukas didn't reply, and Geralt grabbed his chin lightly to make him lookup. Waiting patiently for him to answer. Lukas trembled at his touch as the witcher slid his hand around his neck to pull him closer.

"Geralt… I…" Lukas stuttered as Geralt kissed him this time. Lukas cooed against his lips, as a needy sound escaped him while Geralt pressed his body up against his. Lifted him gently off his feet, as Lukas wrapped his legs around the warrior to hang off him. The two tangled in a passionate kiss as their tongues danced together in heat passion. The King's fangs poked and scratched him dangerously. Geralt moved the King from the wall to lay him on the desk, knocking the ink and parchment onto the floor. Jaskier apology letter getting splattered. Lukas gasped as Geralt ripped off his cloak, leaning over the noble to kiss his neck as he started unbuttoning his vest.

"Geralt… wait." Lukas huffed and groaned as Geralt bit him aggressively. Moving up the buttons of his white shirt until he was able to peel open his clothes to reveal the King's juicy pale body. Lukas looked up at him with wide eyes as Geralt dragged a finger down his torso before pinching his nipples. Lukas shudders under him.

"Do you want me to stop?" Geralt asked. The king gasped at the question nervously. His whole body aroused as his cock strained against the confinements of his pants.

"No…" Lukas finally said after a beat of silence. Where Geralt resumed his teasing to kiss his majesty's nipple. Catching the nub in his teeth to suckle on him. The King writhed under him as his claws dug into Geralt's biceps. "I want you to Fuck me Geralt."