When She Wears My Color: Chapter 2

By: Ally-Kamiya

Author's Notes: Well, several people asked for it, so here you get it – Kim's POV. Thanks to everyone that reviewed!

Rating: PG-13

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Summary: Kim's POV during Tommy's interesting thoughts.

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Possible sequel in mind. What do you think?


I finish my test earlier than everyone in the class (except for Billy, of course). I'm the type of person that double-checks their work, but whenever they change it, they wind up having the erased answer correct. Rocky told me plain and simple how to avoid it – to not even attempt to check my work. Aisha wondered if it was some form of self-contradictory thing. Adam shook his head in amusement, listening to the different ideas that went back and forth while I was recovering from my violent outburst on a punching bag after I found out. Billy told me that I should glance over the answers, but unless I am positive it's wrong, to leave it, your first guess is usually correct, he told me, so I'm going to take his advice. Oh, you want to know what Tommy thought? Tommy, well, he's Tommy, he told me it was the way I am and he loved me for it.

Speaking of my boyfriend, guess who just got up and turned in his test front and center. Nice ass through those white jeans, boy. I hide a grin, ducking my head so it appears as if I'm still taking my test…Wondering if he knows that the look of 'I'm the man' is written all over his face, now that he's finished second. Or that's what he thinks, anyway. I watch him out of the corner of my eye as he takes his book out before I return my attention to my test.

It doesn't take long for me to feel the burn of his eyes on my skin. If that boy wants to distract me while I'm trying not to correct myself and not get the wrong answer in turn, he's got to be willing to play with what he's started. I wasn't the Firebird for nothing.

Let the games begin, Fly Boy…I gnaw on my lip a bit, the taste of my strawberry lip gloss filling my mouth for a moment. My mind starts to wander on its own accord, wishing it was his lips I was tasting right now…And he was the one enjoying my strawberry lip gloss. He's told me how much he likes it time after time…Ok, my mind needs to stop wandering. Trying to return my attention to the question I guess I was trying not to correct, I cross my legs and do just that.

Jesus, Tommy, you trying to burn holes in the skin you claim to love so much?

Or maybe it's just the clothes. Every time I wear white, he has this obsession with staring at me. Don't roll your eyes, I mean more than usual. His eyes are studying the white shirt beneath my pink tank top (okay, I admit, I've had the thing since third grade…It only goes to my ribs. And he knows it). Then they move on to my white skirt. From there…God, the boy's probably getting a boner off of my white shoelaces.

I know he goes crazy when I wear white, it's pretty obvious. Why, I don't exactly know…Though something in me says I should thank the Power, Zordon, Ninjor, Dulcea, Alpha, and many other people or aliens I don't know about, that Tommy doesn't wear pink. That pink is a forbidden color to men, and that he never will wear it in his entire life. Unless I get him that pink thong as a prank for his birthday…Oh yeah, I'm bad.

With that thought in mind, I try to hide my smirk and turn my head to study him for a moment…I could really picture that boy in a thong. The smirk comes out, just a little, as I meet my boyfriend's eyes for a moment. If only he knew the thoughts that were going through my mind right now. Little Kimmie isn't always innocent. He should know that by now, though. He's not likely to forget certain things.

I know I'm driving him crazy, and it is amusing. We always share several physical flirtations in this class, we have since the beginning. They just got more physical as time went on…Damnit, I'm supposed to be correcting-but-not-correcting my work right now. Does that boy see what he's doing to my grades by staring like that? That's it, he's done it…

I tilt my pencil back, starting to tap it against the short white sleeve, and I can feel him staring at that. Deciding to take it further, I move my head to one side, slipping the eraser side of the pencil into the shirt, rubbing as if I have an itch. I know the white bra I'm wearing is showing. Serves him right if he loses his hold on sanity.

Okay, Billy, I know that this one is wrong, and I know the answer, so I'm going to change it and if it's wrong…Blue Boy might become Black and Blue Boy.

He's still staring at me, and I don't want think of where his thoughts are going, so I start to tap one foot against the other. I guess the shoelaces are bouncing again, because he's staring at that. So I continue, and I feel my skirt open just a little.

Glancing at him, I can tell I won. He doesn't even attempt to return my physical flirtations today. O Fearless One might be losing his touch, or he's just too floored. Maybe I should give him that pink thong…Even out the odds a little. Now that thought brings back another big grin as I get up.

Setting my test down on Ms. Applebee's desk, I turn and head back to my seat. He's still staring at me, and I wink before sitting back down.

His eyes are still burning holes into me, and I just know he's cursing my name. He knows I was done with my test before him, and that I was just playing along the entire time. It was fun, but hey…He started it.

He really shouldn't be having those thoughts in class, anyway.

Maybe I should stop wearing white then…