Author's Note: This story was definitely the hardest of the trilogy. This concludes the series - I don't think I will be writing a sequel unless there's an absurd demand for it. This is a little different from "Afternoon Delight" and "Evening Reflections". It started out as a straight one-shot like those two, but it kind of took on a life of its own. I didn't mean for it to end the way it did - it was supposed to end much earlier. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and all his friends are the property of Takahashi Rumiko, not me. I am only borrowing them.

Morning's Truth

An I/K story

by Maia Serrelinda

The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon. Its light colored the sky violet-pink and was enough to illuminate the dewdrops that clung to the grass and flowers that carpeted the meadow, creating the illusion of millions of glittering stars.

Inuyasha opened his eyes slowly, slightly winded from his actions of a few moments ago. He shot a quick glance at the body that lay in the meadow with his own. He felt the other's skin underneath his own, and noted with some satisfaction that the chest below his own was shuddering, trying to breathe deeply, an impossibility due to the hanyou currently pinning it to the ground.

He chuckled to himself as he blew the dark hair out of his mouth. He lifted his head slowly only to notice the blue eyes that met his own golden ones. They practically glowed with hidden fire and Inuyasha laughed to himself again and allowed the corners of his mouth to lift in a satisfied smirk. He knew he had no intention of freeing the body below his own, not until he was finished.

The hanyou felt his breathing return to normal and prepared himself to rise. He was surprised to feel the other's arm against his chest, and then grinned as he felt it begin to attempt to push him away. He laughed again, out loud this time, and bared his fangs in a victorious snarl. He knew that he would soon finish what he had started moments earlier.


He had been running headlong through the forest to the meadow beyond, followingthe scent of the one who ran ahead of him. He could hear the sound of laughter as the other ran faster than he had thought possible. He grinned to himself as he thought of the things he would do that body when he caught up. The other's laughter continued as blue eyes glanced back to gauge his progress. A final burst of speed led him to the small meadow, and he knew that if he could just reach out--

His prey slowed to a stop and turned to face the grinning hanyou. They looked at each other, separated by only a foot or so. Inuyasha's golden eyes gleamed in anticipation and the blue eyes that met his own gleamed with anticipation as well, and was there something else? Inuyasha thought he could see love in the other's eyes as well.....wait. Love? His amber eyes widened in surprise, and he stepped closer, his hand rising seemingly of its own accord.

He suddenly caught a taste of a new scent-- no, several scents. He knew he would have to finish this quickly, before they were caught--


Inuyasha groaned at the first sound of her voice. He wasn't going down without a fight! He grabbed the arms of the one in front of him--

Kouga's eyes widened in horror. He'd seen Kagome enter the meadow as he and Inuyasha faced off. He'd also seen the young miko use this particular spell and his mind knew exactly what would happen. His thigh muscles bunched and prepared to spring when he felt Inuyasha's clawed hands grab his biceps.

"Oi, Inu-korro! What the hell--!"

Inuyasha slammed to the ground, his hold on the wolf youkai never lessening. Kouga groaned as he hit the ground on his back. His breath escaped him in a soft "whuff" as he felt the hanyou's body come crashing down atop his own. He lay immobile, and felt the shaking of the hanyou laughing above him and knew he was in trouble. He opened his eyes to see Inuyasha's golden eyes glittering in anger. Crap. He had no idea how long Kagome's spell lasted, and Inuyasha did.


Inuyasha could feel the spell wearing off. He prepared to spring up, ready to teach that wimpy wolf a lesson. There! The feeling was coming back to his legs! He jumped up and backed away. Kouga sprang up also, eyes wary as he faced Inuyasha.

The wolf youkai's eyes narrowed. He drew back his fist--


"Keh!" The hanyou snarled as he was slammed face-first into the ground. "Bitch, what the hell was that for??"

Kagome strode angrily across the small clearing to where the wolf youkai stood glaring. He caught sight of Kagome and instantly smiled.

"I have had just about enough of this!"

Kouga smiled. He opened his mouth to try to convince Kagome to leave that stupid inu-korro and come lead the wolf tribe by his side, but froze when he looked into Kagome's eyes and saw-flames?

He blinked and slowly backed away from the angry miko, whose entire countenance sparked with barely-contained ire.

"Every time! Every single time you show up you have to pick a fight with Inuyasha! How many times have I told you I am NOT YOUR WOMAN!"

Kouga blinked, then smiled. "You are my woman! Once I take you away from Inu-korro you'll see that I can protect you better than he ever could!"

Kagome took a deep breath. It was obvious to everyone - except Kouga - that she was struggling to calm herself, and not succeeding. "That is IT! You have NO IDEA how many times Inuyasha's risked his own life to protect me! I will NOT stand here and allow you to insult the man I love--"

Sango and Miroku gasped. Kagome stopped, shocked, and her eyes widened as she realized exactly what she'd said. She flushed scarlet and turned to run--

Inuyasha felt the subduing spell wear off and leapt up to catch Kagome. He wrapped his arms around Kagome protectively as he sent one last snarl in the wolf youkai's direction.