Hi, my name is Vinny, im 87 and the year is 2090, I died recently after my body gave up on me. Now I am just sitting here in the empty white void im just moving in every direction, now I have been doing this for a while now and It is kinda boring not going to lie

"Then why do you wander aimlessly my child" a booming voice inquired

"U-uhhh because I am in a void" I answered

"Yes, you are. Well as you can probably guess, I am god and we are going to go over your life, start to finish" god announced

"Oh uh ok," I said awkwardly

"You were born to a rather poor family that worked in a pizza restaurant, but your mom stayed at home, she neglected you and it was starting to show. You weren't a happy baby so your grandmother took you to here house for the day and for the first time you had a great time this continued for a while, your sister was born and the neglect went downhill until in 4-6 grade you became a class clown, you strived for any form of attention. One day you had enough and ran to the only person who showed love to you: your grandparents, after a few months you started living with them.

This made your life better and with it better results, things went up in life, you had good friends, you were learning Japanese, and even had a girlfriend. You went through college, became an engineer and built technology that improved the world. made loads of money, and built a dream home, but you struggled to achieve this, you did and went thru horrible things, in the end, you were able to look the people who caused that pain in the face without fear, but a smile because they are weak now, nothing to fear, and because of this I gift you a power and a new chance at life in a world that you have always prayed to go too...Remnant" when god finished I looked down

"I can't thank you enough," I said

"Don't worry about it," God said before a box popped up

[Character creation]

It showed me a template of a person with different options for what im going to look like.

I made myself look above average, brown hair and blue eyes. I also gave myself fox ears for the fun of it

[Are you ready to enter the world]


At the moment I have transferred everything went dark but I could hear distorted voices then I was assaulted by light and cold before being wrapped in a blanket and handed to my new mother.

"Isn't he just the cutest little thing you've ever seen?" she asked my new father

"He is cute, the little bugger" my new father responded

I look up at my dad "hello Little Ellis cobalt

[Age 1]

So as it turns out I'm in the menagerie and my family is friends with the belladonnas. Im older than blake by 4 months. I also said my first few words

Mama, papa

[Age 2]

So today I stood up and walked around the house my parents behind me supporting me but I quickly tired and fell into a deep nap

[Age 3]

Ok so a couple of things happened this year, first, my powers fully kicked in so now I can train myself. Second, a screen popped up saying :

Skills from my previous life carry over

Writing(stories you write are 300% better and entrap readers)

Learning a foreign language(learning a language is 100% easier. Decoding a dead language is 200% easier)

History/lore(can easily learn the history of something)

Engineering(machines you build work better and more efficiently, you also know how to build any machine from your previous Life. Can reverse engineer any machine.)

And finally, I met blake and my god she is totally not the same, I mean I knew she wouldn't be the same but she is on yangs level of social.


Well, not much happened except i have been training alittle and by that, i mean working with what mana I have, which is not alot a nice whole 200 mp. I can make a large ball of mana. I have been entered into kindergarten and im acing everything sense by now im mentally really old.

[Age 6]

I woke up this morning per usual and I walked through the house to the kitchen and found my mom making breakfast.

"Hey there kiddo what are you doing up so early on a Saturday"

"Well I thought I might as well get up and do something productive" I responded to mom

"You know sometimes I forget im talking to a 6-year old with how many words you know," my mom said nicely

"Ahh well I just like reading and I pick up on these words, OHH mom I have been writing stories lately and I want opinions''

I handed her a stack of papers and she went through them steadily growing more and more interested in the stories. Once she finished reading all of them she just stared at me.

" Ellis I have to say I am very proud of you, that was REALLY great" she complimented

The conversation ended and we ate breakfast "hey mom where is Dad?" I asked

"Oh he is out with ghira killing grim around the outer city" she responded

" dads a Huntsman"

"Yep graduated of Beacon," she explained

"That's really cool," I said actually excited "well im going to go see if blake wants to hang out"

"Alright kiddo just be careful of strangers"

"I will bye mom"

With that, I headed out to Blake's house to ask her if she wants to read together. I make to her house and knock on the, to which kali opens the door.

"Oh hello little Ellis im assuming you want to hang out with blake," she asked

"Yep I was want to practice some reading with her and show some of my stories to her," I said with childish glee jumping up and down

"Hahaha ok well just want you to know she has been working on a story really hard, like giving it her all," Kali said

I smiled and nodded before going in and sitting next to blake. "Hiya blakey," I said

Blake smiled and pulled out a notebook and we read our stories