"Those were great stories kids perhaps you should be writers," kali said bringing in tuna sandwiches and tea

I grabbed 2 sandwiches and munched on them and said "well I will when I am older, I want to explore remnant and its ruins, I'll take what I learn and write about it in some books,"

A big gasp was heard then blake yelled " THAT SOUNDS AWESOME," "I'll make sure to buy all your books"

Kali and I laughed at the cute display "why would I make you pay I'll give you them for free"

Kali then looked at me and said "if you want to do that then you best ask your father for training"

"Im going to when he gets home," I said

After an hour of playing around and reading more stories, blake's and my dad came into the house looking rough.

"Hello children watcha yup too," my dad asked

"Ellis is a really cool writer and wants to explore abandoned buildings" blake blurts out

"Oh? My son wants to be an explorer" dad asked

"Yep and I was wondering if you could train me so I can get strong enough to fight Grimm," I told him

"I guess I can teach you a little tomorrow," he said with a smile

"YES!!!!!" I yelled

We left soon after and we returned home and I laid on my bed

{Hello for completing the task new beginnings you have fully unlocked the Gamer powers and a free lvl up}

I-it fully unlocked 'stats'

Ellis cobalt


Title: the gamer






Agility: 9






Writing(lvl 100)

Learning a foreign language(lvl 80)

History/lore(lvl 100)

Engineering(lvl 100)

Gamers life[live the life a video game character would] (lvl max)

Observe (lvl 1)

I look in awe of my wisdom and intelligence...that sounded extremely cocky, I mean I was in my late 80s so I guess I should be wise and intelligent, anyway I guess this is the start.{~a/n I did say in the summery he would be op sorry if you think its too much~}

Now what

[New quest- learning the ropes pt.1]

Fight with your dad

Rewards:30xp 100L

Bonus: land at least 1 hit on your dad

Bonus rewards: a father's pride perk, and your own weapon schematics.

The next morning I woke up to my dad walking in my room to wake me up

"Hey Elli- oh you're already that's good," dad said as I was rubbing the sleep from my eyes

"Get up and get dressed I am going to teach you the basics and test your fighting.

I walked out of the door after getting ready and found that my dad has set up a new training area. It had 3 dummies for fighting, a weapon rack, an area for muscle training, and an endurance track.

[Gamer this is the training pit. You go here to practice and hone your skills]

"Neat," I said out loud

"I know isn't it just beautiful. I built this last night as soon as I got home" dad stated proudly

Dad turned his head towards me before his face hardened "ALRIGHT today is the day I start teaching you to be a fighter, you will be pushed to your limits, fighting those monsters is not an easy task. So go grab a wooden weapon off the rack and first we'll work on stance."

I jumped at the change in voice and hurried over and grabbed a wooden katana

"Good choice...now feet should be shoulder-width apart, knees bent, and arms with your sword at the ready," Dad explained.

I did as told and made my stance

[Achievement get: the dance of the beginner


'Oh gee thanks'

"Good job son, now, do that stance in front of me," Dad said

So I did as requested he walked over and unlicked my aura then walked back over to where he was standing and said "I want to see what you can do so I will be only doing defensive maneuvers. If you can hit me at least once you win. If you cant in 8 minutes then I win...so begin

now playing-Skyrim theme

My father pulls out a normal wooden sword and gets in a stance

I grab the handle of my katana and ran at him and when I was about a foot away I pulled my katana out and went to strike only to get blocked. I jumped backward as much as my 6-year body can do. This time I run at him again and I make a ball of mana and shoot him in the side with it knocking him back a little.

[Quest complete]

"Good now stri-" all of a sudden there was a loud explosion on the beach and a very specific snowflake crested ship pulled up to the beach and a bunch of people walked off the ship armed with guns and other weapons.

"Dad what ard they doing here,"I asked 'what is the SDC doing here, from how many people they had it looks like a small invasion'

" don't worry little one get in the house, take your mother and go into the basement." He commands

"Okay dad," I said before scrambling into the house to get mom 'this isn't going to go well is it' i mentally asked


I hate my power. And the fact that it is...sentient now?

I run into the living room and my mom is standing up with fear on her face.

"Ellis where is your father," she asked

"I don't know where he went but he told us to got to the basement," I told her

She got a grave look then turned to the basement and told me to follow.

Once we made it down there we hid in a corner, we heard people outside looking around, then we heard gunfire and a loud crash in the house.

It was the SDC thugs and they were searching the house and ordered to take anyone they can and kill the disobedient.

I started forming things wit my mana an I made a small round projectile.

[Skill: mana bullet created

Cost: 20mp

Damage: 20]

The men kicked in our basement door and rushed down to find to faunas hiding in the corner.

A woman stepped up before pointing a bi rifle at us "Alright freaks you have been given the highest honor of working in the mines, ya'know we are a little short on staff seeing how yall are dumber than the rocks you mine from the walls, soo stand up and don't try anything funny or we'll kill you."

My mother stood first and hid me behind her legs. I stood as well.

"Ya know men this animal looks kinda old, doubt she'll be any use...fire" as those words left the mouth of that monster every one of them fired on her ending the only good mother ive had in my duel existence.

As her body hit the ground I ran over to her and tried to think of anything that I could do but her eyes had already grew dull and her skin growing cold. I sat in shock, sadness, and anger. Before something inside me broke and a huge wave of energy blasted everyone back, I ran forward and grabbed a gun that was on the ground and ran up the stairs. I went outside to find hundreds of SDC goons with weapons aimed at different faunas being lead away in chains.

I looked around for my father not seeing him I ran through the streets but this alerted more guards and they shot a net over me making me unable to move any further.

"Well well well, we caught our selves a little fox," one of the guards said before knocking me out.