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Snape turned a page in his book as he leaned back slightly in his armchair. The house was exceptionally quiet and although the man enjoyed it, he couldn't help but miss the sounds of Harry and his pet running around.

The pair had been home for summer for two months now and Harry had been exceptionally well behaved. The man could not even recall the last time had so much as scolded the teenager. It appeared that since the graveyard incident and the severe consequences that had followed had a large impact on the boy. Snape was grateful for it. The last thing he ever wanted was to punish the child and he hoped that perhaps the last time had truly been just that.

Snape's eyes scanned over the words that he was reading, pausing for a moment as he heard a bark slightly in the distance. For a fleeting moment the man was sure that it was Bane. He knew that he had to be wrong however, Harry had taken his pet for a walk to the park. There was no way that they were back already.

Snape's eyes went back to his book, content with reading as he tried to ignore the barking.

Several moments passed before the barking became louder, causing Snape to close his book and stand. The man moved over to the front window to see Bane jumping at the front gate and barking.

The man quickly moved through the parlor to the front hall, pulling the front door open. Seconds later the man was outside and halfway down the front walk.


The man instantly heard the tears in the boy's tone. "Harry? What is it?" He rushed down the rest of the walkway, opening the gate as Bane whined loudly.

"There were dementors," Harry choked out through his tears. "An-and Jus-Justin he…" Harry's words trailed off as a loud sob escaped him.

Snape felt his heart drop to his stomach. He could not imagine that anything aside from the worst case scenario could cause such tears from the teenager. "Take a deep breath," Snape said softly as Harry practically fell into the man, wrapping his arms tightly around his guardian's middle.

"He- he's dead," Harry whined softly, his hold on Snape tightening. "I- I tried to save him but I couldn't."

Snape felt his stomach churn at the words. The boy Harry was referring to was only ten. He would have been turning eleven in August and starting Hogwarts in the fall. The child had taken a liking to Harry a few weeks ago. "We need to go to his house and inform his parents," Snape forced out the words.

Harry shook his head against the man. "Th-they know. I went there first. They go-got him." His breath hitched as he tried to gather his thoughts. "Th-they thanked me." A broken sob escaped the boy's lips.

"Okay," Snape nodded in understanding as he loosened his grip on the child, placing a hand on his shoulder and gently guiding him up the front walk. "Let's get you inside."

Harry's hands shook as Snape guided him towards the house and then into their parlor. He closed his eyes tightly as he slowly sat down on the couch, breathing uneven as his eyes focused on the ground. The teen visibly shook for a moment as a shiver coursed through his spine.

The dementors had been one thing. They had been horrible but nothing he hadn't dealt with in the past. The eyes of the child, however, had shaken him to the core. Harry rested his head in his hands, taking in several breathes. He was too slow. He was too slow with his patronus. Attempting it had been worthless. "I'm sorry," he whispered softly, as his fingers curled into his hair.

Snape placed a gentle hand on the small of the teenagers back as he tried to wrap his mind around what had just occurred. Harry had only just met the ten year old that lived up the street. This had only been his second true encounter with the child. Snape had never imagined that dementors would wind up in their quiet town.

"What was that?" The man questioned softly. He was sure that he had heard the boy wrong. He could not imagine what Harry could possibly be apologizing for.

"I said I'm sorry. I was too l-late." Harry shook his head as he continued to stare down to the floor. He had tried, he really had! His reflexes, however, had been just too slow.

Snape felt his heart hurt for the child. "This is not your fault Harry. No one would or could blame you." His hand gently moved across the boys back. "No one would expect that you would be able to save him."

Harry moved away from Snape, pulling his legs up onto the couch as he curled himself up into the corner of the couch. Harry blinked several times, removing his glasses and quickly rubbing his right hand under both eyes.

He hardly knew the kid. One so excited about Hogwarts next year, one who lit up when they talked. He had enjoyed his company. When he had set out to walk Bane up to the park the boy had come running from his house, practically begging to join him. Harry shook his head slowly, resting his chin on his palm as he stared at the wall. Tears continued to well within his eyes, blurring his vision completely.

"This is not your fault Harry." Snape swallowed hard before sighing softly. "It was simply a tragic accident." Snape waved a hand causing a box of tissues to appear on the table in front of the teenager. "You cannot blame yourself."

"Accident?" Harry hissed, pulling his legs tighter to himself. "Dementors dont... don't just float around across roads! They shouldn't have been here! Why were they?" His chest ached terribly as he bowed his head. He could have been quicker. He should have been quicker.

A soft tapping at the glass of the back window made Harry raise his head. A large brown owl was sitting on the windowsill, staring into the house. Harry shifted his head to glance over to Snape, eyes still blurred.

"You are correct. The dementors should not have been here to begin with." Snape's head turned to look at the window before he stood and moved over to it, opening it widely and allowing the owl to fly into the parlor.

The teenager sat up as the owl fluttered over to him, raising his right hand to rub at his face as he took the letter tied to owl's leg. He watched as the creature flew back out the window and disappeared into the sky.

Swallowing, Harry opened up the letter that bore the Ministry symbol. He recognized the letter nearly immediately. It was identical to the one he had received after Dobby had visited him at the Dursley's.

Harry gripped the letter as he read to himself, feeling his fingertips turn cold. He blinked, several tears finally falling as he lowered the letter down. Shoulders hitching, he shook his head slowly as Bane padded over and rested his head down on Harry's knee.

"I'm expelled." Harry shook his head, continuing to stare at the far wall. His tone turned bitter quickly, chin quivering. He didn't need this. "For performing the patronus charm in a muggle in-habited area. Since I've been warned b-before. I have a damn he-hearing." Harry tossed the letter next to his side, resting his forehead into his hand as he closed his eyes.

Snape closed the window once more, moving quickly across the room. He picked up the letter beside Harry, his eyes quickly skimming the words. He pulled out his wand casting a patronus and sending it through the fireplace. "This is fuc..." the man swallowed hard, forcing himself to swallow his words. "Albus will not allow this."

Harry only continued to stare at the wall, blinking and causing several tears to fall down his cheeks. It wasn't fair. The ministry wasn't there! "They won't listen. I know they won't. This is what they have wanted all along."

"They will! We will make them listen," Snape insisted as he sat down beside his child once more. "You did absolutely nothing wrong Harry."

The words were hardly out of Snape's mouth before the floo roared to life and Remus stepped into the parlor. "What has happened?" He moved over to the pair, sitting on the edge of the coffee table as Snape handed the letter to the man.

Remus took the letter in one hand, his other gently resting on Harry's knee.

Harry didn't move, not even as the fire roared to life. Somehow he wasn't surprised to see Remus, but it only made him feel worse. His chin shook for a moment, lowering his head down.

Several moments later the teenager relented and moved to lean against Snape's side. His gaze moved to Remus' hand on his knee, taking in a slow breath. "It's like I sh-shouldn't have even tried..."

"You did absolutely nothing wrong Harry," Snape said softly. "You did everything right." His hand moved to rest gently on the back of the teenager's neck.

"Dementors here?" Remus breathed. "They cannot expel you for this!"

"Apparently they already did." Bitterness remained in the teenager's tone as his head shifted against Snape's shoulder. "Like I was fucking playing with a patronus. They're... they're idiots!" He shook his head, bowing it as his guardian's hand rested on the back of his neck. "They won't believe there were d-dementors. They are going to blame this all on me!" Harry blinked, quickly brushing away the tears that threatened to fall. He knew that the Ministry was full of idiots since he was twelve. When he got 'warned' for Dobby's magic!

"Language," Snape chided softly as he gently squeezed the boy's neck. He looked up at Remus seeing the confusion plastered on the man's face. "Harry took Bane out for a walk. The ten year old boy from up the street saw them and joined them moments before the dementors attacked. Unfortunately the child did not make it."

Remus took in a shuddering breath as the events were unfolded before him, his eyes settling on the teenager.

Harry's eyes closed tightly as Snape spoke, his hand falling to idly rub Bane's head. "I tried." The canine whined, keeping his head on Harry's free knee.

"This is not your fault Harry," Snape said once more. "You did everything you could. You did everything right."

"Severus is right," Remus added softly. "So many your age wouldn't have even known what to do."

Harry finally moved away slightly, moving away from both hands on him and making Bane move. The teenager returned to his spot against the corner of the couch, his elbow resting on the arm of the couch as he curled back into himself. He could only see the child's lifeless eyes, forcing Harry to make a soft sound at the back of his throat. He had tried and now his wand was set to be snapped!

A soft sigh escaped Snape's lips as he watched his child. "I will speak with Albus today Harry. He will not allow it. I promise you that."

"Never," Remus agreed with a shake of his head. "He will set the Ministry straight. As will Severus and I."

Harry forced a small smile before it faded quickly. He leaned down, resting both arms on the arm of the couch and resting his cheek down on to them. Just because Dumbledore wouldn't allow it, doesn't mean he could change the Ministry's mind. He stared back to the wall. "Says the hearing is in a few days," he muttered softly, taking in a deep breath.

"We will need to make sure that we are all prepared," Snape breathed softly.

"I am sure Albus will stop by later today. I can't imagine he wouldn't," Remus added.

Harry fell silent, lowering his head down to tuck into the crook of his arm. He was sure that he had never felt so bad in his life. Even the night in the graveyard didn't compare to this. His arms tightened slightly, shoulders hitching despite no sounds of his cries.

"Just breath," Snape said softly as his hand moved to gently tap the teenager's knee. "Just remember to breath. I will speak to Albus today. I will not allow for you to be expelled."

"If you say so," Harry muttered into his arm, shrugging a shoulder as he kept himself curled up.

"I do." Snape's hand moved to gently tap the teenagers hip.

"Albus would never let you be expelled Harry. He just wouldn't." Remus reached out gently brushing a tear from the child's chin. "This will all be fixed."

Harry shifted his head at the gentle touch, resting his head up into his palm as he stared at Remus. "I had to try. It didn't help but I had to." He was lucky he even had his wand. If he hadn't he would be dead right now as well. That he was sure of.

"You did the right thing. You did everything you could," Snape hummed as his hand rested on Harry's knee and Remus gave a soft nod in agreement.

Harry nodded slowly, looking down to his knees. It hadn't been enough, but he had tried. Silence took over the teenager as he shifted, leaning forwards and resting his elbows on his legs.

"You should take something to calm your nerves," Snape suggested softly as his hand moved once more to rest gently on the back of Harry's neck.

The teenager gave a small nod, closing his eyes as he leaned towards Snape slightly. "Please," he breathed softly.

Remus was on his feet a second later, happy to make himself useful. "In your laboratory supply closet?"

Snape nodded in reply. He was quite shocked that Harry had agreed to a potion so easily. Typically the boy argued such a thing every step of the way.

Harry shifted his arms to wrap tightly around his middle, a frown remaining on his lips. Nothing at that moment felt right. It all felt like a nightmare. But a child had died and as it stood, he was expelled for trying to prevent it! He slumped over to lean against Snape's side, looking back down to the floor.

Snape wrapped an arm around his child, his fingertips gently brushing Harry's side. "Everything will be okay Harry. You have my word that I will not stop fighting for you until it is. I promise you that." He bent his neck, placing a soft kiss on the top of the boys head.

Harry closed his eyes, nodding just faintly against the man's shoulder. "Okay," he muttered softly.

Remus appeared a moment later, holding the vial out to the child as he sat back down on the edge of the coffee table. "Are you okay Harry?"

Blinking, the teenager raised his head up slightly. He reached out and took the offered vial, looking down to the liquid while shaking his head. "Not really," Harry admitted softly, rubbing a thumb against the glass.

Remus pressed his lips together swallowing a sigh as Snape spoke, his fingertips gently brushing against the teenagers arm. "You will be just fine. We will get through this and all will be well."

Harry gave a soft hum, taking the potion without any prompting from either adult. He leaned forward, placing the vial on the table before relaxing back against Snape's side. "I should of just... let him outside, out back."

"None of that." Snape's fingers gently tapped Harry's side. "You did nothing wrong."

Remus gave a hum of agreement. "Severus is right. You were simply walking your dog. You did not do anything wrong."

"It doesn't feel that way." Harry shook his head, closing his eyes once more. "And I thought the dementors were Ministry controlled?"

"They are Ministry controlled," Remus answered before Snape had a chance to.

"It doesn't make sense." Snape hummed softly as he pulled his child a bit closer to him.

Harry pulled his knees up slightly as he was pulled closer, resting fully on the couch. "It's simple. They sent them so that they would have a reason to expel me." He opened his eyes quickly, glaring at the floor.

"They've been denying what happened last year. I've seen the Prophet." Harry laid down on the couch, resting his head on Snape's leg. "Just wanted a reason to shut me up. They won't listen to Dumbledore. I know that they won't."

"Do not jump to conclusions," Snape said softly as he silently summoned a blanket for the boy.

Remus plucked it from the air, placing it over the teenager.

"I will speak with Albus later today and we will start working on getting this all straightened out," Snape continued.

"Okay." Harry opened his eyes briefly to look at Remus as the man draped the blanket over him. His shoulders relaxed before he rested his cheek back down and closed his eyes.

Snape's hand moved to gently rub the boys back as he let a breath go that he hadn't realized he had been holding in. He wanted to discuss this with Remus but he did not dare move until he was sure his child was asleep.

It took several minutes before Harry's breathing evened out, having only shifted his position slightly.

Remus released his own breath, watching Harry for a moment. He reached out, treading his fingers through the teen's hair for a moment, smiling sadly when the child remained still.

Snape carefully lifted Harry's head from his knee and moved himself out from under the child before pulling a throw pillow from the couch and placing it under Harry's head. "We should talk in the kitchen," he said in a soft voice as he stood up straight.

"Of course." Remus stood and followed the man out of the parlor, waving a hand to dim the lights within the room.

Snape stepped into the kitchen setting a silencing spell before he turned and leaned against the counter, his arms folded across his middle. "The Ministry sent the dementors. There is no other explanation."

Moving to the table, Remus sat at the table with a loud sigh. He looked towards the parlor, arms resting on the table as he shook his head. He certainly didn't want to believe they would do so, but what other explanation could there be? "No, there isn't," Remus agreed softly. "Of all places they wound up here and then that letter?" A deep frown crossed his lips.

"Last year they nearly wanted to pull him from my care for taking him out of Hogwarts and now they are trying to expel him? It does not make any sense." Snape tried to figure out an explanation as he gave an exasperated sigh.

"I would hate to think it could be true but perhaps Harry is right? If he's out of school he cannot talk about what happened last year," Remus offered, leaning back in the chair as he looked over to Snape.

"You honestly think that they would go to such extremes? There are other ways that they could prevent him from returning to Hogwarts." Snape raised an eyebrow in thought. He knew it was the Ministry. Voldemort would have done much worse.

"I hate to believe that the Ministry was involved at all." Remus shook his head, clasping his hands together. "Any other way would be easier for you to fight against. This was very direct. Force him to use magic outside school."

"Extremely direct." Snape nodded with another sigh. "A child was killed."

Remus sighed, raising his hand to rest his chin upon it. "I can only imagine what that family must be feeling. I would assume they will be contacting the Ministry as well."

"I cannot imagine that they wouldn't. I am just thankful that they were kind and thankful towards Harry." Snape sighed once more as he shook his head. "It feels as it did years ago doesn't it?"

"Far too much." The man agreed softly, sighing heavily himself. "And Harry is simply too young for it all."

Snape nodded in agreement. "I will not allow him to be part of a war should one start once more. You are right, he is far too young for such things."

"I only fear he may not have a choice. I've thought on it since that night. He will not ignore Harry." Remus shook his head slowly.

A pained look took over Snape's face as he digested the words. "I cannot lose him Remus. I cannot allow him to put himself in such a position. I have done nothing but repeatedly tell that child to keep himself out of danger since day one."

"No one shall lose anyone, Severus." Remus offered a sad smile to the man. "Perhaps Albus can strengthen the wards as well?" He made a nod towards the yard, sitting up properly.

Snape nodded in agreement. "I will speak with him about it today. Anything to keep him safe."

"I know." He smiled sadly, continuing to stare out to the dark sky. "You know the Order is having a meeting within the week as well. At Grimmauld Place. His friends will be there, so there would be no harm taking him along while the rest of us spoke."

Snape considered the words before raising an eyebrow. "You honestly think he will listen and remain with his friends without trying to listen to our conversation?"

Remus chuckled, looking back over to Snape. "Do I? No. But would I like to trust him? Yes. Why not give him that chance?"

Snape gave an amused huff at the words. "A chance? I suppose I could do that. I would like to trust him as well, especially after the end of this past school year."

"It's the best way to test to see if that lesson sunk in I suppose." He shook his head. "He just can't catch a break."

"I feel for him," Snape said softly. "You are right though, giving him the chance will show if he has learned anything at all."

Remus hummed in thought, clearly saying his words carefully. "It would also be a fine time for him and Sirius to connect again."

Snape let a sigh pass his lips as he remained silent for a long moment. He did not like the idea but he knew his child would. "Perhaps it would."

"It would be for the best for them both," Remus spoke softly, smiling as well. "And will give you a break as well."

Snape refrained from commenting that he would not need a break if his child simply listened. The man had to admit that in the past few weeks, since arriving home for the summer holiday, Harry had been extremely well behaved. Snape hadn't had to much as scold the boy. "Harry enjoys spending time with him so I will allow it."

Remus stood, moving to peer into the parlor and at the sleeping teenager. He leaned against the wall, still smiling softly. "If only we could take it all away for him."

"I wish there were a way. Unfortunately I don't think there is any solution." Snape's eyes closed for a moment. "All we can do is keep him as safe as possible."

"With the Ministry possibly acting out as well. I hope he'll understand now more than ever just how dangerous things are." Looking back to Snape, Remus moved to lean against the counter as well. "If needed, I will happily assist with the trial as well."

"Thank you Remus." Snape's hand pinched the bridge of his nose before it dropped to his side. "Would you mind staying with him this evening while I go speak with Albus?"

"Of course not. It would give him and I time to talk as well. If he wakes that is." Remus' smile faded as folded his arms over his front.

Snape sighed as he leaned forward a bit, peering into the parlor. "I hate to leave him however, I should likely speak to Albus sooner rather than later."

"He will be perfectly fine, Severus. Go. I'll stay in there with him. The sooner the better so he can also strengthen the wards." He moved away from the counter, "Also if needed, and I would hate for Harry to go through this, but the memory of what transpired can always be placed in a pensieve. For evidence at the trial."

Snape was silent for a long moment as he thought the words over before nodding. "You are right on all accounts." He moved away from the counter, moving towards the parlor. "Thank you for staying with him."

"Never an issue." Remus followed soon after, stepping into the dim parlor and moving to the couch. He looked down to the teen, who's breathing remained even within his sleep. "He'll be just fine," he breathed, nodding.

Snape picked up a handful of floo powder as he stepped into the fireplace. "If he wakes too upset, send for me." The man dropped the powder to his feet, vanishing a moment later.

Harry shifted at the sound, rolling over to face the back of the couch. His breathing hitched a brief moment before he settled back down once more.

Remus smiled softly as he moved over to Snape's armchair. The man sat down before pointing his wand towards the fireplace, causing a small fire to come to life. He tapped the table beside him, a cup of tea appearing as he hummed softly.

Silence reigned for nearly an hour before Harry finally moved. He jolted awake with a gasp, sitting up onto his elbow. His sides heaved as he took in a deep breath, resting his head against the back cushion.

A shiver coursed through the teen. He had hoped everything had been a nightmare, but reality crashed back around him. A child died and at the moment he was expelled.

Remus looked up from the book he had been reading as Harry woke. He frowned softly, closing the book and placing it beside him before he stood and moved over to the boy. "How are you?" He tapped the coffee table causing a cup of tea to appear for the teenager before sitting down beside it.

Harry turned, moving to face Remus before glancing around the parlor. He shivered once more, pulling his legs up and wrapping his arms securely around his knees.

He felt cold. As if the dementors were in the room with him as the nightmare slowly faded. "'M okay," Harry breathed softly.

Remus waved a hand causing the fire to become larger as he picked up the teacup and held it out for the teenager to take. "Feeling any better?"

"Not really," Harry admitted softly, carefully taking the cup from Remus with a soft, "Thanks." He leaned back into the corner of the couch, sighing softly.

Remus frowned softly as he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "Is there anything I can do?"

The teenager shook his head, raising the cup slowly to take a small sip of the tea. "Help me go back and redo today," he muttered, looking down to the liquid.

"If only I could Harry," Remus breathed softly.

Harry took in another slow breath, keeping himself curled up as he took another small sip. "I really did try," he whispered over the cup.

"I never doubted that you did." Remus' tone was gentle as he gave the boy a sad smile. "I am sure you tried very hard. Unfortunately sometimes horrible things happen."

Harry's thumb ran slowly against the cup before he turned and placed it on the side table next to the couch. With a soft sigh, Harry rested his cheek against the back cushion and closed his eyes. "I keep... I keep remembering how it felt. The dementors." His voice stayed soft, arms moving to rest around his middle.

Remus nodded in understanding. "It is a wretched feeling. Absolutely wretched. Did Severus give you chocolate?"

Harry couldn't help the small grin that pulled at his lips, shaking his head slowly. "No." It had been the last thing on either of their minds at that moment.

Remus hummed as he reached into the pocket of his sweater pulling out a chocolate frog. "This should help a bit. Even so long after the event."

Unfolding himself, the teen shifted to sit up and take the sweet. "Thanks, Remus," he hummed softly, unwrapping the chocolate and taking a small bite.

"Of course." Remus nodded as he sat up properly. "Lucky I brought some I suppose."

"Yeah." Harry took a few more bites, lowering it down with a deep sigh. His mind swimming with thoughts of the night and the future. Tears started to burn behind his eyes and he lowered his head, quickly rubbing under them. There would be no forgetting what happened. How he had felt, what he had seen. Harry pressed both hands against his head after resting the remaining chocolate next to his tea.

"It's okay to be upset." Remus' tone remained gentle as he reached out and placed a hand on Harry's knee. "A terrible tragedy happened today. I would be concerned if you were not upset."

The teenager only shrugged his shoulders, keeping himself curled up the best he could. He shifted his head, raising it up to rest his chin on his hand as he looked over to Remus. Tears blurred his vision and it caused him to blink several times."Why here though?" Harry breathed softly, looking back down to his knee.

"I don't have an answer to that." Remus' thumb gently brushed across the boy's knee. "I am certain that Severus and Albus will get to the bottom of it though."

Harry reached a hand down, looking to the floor as Bane approached and allowed the teenager to rub behind his ear. He grimaced, his hand pausing after a long moment.

"Do you think it's the Ministry? I mean maybe there are a few loose dementors?" He didn't want to believe they were sent after him. He didn't want to have the Ministry and Voldemort coming after him. It was bad enough that Voldemort was a threat.

"I am not sure what to think at the moment," Remus answered honestly. "The Ministry does control all of the dementors."

Harry's shoulders slouched, moving to sit up properly and leaning forward to rest his arms on his knees. "One good year is too much to ask for."

Remus sighed softly at the words. "Hopefully eventually you will have nothing but good years."

Harry shrugged, staring down to his hands. "Maybe." Harry raised a hand, rubbing at both his eyes with a loud sigh.

"I am certain of it Harry." Remus forced a small smile as he gently patted the boy's knee.

Harry laid in his bed, the lights in his room were dimmed a considerable amount. He had heard the floo in the parlor roar to life ten minutes earlier, informing him that his guardian was finally home.

It had been hours since Snape had left to talk to Dumbledore. Remus had fed him dinner and then Harry had decided on his own to go to bed. He knew that Remus meant well but the man just wasn't himself. He seemed like he was walking on eggshells and Harry hated it.

The teenager rolled over slightly, his right hand gently rubbing Bane behind the ear. Harry closed his eyes tightly as he tried to force the memory of Justin's lifeless eyes out of his mind. As his eyes closed, however, the sound of Justin's mum's horrifying scream filled his mind causing his eyes to quickly flicker back open.

A soft knock on the door pulled Harry from his thoughts. The door slowly pushed open, his guardian entering the room a moment later.

"A bit early for you to be in bed isn't it?" Snape asked softly as he moved across the room, sitting on the edge of the boy's bed. The man reached out a hand, his fingertips gently tapping the small of the boy's back.

Harry rolled over at the tap, his head shifting slightly so that he could see his guardian's face. He shrugged a shoulder at the question. "You were gone a really long time. What did Dumbledore say?"

"I went to see your friend Justin's parents as well." Snape's hand moved to rest on the teenager's knee. "Professor Dumbledore does not have an answer as to why the dementors were here. However, he agrees that the Ministry will have a hard time expelling you for your actions."

"Hard, but not impossible," Harry muttered softly. He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes and he blinked in an attempt to keep them at bay. There was no point in crying, it wouldn't help.

"Both Professor Dumbledore and I, as well as Remus will be doing everything in our power to prepare for your hearing and keep you from being expelled." Snape's hand gently rubbed the boy's knee.

"I'm already expelled," Harry pointed out as he lost the battle with his tears, several rolling down his cheeks. The boy felt his cheeks flush deeply at his actions.

"It's just you and I here Harry," Snape said softly as he continued to gently rub the boy's knee. "Surely we are past this embarrassment."

Harry shrugged a shoulder once more before giving a slight nod. "It's my fault."

"It is not." Snape shook his head firmly. "You tried to save him. You did everything right. Despite how much you like to think so, you are not an adult. No one expect you to be able to fight off dementors."

Harry's breath hitched slightly as the tears continued to roll down his cheeks. "If he had- hadn't been with me, he would still be a-alive. The de-dementors were there be-because of me, y-you know that they were."

Snape frowned at the words. "That is not a fact. It is impossible to say why the dementors were there."

Harry rolled his eyes at the words. "That's bullshit and you know it."

"Language." Snape's hand tapped the boys knee. The man sighed softly before speaking once more. "He enjoyed spending time with you Harry. No one could have predicted that this would happen."

"I bet the Ministry could predict it," Harry huffed angrily through his tears.

Snape was silent for a moment as he tried to gather his thoughts. The last thing he wanted was to admit to the teenager that he agreed that the Ministry was behind this. He didn't need Harry thinking that they were completely against him at fifteen. Despite feeling that way, the man couldn't help but remind himself that as much as he did not like it, Harry was not a normal fifteen year old.

"It does appear as though there is a strong possibility that the Ministry sent the dementors, however, that is only an assumption."

"So that they can expel me and try and take me from you." The tears were no longer falling from the boy's eyes, however, the fear and anger was present in his eyes.

"Possibly," Snape admitted. "That being said, we are preparing in every way possible to prevent that from happening. I am not giving up Harry and neither can you."

"I'm not." Harry let out a soft sigh. "I won't let them take me from you. I just won't." He didn't care if he sounded immature. He was sure that if they even attempted it he would curse them all.

A soft smile formed on the man's lips at the words. "I do not intend to allow it either."

Silence reigned for several long moments with Snape continuing to rub the boy's knee before he paused, pulling a small vial from the inner pocket of his cloak.

"I don't want a Dreamless Sleep," Harry informed the man before he could say a word.

"You saw a horrible thing happen today, just inches away from you." Snape shook his head sadly. "I did not ask if you wanted this."

Harry nearly argued with the man but almost instantly decided that it wasn't worth the fight. He probably would sleep better if he just took the stupid potion. Propping himself up on his right elbow, he held out his left hand for the vial.

"Thank you." Snape handed the vial over to the teenager.

Harry nearly asked if it was flavored but refrained from doing so. He was fifteen now. He couldn't ask something so childish, even if he did hope it was.

The teenager brought the vial to his lips, quickly drinking it before he could change his mind. Smiling softly as the peppermint flavor filled his mouth. He handed the vial back over to his guardian before lying back down.

Snape slipped the empty vial into his pocket before his hand moved to gently rub the teenager's arm. "Remus said you hardly ate much of your supper."

Harry huffed softly at the words. Of course Remus would tell Snape. "I wasn't hungry. I'm still not." His hand slipped under his pillow as a yawn passed his lips.

"Professor Dumbledore will be here in the morning to set some new protection spells around the property."

Harry hummed softly in response as he felt the potion doing its job.

Snape sighed softly as he continued to rub the teenager's arm, waving his free hand to cause the room to darken more. The man watched as Harry's breathing became heavier, sleep taking over the boy.

Snape was sure that this situation was not going to be easy. The Ministry was against them and nothing good could come from that. He only hoped that Albus would be able to fix it all.