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Harry shifted slowly as his mind roused early the next morning. Too early actually. He groaned softly as he turned over onto his back, blinking and staring up to the ceiling. The water cast a faint glow along it, signaling the sun was at least rising over the lake.

Sighing, the teenager pushed himself up and reached to the side table to grab his glasses. Placing them on, Harry leaned against the headboard with a frown. It was far too early for him to get up, and the sooner he got up then the sooner he would have to deal with Snape. That, he wanted to put off as long as he could.

It had been months since he had found himself in real trouble with the man, the last time being after the graveyard incident. He had promised himself then that this wouldn't happen again. He was fifteen! He was far too old for any of this! He couldn't help but feel like a complete prat. If he would have just told Snape immediately after his first detention none of this would be happening. The boy let out a soft sigh at his thoughts, he needed to work on remembering that.

Nearly thirty minutes passed before Harry finally stood from his bed. He needed to face the music, he knew that. He couldn't avoid his guardian forever. He moved over to the door, opening it partly while listening closely.


He frowned, opening his door further and looking down the hall. Snape's door was partially open across from his own room, yet the guest room door was closed. Sighing, Harry looked down towards the parlor. Snape had to be up.

And he hoped Remus was right and the man wasn't as cross as he was the previous evening.

Slowly, the teenager stepped down the hall and paused at the end, leaning against the wall as he watched Snape. The man was sitting in his armchair, the morning paper in his hands. He didn't look angry.


Snape looked up from his paper, his head turning slightly to see Harry standing at the end of the hall. "Good morning, Harry. Did you sleep well?"

"Eh...not really I guess," Harry admitted, remaining where he was for a long moment before stepping into the parlor fully.

Snape waved a hand, calling the boy over to him. "Let me see your hand. Is it hurting at all?"

"Not really, just sometimes." Harry stepped over to the man, holding out his hand with a frown.

"No sharp pains in it?" Snape gently took the boy's hand looking over the scars.

Harry flexed his hand slightly, curling his fingers. "Just when I move it certain ways," he admitted softly, looking down to his hand as well.

Snape frowned at the words. "I am going to put more salve on that later this afternoon." He let go of the boy's hand. "Are you hungry? Do you want breakfast?"

Stepping back, Harry moved over to the couch and sat down at one end. "Not really," he replied, rubbing at his face before crossing his arms on the arm of the couch.

Snape hummed softly as he folded up his paper, placing it on the table beside him. "You will be pleased to know that my meeting with Albus went well. This will not be happening again, under any circumstances. To you or any other student."

"Really?" The teenager raised his head slightly, a small smile tugging across his lips. "What'd he say?"

"He is going to speak to the Ministry about it. The use of blood quills is not permitted at Hogwarts under any circumstances." The man looked over at the boy. "Had you told me after the first night, it would not have continued with you."

Harry lowered his head down to rest his chin down on the arm of the couch. "I just... I didn't want her to pull something if I said something."

Snape hummed softly at the words. "When something like this happens I absolutely expect to be informed rather than lied to."

"And I'm sorry...I am. I can't go back in time and tell you," Harry replied, careful to keep any attitude from his tone as he sat up and rubbed his hand carefully.

"You are forgiven for your mistake." The man cleared his throat softly. "However, you know the consequence that lying brings."

The teenager swallowed, pulling his legs up on the couch while his eyes fell towards the floor. Lying once was bad enough and he had been doing so for nearly a week. The giant eel quickly returned to his stomach as he felt a lump form in his throat. He hated this! He had gone months without it and had truly believed that he would be able to prevent it from ever occurring again.

"I think perhaps we should move this conversation to your bedroom. I think that the last thing you would want is Remus interrupting us." The man gave the boy a knowing look.

Harry took in a deep breath at the words, shaking his head. Remus witnessing last night was bad enough. "This isn't punishment enough?" He muttered, glancing down to the words on his hand.

"That is there due to your own mistake and willingness to lie to me." The man stood, moving towards the hall. "That is not the consequence for lying to me and you know that."

"Snape..." Harry's eyes followed the man, blinking as he felt the tears start to burn behind his eyes. No. He wouldn't cry.

"Do not whine at me." Snape's tone was stern. "You know the rules. You know how I feel about lying. Now get up and into your room or we will do this right here in the parlor."

Swallowing heavily, Harry slowly stood from his curled position on the couch, moving past Snape and back towards his room.

Snape followed the boy down the hall, noting that Remus' bedroom door was still shut and no light was shining out from under it.

He stepped into Harry's room behind the boy, shutting the door and waving a hand. "I set a silencing charm. There is no need for this to disturb Remus." He was sure that last night was embarrassing enough for the boy and he had no desire to add to that embarrassment.

Harry closed his eyes as the door shut, blinking soon after to stare down to his feet.

Snape sat down on the boy's bed. He was sure it would be more comfortable for both of them. Raising a hand he crooked a finger at his child. "Is there anything that you wish to say for yourself?"

Slowly he stepped over to the man, frowning as he gave a slight shake of his head. "No," Harry muttered as he removed his glasses slowly, his right hand quickly rubbing over his eyes.

Snape took the glasses from the boy, leaning over and placing them on the bedside table. He was surprised by the tears already rimming his child's eyes. It wasn't unheard of but it was unusual for Harry to begin crying before the punishment began. He sat back up straight before gently taking hold of Harry's hand and moving him to his side. "We will get this over with quickly. And you, young man, will not lie again."

"I won't," Harry whispered, swallowing heavily as he was guided over the man's lap so his upper half could rest across the bed. Reaching out, he took hold of his pillow and pressed his face into it.

Snape took hold of the boy's pajama pants and shorts, pulling them both down at once. "I do not appreciate being lied to, Harry. Nor does Remus." The man's left arm wrapped tightly around the boy's middle. He raised his right hand bringing it down in a stinging smack followed quickly by two more. "Is that clear?"

Harry realized he had nearly forgotten just how hard Snape's hand hit, cringing while tightening his hold just slightly. "Yes," he whispered into his pillow with a deep breath. He didn't even realize that he was crying until he felt the tears dampening his arm. He was sure that he had never been so disappointed in himself for getting into trouble.

The man's hand fell several more times as he began to punish the boy in earnest. "You know better." He landed a particularly hard swat to the underside of the boys rear end.

A pained yelp escaped the teen, a leg kicking up just slightly before he hissed into his pillow. "I...I'm sorrrry," Harry whined softly as he tightened his hold on his pillow once more.

Snape paused for a moment, before landing several more hard swats. "I thought we were past the lying Harry. I thought that perhaps you knew better, however, sadly I was wrong." The man's hand continued to fall, enunciating each word. "You are far too bright not to realize what is going on. It is more important now than ever that you are honest with me when things happen!"

A sob escaped the boy as he attempted and failed to squirm away from the man. "I'm sorry!" He was sure that Snape had somehow grown stronger in the past few months. "Stoooop." He could hardly help the heat that spread across his face at how absolutely childish he was sure he sounded.

Snape adjusted the boy slightly, his attention going to the lower portion of his target.

Harry yelped in pain as his leg kicked up without his permission once more. He sobbed heavily into his pillow, attempting to twist away with a meek, "Sn...Snaaaaape please."

Snape landed one final swat before his grip on the boy loosened. The man frowned as he looked down at his target, now a crimson color. The man carefully pulled up the boy's clothing to where it belonged before his right hand moved to gently rub the boys back. He hated that he had to follow through. The man would have liked nothing more than to give the boy a stern lecture and send him on his way. However, it could not be. There was far too much at risk. The man needed Harry to be honest with him.

Harry hissed as his clothing was returned, his back shaking as he took in a harsh breath. Slowly he raised a hand up, rubbing his eyes roughly before resting his hand back down on his pillow.

"Take a deep breath." Snape's hand moved to rub between the boy's shoulder blades.

The teenager slowly moved himself to lay fully onto his bed, moving the pillow with him and releasing a hard sob into it. Still, he took in a deep breath before releasing it with a shudder.

"Very good." Snape moved slightly, allowing the teenager room to move. His hand continued to rub gently across the boys back. "It might be wise to go back to sleep for a few hours. I am sure that when you wake you will feel much better."

Harry couldn't find his voice to respond, only offering a slow nod as he curled his legs up just slightly while rolling to his side.

"No more." Snape's fingertips tapped his child's side lightly. "Do you hear me?"

"Hear you," he whispered, sniffing loudly.

Snape frowned at the sound of the child, thoroughly hating himself for causing him such discomfort. "Are you tired or would you rather talk a bit more?"

"No-nothing to ta-talk about," Harry uttered, shaking his head against his pillow while releasing a breath slowly.

"We don't have to talk about your being in trouble." Snape's hand moved to rub the boy's side gently. "We can talk about whatever you like." The man couldn't shake the feeling that the child was far more upset than he normally was over a standard spanking. He had seen Harry cry less when he was paddled.

"I don't... I don't r-really want to." He shook his head once more, raising his hand to rub away several tears.

"You are tired?" Snape swallowed a sigh. It was always the same, he could hardly help but feel guilty even when a punishment was deserved.

"Little," Harry muttered, rolling in a way so he could look down to the scars across his hand. Tightening his hand into a fist, he tucked it under his pillow while looking over towards his window.

"I happen to think that there is a bit more going on in that brain of yours." Snape's fingertips tapped the boy's side softly once more. "However, for now, I will leave it be and let you sleep. I am sure Remus will be in at some point to check and make sure you have been coddled enough."

The teenager felt his chin quiver just slightly as he closed his eyes, hiding his face partially back into the pillow. Again he only nodded at the words, sniffling and rubbing his cheek against the fabric to clear away the slower tears that escaped. "Okay."

"If you do not want to see him until you wake up later I can also tell him you are asleep. Hmm?" The man watched the teenager carefully. He couldn't help but worry that there was something much bigger than his punishment going on. Nor could he stop the guilt that was running through him.

"No. He can come in whenever." Harry took in a shuddering breath and slowly released it. There was no way he could hide everything from the man. Slowly he rolled over, turning to face towards the man and glanced up to Snape and noting that the man looked slightly concerned. "I hate her," he said softly. "I don't think you understand."

Snape frowned at the words. "You do not think that I hate her as well?" The man felt his heart literally hurt at the sight of his child. He scooted back a bit on the bed, waving a hand to the child. "Come here."

Sitting up with a small hiss, the teenager slowly moved over to his guardian and pressed against his side. "It's different... you can avoid her b-better than I can."

"You are right." Snape wrapped an arm around the boy. "You have to sit through a class with her and then, I was cross with you for getting detention with her. That is not completely fair."

Harry swallowed, rubbing at his face once more. "And she... I could tell she was so happy to have me in those detentions. I didn't want her to feel more satisfaction knowing she got to me."

Snape hummed softly at the words. "And I hate that she has the satisfaction of knowing that those words will be on your hand forever."

"Guess it kinda fits right now though," he whispered, looking down to the words.

Snape frowned at the words. "I know I was hard on you. I will not deny that nor will I apologize for it." He sighed softly. "But are you okay?" He looked down at the teenager, his face full of concern.

Harry very nearly wanted to say he was fine, nearly. Yet he shook his head slowly, lowering his head down into his palms. "Not really," he replied softly.

Snape took in a breath as he pulled the teenager closer to his side. "Talk to me about this. Is your backside in that much pain or is it something else?"

He leaned into the man's side, shoulders giving a sharp shake as he inhaled. "Everything else... and last night after it all," Harry lowered his hands, rubbing over the scars, "she touched it... and my scar had hurt."

Snape felt his heartbeat quicken at the words. "She touched your scar and it hurt or she touched the scar on your hand and it hurt?"

"She touched my hand. And my scar hurt... and I just felt weird," he muttered softly, rubbing his thumb over the words.

Snape's lips pressed into a tight line. "Why didn't you tell me this last night? Prior to my speaking with Albus?"

Harry frowned, continuing to stare down at the words across his hand. "Wasn't really up for saying anything last night."

"Did you scar hurt at any other point around her? Ever?" The man looked down at the teenager. "Even for a moment?"

"No." He shook his head, shifting uncomfortably as he rested his head against Snape's shoulder. "That was it."

Snape swallowed hard, forcing all his thoughts about this to settle down. Worrying Harry would not help anything at all. "I will speak to Albus about it and you will make me aware if anything like this happens again." The man's hand gently tapped the boy's hip. "Correct?"

"Yeah." Harry gave a faint nod, rubbing at his face, his skin itching terribly from the dried tears. "Sorry."

Snape gave a nod as he waved a hand causing a washcloth to appear. The man quickly enchanted it to remain cool before gently pressing it under the boy's right eye. "I do understand that you hate her Harry. I do not blame you for feeling that way in the least."

His eyes closed, leaning slightly into the cold cloth as he took in a shaky breath. "She knows it. And she tries to do something. She's no better than when Fudge got me in trouble," the teenager uttered under his breath.

The man frowned at the words. Even nearly two years later he still felt guilty over that particular punishment. Despite knowing how important it is for the boy to learn to keep his temper. "Unfortunately there is no way to keep you away from her. I know that you do not want to be pulled out of Hogwarts for a second year."

"I know... and even if I was pulled, Fudge would throw a whole other fit," he replied, shifting his head so the cloth pressed against his cheek.

"And if I enforced it, you would throw a whole other fit." Snape gave the boy a knowing look. "That is not the answer."

Harry gave a small grin, moving his head away completely from the cloth. "I know. I don't want it to be either."

"Then, for now at least, you are going to have to find a way to put up with her in class without losing your temper." Snape sighed softly, moving the cloth so that it was pressed gently under the teenager's other eye. "She is only taking all of this information about you right back to Cornelius."

His smile faded, tilting his head slightly for easier access. "I hate them all."

"I am not fond of them either. However, I am also not going to let you be taken from my care over some bad behavior in class." The man pressed the cloth a bit harder against the boy's skin. "I cannot Harry. That is the exact reason that I need honesty from you. You cannot lie to me about anything let alone something so important."

Harry rubbed his face slightly against the cloth as it was pressed, opening his other eye to glance up at the man. "I know. It won't happen again."

"I know that she is not making it easy for you in the least but you need to learn to ignore her and keep your temper." The man looked down at the boy. "It is imperative at this point."

"It's so hard to do. I did try," he replied, pulling his head away from the cloth.

"I know that it is and I know that you did." The man hummed softly. "I need you to continue to do so."

Harry released a sigh, eyes closing as he rested his cheek back against Snape's shoulder. "Wish Dumbledore could just... have her gone."

"I believe he is working on doing so." The hand that was holding the washcloth dropped to the man's lap. "And as I said, she will never be using a blood quill again and should she try to do so I expect you to walk out of the room and find me immediately."

The teenager gave a nod, shifting slightly with a wince. "Promise," he replied softly, rubbing his fingers over the back of his hand to trace the words.

"What she did was nothing short of abuse. Abuse that you did not deserve and should not have had to endure." The man sighed softly.

"I'm okay you know." Harry leaned away slightly, offering a faint grin up to the man. "Just a battle of wills... and I wanted to win."

"You are too stubborn for your own good at times." Snape's hand gently tapped Harry's knee. "Had you told me the very night this started she would have been stopped then."

He shrugged a shoulder, hissing slightly as he scooted back further on the bed to cross his legs. "I just don't want her to somehow try to have the ministry take me away, so I was going along with it."

Snape frowned slightly at the words. "I am not just going to let them take you from me. I am afraid that you may be stuck with me now."

"You're stuck with me.. and I'm sorry about that." His tone turned light, leaning forward as he leaned his head against Snape's arm. A yawn forced by his lips, an arm curling around his guardian's.

"I quite like being stuck with you." The man leaned his head down, pressing a kiss to the top of the boy's head. "I like it very much."

"So do I." Harry hummed, rubbing at his face briefly before pulling his head away. "I'll keep you updated on what happens in her class. Promise."

"A very wise decision." Snape gave the boy a serious look though it quickly faded. "Are you ready for some breakfast yet? I'm sure Remus is anxious to see you and make sure I was not too hard on you."

Harry frowned. He was sure Remus was up by then, and knew exactly what was happening as both he and Snape were not in the parlor. "Yeah... I guess so." He could feel his cheeks prickling at the very thought.

"Not hungry?" Snape reached a hand out, gently tapping the boy's chin.

"Not really... it's still early." He shook his head slightly, looking up with a faint smile. "I can't eat when it's too early."

"Well you certainly do not have to stay in bed if you are not tired." The man stood. "As I said, I am sure that Remus is up by now."

"Yeah, I'm not tired anymore." Harry slowly stood as well.

"Nor are you in any trouble anymore. You can certainly go visit with your friends after breakfast if you like." The man moved towards the boy's door.

"You're not cross?" Harry questioned in a hopeful voice as he moved over to stand next to his guardian.

"I am not cross with you," Snape reassured the boy, waving a hand to break the silencing charm before lowering his arm and wrapping it around the boy.

"Okay." Harry broke away then, moving down the hall and stepping into the parlor. Instantly his eyes settled on Remus and he moved over to the man and sat next to him.

Snape moved into the parlor a step behind his child. "Good morning Remus. I hope that you slept well." He walked across the room, sitting down in his armchair.

Remus smiled as Harry sat, wrapping his arm around the boy's shoulder and pulling him slightly closer. His fingers brushed against his arm as Harry pulled his legs up onto the couch with a soft breath.

"I did. I hope you both did as well." While his response was to his friend, Remus' gaze settled down on the teenager.

Harry glanced up, offering a small shrug before looking back down to his knees.

"Well enough." Snape nodded. "I want to put some more salve on that scar in a bit. Hopefully it will help fade it a bit more."

"Okay." Harry gave a nod as Remus tightened his hold, resting his cheek briefly against the top of the teenager's head.

"Alright?" He whispered softly, his thumb tapping against Harry's arm.

The teenager gave a nod against Remus' shoulder with a soft "Yeah."

Snape eyed the two for a moment before clearing his throat softly. "I actually think that I may be out of salve in my supply closet here, however, I should have some in my classroom." The man stood. "If you two will just excuse me for a moment." He moved towards the door. He knew how close his child was to Remus and he was thankful for it, giving the two a few moments alone together would be just fine.

Harry blinked as Snape stood, sitting up just slightly as his guardian moved across the parlor. He frowned, relaxing back down after a moment. His bottom still stung terribly but kept his complaints silent, yet he shifted just slightly to sit in a better position.

Remus offered Snape a smile as the man walked by, giving a nod. "I don't believe we plan on going anywhere."

"I'm sure I will only be a moment." The man stepped out of the room, closing the parlor door behind him.

"How is your hand feeling this morning?" Remus looked down at the teenager. "A bit better I hope."

"A bit. Only stings a little." Harry raised his hand up, the words slightly red and scabbed over. "Glad it won't happen again though."

"It should not have happened this time." Remus frowned slightly. "I am sure that the salve will help a bit more though."

"Yeah." Lowering his hand down, he gave a small smile up to the man. "I'm sorry."

"We discussed this already." Remus returned the boy's smile. "You are forgiven, as you always are. I am not upset with you."

Harry gave a nod, resting his head back down against Remus' shoulder with a soft sigh. "I know. But still..."

"I appreciate your apology." Remus' thumb gently rubbed the boy's arm. "I am sure that it will not happen again."

"No," he responded rather quickly with a shake of his head. "It won't. I told Snape I'll keep him updated about her classes."

"I am very happy to hear that." Remus hummed softly. "I am sure that Severus was as well. You know if there is a problem we will do whatever it takes to help you."

Harry gave a small nod with a soft, "Yeah. I know." He rubbed at his knee idly, before yawning widely with a hum. "I just sometimes need to remember that."

"I am sure Severus gave you a reminder to do so as well." The man's thumb brushed once more. "If you are still tired, you should go back to bed. It's still quite early."

His cheeks and ears burned at the words, bowing his head slightly while pressing his face into the man's arm. "I'll be fine," he muttered, dodging the mention of Snape's handling of the matter altogether. "I don't really want to go back to bed now."

"Fair enough." Remus hummed softly. "It is Saturday after all, I am sure your friends will be looking for you in a few hours."

"Yeah. I'll go find them after breakfast." While originally he wouldn't have minded spending the day in the dungeons- a sure fire way to avoid Umbridge, he had to give his friends some sort of update about her.

"Just be sure that if you go out, you aren't outside for too long, it's supposed to be quite cold today." The man crossed his left leg over his right as Snape walked back into the parlor, a jar of salve in his hand.

The man moved across the room, sitting on the edge of the coffee table in front of Harry. "Let me see that hand of yours."

Looking up, the teenager sat up properly away from Remus while holding his hand out towards Snape. The angry scabbed words made him huff while he rested his chin on his other hand. "I don't know if we'll go outside today," he replied, glancing over to Remus.

"This is likely going to burn a bit." Snape screwed the lid off of the jar and dipped his fingers into the salve, applying a generous amount to the boy's hand.

The reaction was instant, quickly pulling his hand away from the man with a hiss of pain. Harry took in a breath, giving a glare to his guardian.

Snape reached out, gently taking his child's hand in his own and then firmly holding it in place. "Take a nice deep breath." He gently began rubbing the salve into the angry scars. "This will take all of a moment."

Remus' hand had moved to gently tap Harry's back as the teenager took in a deep breath. He released it out in a slow hiss, fingers curling into Snape's hand tightly. "Everything always takes a moment," Harry quickly muttered before taking in another breath.

"If this will help those scars fade, then it will be a moment that was well worth it." The man continued to tend to the boy's hand.

"Snape..." Harry's hand twitched, pulling it back slightly before the man's grip remained and stopped the movement.

"Just take a deep breath. You will be fine." The man dipped his fingers into the salve once more, applying a second generous helping. "We are nearly done here."

Remus frowned as he watched the teenager grip at Snape's hand tightly, his arm resting back around Harry's middle. "Relax," he hummed softly.

Harry leaned over slightly, taking in another deep breath while closing his eyes.

Snape worked as quickly as possible, rubbing the salve over the angry red scabs. "Did I hear you say that you would be outside with your friends today?" The man eyed the teenager, hoping the question would distract the boy from the pain.

"Yeah," the teenager muttered, his hold loosening just slightly. "Maybe. For a bit at least."

"How much homework do you have this weekend?" The man focused on his task as he felt Harry's grip loosen slightly.

"Read a chapter for Defense. Like that's going to be hard. Hermione has already read the whole book." Harry cringed, shifting his hand slightly. He had only been in one class with the witch and he could already tell how horrible it was going to be.

Snape hummed softly at the words. "Is that all you are doing in her class is reading?" The man glanced over at Remus. He was sure it was not easy for the man to hear how she was running his class.

"Yes. Because a theoretical knowledge is all we need to get through school. Which is why we're here," he replied.

Remus took in a breath, his hold tightening slightly as he narrowed his eyes. "Perhaps we should practice some proper spells, hm?" The man swallowed, forcing his frown away and giving the teenager a small grin.

"I think that is a fine idea." Snape rubbed the last of the salve into the boy's hand. "Thank you Remus."

Harry gave a grin in return before it faltered slightly with a hiss of pain. "Are you done?" He asked, looking back over to Snape.

"For now." Snape nodded as he stood, walking over to his supply closet to put the salve away. "I will look at it again later today."

The teenager nearly huffed as he pulled his hand back, rubbing his thumb briefly over the scabs before tucking himself against the back of the couch. Remus smiled gently, gently tapping Harry's arm. "It would be much worse left alone."

"One would think you might be grateful for any help to fade those scars." Snape hummed softly as he moved back across the room, sitting down in his armchair.

"I am." Harry glanced up to Snape as the man sat down, sighing while looking back to the words. "She's a foul cockroach."

The man hummed softly at the words, swallowing a chuckle. "I hardly think that you will hear either of us argue those words."

"I know." The teenager grinned as he yawned a moment later, pulling his legs up onto the couch with a sigh. His stomach growled softly as he moved but he ignored the sound.

"As I have said before, hopefully she will not be around much longer and things will return to normal." Snape glanced down at the morning paper on the coffee table. "The Ministry really has no place here at Hogwarts."

"They do not," Remus huffed with his response, sparing a glance down to the teenager as Harry's stomach grumbled lowly. He leaned in, tapping Harry's back. "How about a good Saturday breakfast? Then you can enjoy the rest of the day."

Harry wrapped his arms around his middle, eyes shifting to Snape as he spoke before looking over to Remus. "Yeah... I hope that I don't run into her today."

"What is it that you would like for breakfast?" Snape looked over at the teenager. "Anything special?"

"Sausage and eggs?" He gave a grin over to the man.

Snape nodded as he stood. "Remus? Would you like the same?" He moved towards the eating area.

"I would, actually."

As Harry stood, Remus did soon after and followed the teenager to the kitchen table. Sitting, Harry looked out the window that looked out to the lake. It was now brighter, indicating the sun had now properly risen and gave a perfect view into the water.

While Remus warned of it getting slightly chilly, maybe out of the castle would be the best way to speak to his friends. "Might go to Hogsmeade for lunch with Ron and Hermione, actually."

Snape tapped the table causing breakfast to appear. "You need written permission to leave the castle, it is not a Hogsmead weekend." He hummed softly picking up his teacup and taking a long sip. "You may ask Professor McGonagall, I cannot imagine that she would not allow it."

"You can't? I mean, yeah. I'm sure she will. Not like there's a threat this year. And I missed the chances last year." Harry looked down to his meal, picking up his fork and cutting into the sausage.

"I could." Snape nodded as he set down his teacup and picked up his fork. "However, proper protocol is that the head of your House does so."

"Third year it was you," he muttered softly.

"Third year was quite a different circumstance, Harry," Remus reminded gently as he took a bite of his own meal.

"Extremely different circumstances," Snape agreed as he took a bite of his meal. "If for some reason Professor McGonagall denies your request, you may let me know and I will speak with her."

"I will." Harry gave a small grin as he focused back on his meal. He couldn't help but feel relieved that neither Snape nor Remus was cross with him. As well as thankful that Snape was being so understanding about his wanting to go to Hogsmeade. He would just have to focus on making the day better than the last week, which wouldn't be difficult.