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I awoke from nothing, to nothing, an endless expanse of white filled my view. I look around in confusion, what was going on, last thing I remember was falling asleep, is this some weird dream?

Welcome, you have been selected to be the next User of The S-Game System

I spin around, the strange voice surprising me. And what was this about me being a Gamer, I thought that was some fictional thing that only happened in that Korean comic or those fanfictions I used to waste time reading.

Not quite, it is very much real

I resist the urge to sigh, "Okay, so what happened to me, did I die or something"

Yes, and in a rather brutal manner that left your body unable to be transferred over, luckily it was something easily replaced

I felt my mind fill with anger before it repressed, a brick wall blocking off my emotions.

Skill Gained:

[Gamers Mind] (Passive)

Allows the user to think logically and calmly

Allows a peaceful state of mind

Grants Immunity to Psychological status effects and immunity to psychic based damage

Skill Gained:

[Gamers Body] (Passive)

Grants the user the body of a video game character

Skill Gained:

[Observe] (Active)

Provides Information on a target when used

My eye twitches as I read the screen that appears in front of me, fucking with my mind is, or was, one of my greatest fears. I hated the idea of being manipulated or mind controlled and now this Game thing decides it can do what it wants without consequence. Unable to deal with the cause of my frustration I yell and stamp my feet like a toddler but without any emotion to fuel my tantrum it quickly ended.

If you are quite done acting like your shoe size then we can move on to the character creation.

Name: _

A small keypad appears in front of me, and I bite back a groan. I suck at naming things, or I used to. The resurrection thing is kind of confusing me. Scratching at my head I think back to my old life, or what I can remember of it, honestly, there's not a lot left. Names, faces, addresses, anything important was gone, leaving only a few superficial things left. Luckily, one of the few things I do remember was a name of a Dungeons and Dragons character I used to play as. I type it in quickly.

Name: Arhain Dravenson

Race: Human

So I can pick a name but not my race, that is really frustrating especially if I'm put into any high magic setting or fantasy world I'm at an immediate disadvantage because elves and dwarves always have better stats than plain old human


You are a human, just a regular boring human

Human are a jack of all trades, and the master of jack shit

Gain 25% bonus class EXP

Please select a class

[Fighter] [Mage] [Rogue]

Not a fan of fighters, most of their skills revolve around being a front line fighter and I am not about to risk myself yet, depending on where I get put that could be tantamount to suicide, mages are cool, but are also a double edge sword in most worlds, some of the highest damage and most versatile skill sets, but so fucking weak in every other way. Most mages can only take a few hits before being at risk of dying. Rogues are more my style though, striking from the shadows and dealing massive damage, while not as strong as I would like a rogue play through definitely piques my interest.

Please select specialisation

[Thief] [Bard] [Gunslinger] [Ranger]

Rangers are a definite no, at least not for the start of a new play through, bards are a support main so their out, although the idea of going Toot Toot Magic Flute is amusing. That leaves it between Thief and Gunslinger. Thieves are the stereotypical rogue, great at stealth and stealing, not so much combat, but it would help if I have to break into places, and a gunslinger, honestly, I think that would just make me John Wick so yep taking that class.

Class Gained:

[Gunslinger] – LVL 1/100 [0%]

Gain 6 DEX and 4 LCK per LVL

Skill Gained:

[Sneak] (Active)

Be able to hide from friend and foe alike, providing your DEX is greater than their WIS

Skill Gained:

[Sneak Attack] (Passive)

Gain a 10x boost to damage when sneaking and wielding either a silent ranged weapon or a one-handed weapon

Skill Gained:

[Marksman] (Passive)

Allows you to actually hit your target when using a ranged weapon

I wince as I feel the knowledge drive itself into my mind, it wasn't pleasant but at least it didn't last long, I can't wait to just become John Wick, but better.

New Skills can be unlocked as your class levels up, and New Classes can be unlocked once Gunslinger is maxed

Skills can also be gained through certain actions or once certain requirements have been met

Is that all?

Arhain Dravenson

Lvl – 1

Class – Gunslinger – LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race – Human

Rank – Mortal

HP – 100 [20HP/Minute]

MP – 100 [20MP/30 Seconds]

SP – 100 [20SP/30 Seconds]

STR – 10

END – 10

DEX – 10

INT – 10

WIS – 10

CHA – 10

LCK – 10

MP Regen = WIS X2

MP = INT X10

SP/HP Regen = END X2

HP = END X10

SP = END X10

If desired you may also take random character flaws, for each flaw taken a bonus will be given

Sure, playing as a Mr Perfect flawless twat is no fun anyway.

Trait Gained:

[Dragon Sin of Wrath]

You are more prone to anger and vengeance when an enemy act against you, and will pursuit revenge relentlessly

Perk Gained:

[Luck of the Irish]

Increased change to do Critical Attacks, Increased Loot Drops and of Higher Quality

Well that wasn't too bad, and the benefit was definitely worth it, more and better loot is a great asset to have early on, screw it, and give me another.

Trait Gained:

[Fox Sin of Avarice]

You want it all, money, women, power, and will put the acquisition of your wants before the needs of others.

Perk Gained:

[Jack of All Trades]

You can master anything as long as you put your mind to it, but I doubt you will, you lazy piece of shit

All EXP gains are doubled

I'm probably going to regret this decision later but fuck it, one more.

Trait Gained:


Cold, Calculating, Ruthless

You don't care what you must do as long as your goals are accomplished

Perk Gained:


You are one with the shadows, or some other edgy bullshit saying like that

Enemies will have a harder time spotting you when you are sneaking

I mean, eh, the better sneak is decent, but I had hoped for something a lot cooler, but I doubt complaining would help. Alright Game, anything else?

Skill Gained:

[ID Create] (Active)

Creates an Instant Dungeon

Dungeons Available;

[Kobold Caves]

Welcome to the Game

Your starter world has been chosen, good night and good luck.

My eyes widen as I recognise that last phrase. "Fuuucc…"

I wake up to the sound of voices, a pair of small children running out of the messy room screaming about zombies. God Fucking Dammit, I know exactly where I am, Harran, the setting of Dying Light. It could have been worse I suppose, even the hardest bosses of the game are able to be taken down by normal people. Getting up and leaving the room that random guy from the start walks over.

"You sleep for three days like a dead man, the scare children. Off to a great start, new guy."

My eyes narrow as the guard gives his speech, "Where's the guy in charge"

The guard starts a bit, clearly expecting something else than that. "Head to room 109, the boss'll brief you there."

I brush past him, heading around the building, ignoring the looks I was given, both hostile and curious, before I climb the stairs and head into the room, ignoring the guard sitting outside. As in the game Rahim was out at the balcony staring out over Harran with a set of binoculars.

"Where's Brecken, and who the fuck are you," actually listening I notice the presence of a Scottish accent. Rahim looks surprised for a moment before shrugging.

"Breckens not here, out on a mission. And you are surprisingly well informed, so who are you, a spy, an assassin here to kill us." He squints at me as if I would break down and spill everything at the look.

"Technically it's none of your business, but fuck it, won't really matter if you know, I'm a merc hired to take out Rais, his thugs and as many of the infected as possible," I lie, thinking quickly, not something the Tower can confirm, and it gives me an excuse of me being there.

Quest Added

[A Mercenaries Goal]

Objective 1 – Kill Rais

Objective 2 – Clear Out his 'Stronghold'

Objective 3 – Kill 2,500 Infected

Bonus Objective – Give the Tower all of Rais' supplies

Reward – Unlocks Next World, ?, ?

I ignore the small box that appears in front of me, okay, that's going to be a pain. Doable, but a pain, especially clearing out the stronghold. Oh, shit Rahim is still talking.

"Oh, so you're a high and mighty mercenary to good to help out the Tower, so our guys have wasted our resources keeping you alive," Rahim spits out, I can feel his anger and I can't really bring myself to care, the guy always annoyed me.

"Listen kid, I don't really care about your little group, but since you did me a solid I'll do one for you, so how can I help." Wait where the fuck did that come from, I thought I was greedy, and angry, not Mr, Nice Guy. Unless, this might actually help me in the long run so subconsciously I knew to do it. This is going to take some getting used to.

"Alright then, one of our guys is trapped on the thirteenth floor, but he might as well be stuck in a cave in, only so many of our guys can go up at once and they would get killed to quickly by the infected up there, so you up for a challenge," Rahim has this stupid little smirk I want to punch off his face, and there's the anger, but I'm no noob, clearing out one zombie is easy enough.

"Alright consider it done, but can I get a weapon, or do you expect me to punch a zombie to death with my bear hands." And there it is, the highest form of humour that has ever existed, Sarcasm.

"Here," he grabs a metal pipe from somewhere and flings over a yellow radio, "We can talk more if you survive."

I leave the apartment, striding over to where the elevator guy is. "I'm heading to thirteenth to save some guy, can you move." The guard looks both shocked and mildly impressed. "Thirteenth, shit that's some dirty work but someone had to do it."

Ignoring the guard, I get into the elevator and hit the button, tapping the pipe against my leg as I wait. A couple of minutes later the elevator stops and its doors open. The pipe is cold against my skin as I grip it like it's a baseball bat. I crouch and keep low, not wanting to attract the zombie's attention, it might be easy to kill, but one bite and I'm seriously fucked unless l I can get the infection removed somehow.

The zombies just battering at the door as usual, so I spring up, swinging the pipe like a club, splattering its blood across the wall.

Objective - Kill Infected – 0001/2500

Level Up!

"Hey, are you in there, dude, are you okay," pounding at the door gets me no response so I kick it open. The person I'm meant to save is lying pathetically against the bath, holding his hand against a bleeding cut on his left arm. Fuck, this was a thing wasn't it? Grabbing the radio, I call Rahim.

"Hey Kid, if you have some kind of a medic, I would send them here, your guys messed up his arm pretty bad." Ignoring the response, I begin searching for the alcohol and gauze for the med kit. By the time I find them and get back to the guy the medic, Lena I think her name was already there. I hand her over the items before heading to the elevator.

Rahims voice crackles over the radio, "I might have misjudged you Merc, if you're willing, I have another job for you to do."

"Quid Pro Quo, kid, what are you offering, I don't do shit for free."

"How about locations of every set up safe house in the city, you may need to clear out most of them but that won't be too hard."

"Fine, where are you," that's actually useful, all safe houses on the map, yes please, that will make surviving the night way easier. Thank you Rahim you useless piece of shit.

"Head up to 109, the map will be there, then head outside and across the road to your right, there is a safe area there, look for Spike and he can tell you what to do" the radio cuts off as I head up to the room. Inside is a small map, one you might see in a tourist shop with little green dots marking off the safe houses. This is going to be a great help.

As I go to put it in my pocket it turns an ethereal blue and disappears.

Skill Gained:


It gives you a mini map, what the fuck did you expect.

A grin spreads across my lips, jackpot, this will make this so much easier. A leave the room, and head towards the elevator, the guard not even bothering me as I step in, hitting the ground floor button. Once at the ground I leave, jumping down the drop and leaving the Tower.

As soon as I leave I burst into a sprint, jumping over to the nearby building, clambering up onto the roof. Okay, how the fuck did I do that, I was the least athletic little twat that ever existed, how can I sprint and jump over to a nearby building.

Your stats are a measure of your abilities, what you done was simple for you to accomplish for your stats.

A feral grin blooms on my face, so could I theoretically jump over a building or punch through walls, this is going to be fun. Jumping onto the van and climbing over the building were a bit more challenging, but that was probably to be expected. I'm a DEX build rather than a STR build. I head over to the small building that Spike stays in for most of the game.

"Spike, Rahim said you have some sort of job for me," I lean against the door frame, trying to seem confident.

"You're the Merc right, Rahim called over, said you were coming. I have some traps that the runners use that need activated, you up for the task."

I raise an eyebrow, "Is that it, I thought this would prove a challenge, but fine, might as well."

Spike rummages under the table before bringing out a handful of fire crackers, "Take these, the Zombies are attracted to noise, toss a couple of these down to herd the bastards away."

I pick them up and thank Spike, leaving the compound and climbing onto the building. My legs tense as I leap down onto the road, shoving away a zombie, and rush over to the clearing with the first trap. It was child's play to connect the battery to activate the car trap. My radio buzzes to life, Jades voice coming over the comm.

"Jade here, is anyone outside right now. Urgent help needed."

I grimace before activating the radio , "I'm here, doing shit for Spike."

"You're the Merc, right, Arhain. Listen… Our runner's trying to secure one of our safehouses for Brecken's mission. He's in a courtyard by Vefa and Mirmar, surrounded by zombies. We gotta help him." The radio cuts off with that and I climb onto the nearby wall, as I make my way over to the safehouse. Staying on top of buildings and vans, out of reach of the undead, I easily make my way to the safehouse. In the yard are two of the undead, battering the door of the small building.

I rush over, hefting the pipe into the skull of one, killing it before it has time to react. The other turns around and lunges towards me but I slide to the left and bring the pipe across the back of its skull, making it burst open like an over ripe melon. My nose wrinkles as the smell hits me, god, I can't wait to get out of this place, just to get away from the stench.

Objective – Kill Infected – 0003/2500

Level Up

I move over to the door, holding my pipe in a ready position as I open the door. A feral screech comes from within as the Viral surges out. It narrowly dodges the swung pipe and claws my side, not quite breaking the skin. I bring the pipe around again, smashing it against the face of the viral, knocking it down. Before it has a chance to recover, I smash its head with the pipe until it stops moving. I drop the blood soaked pipe and sit on the ground, leaning against the skip.

Objective – Kill Infected – 0004/2500

Level Up

A small shining light catches my eye, in amidst the crushed skull of the viral is a small wooden stick, about the size of the index finger, with the word GATCHA written on both sides in thick black letters. Erm, Game, what the fuck is this.

That is a Gatcha token, they are rare drops when killing creatures, snap it to activate.

I shrug before snapping the stick, theres a slight glow before a massive spear with a blue rod and a helix pattern of arrow heads spiral around it.

True Longinus

Abilities – Locked until user is LVL 100

My mouth is open in shock as I stare at the item, I just got one of the most powerful items ever, capable of killing Gods. Fair enough it's locked until I reach level 100, but that is still insanely lucky.

The sound of Jades voice brings me back to reality, "Is our guy okay?" I shake myself and bring the radio up to my mouth, "He turned, and I put him down."

"Shit, well, you had no choice, now hurry and turn on the lights, it's the only way to make the place safe at night." I mutter my consent and fling the radio on the bed roll, turning on the fuse for the lights and look at the spear in my hands.

"Well, this will definitely give me an edge against stronger enemies, but you are rather conspicuous so, eh, Inventory?"

A window opens in front of me, looking like some survival game inventory; I shove the sacred gear into it and see the other items in it, a Heckler and Koch P30L handgun with a suppressor, a few magazines of ammo for the gun and a black serrated edged tanto blade. I pull them out and sit them on the bed beside me. "Hey Game, can you make the inventory look like the one in Skyrim."

I nod once the change occurs and grab the blade, clipping the sheathe to my belt, the gun had a harness, the kind you would see a police detective have on T.V where the gun rests bellow the arm. It takes me a few minutes to figure it out but I manage to put it on correctly. I leave the small building, climbing the fence and going to the roof of the building next to it. The next to car traps are on the road surrounded by the zombies, I pull out the fire crackers and look over to the street, fairly close to the cars is a spiked barrel on fire. If I punt the crackers in it then the zombies will kill themselves, making my life easier.

I wind my arm back and let loose, the fire crackers making a perfect arc as it falls into the barrel, the fire igniting the crackers, the loud popping echoing through the street. A pair of Virals sprint from nearby and fling themselves into the barrel, killing themselves, as the rest of the small hoard start to move I jump down, quickly activating both the traps and them clambering up onto a nearby building before the noises stop.

Objective – Kill Infected – 0012/2500

Level Up x4

My hands rest on my knees as I see the small notification, how many times have I levelled up now. Actually it doesn't matter right now, I need to arm these traps before nightfall or I'm going to be out when night falls, which is something I really don't want, I may be decently prepared, but Volatiles are no fucking joke. I begin making my way over to the light traps, avoiding the undead by sticking to the rooftops.

Arming the traps goes about the same as it does in game, I climb up, activate them and move on, as expected when the last trap gets armed it sparks and all the lights shut off. I lift my radio and call Spike, "Oy, what the fuck just happened, the whole district went dark."

I can hear him sigh, "Ugh, not again…All right listen. There's a power substation nearby, go check it out." The radio cuts out as I start running over to the substation, dodging the swing arms of the couple of undead that are near. I climb over the fence and draw my gun. The goons a pain to kill usually, but I have a gun. As soon as I near the fuse box the door bursts open and the goon comes out in all his jump-suited glory. I jump back to avoid the rebar swing and dash over to the building, climbing up it. I drop to a knee, take a breath and shoot. The gun sighs as the bullet rushes out, hitting the goon in the side of its head, it roars and tries to swing its club, but it just bounces off the building.

I squeeze the trigger again, and again, both shots hitting the head. The massive behemoth falls to the ground with an earth shattering thud, finally dead. I put the gun away and jump down, negligently stabbing the zombie in the building with my tanto. Crouching through the hole I activate the fuse box, surge protector thing, and call Spike again. "There, that should be it fixed, I'm going to be busy for a few days, so don't try to contact me. I want radio silence."

Objective – Kill Infected – 0014/2500

Level Up

I put the radio in my inventory and leave the building. There was a small tell-tale glow inside the bullet hole in the Goons head. I fish out the Token and snap it, the glow happened again but instead of coalescing into an item, it surged up my arms

Unique Perk Gained:

[X-Gene Wolverine]

HP Regeneration is increased to 250/second

Enhanced Senses. Ability [Blindsight] Gained

Weapon Gained: [Bone Claws]

Deals (10 + (1/2DEX) Slashing damage

Enhanced Reflexes – 25 DEX stat points added

Enhanced Strenght – 25 STR stat points added

Title Gained:


Adds 50 END stat points

[Blindsight] – (Passive)

Range – 120ft. You can 'see' using your other senses for this range

My grin threatened to burst off my face at this point, Wolverine was one of the most powerful characters in Marvel, even without the Adamantium coating his bones. And now, I have his power, I lift up my arms and clench my hands into fists, almost instantly the claws poke out from between my knuckles, three foot long claws on each hand, capable of shredding through flesh, bone and most other natural materials with ease.

"Time to test these bad boys out, ID Create, Kobold Caves," There was a whoosh of displaced air, and Harran faded from my view, replaced by a dark, ominous cave entrance.

AN. So a few things to address, I am a fairly new writer and this is UnBeta'd, so there is likely to be some mistake, just tell me where they are and i can fix them. I am Scottish and am likely going to use Scottish slang throughout the story, if you don't know what it means, Google it or ask, just don't bitch about it in reviews.

I am currently in my last year of school so i don't have a lot of free time to devote to writing as of right now, so expect updates to take a few months until I'm free.

About the Gatcha; For this i have a list of 100 items and use a D100 to decide, so anything my OC gains is pure chance. And if you have any suggestions then tell me.

As for my MC's name, Arhain is a High Elven rune in Warhammer that means Shadows, Night, Stealth and Perfidiousness, which i felt suited a Rogue, and Dravenson comes from my username.