a retake on Hermione Granger and the magic mirror(2019)

Hey, Poetintraining, I'm adapting your story to make it more realistic and so Chip can finally meet Rose and Albus and co.

From Hermionejeangrangerismyfave

Chapter 1: Home for the holidays at last
The doorbell rang at 12, Grimmauld place.

"Mummy's home!" squealed Hugo excitedly.
Hermione walked into the living room and Hugo Weasley flung himself onto Hermione.
"Hello, Hugo," replied Hermione, smiling. Listen. I'm going to help Harry with some cleaning. Like cleaning the mirror. I'll be back shortly."

Hi! Don't get too excited! I'm only year 9(3rd form, 3rd year at Hogwarts!) and my french isn't brilliant, yet. LAS, you'll think I'm lying. I'm not.