It's been three years since I was last here, I wonder how my buds are doing. "So where are we heading first?" I asked while looking out from the bus window daydreaming of my old life. "I am heading to your house to drop off the gift you made. And you are gonna find her so you can give it to her." the man said next to me as I looked up and saw his burned face with a serious look on his face. "Zaz why does it have to be for her we could give it to anyone?" I asked as he sighed and gave a worried look. "Only she can have it, trust me if it falls into the wrong hands we will all be sorry. Just relax it's the first of two at least it's the pure one not the tainted one." I nodded and turned my head towards the window again before seeing the welcoming sign to ocean shores. 'I wonder if they will be made at me for leaving.'. My head twisted into a daydream as we were heading to the bus station.

I felt a slap towards the back of my head as it brought me back to reality. "Remember they are out there and you don't know who they are, don't trust anybody" Zaz said before walking towards the door of the bus. 'Man I'm gonna find her before I get lost again.' I thought as I exited the bus and started to walk towards the one of three places she could be at. I started off and walked towards mad town as i got lost in old memories as I ended up at the beach and saw a couple people surfing. One of the three was doing rad stunts that would make any pro jealous. 'Yup thats Otto, I'm guessing the guy next to him is the squid.' as I was admiring them from afar I saw purple hair flashing through the waves that made my heart stop. `why does it have to be her'. I thought as my backside rushed towards the sand as I sat down, and waited for them to be down. I was the only person on the beach as I saw them look at me before screaming at each other. The blond teen paddled his board towards the beach. He still had his dorky glasses on but it looked like he had gotten more tone and lose his baby fat. As he walked up to me I gulped as I gotten off my ass and walked to him. "Dude why are you watching us? Are you a creeper that I have to knock out?" he said. I just stared at him and let a small smile grew on my face. 'I can mess with squid like I used to.' I let out a small chuckle which caused him to snarl, "nah my man, I'm just checking out the talent here. I just moved here and I want to make sure that I cream the toughest talent, to prove that I'm the best." I made sure to sound like Lars as I spoke. "You jerk, you will never beat the rockets duo. They will whoop your sorry ass." he said before getting in my face and clutching my shirt as I let out a loud laugh. "Squid, I don't when you got serious but it's funny.". He let go of my shirt and just stared at me before muttering to himself. "Orange hair, annoying personality. It couldn't be. Twist?" he said before I nodded my head before putting my pointer finger to my mouth, as his face lit up and let out a laugh. "So your gonna prank them?" he asked as I grinned. "Pretend to hit me twist, Otto will freak out". "Sure squid." I then swung the worst punch that I have ever made at him and he went down three seconds after the hit as I face palmed. I then heard two people scream at the top of their lungs. "SAMMY!". "Hey asshole you will pay". As i saw them both heading towards me. I sighed looking at the squid. "If I get womped, your getting womped." all I heard was a small laughter. I saw Otto tossing his board to the sand next to the beach while Reggie was placing hers down and moving his away from the waves. Otto ran at me like a raging devil and tried to punch me as I deflected his punch. He tried to bring me to the ground as I twisted it on him and brought him into an armbar. "Otto man knock it off I don't want to hurt my best bud." I said before he said, "you hit squid twist." he then looked over to me and at the squid laughing. "Twist is that you?". I let go of my grip and nodded my head. As Otto got up he punched me in the face. "now, now you show up" he yelled at me before helping squid up. Reggie looked over to me and she just stood there in shock. "Twist is that you" she said before tears rushed by her cheeks as she rushed towards me and started to hug me.