Peter wiped the sweat off his brow as he rushed into the shaded alley to change into his suit. The summer sun beamed on New York City as Spider-Man swung from building to building, responding with a quick "hey everyone" as people from the streets shouted excitedly at the sight of him.

"Good morning Queens! So nice to see you all on this lovely evening! Though it's so hot the heat could probably melt vibranium." Peter said, chuckling to himself.

He knew no one could hear him from up there, yet kept the mood positive for himself.

Peter took a deep breath as he stuck to a window, taking in the summer air. The suit stuck to his back as the sweat from swinging all day coated him. He began his daily patrol early this morning since May let him, it is his summer break before his Junior year after all.

The teen decided to cool down since his Spider-sense had subsided to a slight buzz. He shot two webs out of both his wrists to the top of the tall building and thrust himself towards it, then rolled on top of the cement roof and sat. Peter let the wind air out his suit, but never dared to take his mask off. Propping himself up with his elbows and sighing, he watched the last of the sunset dissolve into the city. Peter soon relaxed as the sky began turning darker shades of blues and oranges.

BOOM. Peter shot up in a panic darting his head every way to find the source of the sound. 'I didn't even realize I was about to sleep, what's wrong with me!?' Peter shamed himself...

"Karen where was the source of that?" Peter asked quickly.

"If I am correct Peter, the source would be east of you." Karen responded.

Peter whipped his head fast and spotted the explosion. His spider lens widened at the sight of smoke against the night sky blending in with the New York smog. He sprung up quickly and swung towards the fire that was now visible from above. He swung with all his might until he was a blur of red and blue when he heard multiple screams. 'Gotta go gotta go gotta go' Peter chanted to himself. He rounded the corner when he heard another explosion, then another, and another, all quieter than the first.

Spider-Man planted himself in an alleyway to observe whatever was going on. He caved in on the wall as he observed the street before him. All he saw was the building in front of him that looked as if someone had perfectly plucked spheres out of the front.

He crawled towards the end of the alleyway, his spider-sense growing louder and louder as he crept. Making his way to peek his head outside, he tried to catch a glimpse of whoever was fighting when his spidey sense screamed "MOVE." He jerked his head back right in time when a rush of air and a familiar sound of Iron-man's jets rushed right across the entrance of the alleyway. As soon as Peter saw red and gold he leaped right into the chaos and after his mentor.

"Sup ! Woah! The whole gang's here." Peter grinned under his mask as Black Widow, Hawk-eye, Vision, Falcon, and War Machine came into his view.

Black Widow and Vision were half holding citizens attempting to get them out of the burning buildings and out of the chaos. Falcon was hovering above near where Hawk-eye was perched on top of a skyscraper muttering words under his breath with his bow drawn the direction Iron-man was flying towards. War Machine right beside Iron-man, both flying towards the same direction.

"Kid, what are you doing here?!" Iron-man's metallic voice rang out as he turned his face towards Spider-Man.

"You know I protect this place too right?" Peter could not see his face but he knew was rolling his eyes.

A few seconds passed until he spoke again to the teen. "Alright alright, help Nat and Vision with getting people the hell out of here."

Iron-man could see Peter's lens squint in frustration and sighed.

"Kid this is serious who we are dealing with here, the last thing I need is for you to get in the way and then hurt yourself." Tony snapped, he didn't realize that those words would hurt the boy, but merely turned his head back and rounded the corner and out of Peter's sight.

Peter landed swiftly near a Radio Shack and mumbled curses at Tony. Peter's head was filled with buzzing, his Spider-sense telling him over and over,"DANGER DANGER DANGER" He ignored it (But stayed alert) and proceeded to carry a couple of teenage girls out of an Aerie and swung them towards a safe street.

He heard distant booms and cracks for the next twenty minutes as he helped people everywhere, he groaned out loud wanting to be apart of the fight. (Not that he doesn't like saving people, but he was sure Natasha and Vision had it under control.)

"Sure I'm a kid but a kid who can lift a car with my own two hands, they never take me seriously." Peter spat out as he made his way to a couple who were hiding behind mannequins clearly shaking out of fear. "Hey, guys! Don't worry I'm not here to hurt you." He gestured a hand towards the woman to come towards him. "Ladies first of course! Don't worry dude I'll be back for you in a hot minute."

The lady shed a tear as she looked back at her petrified husband. He heard the man shakily reply with a, "Yeah you be better!"

Spider-Man winked back to him. "Hold tight ma'am!" She wrapped her arms around his waist still shaking as they both walked out of the store. Spider-Man thwipped a web to a skyscraper that looked stable and launched the both of them into the air.

The street was mostly silent only the sounds of distant sirens coming towards their way and slowly crumbling buildings. 'Finally, once the police are here us three can head down and help the others.' He thought to himself as he put the woman with jet black hair down into safety with the others.

After saving the man also, he heard an abnormally loud crack and looked into the sky. Black sparks flew above the buildings, indicating Spider-Man and the others that the others needed help.

"Hey Karen? Does everyone seem alright to you?" Peter asked the AI.

"A few are in shock but despite that I believe they will okay." Peter sighed in relief.

The teen swung towards Hawk-eye and landed silently next to him.

Clint flinched as Spider-Man tapped his shoulder gently. "Jeez, yes?" Clint said puffing out of frustration.

Spider-Man stared for a few seconds at Clint's ears and then held out his hand and put on an exaggerated tone of voice. "May I have one of your earpiece device com thingies, ahem good sir?"

Clint was obviously not amused and let a few seconds pass by before he dug into his pockets and pulled out a small device. "Comms are connected to the team down here and up there" He pointed his hand up to the narrow plane Peter never realized was there. "And uh, push to talk," Clint said in a bored tone handing it into him.

"Sweet thanks, man!"

Peter swung the same path he remembered took while fiddling with the device in his hand. He stuck to an untouched Starbucks and lifted half of his mask to stick the device on his right ear. He adjusted and tapped it a bit until the sound came at full blast. Spider-Man flinched as he heard all of the Avengers practically yelling in his ear. He pulled down his mask slowly, trying to understand who was talking.

"Sam! Get down here and take him off of my back already!" .


"I got him." Clint.

Spider-Man made his way to push his mask where the comm rested to begin speaking but decided that now was not the time. 'Oh my gosh, I'm actually on a server with all of the Avengers. This is crazy!'

Peter snapped back into reality and rounded the corner. It looked as if a sorcerer was here, there were perfectly cut shapes dug into buildings and skyscrapers. He saw a few objects on the ground such as a street lamp or a mailbox crushed, black ink coating all over, and grey sparks lingering about the street. Peter got shivers down his back as he finally took in all of the damage, almost confirming that this was the dirty work of a sorcerer.

Peter arrived at the chaotic fight quickly.

"Nowhere to go now, surrender before we have to hurt you!" Peter heard War-Machine's voice echo out. Iron-man, War-machine, and Falcon were cornering a figure. The figure Peter assumed was a woman, she was wearing thick black robes rimmed with golden decorative fabric, a hood hiding her face with long blonde hair spilling out of the front. She was obviously panicking, shifting and looking around for escape routes.

Iron-man whispered into the com, "Now Wanda."

The silent jet suddenly dropped Scarlet Witch herself. Fiery red hair flowed in the wind as she stopped mid-air and spread her body, producing red wispy strands from her chest and hands. Then, suddenly caving in on herself.

Before the Sorceress could even get a good look at Wanda she was suddenly engulfed in red. Peter grinned to himself and put two fingers on his ear without thinking. "Aw you guys left us with nothing to do haha," Peter said.

He could see Iron Man's helmet head drop slightly at the sound of his voice. "Who gave you one?" He said with disappointment dripping from his voice.

"Hahaha my bad my bad." Clint laughed.

Peter's face reddened.

"Whatever, web her up kid."

Almost immediately, Peter aimed at the mass of red and shot for a solid two minutes. Wanda slowly stopped the magic and floated gracefully down to the ground. "Well that was exhausting, I'm almost certain she's unconscious," Wanda said with two fingers up at her ear. Peter swung himself closer to the Avengers trying to get a closer look, hoping that his webbing helped them.

"I'd be a little shocked if it didn't." Bruce Banner's voice rang out in his ear. 'Oh my gosh oh my gosh, okay Peter don't freak out. It's only Bruce frickin Banner.'

Iron Man's suit turned to look at Spider-Man. He tried to not laugh out loud knowing Peter was geeking out at the sound of almost all of his role models. Tony snickered a little and then spoke as Spider-Man landed next to him. "Cap, Bruce, and Bucky are up there, you fought them remember?"

Peter vigorously shook his head yes to him, silently thanking him for not speaking into the com knowing that would be quite embarrassing for him.

Vision swiftly landed right next to the calming swarm of red magic, Black Widow just ran up panting. She must have ran I should have picked her up. Peter felt guilty.

The red magic finally dissolved into thin air revealing a webbed up figure completely hidden with the thick cloth. Peter just realized if it wasn't for her blonde hair and the white webs bonding her she would soon be invisible in the night. The sky was a dark shade of blue, stars visible but Peter could tell that it was probably around 6 or 7 PM. The Sorceress sure did make a scene, there were little fires around the street and the same odd black sparks still lingering.

Most of the Avengers were glad it was over, Spider-Man and Black Widow, on the other hand, had their adrenaline pumping ready to throw a punch. The sirens stopped a little over a minute ago they must've reached the street full of people, Peter would still go back and check if everyone was alright anyways.

"Yo-you have left me with no choice…I'm sorry Ancient one!" Everyone tensed and backed up a step or two, baffled at the unaffected Sorceress.

"But I...what?" Wanda stammered.

The Sorceress was most definitely sobbing now her head hunched over, tears falling onto the pavement below.

Peter cocked his head in confusion. Black Widow stepped forward bravely and scoffed at the hunched woman. She grabbed her two taser batons and shoved them into the woman's abdomen without mercy. The woman began to shake but then it soon twisted into a low lifeless laugh.

Without warning the woman burst out of the webs and screamed with all of her might.