5:00 AM Morning work out

I hit the alarm clock and threw the bed covers off of me, I stretched my arms and legs as I got up, hearing every joint pull as I stretched them. I rubbed my eyes from all the grogginess still in them to see my large bedroom in front of me, a desk with the most high - tech computer that's in demand right now, bookshelves full of so many video games and CDs that there were still some in the wrapping, a foosball machine, and so much more that was every teenagers dream. I sighed once I was finally fully awake. Today was going to be another long day.

I grabbed my black muscle shirt and forest green shorts that were set on my desk chair. What's today? Leg day? Abs? I checked my calendar that was pinned above my computer, arms and abs. I headed out of my room to change and go into my personal gym that we had inside our mansion. Father was so strict about me going out that he had it built in when we moved to Paris.

I go into my bathroom and change out of my pajamas. I turn the white porcelain sink on and splash the cold water on my face, You got this Agreste! Just another normal Saturday for you.

6:30 AM Breakfast

I step out of the shower and watch the steam from the hot water slowly fade away. I grab my white towel to dry my hair with as I watch myself in the mirror. I wouldn't call myself ripped, but I'm definitely in good shape. I look at my toned and muscular arms and lead my way to my torso, my abs were noticeable, but not exaggerated. I make my way back to my clear face and green eyes. I think the reason father doesn't make much eye contact with me anymore is because they remind him too much of mom.

I wrap the towel around my waist and make my way to my bedroom. I look at my bed to find clothes already put there for me. I wish father would stop telling Nathalie to lay out my clothes for me like a child.

I put on the outfit she laid for me anyway, a plain black shirt with green and purple patterns of lines on the chest area, a white button up shirt that I usually preferred to wear open, and my favorite pair of blue jeans. Well at least Nathalie knew what I liked to wear.

Once dressed I hurried downstairs to the dining room where I usually had my breakfast on the table for me. Nathalie, of course, was sitting across the table looking threw her tablet for today's schedule.

"Good morning Nathalie." I sat down to start on my French toast and glass of milk.

"Good morning Adrien." She didn't even bother to look up from her tablet, instead her eyebrows scrunched together as she read something. Probably an email from my father, who was in japan at the moment. After I gulped down the last of my milk, I stood up from the table and headed to the front door to be escorted to the car with Gorilla while Nathalie followed behind me.

7:30 AM Photoshoot

"Perfect! Hold that pose!"

I tried not to blink as Morice took my picture.

"Now take off the jacket." Morice ordered me while he looked for another place to stand and take my pictures.

I took off the black blazer and swung it over shoulder to show off the white V- neck shirt I was wearing now. This was just another ridiculous thing I did for my father's approval; I modeled his designs for him. Don't get me wrong! I don't hate this entirely, but this isn't something I want as a career. Parading around in these extravagant clothes and being propped up like a doll just isn't to my liking. I shoot Morice a dazzling smile and listen to him praise me.

"Wonderful Adrien! This magazine cover will come out perfectly." Morice looked over the pictures we just took in his camera.

I hear some giggling coming from across the room and look to see two of the interns looking at me. I give the two girls a smile and watch them blush and look away. Another thing that made me uncomfortable about this job was the attention I would get from girls.

"Man, Adrien you're so lucky. You're always surrounded by pretty girls." My friend Kim said. He had a mischievous smile as he teased me.

I only laughed nervously at him and the group of girls that were swooning behind me. How would he react if I told him I never really kissed a girl?

Now when I say kiss, I mean an actual kiss. Oh, I've gone on plenty of dates, father is always setting me up on dates for publicity with vain models and actresses. And I've given them a peck on the lips or cheek, but I've never experienced an actual kiss like I've seen in those romance movies. The kind that's suppose to mean something with the perfect girl.

"Okay Adrien go ahead and change into your next outfit." Morice's voice snapped me out of thought and I felt my cheeks go a slight pink. Time to get back to work and stop with my silly romance fantasies.

1:00 PM Lunch

I sat down at the table in the small café I chose to eat at. I sighed in relief to finally be done with the photoshoot. Nathalie chose to go home to finish some paper work for my father and left Gorilla to watch me. I looked up from my phone when I heard someone walk to my table, I expected to see my food but instead found a shy looking blonde girl in front of me. She held a torn out magazine page that clearly had a picture of me on it.

"A-Adrien Agreste c-can I please have a a-autograph." she stuttered her words so much I was worried she was going to pass out.

What was is it father told me about fans? Keep them at arms - length and treat them nicely but not too friendly.

"Of course." I stand up from my chair and grab her picture. Gorilla hands me a pen from his coat pocket and I nod him a thank you. I give the girl one of my best fan smiles when I hand her the picture back. Being a model never really ends after I leave the catwalk or photoshoots. What was next after this? Oh right, the 2:30 PM interview on this talk show Nathalie set up. Then it was my afternoon piano lessons, and I can't forget to practice my fencing. I felt exhausted already from thinking of my busy schedule, but this was a typical day for me.

My food finally came and I hastily ate it. I would need all the energy I can get to survive today.

9;00 PM End of the day

I fell back on my bed and let out a loud yawn. That interview was nerve wrecking! I was asked so many questions about my love life, my personal life, and how it was like working for my father. Of course, I had to lie about every question I was asked. How was I supposed to tell all of Paris that I actually had a strained relationship with my father and that we talked most of the time through Nathalie or that I was put under such strict rules for every decision I made I was practically programed. And my love life? Just a bundle of dates used to make myself the teen heartthrob of Paris.

"Long day?"

I look up to see Plagg, a tiny black cat like magical creature, in other words my kwami.

"Just another day of being the perfect son and model." I say as I sit up.

"You know what you need?" Plagg gave me a devilish little smile.

"A run around the Paris buildings." I gave him the same devilish smile he was giving me and within seconds I said the magic words.

"Plagg claws out!"

My normal clothes were transformed into a black leather tight bodysuit, a belt tail sprang out, half my face was covered in a magical mask made to hide my identity from everyone, my cat ears twitched as the y came out, and I flicked the cat bell that hung around my neck. I opened my bedroom window and jumped out.

During the day I'm the perfect son my father molds me into, obeying every order given to me. I'm a famous model that knows exactly what to say to charm the girls and keep my reputation clean. But all that's a sham, a fake, it's a mask I wear to keep the real me hidden like father wants it to be. But during the night is when the real me gets to come out, the only hero of Paris.

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