Adrien laid in his bed that night, knowing he would need to wake up early for his morning routine and school the next day. But how could he sleep? The girl he was falling for just confessed that it was him all along that she loved. That those dance lessons and advice was all for him. Adrien ran his hand through his long blonde hair as he remembered how nervous Marinette had been, then bit his bottom lip as he remembered the kiss. His first real kiss. Not just a kiss for the paparazzi or to add fuel to his bachelor reputation. It was a real kiss full of love.

He turned to look at his bedside table that he kept the earrings in. He sat up and opened the drawer, scrambling his hand in there to grab the small box.

"Ugh, you're still up?" Plagg rubbed his eyes with his tiny paws.

"Plagg," Adrien opened the box to look at the earrings, the magic in them made the earrings glisten, "Would I be crazy to give these earrings to Marinette?"

Now Plagg was wide awake. He flew up and flew to Adrien's shoulder, landing softly.

"Are you sure about this?" Plagg asked.

"Master Fu said to choose someone I can trust and that I feel a strong bond with." Adrien touched the earrings. He smiled as he pictured them on Marinette.

"He also said to choose someone who can fight." Plagg tried to imagine the clumsy Marinette keeping her balance while fighting Hawkmoth.

Adrien looked over his shoulder to face his kwami. He knew Plagg was right. Marinette didn't have any skills for self-defense. Just then, an idea popped in his head.

"I can teach her how to defend herself." Adrien said, a big smile forming on his face. "I've gotten better with my fencing and fighting."

"Well that's true." Plagg said.

"And besides the magic in the earrings should help her too right? Plus the kwami with the earrings will be able to help."

Plagg felt excited at the thought of seeing his sugar cube again. "Sounds like you found your Ladybug, kid."

Adrien smiled as he closed the small box, he put the box back in the drawer. Plagg flew back to his spot on the pillow and Adrien laid back down. He thought excitingly when a good time would be to give Marinette the earrings. But first there was one more thing he had to take care of.

Adrien tapped his pencil on his desk in a fast pace. He looked at the classroom door again but sighed when he didn't see Marinette. That morning he made sure to look his best, he wore a green T-shirt and black jean jacket, he made sure to tussle his hair till it looked just right, and to top it off he sprayed on some of his signature cologne.

He wanted to look perfect that day

Because today was the day that he would ask Marinette to the dance. Adrien decided last night, he wanted to surprise Marinette. He didn't want to just bump into her at the dance. He wanted to take her to the dance, he wanted to surprise her with flowers when he picked her up, have the chance to dance to every song with her. He wanted to give Marinette the perfect night.

The ringing of the school bell pulled Adrien out of his thoughts. He looked at the door to see Nino and Alya walking in together. Adrien slumped in his chair when there was no Marinette in sight.

"Hey dude, how's it going?" Nino sat down next to Adrien.

"Huh? Oh good, have you seen Marinette?" Adrien asked.

Alya leaned over her desk, "She's probably running late again. It's her usual Marinette style." Alya said. Just as she finished her sentence though, Marinette dashed inside the classroom. She panted as she tried to catch her breath. Marinette had just finished her usual run to school, this time she was only late by a minute.

"Wow, a new record Mari." Alya said. She sat back down in her seat.

"I would have made it in time if I didn't trip over my own feet on the way here." Marinette giggled. She sat down in her chair and was immediately greeted by Adrien.

"Good morning Marinette. You looked really pretty today." Adrien said, a slight blush creeping onto his cheeks.

Though it was nothing compared to the dark shade of pink filling up Marinette's cheeks. Her eyes widened and her mouth hung open as she tried to find the right words to say.

"Uh…that's Marinette's way of saying thanks and you're looking really good too." Alya put a comforting hand on her best friends shoulder. She smiled at Adrien as she gently closed Marinette's mouth, worried she might be stuck like that.

Adrien laughed and gave one more friendly smile to Marinette before turning around to wait for Ms. Bustier to start class.

Marinette sunk down in her seat with her hands hiding her face. Adrien finally noticed her and she froze. She felt thankful for Alya's smooth save. Marinette looked over at Alya who was giving her a thumbs up while pointing at Adrien. Marinette hid her face again.

Marinette tried her best to pay attention in class, but there was so much going on in her head. That kiss she shared with Chat was all she could think about last night. How could she not? That was her first kiss, and to share it with a handsome superhero? That had to be every girls dream. But she also could not stop thinking of Adrien. She's been in love with him for two years, she couldn't just forget about him that quickly. Marinette sighed, if only they could be the same person.

"Come on girl." Alya said as she tugged on her backpack.

"Ah-did class end already?" Marinette looked around her to see her classmates leaving to their next class.

"Yeah, what's up? You were totally out of it during class." Alya put her hands on her hips, she raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"W-what? Nothing, I'm totally fine." Marinette laughed nervously. Now wasn't the time to tell Alya her love problems, especially since it involved Chat Noir.

Alya didn't believe her best friend, she knew Marinette, and she especially knew when something was up. She was about to ask more questions when Adrien placed his hand on Marinette's. Both girls were shocked with how forward Adrien was acting this morning.

"Can I walk you to your next class?" Adrien asked Marinette. He smiled at Marinette and without meaning to made her feel her heartbeat faster than usual.

"Um, Alya usually walks me-"Marinette felt a nudge on her elbow and looked to see Alya give her a look that said "Girl are you crazy!"

"I-I mean sure!" Marinette grabbed her backpack and followed Adrien out of the classroom.

"Uh, what just happened?" Nino asked while scratching his head.

"A miracle." Alya said as she watched the two love birds walk away.

Marinette walked side by side with Adrien. She would be lying if she said she didn't glance at him every few seconds. She noticed the new set of clothes he was wearing and had to admit that Adrien looked good in them. Adrien turned to look at her and Marinette smiled shyly at him.

"There was something I actually wanted to ask you." Adrien said, he couldn't help but smile from excitement. His cheeks were slightly pink and he bit his bottom lip.

"What is it?" Marinette stopped and turned to look at Adrien.

"Marinette…" Adrien brushed his fingers against hers. "I was wondering if you would like to go to the dance with me?"

Marinette felt her eyes widen. She looked down at Adrien's fingers that were still gently brushing against hers. She looked up to see him smile at her, his eyes had a certain sparkle to them.

"Marinette?" Adrien asked, his smiled faded and he began to worry that she didn't feel the same way anymore.

"Y-yes!" Marinette replied. She cleared her throat after her excited response. "I mean, yes I'd love to." Marinette push her bangs out of her eyes and looked up at Adrien sweetly.

"Great, I can't wait." Adrien leaned over and kissed her cheek. He walked away to his next class before the bell rang. Marinette watched him walk away, admiring how cool and collected Adrien was. Little did she know he was just as excited as she was on the inside.

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