Chapter One: Age 5

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Summer 1983-

Once upon a timeā€¦ a warm summer afternoon in a small town called Storybrooke, Maine, the park was not so busy. There were only a handful of people from all different sorts of backgrounds. That day was the day where life will change for two little kids, just a mere age of five, at the playground. A boy with a mop of curly blonde hair, crystal clear blue eyes, wore a white shirt with blue stripes and a pair of ripped jeans with grass stains, was playing on the castle structure with a stick, pretending it's a sword. He liked to play a prince or a knight that fought trolls or dragons. He was quite a little charmer. While playing, he noticed a pretty girl his age playing in the sandbox, building a sandcastle with a small red bucket and shovel. The girl has raven hair, emerald eyes, rosy cheeks, bright red lips, and skin white as snow. She looked just like Snow White. She was wearing a white dress with short capped sleeves and white sandals. She watched birds flutter in and out of a tree nearby. Every time she saw a bird, she called to them, "Hello birdie!" then acted like she was having a conversation with them, even named them. When they flew far away, she yelled, "Bye!" Then she turned back to building her castle. She was pretending to be a princess, and she must make a palace for when her prince comes. She grinned happily when she finished her sandcastle, but then frown and yelped as the sandcastle crumbled and flew all over her. She looked up and saw a red-headed boy with a freckled face standing where her sandcastle was, now a crumbled mess, laughing.

"Hey! You ruined my castle!" She cried out angry, the boy stuck out his tongue. The blonde-haired boy saw what happened and ran toward them with determination on his face.

"Hey! That's not nice!" He yelled as he stood in between them, pointing his' pretend sword at the red-headed bully.

While the girl looked in awe at her rescuer, the bully spat at him and pushed him.

"So! I don't care!" The bully spat the boy in the face. The boy tackled the bully, and they started roughhousing. The girl decided to help out her charming little rescuer, she looks around and finds a little rock nearby. She grabbed it and threw it at the bully, but it accidentally hit her rescuer in the chin.

"Oh! I am sorry!" The girl cried out as the boy fell to the ground, with tears in his eyes, and she ran over to comfort him. "I didn't mean to, I meant to hit him!" She glared at the bully. The bully laughed and ran off.

"Are you okay?" She turned back to the hurt boy. There was a little scar with a bit of fresh blood on his chin. The mark would be permanent- a reminder of their beginning. "I am so sorry!" She tried to wipe up his blood with her dress. The boy looked up at her in awe.

"It's okay!" he stood up and lends a hand for her, "I am David. What's your name?" He asked as she took his hand and stood up.

"Hi, David. I'm Mary Margaret!" The girl's dimples poke up as she grinned at him. He smiled back at her.

"Hi, Mary Margaret. Want to fight trolls with me?" David asked.

"Yes!" Mary Margaret exclaimed as they ran off together while they held hands. From that day and on forward, they became inseparable.

September 1983-

Fortunately, that day David's mother, Ruth, and Mary Margaret's nanny, Johanna, also bonded and became fast friends. For a week after that day, Ruth and Johanna would bring David and Mary Margaret to the park so they could play together, while Ruth and Johanna chatted. Once Mary Margaret's mother, Eva, had come to meet them on her lunch break. She wanted to meet the boy her daughter had taken to and his mother. Both children had begged their mothers or nanny if they could go over to their new friend's house. After that David and Mary Margaret had switched off coming to each other's house almost every day, except Sundays.

After saying goodbye to their own respective mothers, David and Mary Margaret held hands as they entered their new kindergarten classroom. Their teacher is a sweet lady named Ms. Chu. She came up to them with a big smile when she saw them enter.

"Hello, Welcome! Remember me? I am your teacher Ms. Chu. You guys are the last ones to get here." she leans down to their level.

Mary Margaret responded with an excited, "Hello, Ms. Chu! I'm Mary Margaret Blanchard." but David was shyer and looked up through his eyelashes at her with a shy smile. "And this is my best friend, David Nolan."

Even though Ms. Chu already met their mothers from enrolling day and knew who they are, she greeted them, "Well, nice to meet you, Miss. Mary Margaret!" she shakes her hand and turns to the shy boy. "And nice to meet you too, Mr. David!" she put out her hand for him to shake it, he shyly shakes it. Ms. Chu gently leads them to the back of the classroom where the other kids are having their morning playtime, before class starts.

David and Mary Margaret saw a boy playing with a toy pirate ship and some toy figurines by the toy chest. David was intrigued, and he ran over to him with Mary Margaret following, still holding hands with her.

"Hello. Can we play?" David asked as they sat down by him.

The boy has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and thick bushy eyebrows that seem too big on his small cherub face. He looked up and smiled, "Sure. But I am still the captain!" he gave them a stern look. "I am Roger. What are your guys' names?"

"I am David, and she's my best friend, Mary Margaret!" David responded with a shy smile, and Mary Margaret waves her free hand, with a smile.

Roger smirked, "Oh, you have a girlfriend!" he giggled. David and Mary Margaret look at each other, not sure what to say to that.

David saw that Roger is playing with a pirate figurine on the toy pirate ship. He saw two knight figurines nearby and picked them up. He gave one of them to Mary Margaret, and they started playing with them along with Roger.

"Arh-wooo!" They heard someone howled behind them and jumped back a bit. All three of them looked back and saw a girl with dark brown hair and gray eyes. The girl was playing with a toy wolf. Now she has her hands out, like a dog standing on its clutches. "Hello!" she scooted closer to them with the toy wolf in her hand.

Mary Margaret spoke up first, "Hi. My name is Mary Margaret. This is my best friend David, and this is Roger, we just met him. What's your name?"

"I am Ruby, and I am a wolf! Arh-wooo!" she put her hands down on the ground, look up pretending to howl at the moon. Mary Margaret, David, and Roger look at each other amused. "Can I play!?"

"Sure!'' The three others respond happily, Ruby excitedly playing with the toy wolf beside the pirate and the knights. From that day and forward, these four became lifelong friends.

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