Chapter 6: The King of Camelot & the Horseman of Death

Dinner that night was a lively affair, Harry always marveled at what it was like to have his mother, his aunt and his grandparents at dinner with him. Of course, they didn't know that was how he saw them, he was their king and their landlord in some way.

"Petunia, have you decided what you want to do about your studies? I can easily organize for you to have a portal to and from school as well as an escort should you wish to return to your usual schooling," Harry smiled at her.

"As grateful as I would be for that your majesty, I have been speaking with my father and some of the other knights. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to learn to be a knight – as you are aware one of the things I did enjoy doing outside of school was fencing. I believe that should you allow me the chance I could become a Knight," she replied, her voice shaking and eyes shifting nervously between her smiling father and to Harry's pensive state.

"I see, and you would wish to continue being schooled in the ways of normal humans?"

"Yes and no, your majesty, before I would have been happy to be ignorant of this world despite Lily being a Sorceress like my mother. But now, I want to know about everything, and I want to follow in my father's footsteps."

"Very well, in the morning Lancelot and Gregory will take you to the training grounds. There you will make your request to Ladriel, the head training instructor with my permission. But once you start on this path, it will not be an easy task so I will give you until breakfast to change your mind," Harry said after a few moments of thought.

"If that is alright with you Morgause, Gregory?" Harry added looking at his grandparents.

"We have spoken about this extensively Harry, and both Greg and I accept Petunia's decision to follow the path of a Knight," Morgause replied smiling brightly at Petunia who blushed and looked away from her mother.

"Got it, then find Ladriel in the morning," Harry said before sighing.

"I have something to announce which will affect everyone here, not by much but it will affect you a bit," everyone at the table stopped eating and Lily and Petunia sat up straighter.

"Ragnok and Kree came to me earlier today regarding family and business matters, one of the family matters was a contract that was put in place centuries ago. The contract was a betrothal contract between a descendant of the Pendragon family line and that of the royal family of the Amazons."

"Amazons, as in the race of warrior women?"

"The Amazons are not just normal humans, they have the blessing of the Olympian gods and are essentially immortal in the sense that they don't die with age." Morgause interjected.

"Thank you Morgause, as I was saying – there was a contract between an ancestor of mine and the Amazon's. As such the Queen and the two princesses of whom the eldest is my apparent betrothed will be arriving in two days."

"I find the whole notion of betrothal contracts to be rather abysmal, I mean the idea that other people can determine who you have to be with is barbaric," Lily said speaking up, Petunia, Morgause and Gregory all went silent expecting Harry to reprimand her not aware that the two of them had gotten quite close over the past few days.

"I agree, luckily there is an out clause for the both of us. But, we still have to spend an entire year together before we can annul the contract."

"And you have to spend the year around Hogwarts."

"for the most part, that is correct."

"Are you going to be spending it as a student or a teacher?"

"I believe that I will do neither, I will be overseeing the changes at Hogwarts but I also have duties as king to attend to so it makes it pointless for me to be a student. I also can't see Dumbledore being happy with me teaching – he is very unhappy with the changes I'm making as it is."

"Not to mention that you also have to pick a 'Queen' either for yourself or from amongst the daughters of the families of the Sacred 28."

"Yea, kill me now," Harry sighed giving Lily a look to which she giggled at which he then started to laugh as well, Morgause, Greg and Petunia stared at the two of them wide-eyed.

Location; Unknown

Hela grumbled as she stalked down the hallowed halls leading to the Council of the Dead, something had happened which required a gathering from across the pantheons. She was met by Hades who was grumbling under his breath.

"Have any idea what this is about?" Hela asked.

"None whatsoever, frankly Persephone and I were organizing a family dinner at the Camp when I got this summons," Hades replied casually.

"It must be important if the Council of the Dead has been called," Hela replied.

When they got to the council chambers, half of the seats had already filled. Hela took her seat in the Norse Pantheon section while Hades made his way to the Greek where he sat down next to Thanatos and across from Pluto of the Roman pantheon. Slowly the other deities, gods and goddesses started filing in. Once everyone was seated Anubis stood up to address the council.

"Thank you all for coming, I wish it were under better circumstances. As guardian of the gates between life and death it is also my duties as you well know to guard those of us who were forsaken from our roles and those of the others. I regret to inform you that someone in the mortal realm has broken out one of our greatest fears – the Horsemen. Ares was weakened in his battle, the Horseman of War is still recovering but the one we have the most to worry about is the Horseman of Death. As you are all aware, the Horseman of Death is none other than our previous Mistress of Death," gasps echoed throughout the council.

"What are we going to do about it?" Hades' voice silenced everyone.

"Pluto's elite guard and Osiris' scouts were tasked with tracking down her whereabouts, they have all been destroyed by her. So now a group of us are going to track her down, we know her target and that's where we can start," Thanatos growled.

"And who is the target?" Xipe Totec inquired.

"We returned him to the world of the living as Hadrian Pendragon, but his name was Harry Potter. Hela, you were the one in charge of Mr. Potter's case file were you not," Osiris said.

"Indeed I was, and my trusted council and I continue to assist him in achieving his destiny. Am I to assume that as Harry's case manager I am to be included in the scouting group?" Hela asked, somewhat hopeful.

"If you are able to trust your personal council enough to do your duties in lieu of you, then I believe it would be best for you to join the scouting party as you are the most familiar with Mr. Pendragon and his movements."

"I will make the required arrangements," Hela replied without missing a beat.

"Very well, you will join Pluto, Thanatos and Anubis in the pursuit of the Horseman of Death. Meet with them after we conclude here to be updated about the mission," Osiris announced.

"You sure you're up for it, kid?" Hades asked leaning over to Hela.

"Unlike you, Hades, I specialize in the mystic arts rather than the arts of combat. So while the three boys swing around their swords, I will be applying my skills more practically," Hela replied and Hades whistled.

"Hope they didn't hear that."

It wasn't often that Harry got to visit places from years gone by but to walk around Diagon alley using a disguise even was a nice touch. He went to Zonko's and browsed the stock that they used to have – still wasn't as good as the Weasley twin's pranks but what can you do?

A chill went up his spine and Harry felt off, he could feel as if another presence that was oddly familiar but hauntingly darker than usual. The presence was coming from deep within Knockturn Alley, cause why wouldn't anyone dark not be drawn to the occult and borderline chaotic evil that was Knockturn Alley.

He followed the presence until it led him to a small run-down building quite the fair way down Knockturn Alley. Hand on Excalibur, he pushed the door opened and entered ready for a fight.

"I wasn't sure if you were going to find me or not, King of Camelot," the female voice said from inside, Harry whipped out the sword and searched for the source of the voice.

"So you know who I am, why do you seek me? Did you want to ask a favor? Or do you want to challenge me?" Harry asked, the low laugh that came back was haunting until emerald green eyes appeared.

"Challenge you? Oh no, nothing like that right now. I simply wanted to see what kind of person the next Master of Death is," Harry faltered at that and the room lit up with cursed green flames allowing him to see the woman.

The woman looked only a few years older than he did, she had long black hair that reached the middle of her back, she was only slightly smaller than he was as well. She wore a black dress that hugged her body and seemed to emphasize her beauty. But what shocked Harry the most was the faded lightning bolt scar on her forehead.

"Who are you?" Harry pointed the sword at her but his hands were shaking.

"You know Harry… Potter right? I should have known that I was destined to be opposed by another version of myself. Seems quite… hmmm… bittersweet? Oh right, you wanted to know who I am. I'm Rosalie Lillian Potter, or, at least in my world I was – before I conquered it and became the Mistress of Death," the girl grinned and Harry took a few steps back.

"You know, in every world we exist in – or at least a version of us. We're always bound by fate to serve our role – I was the one who decided that I didn't want to save a world that would throw me out, no, I decided that good ol' Tommy had the right idea but was going about it the wrong way."

"You can't be real, I can't see any version of me speaking about the things you are and going through with it. I've completely lost the plot haven't I?" Harry asked, shaking his head.

"Oh, I am quite real – well, I did have to steal a body and then feed on the body's magic to alter its appearance to my proper form. Here, does this feel real to you?" powerful elemental magic shot from Rosalie's hands and slammed right into Harry throwing him through an old table.

"And that was just me stretching, I haven't had a body to do magic in for quite a few centuries. Anubis is quite the gatekeeper," Rosalie smirked, Harry picked himself up and readied himself for the next attack.

Rosalie clasped her hands together behind her back and a shockwave resonated throughout the room throwing chairs, tables, utensils and bowls around the place. Harry was prepared this time and he held firm throughout the shockwave before he started casting, Rosalie just smirked and danced around the room avoiding Harry's spells before getting in close.

From the shadows around her she formed a pitch-black blade which stunk of decaying corpses, Excalibur and the black sword met in close combat and Harry pushed through, his training kicking in. He parried, dodged, slashed, lunged and pivoted around the room meeting his opponent's own blows.

"My, my, you are quite a good fighter – they must have trained you well," she said before her speed seemed to increase and Harry was left frantically trying to block the assault. The grin that came across Rosalie's face was what frightened Harry the most, that she could look to gleeful in her assault terrified him. Harry feel a searing heat in his thigh and he dropped to his knee clutching his now bleeding thigh.

"oh, that looks like it hurt," Rosalie said, looking at Harry with trembling lips before her lips curled from mock sadness to a manic grin.

Harry screamed as spikes from the ground pierces his body in different areas, however, despite the pain he was relieved that none of his vital organs had been damaged. The downside was that he was still likely to bleed to death. Harry's vision started to blur, all he could think about was how Hela was going to be pissed at him for dying again. The last thing Harry saw before his vision faded to black was a pair of Heterochromia eyes.

Hela felt something was off when they touched down into the world of the living, this was the last known place that Pluto's guards were when they were destroyed. Anubis, Pluto and Thanatos immediately fanned out before they started looking for remnants of the conflict. Hela felt uneasy as she walked through the area, destroyed trees, rocks completely torn apart and burnt shadows on the ground likely where the guards were killed.

"She was playing with them," Anubis growled, throwing some of the broken stones around as he sniffed.

"Can you track where she went with your sorcery girl?" Pluto asked.

"If she used as much magic as our surroundings suggest, I should be able to find her or at least the body she is currently inhabiting," Hela replied, clasping her hands together before she cast her spell.

Hela's magic latched onto the different types of ambient magic that still lingered in the air, it only took a few moments before it latched onto the dominant elemental magic and then shot off in a direction.

"She went this way, hold onto me and we'll follow the threads."

Anubis, Thanatos and Pluto placed a hand onto Hela's shoulders and she apparated them to the path that the elemental magic trails took them. They appeared in a small alleyway in England and Hela felt a sense of dread.

"Oh no," Hela said as she broke into a run, not even cloaking herself while she followed the brighter threads. The other three cloaked themselves and broke into a run after Hela.

Hela ran through Knockturn alley until she could physically feel the magic that the Horseman of Death was producing, she broke through the door to see Harry impaled by stone spikes. She lashed out releasing her death magic at the Horseman of Death causing her to jump a few meters back.

"Harry!" Hela cried as she undid the magic of the stone spikes by forcibly corroding them at a high speed.

"Well, well, little Hela has grown up I see. Still interrupting my business, it seems," Rosalie sneered.

"Mistress of Death, you are coming with us," Anubis growled as Thanatos and Pluto appeared, the three of them surrounding Rosalie.

"And you have back up, my, my, my. My own subjects are trying to imprison me again. Catch me if you can boys, oh, and Harry – I'll be seeing you really soon," Rosalie cackled before she seemed to fade out of the room. Anubis, Thanatos and Pluto went after her where they went up against her magic while she fled.

"Stay with me Harry! Morgana! I need you," Hela shouted, in a flash of light and a cracking of thunder Morgana was summoned just as Hela managed to delicately lay him on the ground.

"Oh my god! Quick, let me tend to him. I need to put him into a magical induced coma and we need to get him back to Avalon where Morgause and I can heal him," Morgana snapped, pushing Hela out of the way and working her magic.

She immediately closed the external bleeding before forcing Harry into a magic induced coma, she then cast a stasis charm on him before ushering Hela out of her way. She opened up a portal directly to the infirmary in the castle and levitated Harry through it. Hela stepped through after then while sending an update to the other gods as well as how to get to their location or rather, what would be their safe house.