Show: The Agency

Title: The American Family: Chapter 1

Pairing: A.B. Stiles/Terri Lowell

Disclaimer: These characters are not my property etc etc ::God knows I wish A.B were though::

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Summary: This story is slightly AU – Stiles and Terri during one of their sexual escapades

created a son, whose name is Alexander Bryan. ::I thought a mini A.B would be kinda cute:: They

are both CIA agents and this story focuses on how they try to focus on raising their son while

being Agents and at the same time try to find their way back to each other – through trials and

tribulations of course.

A/N: This is my first fic for "The Agency". In fact I only started watching the show recently. I was

very surprised to see that there are so few fanfictions for "The Agency" here on…

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Terri have amazing chemistry, so this idea just popped up in my head a few days ago. Well,

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CIA Headquarters 2007

Terri Lowell was driving him to distraction! A.B. Stiles felt no shame at this epiphany. After all,

Terri Lowell had driven many a man to distraction. That's what made her so good. She was the

total package: exceptional beauty coupled with amazing intelligence and quick wit that kept many

a prospective suitor on his toes. Did he mention she was beautiful?

Aye! She was beautiful, unearthly so. A.B. lent only half his attention to Reese's voice as he

droned on about operation Something or the Other. The other half he concentrated as covertly as

possible solely on the woman sitting opposite him. Her usually wavy hair had been scraped back

from her face into a severe bun, softened only by a few curling tendrils that had escaped the

many pins no doubt keeping the bun in place. She wore a crisp black blouse that ruffled at the

collar, her smooth tan skin playing peek-a-boo with his gaze and a chunky turquoise necklace

nestled just above her cleavage which he knew from personal experience was high and firm with

or without a –

"Agent Stiles?" came Director Gage's voice.

A.B. snapped out of his thoughts and looked up only to find seven expectant pairs of eyes glued

to him. Stiles cleared his throat in embarrassment and flushed pinkly. Joshua, curious as ever,

arched a sardonic brow. Bad-assed CIA Agent A.B. Stiles did *not* blush like a schoolgirl; it

simply was not possible. If it were remotely possible for a hole to open up beneath his chair and

swallow him alive, he would have dropped to his death willingly to escape this moment.

"Yes, sir?" he asked after a few more seconds of uncomfortable silence.

Director Gage's brow furrowed in confusion. "I was just asking if you had anything to add about

the Sumac Cell?"

Stiles' brow furrowed to match the Director's and the insane desire to be swallowed alive grew

deeper. ::Sumac who?::

Joshua hid a smile in his palm before stepping up and taking pity after Stiles still hadn't replied.

"Well sir, I don't think there's anything more conclusive to add. After all Carl's already stated what

little Intel there is. I don't think Agent Stiles would know anymore than he."

Gage nodded his head in satisfaction and turned to speak quietly to Carl. Joshua caught A.B.'s

eye. The message was clear, ::You owe me one!::

A.B. sat through the remaining forty-five minutes of the meeting painstakingly paying attention to

every detail, making a supreme effort not to even let his eyes flit to Terri's face. His pride was a

little pricked that he was having such a hard time concentrating when she was around and she

was so indifferent around him. She hadn't even looked in his direction once since he had been

startled out of his thoughts, and after they'd been dismissed, she had bounded out of the

conference room without even saying goodbye.

That pissed him off, he realized. In fact everything that Terri had done with seemingly no concern

for what he thought pissed him off. It showed in his face as he stalked toward the door. Joshua's

hand on his shoulder gave him pause. "You really shouldn't be daydreaming at work, you know,


A.B. shot Joshua a baleful glare but the older man only chuckled at this. "Shut it, Nankin," Stiles

muttered before shrugging his hand from his shoulder and continuing from the room.


Terri watched A.B. as he stalked from the conference room. He was angry and distracted. He had

been for the past couple of weeks. And his temper was especially short with her. They fought

whenever they were alone and could not have a civil conversation for two minutes… except about

Alex. Which ironically, was someone she had to talk to him about.

As he moved past her desk, she called out to him. "A.B.?"

Stiles clenched his fists and paused, but did not turn around to face her. "Yeah?" he asked


Terri sighed in frustration as she moved to stand just behind him. "I need to talk to you."

Of course, she couldn't see him grit his teeth at this but she could certainly hear impending

hostility in his voice. "About what."

"It's about Alex."

Sighing, A.B. immediately turned around, the concern for his son swimming in his brilliant blue

eyes. "What about him? Is something wrong?"

Terri shook her head. "No, no, nothing's wrong. I just wandered if you had any plans this Friday?"

Stiles arched an eyebrow. "No, why?" He cursed the anxious curiosity in his voice.

"I was wondering if you'd like to take A.B.2 this weekend?"

A.B.2 was the nickname of their four-year-old son Alexander Bryan because he shared the same

initials as his father. Of course, the A.B. of his name didn't stand for the same thing – A.B.

absolutely refused to tell anyone, including Terri what the A.B. stood for, telling everyone

Absolute Bastard was the name he had been christened with. Yeah right….

Terri and Stiles shared custody of the little boy, who lived with his mother and spent every other

weekend and most holidays with his father. Because their relationship had been nothing more

than fling, initially it had been awkward dealing with the fact that he was a father, but as time went

on, A.B. adored his son, and spent as much time with him as possible. Even if he and Terri didn't

exactly see eye-to-eye on everything, he wasn't going to pass this opportunity up.

"Sure," he replied, his blue eyes shining. Suddenly, his brow furrowed. Terri was usually very

territorial with visitation. Why was she allowing him to take Alex two weeks in a row? "Wait a

minute… why?"

Terri knew this question was coming. It was one she wanted to avoid like the plague but knew

she couldn't. Terri's face flamed as she shrugged her shoulders and forced her brown eyes to

meet his. "I have a date." With those words she spun on her heel and went back to her desk.

She watched with wicked glee as A.B. stood rooted in shock. "Be there by 6:30, and don't be

late!" she tossed over her shoulder.


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