Fun to Rule the World

Lupin wouldn't say she felt uncomfortable as her new self, but she would say she hadn't quite gotten used to all of it. It was odd, and annoying, and her 'brother-in-law' was being a complete pain. Though, physically she did feel pretty good, no, better than good in fact. She felt great. She was petite with creamy blonde coloured hair cut short to her shoulder blades, and tied back at the crown of her head. She looked around thirty, and that was her not being generous, and was apparently thirty-eight years old, and had dark silvery coloured eyes like Senna, and wore a neat robe set.

Her name was Elena Vanheim, Sirius's – well Nathan's sister-in-law, Senna's aunt on her 'mothers' side, and she had just tried to be awarded the Defence against the Dark Arts job, after the previous teacher quit. She hadn't been allowed to take the job, even though Remus Lupin wasn't around, and this year gave it to Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, but because of her 'qualifications', she managed to take the Ancient Runes job after the teacher had retired that year, which was a plus for her, as that was her best subject at school, and the job didn't come with a 'one-year' jinx, and if that really worked, she was lucky to be alive, but wouldn't be able to take the job again, as fate would say 'no'.

Elana had just arrived home at the top floor penthouse apartment in London she was staying at with her idiot brother-in-law, and her adorablely dangerous niece, Senna, and dropped onto the couch opposite the TV as her 'brother-in-law' was watching some Disney film or something, she guessed as it was animated from one of the many streaming subscriptions he paid for.

"Where's, Senna?" Elana asked coolly, using her new name as much as possibly, to never forget, as she was concerned the girl was out, and up to some unsupervised mischief, as Nathan was rather slack on rules. Elana didn't mind if Senna was tending business matters, as her staff looked out for her, but vengeance or something like that was another matter, and she seemed to be really-good at it, which was reason enough to try tempering her cunning elsewhere.

Nathan shrugged his shoulders. "She was with that Astoria girl she brought home, and I guess they're in her room, doing whatever it is they do, like plotting world conquest or something," he suggested, unconcerned, and Elana wouldn't be surprised, but they couldn't do a worse job ruling the world than the twits in power now.

Meanwhile, in Senna's huge suite, Astoria was stifling her giggles as her older sister was chained to the huge four-post bed with handcuffs around her ankles and wrists. Daphne looked up at her two capturers with angry tears in her silvery eyes while Senna was cuddled up to the incapacitated girl. She was wearing some white short shorts and a tight white tee shirt. However, Daphne was only in her underwear as they had stolen her robe and that was all she had been wearing, and Senna wasn't against squeezing the 'older' girl's bra contained breasts to amuse herself, and Astoria, as the younger sister had been giggling and daring her, and Daphne had some nice boobs, but nothing could top Hakufu's tits for size, though, Senna was an equal opportunity boobie lover.

"But pretty, Daphne...!" Senna complained, stroking her long, loose pale blonde hair, and nibbling her ear for effect, which sent an involuntary, yet pleasant shiver running down Daphne's spine. "I got everyone some wonderful tickets to the Quidditch World Cup Finals; you too of course!" she said, grinning, and laughing.

"Never!" she declared stubbornly when the bathroom door opened and Ginevra Weasley exited with Tracey Davis, and Blaise Zabini. Blaise and Tracey had been with Daphne when Senna went to kidnap her for, Astoria's benefit, and Tracey was rather happy-go-lucky when not worrying around the dippy Slytherins, and Blaise was glad for a change in scenery, so they let her kidnap them too. They were all sporting fluffy white bathrobes tied with fluffy white belts to cover their goodies, and fluffy white towels twisted over their hair to keep it from dripping all over the fluffy cream coloured carpet; fluffy stuff was really-comfortable.

"See, I told you power showers are freaking awesomeness personified!" Ginny said as she closed the door to the huge bathroom that contained a huge wet room with power showers and a giant-sized hot tub Jacuzzi that put the one, they had at Hogwarts to shame. She had no choice but to eagerly demonstrate to the girl the wonders of muggle living, for which they had ignorantly lived without for too long, and Tracey and Blaise both agreed, the power shower was amazing, and they would have to pester their parents until they ventured out into the Muggle World to get them some too.

"Oh, Daph, hasn't she broken you yet?" Tracey asked as she looked down at her friend still chained to the bed. "Well, anyway, you should try those muggle showers, and smell me!" she declared going over to her friend and making her smell her. "It's strawberry shampoo… doesn't it smell nice?" she asked quickly.

"No!" Daphne said, glaring at her. She was blatantly lying as she hadn't smelt magical world products that could smell of a fruit without smelling sickly sweat and sugary too. "What is wrong with you, Tracey!? I expect Blaise to not care; she's freaking weird, and her status allows her some leeway like this, but you siding with them too? We'll be ruined, and our families put out on the street."

Tracey shrugged her shoulders. "Umm... well, I don't want to be a freaking minion to Parkinson anymore, and well, Blaise is Blaise, but Daph, neither do you! Look around you, girl, Senna's freaking wealthy, and isn't a bitch! This apartment is much nicer than Parkinson's manor house too!"

"Don't be stupid!" Daphne retorted while pretending Senna wasn't stroking her fingers over her chest the way she was, teasingly as Ginny happily sat with them, running her soft fingertips down the outside of Daphne's leg, enticing a shiver, causing Ginny to supress her sniggering, Daphne gulped and tried her hardest to ignore these menaces, and continue. "If dad finds out that I'm ruining any opportunity to advance the family, especially with a wealthy family like them, or the Malfoy's, who could destroy us, he'll disown me!"

"I just think my big sister is kinky!" Astoria piped in, smirking as Daphne's cheeks lit up, and lit up further as she blew her a kiss, to some giggles. "She likes being tied up at Senna's mercy...!" she said playfully while the other girls laughed some more, and even Blaise cracked a smile.

"She is totally enjoying herself," Blaise gently agreed, giving Daphne a cheeky wink.

"Am not!" she retorted.

"Anyway, the Parkinson's are going broke after the amazing launch of the Arrow Racing BRAND!" Astoria replied, shrugging, and looked amused. "BRAND are destroying them, right now, and they gave all the school teams Arrow Racing BRAND brooms, so how cool is that? Especially after what Parkinson tried, to promote Nimbus," she said as they thought back to that day just after the launch of the Racing BRAND broom, Arrow, but a certain year five Slytherin, by the name Kan'u had given Senna the 'heads up', so she had plenty of time to counter; it was just lucky and amusing that Pansy didn't know how to keep her little mouth shut, but at least she wasn't butt ugly like her 'little' sister.

The whole school was sitting down; settling down at the house tables in the Great Hall a week before the second quidditch match of the year.

It was a Saturday, so the student body were in high spirits, as magic was awesome, teachers teaching it sucked, but they had no classes that day, so they could hang out with their friends, play games, and be lazy ready for Sunday evening when they would finally start panicking over the Homework they had put off to the last millisecond. So, they were all happy for a while. It was midday, so lunch was served when a very thin man wearing expensive silk robes turned up with a wide grin on his face with seven boxes floating in front of him. He actually-had a moustache curled up with grease out to the sides of his face like a children's cartoon villain.

The boxes the man floated in were long and thin, and more like cases than boxes, as the students watched them land on the Slytherin House table while he announced proudly that: "Nimbus makes a generous gift to Slytherin House," while winking at his daughter, Pansy while several reporters followed him, snapping pictures.

However, Mr. Parkinson wondered what was going on when the reporters turned from him and started snapping pictures of four men in pastel blue robes with logos on their chests, though too far to see right then when they entered the hall after him. Each man came with a huge crate stacked with brooms in cases, and a fifth man wearing a Fairytale Racing BRAND logo, on his right breast pocket, as they finally saw it closer, (Fairytale's white shadowy fairy on a black castle background, and Racing BRANDS name in beautiful script in red striking through it, with a white shadowy broom through the name). His robe was like the other men, only a little more business-like, and black, with the same logo on their backs, and badges with printed logos hanging off Fairytale branded lanyards around their necks.

On top of each crate, stacked with the brooms were nine elegant cases, all of which were stained wood. The lead Fairytale representative floated nine stained blue to the Ravenclaw table, nine, stained yellow to the Hufflepuffs, nine stained scarlet to the Gryffindors, and nine stained emerald to the Slytherins, obscuring the Nimbus 2002's from sight, as Parkinson was obviously super cheap that he wouldn't even give away Firebolts, but a rushed product that wasn't even selling very well, even though they were trying to match the Arrow's price with it, if you traded in your old Nimbus broom, which was really cheap of them.

"Whoa!" Fred or George Weasley cried out in awe. "Arrow Racing BRAND brooms!" he declared as he opened a case to show everyone what was inside, the elegant and branded Fairytale Arrow Racing BRAND case to show everyone a red stained racing broom with sleek varnished wood. "And they've even been coloured for our houses, and have house badges on them!" he declared in glee, as one side had the Fairytale Racing Brand logo, and the other side the Gryffindor coat of arms, and on each side, written in different directions in beautiful silver, Arrow with the bottom end of the A on one side leading off to point at the Gryffindor coat of arms ending in an arrowhead, and on the other side, the top end of the W leading to an arrowhead pointing to the Hogwarts coat of arms near the tail on the right hand side.

The man grinned proudly as even the Slytherins were amazed, as they goggled their new brooms in awe. "Fairytale's Racing BRAND, as a promotional offering has chosen to relinquish some gifts upon, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" he declared while Mr. Parkinson fumed with his daughters, as they saw the Slytherin team had been bought by the enemy. "We give to each house quidditch team, nine unique special edition versions of the Arrow Racing BRAND broom, competition standard. These brooms are going to be the standard in the coming quarter finals of the Quidditch World Cup through to the finals, I'm sure you would like to hear, as we have just been told."

The hall suddenly roared out in applause and approval. He waited for the noise to settle down before he continued. "Also, it has come to our attention that the rest of the school brooms are past due being replaced, so we have made some modifications to a standard broom design we had before we became Racing BRAND, and this is our latest broom line as a standard for the average flying enthusiast, so we're giving the school two hundred, Solar BRAND brooms," he said to more applause as he pulled one from a crate for everyone to admire the sleek new designs.

The Solar broom was stained yellow wood, and a little smaller than the Arrow. However, they did notice at the tail end of the broom the Hogwarts coat of arms. They had Solar scrawled near the end on both sides with the Fairytale logo on one side with Brand written in red the other side with a white shadowy broom through the word.

Nobody really paid attention to Mr. Parkinson as he took his 'gifts' and left in a hurry, but it would be reported in the paper, not only the selfish act by Nimbus to increase the Slytherin team's chances (for his daughter's house) of winning school quidditch, but also trying to use that to get good press for a broom that was nearly five times as expensive as the Arrow without trading in your old Nimbus, and not nearly as good, as he didn't have the guts to play the game proper.

Nimbus even offered larger discounts for Firebolts to continue using them for the Quidditch World Cup, but Fairytale had already started a sponsorship deal with the World Cup where Racing BRAND brooms would be a World Cup Sponsor, and offered the teams the one-time deal of free brooms until they were out of the competition, as they kept Fairytale's name off of all the Arrow brooms to be used during the matches, as a way to stay fair.

Fairytale itself had to find a quidditch team with really-weak sponsors that they wanted or needed to drop because they were costing them any chance of winning. It was just by fluke that the Japanese team was still in the tournament, and those annoying Bulgarians had just about knocked out England, and Wales, (only because of their seeker getting the snitch and barely ending the games in the lead on points), Scotland and Ireland were still in but Scotland wouldn't drop Nimbus as their sponsor, even if they had to ride a Racing BRAND broom.

Ireland's sponsor was from their land, so they respectfully wished to keep them. The USA had also been knocked out thanks to Ireland, and the same went for Canada, and it would have been unlikely that they would have dumped their sponsors, so Fairytale offered Japan a deal, and they were reluctant to give up on their sponsor, which was a small and struggling restaurant chain that had restaurants in the magical world, and muggle, and by small, they had five restaurants, but weren't very good at business, and likely to fold before the end of the world cup, which meant the team had poor management, and coaches who didn't know what they were doing, and the team didn't look that great, as their uniforms were old. However, as for playing power, they were really-quite good, but having to pay Nimbus to rent their brooms as they couldn't afford to buy them outright had been killing the team and small business.

However, Fairytale saw an opportunity to branch out of the country. The Japanese Ministry could be rather traditional, but they weren't greedy like the UK, so buying out Yukihira was easy business, and then pushing a few ad campaigns was rather easy. It didn't hurt that the food was rather delicious. A certain someone, had snuck a certain girlfriend off to check out the potential, and wow, was the food amazing. They had just wanted their own quidditch team, but got so much more they would have to get their chiefs to learn some of the recipes for the Fireflies, especially their ramen, which was to die for.

Therefore, Fairytale's Yukihira was the new, and old sponsor for the Japanese team, as they carried their name, and Fairytale. They got a new coach and manager with the other two staying on to learn, and several new and extra players with the larger budget, even though the players they had were really-good, they needed more than one 'wild card' (what they called a player who could play any position) substitute, so they got in subs for all seven positions, and an extra wild card, as matches could theoretically go on forever if no one caught the Golden Snitch, and that was the norm for quidditch teams.

"Okay, so the look on Pansy's face was priceless!" Daphne agreed with a sigh, which brought them all out of their memories. "And when she found out about Fairytale and the Japanese team, and that Yukihira business was pretty fun. But you don't understand. I have responsibilities as the heir to the Greengrass bloodline, and our businesses and everything. And if that means kissing arse, apparently that's what I have to do!"

Senna giggled as she sat up and turned away, wiggling her butt in Daphne's embarrassed face, as she near sat on the blondes' tits. "Pucker up then baby!" she said, which caused the others to burst out laughing.

"Umm... Daphne, I thought you were cleverer than that!" Astoria complained slowly. "Senna is crushing Nimbus into the ground, and she's doing it for me!" she said while Daphne's eyes had widened and Senna sat down next to her, on a pillow, poking her nose. "Who do you think owns Fairytale?" she asked while Daphne paled looking up at the beautiful black-haired girl with wide eyes.

"B-but you bought out a few restaurants in Japan," Daphne said shakily. "And gave the Japanese World Cup team so much support that for the first time since they joined the World Cup; they're in the finals, just for my sister… just to destroy the Parkinson's and Nimbus?!"

"Yep, of course, I love your sister as much as you do, plus I'm awesomeness personified!" Senna said when the bedroom door burst open and Luna entered, smiling brightly, fully mugglised and dragging Rikka in with her.

"I've got her!" Luna said proudly. "Her big sister was happy to help me take her. She apparently needs to get out more! Are Hakufu and Kan'u coming? This is a big deal, Bulgaria verses Japan, here in England, and if the match goes on too long, they both have some delightful pillows!" she declared loudly, getting several eye-rolls.

Senna frowned. "Yeah, but Kan'u said they have their own tickets and that I kept avoiding our 'battle' or something while I was avoiding her punches and kicks, running away so they wouldn't join us while the airhead was trying to get her to play nice! And Hakufu said, 'see you guys at the game thingy'!"

"Oh, but that was avoiding battle!" Luna agreed with a nod while smiling as Hakufu was too amusing in an adorably airheaded way that made all the other girls love her and want to protect her, from herself mostly, straight away.

Senna shrugged, smiling. "I did kidnap Daphne though, and now she's, our toy!" she laughed evilly.


Most of them were startled as the little green haired doll poked her head out from behind Rikka's hair where she had been hiding.

"Yay Master, you kidnapped someone!" she said in joy before flying over to land on Daphne's tummy, which caused her to squirm and hold back from giggling, even though, most of the school knew to never antagonise the doll, because when you did, you got a mean pranking. "What are we going to do with our victim now Master?" she asked, using the girls' chest as a seat. "Shall we try to turn her... umm... 'not' evil?" she suggested 'reasonably', and even used her tiny fingers to make air quotes around the word not before she said evil.

Senna rolled her eyes. "I think we've finished with her; you may let her go!" she said with a shrug and the doll pouted with a sigh before Daphne squealed in horror as a huge black sword swished out and sliced through the cuffs around her ankles and wrists in one swipe without even nicking her.

"I meant with the key!" Senna corrected wiggling the key in the sheepish dolls face before plucking her up with her sword gone and placing her in Astoria's arms for safe keeping, and she didn't struggle.

"Don't worry, Daph, she is amazingly good with blades!" Senna said with a sheepish grin. "Why don't you and Astoria use the bathroom, and you can clean up!" she said shooing the sisters away, but Astoria was eager to drag her sister into the bathroom, closing and locking the door after them for some privacy, as her sister had no choice but to try out the amazing shower.


The remaining girls were startled as Nathan knocked on the door, as it wouldn't open for any male, full-stop, or any female over the age of twenty-five.

"The criminal solicitor is here!" he quickly said before they heard him mumble something and walk away, as he had years of films and TV to catch up on as he didn't get much of a start, before he was lobbed in jail.

Senna pulled the door open to see a well-developed black woman. She wasn't old, in her thirties, and very pretty with frizzy black hair to her shoulders, and cool dark eyes that scanned all the girls in the room, and shifted a little strangely that three of them were in bath robes. However, she placed on a fake smile as if she was humouring them or something.

"Miss. Stanmore...?" Senna asked, even though she knew who she was, as it took quite a bit of digging to find this one.

"Yes," she agreed with a tight-lipped smile with a smooth Southern English accent. "I was under the impression that I would be working for the Potter Foundation, not babysitting some little girls!" she said rather rudely and her large chest bounced in her thin silk robe as she stuck her nose up in the air, and must have been quite sheltered to be so clueless about her 'robes only' wardrobe choice.

"Wow, this lady has game talking to you like that Master!" Chachazero commented from where Astoria must have left her on the side by some large cookies where she had taken to snacking on one, as Chachazero had a weakness for sweets. "If you wait a moment Master, I'll finish my cookie and cut her for you!" she said, munching away.

"No thank you Chacha!" she replied with a smile while the woman had paled as she looked at the doll, and being a muggle-born woman knew of certain movies where animated dolls were 'evil'. "I assure you, Miss. Stanmore, I am the CEO and founder of Fairytale, and that my company has secured its place at the head of the Potter Foundation, which is why you are here, as we have to deal with some problems that would, say damn Dumbledore to hell, and a vast many more people too. Severus Snape, doc-I mean medi-witch's and wizards, healers, politicians, and many people in the muggle world, teachers, etc., and even people like Lucius Malfoy can't be let off the hook this time."

"Sue him, for custody of his daughter!" Tracey said, snickering while the other girls were surprised as they didn't know he had a daughter. "She'll be a first year this year!" she said as she realised no one knew about her except her and Blaise, so it had never come up, or Astoria would have told them.

"I see!" Miss. Stanmore said walking into the room while Senna closed the door. "This is above board. I expected your father too... but no, he had the money, and you, so young but, but you have the drive and vision to fuck over the moronic magical world."

"I like you lady, you wear tight clothes over those huge boobs, and you see the idiots the right way!" Senna commented with a shrug as she hopped up to sit on her bed. "The Potter Foundation was created around the same time as Fairytale. The goblins chose to trust the Foundation to me, so I want to do this right. I want criminal charges brought up on everyone who had a part in harming Harry Potter, and I want them destroyed!

"Then I managed to get a stay of execution for a hippogriff," she said as she handed her folders she had been holding, involving Harry Potter. "Draco Malfoy got into a trifle with it while he refused to listen to the new Care of Magical Creatures teacher and mocked and insulted the creature. I should know, I have eyewitness testimony myself, but only Slytherins became eyewitnesses to the 'incident' officially.

"Malfoy was injured and the creature was almost executed. If I hadn't used Fairytale's growing influence the creature would have been destroyed for barely grazing the moron and the teacher managed to do that much at the risk of his own life and safety, but it seemed the creature was well trained. Harry was a close friend to this teacher, and though Mr. Hagrid didn't save him either, he had been held back by a lot..." Senna finished offering a new, much smaller file and gestured for her to skim through it.

Miss. Stanmore looked through it with growing unease. "This is wrong… illegal," she said in worry. "Poor Hagrid… he was accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets, and expelled for it for petrifying students and killing another. Yet he never went to trial, or Azkaban. He was expelled and then given a job at the school shortly after. He was caught by a head boy with a large spider. I may not have been the best at the subject but spiders can't petrify, no species can... this head boy?"

"Tom Marvolo Riddle!" Ginny interrupted hatefully as she spun her wand since the wards shielded from the outside. She wrote the name in fire and swished her wand. They formed new words that made the lawyer gasp and wince. 'I am Lord Voldemort' faded slowly in the air.

"Oh, my...!" Miss. Stanmore muttered, quivering as she scanned through the files to see the evidence that Tom Riddle had framed Hagrid, and the magical world hadn't even asked for any kind of proof about any of it. It had been a desperate attempt on Riddle's part, but the magical people had been too stupid to look for, or want proof, even Dumbledore. They just cared that everything had stopped, and that the 'criminal' had been captured and 'punished'.

"I can make you a very wealthy and infamous lawyer in the magical world," Senna said as the woman flopped down to sit on the bed next to her. "These people must be put in their place," she said with a cute smile. "This world should have justice. People think it is there until one day they have lost everything while they had been the pinnacle of kindness, and the villains have their pockets stuffed with gold."

"Ana!" she said, offering her first name. "Please, it will be a pleasure to work for you, Miss. Nightly."

"Senna!" she replied, smiling.

"So, how are we going to steal umm...? What is the Malfoy girls' name?" Ginny asked with a wicked grin.

"Bianca!" Tracey answered with a grin of her own.

"I like that name!" Senna said while giggling 'evilly'.

to be continued…