CHAPTER 1: HOW DOES PLAYBOY SOUND TO YOU? Tokiya Mikagami grinned seductively at the girls that were swooning themselves on him. It was almost the annual prom of Valentine's Day and he hasn't picked a date yet. The problem wasn't because he was ugly. Hell no, it was these:

1). He's too vain that's why he thinks no ordinary woman would do

2) He has great taste

3) He's a play boy

4) Too many choices

Yep, those were the reasons. Why wouldn't it? The words rich, intelligent, sexy and handsome were an understatement to him. He ran his fingers in his short silver-gray hair that was cut stylishly uneven making him look sexy. Girls all over school drooled. He began to speak:

"You know girls, I'm still available from the prom next Friday, I can't seem to make up my mind who to bring. Considering all you beauties out there." He said flirtatiously. Girls squealed, bits of sentences were hard to make out.

"I'll take you to the ball!"

"Pick me, Tokiya Mikagami!"

"We're meant together, pick me!"

"I'll be your date! I'm still free too!"

"We're the perfect match! We can come to your flat after wards!"

"I'll do more than that, Tokiya-kun! I'll marry you afterwards! Say yes!"

So on and so forth. There was no end to the squeals of women begging for him to take them. He raised his hands for silence. He smiled at them sweetly. All of theirs hearts melted.

"Ladies," he began pleasantly. "No need to shout and fight over me. Who ever catches my eye until Thursday, I'll bring. All you've gotta do is wait." He said. They all nodded vigorously, going their ways for classes were about to start, talking about Tokiya's announcement. Tokiya walked slowly, casually to his room. It didn't really matter if he was late coz' the teachers don't care.

They would if his family wasn't one of the few that made this school. Suddenly, something caught his eye in the lockers.

A figure. A really sexy figure was rummaging through her locker. It was at the bottom so she was bent and she was wearing a skirt. Imagine that the skirt was tight, making her butt a nice site. Tokiya smirked maliciously and silenced his steps, slowly, walked towards the figure. He was now directly at the back of the figure.

He bent down, looking at the back of the figure, trying to figure out who it was. Shoulder-length violet-red hair was in front of her shoulders, showing a bit of the nape of her neck. She had a choker on her neck and a flesh tank top and pink-flesh small skirt that fitted her perfectly, accentuating all her curves. Now all he needed was for her to turn around.

Fuuko was not so much in a hurry in her first class in college that day. (Yes, this was a college school named Edo)

Of course, the reason was her family was one of the few that made this school so she was excused.

And now, she was bent down on her locker, trying to find the love-letter Raiha had sent her yesterday.

She felt the presence of a person (possibly male) behind her back but she did not pay heed to it. She had no time for these fools. Suddenly, a hand touched her butt and she almost jumped in surprise. She blushed with embarrassment and anger as she turned to see who the offender was and slap him when she came face to face with a trademark smirk of Tokiya Mikagami.

She tried to slap him, but he caught her wrist.

"You are such a lecherous bastard!" She hissed angrily, Tokiya just looked at her maliciously. Her cheeks were still tinge with pink.

"It's nice to see you too, dear Fuuko." He said sarcastically. He reached out to kiss Fuuko but Fuuko pushed his away. Considering he had Fuuko's wrist still, he pulled on it so that she'll bump into him. She did. He could feel her large chest against his. How he liked the sensation. "Careful there, Fuuko." He said teasingly.

Fuuko pulled away from him. "Get off me, Mikagami!" Fuuko spat, finally prying her wrist off Tokiya's hand. He smirked. He liked the idea that he got to the skin of Fuuko. "What do you want anyway?" She asked harshly.

Tokiya shrugged. "I just wanted to see you." He said innocently. She snorted. "Yeah, right. Trying to pester me is more I like it." She said sarcastically. Tokiya looked at her yet again. She sure has changed.

The last time he saw her, she was only fourteen, a tomboyish looking girl who never even spares him a second glance, if she even looks at him. While he, was fifteen then and wasn't much of a playboy unlike he is now. "Oh, Fuuko, you don't have appreciation to the ones who was affection for you!!!" He said, mocking a sad voice. She only rolled her eyes.

"Shut up." She muttered, walking away of Tokiya. He surprised her by slipping an arm on her waist and his other on her shoulder. He crushed his chest on her back. He sniffed her fragrant smell of peony and jasmine and kissed her neck. Fuuko struggled to get away. "Lemme go you bastard!" 'Why the hells aren't teachers or the principal lurking around this hall?' She thought to herself.

"Oh Fuuko..." He murmured. Silently, he thought this was working. That soon Fuuko would be falling rightfully on his feet. Too bad. He was just enjoying the fact that Fuuko was so soft and fitted in him perfectly when he received an elbow punch on his gut. He staggered in pain. Fuuko looked at him innocently.

"Oh, gomen, did it hurt?" She said, pushing Tokiya gently onto the lockers. Tokiya could not do anything to stop her for his gut really hurt. He just looked angrily at Fuuko, but it too was tinged in pain. Fuuko put her hands on his shoulders and pressed her body onto his. Tokiya was in heaven, but his gut still hurt. 'Don't let her win.' He thought. He tried to glare at her, but couldn't. She whispered in his ear, "It should." She said, kissing his lips teasingly and smirking at him.

"Bye bye." she said, leaving Tokiya to stagger in pain.

"Damn that Kirisawa." He muttered through gritted teeth. And then a smile graced his lips. An evil smile. He touched his lips with his fingers. Fuuko's lips were soft. He definitely wanted to taste them.

"You'll be mine soon, oh most stubborn one." He said to himself, continuing to walk to his classroom. When he arrived, all faces were turned to him; he pasted an apologetic smile on his face. Girls melted, guys eyed him with disdain and utter jealousy. The professor just eyed him warily.

"So nice of you to join us, Mikagami-san. You've just arrived three minutes later than Miss Kirisawa." He informed Mikagami, pointing his hand to the nonchalant Fuuko, whom was staring at the blackboard as if it had something that caught her eye. He rolled his eyes inwardly and seated himself in the front. He didn't really listen and really didn't need to.

NOTES: In my Fanfic, as I'm sure you've noticed, Tokiya is a playboy. There was no Hokage Team that played in a contest. Nope, there wasn't. Please continue reading it. I promise it will be better!!!