Title: Radiant Dark

Author: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater

Author Notes:

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Which brings me to the continuation of Radiant Light.



Chapter Two: The New Family

The shock was intense. It made Heero fall backwards into the open window. Soon, he found himself almost falling out, his arms spread to his side to grab onto the ledge for support.

"Careful! You might fall out!" the strange girl warned, quickly hovering to his side.

She was so close… a cold breeze was coming from her that made a shiver go up Heero's spine. This was definitely the source that he had felt not too long ago in the hallway.

"What the hell? Get away from me!" he ordered, jumping away from the window and the ever so close see-through girl. 

A hurt look appeared on the ghost's face. She had said her name was Minako…

Hovering down to the ground until her feet made contact with the floor, she looked at him curiously. "Is this better then?"

"What? Hell no! Who the fuck are you? What are you doing in my house?!" he asked all at once.

"Well…," Minako took a step closer. This made Heero take a few steps back until bumping into the wall.

She giggled at his actions. "Sorry," she apologized, preventing herself from laughing. However, she stopped when seeing a glare appear on the teenaged boy's face.

"My name's Minako Aino," she introduced again, holding out her hand to him. But he didn't take it. Raising a slender eyebrow lightly, Minako withdrew her hands and continued. "And I live here," she answered pleasantly, her smile back on her pale face.

Heero opened his mouth to yell something back but he heard his mother call from downstairs. "Heero, is everything alright?" his mother's voice questioned form the stairway. He could hear her footsteps coming up the steps. 

Shit! Heero thought, his eyes darting from his closed door to Minako. "What the hell are you still doing here?" he whispered harshly at the ghost. "Get the fuck out of here! Before she comes!"

"But-" Minako began, although the door to the room swung open, cutting Minako off, and Heero's mother came in briskly.

Heero felt again breathless and nerve wrecked. What was his mother going to think when she saw this… this… poltergeist? He could imagine her fainting at the sight of the transparent female.

But to his shock, his mother's eyes were glued on him, not at Minako. She placed one hand on her petite hips and scowled at Heero. "What on earth happened?" she inquired, her voice livid up. It was evident he had her vexed.

Befuddled with his mother's actions his eyes darted at Minako, who smiled teasingly and winked. What was wrong with his mother? Didn't she see this diaphanous figure standing near by? Was his mother going blind? Or was he hallucinating?

"I tried to tell you," Minako whispered to him, "she can't see me."

He gazed at her traumatized. "What?" he hissed callously.

But from where his mother was standing, she saw her son glaring at thin air… growling "what?" with a tone of astonishment and annoyance. Like any mother would feel for their son who had "messed" with the wrong crowd, she became alarmed with Heero's strange behavior.

"Honey," she said, worry obvious in her voice. "Are you okay?" She gave him that look… that stare holding concern.

However, it appeared her son hadn't heard her. Heero was still glaring at Minako, who was still smiling, soon giggling. "You better stop staring at me like that. You're mother's looking at you as if you're nuts." Minako teased, pointing to Heero's mom.

He gave her once last glare and turned back to the older woman at the doorway. "What is it?" he asked irritably, as if his mother hadn't said anything from the moment she walked in.

"I was just checking on you… are you alright, sweetie?" his mother asked again, advancing towards him. As if she was Minako, he backed away and shoved her hand aside, which was aiming to feel his forehead. Rolling his eyes and petulant, he answered, "I'm fine! I'm okay, alright!"

He noticed the hurt look on her face, just like Minako had when he had barked at her. For some reason, he felt guilty, wishing he hadn't snapped.

"Alright then, honey," his mother said softy. She tried to smile and push Heero's strange conduct aside. "Well then, is this the room you wanted?"

Heero, still angry with himself, Minako, his parents, everything, grunted and folded his arms. "Yeah." He didn't want to look at his mother. The guilt was still present and it left an uneasy feeling at the bottom of his stomach. His eyes landed on Minako.

The sheer girl was staring at his mother to him, and back again. She had a confused expression on and when she met his gaze, she tilted her head to one side. She was about to open her mouth to say something but he tore his eyes away from her and glued his eyes to the ground. He wasn't in the mood to hear anyone talk. He just wanted everyone to just go away.

And as if his mother understood, she turned around and headed to the door. "Okay then, sweetie. You're father and I will be downstairs if you need us… We'll go out for dinner tonight, okay?"

Heero didn't answer. He turned his back towards her and gazed out the window, as if he had never looked out before. Minako, on the other hand, examined his and his mother's actions. She watched the pretty dark haired woman give one last concerning look at Heero before reaching for the doorknob and closing the door behind her.             

Minako could tell that this family wasn't anything at all like the last family that lived here before…


Closing Notes:

Again, short. Get use to it. I think I'll keep these chapters short in this fic for now until I get into the real juicy part of the plot. Review, flame, or leave. Whichever you prefer.