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Part 1: Avoiding Homework is Normal

Scott Summers was arguably a great student. He took classes and on a regular basis he passed
those classes with high marks and great ease. Unfortunately that was before he decided to try
German. He needed a language class and so he took the German class because one, it was
suppose to be easy, two, he had Kurt Wagner in the same building as him and three, well three
was because Jean had PE at the same time and the German room looked out over the field and he
could get a nice view of her in her gym shorts.

Unfortunately only number two still held true. The class was not easy, not at all. And well now
that the weather had grown colder, Jean's PE class had moved indoors. Now here he was being
stuck in his room trying to figure out the nominative, accusative, and dative cases for nouns. But
at least Kurt was there to try and help him.

Currently Kurt was hanging upside-down from his ceiling trying hard not to get frustrated with

"Nein, nein, Scott. For nominative it is 'Der, Die, Das, Die' und 'Ein, Eine, Ein und for plural it is
meine'." Scott watched him swing slightly from his position.

"Okay, I get it. I think. Der Sessel, Die Lampe, Das Bett and the last one is plural, correct? And
Ein Sessel, eine Lampe, and ein Bett"

Kurt nodded. "So having it in a sentence would be Ich habe ein neues Bett."


Kurt sighed and dropped down onto the floor. Running a hand through his dark hair and plopped
down on the floor near the side of Scott's bed. "Okay. Einmal. The sentence 'Ich habe ein neues
Bett.' means...." he asked.

"I have a new bed."

Kurt nodded. "Okay good, you at least paid attention during the first part of the year. Now on to
the parts of the sentences. Bed is a neutered noun. And so--"

"You know what Kurt? I'm tired." Scott laid back on the bed and rubbed his forehead.

"Oh come on, mein Fruend, ist nicht so schwer!" Kurt gave Scott a lopsided grin.

"Oh man, Kurt, it is almost eleven. We missed the movie that everyone wanted to watch tonight."

"So? You're the last person I'd expect not doing their homework. It's more of a me thing to do."
he winced. "Which reminds me, I have English homework, verdammt."

Scott laughed as he shoved his work back into his bag and tossed his book onto his desk. "Having
English problems?"

"Ja, everyone thinks German's gender nouns is confusing but they've been speaking English all
their lives and never had to learn all of its mechanics. Man, they are confusing!" Kurt climbed to
his feet and brushed off his pants. "Well I better grab my English book from Kitty." he reached
down and clicked on his image inducer. The blue fur was replaced by the holographic peach skin.
Scott gave Kurt a sad look for a moment at the thought that in the Institute, he still wore the
image inducer to speak to Kitty because she was still afraid of his natural form.


Kurt teleported directly outside Kitty and Rouge's room. He hesitated a moment before knocking.

"Hey elf." Rogue opened the door, "whatcha want?"

"I need to get mein English book from Kitty."

Rogue turned and backed away from the doorframe and called to Kitty. Kitty wandered to the
door, rubbing her eyes. "Kurt?"

"Ja, es tut mir leid, Katzchen, I need my book I lent you."

Kitty just rolled her eyes. "I was, like, sleeping Kurt. Why do you need your book now? Why
couldn't you get it tomorrow?"

"I needed it now."

"Sure you did." she made a low guttural noise in the back of her throat as she left the door and
returned shortly with his book. She practically shoved it into his arms and quickly shut her door.
Kurt blinked at the abruptness of what just happened. Sighing, he hung his head and...



The next morning found both Scott and Kurt doing homework at the table with their breakfast
spread around their work.

"I don't get this!" Scott cried, gesturing to his worksheet with his fork. "It makes no sense!"

"You're telling me! I can barely read this." Kurt in turned gestured to his book.

"I'll switch you work."

"Scott 'Mr. I-am-the-perfect-leader-and-I-do-everything-perfectly-never-missing-a-training-
session-or-homework-assignment Summers wants me to do his work for him?" Kurt raised his

"Well I'd be doing your work too you know."

"But mein ist reading."

Scott sighed. "Oh, what are you reading? And why is it confusing?"

"We are reading 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'" Kurt gave Scott a withering look. "Boring if
you ask me."

"It's suppose to be pretty good, actually."

"I'm on the first chapter and so far all it has been doing is describing the architecture. Yawn."

Scott laughed and abandoned his work in favor for the now cold breakfast. "Yeah I can see how
that can be pretty boring."

Kurt slumped his head on his hand, "I think I am just going to rent the Disney version."

"You do know that it is completely unlike the book, right?" Rogue asked coming into the kitchen.

"Oh man, why can't Disney stick to the story?" Kurt moaned. "Oh well, I'm gonna do it anyway.
I can't read this. The English is too complicated for me."

"Yes and Disney also has those catchy songs that the book lacks." Scott pointed out sarcastically
as Rogue joined them at the table.

"Ach ja!" Kurt lit up, "I like those songs."

"I swear, Kurt can't catch sarcasm sometimes." Scott whispered to Rogue who shrugged.

Kurt slammed his book shut with a grin, "Disney here I come!"


Rogue looked at Scott as she poured herself a glass of milk. "How long do you think'll take Blue
to figure out that the video stores are still closed at this time in the morning?"

"Five minutes."

"You're giving him too much credit."