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Find a Normal Sanctuary

"You did what!" It burst out more in the form of a shocked statement than an actual question. Scott blinked behind his shades and felt a signaling twinge of a stress headache forming within his skull.

Any other time, the sight of the students from Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youth and the boys from the Brotherhood of Bayville sitting at the same table together during the lunch period would have caused people to scratch their heads in confusion. But now, their table only drew looks of disgust and hatred, even fear. There were three mutants there.

Oh wait, now there were five mutants there.

Kitty and Evan just spilled that they had voluntarily ousted themselves to their English class in a show of solidarity for Kurt.

Lance said it best. "Are you guys fucking insane?"

Hurt clouded Kitty's eyes, "We had to do it, Lance, Kurt needed support. He can't, like, go through this all alone."

Scott winced. Wrong choice of words.

"Last time I checked, Summers and I were also blacklisted." Lance sat back with his arms crossed. "We had it under control."

"And last time I checked, it was you going postal on Mr. White." Jean broke in. "It is amazing that I haven't seen Kelly storming in here trying to personally kick you out of his school."

"I'd like to see him try."

Pietro looked between Jean and Lance, "You used your powers? When? How? Why?"

"Just my dumbass history teacher is one of those 'Holier than thou' humans that thinks he's the shit." Lance snorted, the anger clearly coloring his words. "Just once I want to show the world what we can be capable of. We tried this peaceful thing and it just ain't working."

"You've been back to school for only half a day and already you abandon the hope for coexistence?" Kurt asked, speaking up for the first time.

Lance seemed to deflate. "I just don't want to deal with this." With that he stood up, without touching his food. "I'll catch you guys later."

Scott watched him go; not bothering to call him back nor deny that he felt the same way.


Kurt was thankful when the day finally drew to a close. The school day had been unbearably long and drawn out. As he walked out to meet Scott for the ride back to the mansion, he contemplated just plain teleporting home and going straight to bed. It wasn't like the needed to hide that anymore.

Word spread quickly that Kitty Pryde and Evan Daniels were mutants as well. By their last period, Kitty had confided that she had been called down to Kelly's office to 'discuss her condition'.

Surprisingly, not counting Lance's outburst in class, there had been no major incidents. Just a few shoves into the lockers, and name-calling. Kurt had been surprised at Evan's restraint when the name-calling was redirected to himself. Kitty had just smiled and showed her phasing to those who were curious enough to ask.

He only wished that he were that brave. Scott's stoicism was enviable, as was Lance's defiance. He had just kept quiet.

Why couldn't things just be normal?

The thoughts of teleporting ebbed away as he saw Scott waiting for him. Lance was there as well, his torn jeans and cigarette clashing with the sports car.

"How was the rest of the day?" Scott asked as Kurt hopped over into the backseat.

"Okay, I guess. It was weird." He shrugged. "Kitty and Evan were always with me though."

Scott nodded, frowning a bit. "I wonder what the Prof. is going to think of that move."

Lance just rolled his eyes.

"What about you guys?" Kurt asked as Scott climbed in behind the wheel.

"I have math with Duncan, so just try to imagine that." Scott intoned. "But German went okay."

"I didn't know Matthews could count high enough to be in any other math except 3rd grade." Lance flicked the spent cigarette butt to the asphalt. "Listen, I know I rode with you guys to school today, but I'm going to find where Pietro took my jeep. I catch you later." He pushed off of the car and gave a small wave over his shoulder.

As he disappeared, Kurt turned to look at Scott. "Is there something wrong with Lance?"

Scott didn't answer.


It was getting colder and he was only wearing a short sleeve shirt and an over vest. Stupid fall. Stupid wind. Stupid afternoon. Stupid Pietro for taking off with the jeep. Stupid impulse to help Wagner at the meeting and therefore announcing that he was mutant to everybody who hated him. Stupid peace, stupid war.

He had spent too much time waiting with Summers and in the mean time, Pietro had already left with Freddy and Todd, for the mansion. He had also just turned down the ride with Summers, and there was no way that he'd find Grey and ask for a ride in her SUV.

So walking home it was.

If he actually bothered to call the mansion home now. It really was just a residence. Nothing permanent, right? Those past few days of living and training in the Institute had felt almost normal. Not to mention, there was running water and food. What idiot would turn that down?

First order of business when he got back 'home', was to get a jacket. It was way too cold for this bare arms thing.

His mind felt too loud. It had to be because of all the stress that had been going on. The anger that already had a short fuse, seemed like it was constantly exploding and any warm fuzzy feelings he had been growing for the X-Geeks was quickly evaporating.

A headache was still present from the confrontation with White. That also didn't help much.

He didn't hear the car pull up until it was stopped just in front of him. The red paint led him to think that it was Summers coming back for him, but the blond hair and the linebacker shoulders looked nothing like Scott Summers.

Duncan Matthews.

And he wasn't alone.

But that didn't matter.

"Hey freak." Duncan placed himself directly in front of Lance's path. "Hey freak, I'm talking to you!"

Lance stopped walking and stared the football player in the eyes. Did he really think that a bunch of jocks could take someone who could create earthquakes? Was he really serious?

"Did you need something Matthews?"

"Don't condescend to me, you mutie freak!" Duncan's muscles flexed oh so scarily.

Lance was shaking.

"Do you remember exactly what I can do?" Lance asked as calmly as he could, he was restraining the urge just to open a chasm and drop this asshole in it and then close it back up.

Duncan just sneered so Lance took that as that he couldn't remember his power. So why not show him? The ground began to shake.

And pain exploded in his head.

As Lance hit the ground, he realized that the pain hadn't been caused by his powers.


Kurt 'ported to the roof as soon as he and Scott had reached the mansion. He couldn't shake that feeling that something bad was going to happen soon. The day had been entirely too quiet.

In the cold crisp air, he took in the cityscape of Bayville and he did what he always did when he felt something out of his control was going to go down.

He prayed.

"Judex crederis esse venturus,
In te, Domine, speravi
Non confundar in aeternum
Salvum fac populum tuum
Judex crederis
Libera me Domine
Libera me Domine de morte aeterna
In die illa tremenda
Quando caeli movendi sunt
Caeli et terra
Dum veneris judicare
O, salutaris hostia
Quae caeli pandis ostium
Bella premunt hostilia
Da robur, fer auxilium
Sit sempiterna gloria
Gloria, gloria semper
Sanctus, sanctus in excelsis
Mors stupebit et natura
Cum resurget creatura
Judicanti responsurra
Judex ergo cum sedebit
Nil inultum remanebit
Quem patronum rogaturus
Cum vix justus sit securus?
Juste Judex ultionis
Ante diem rationis
Kyrie Eleison."


Judex crederis esse venturus (Our Judge we believe shall come)
In te, Domine, speravi (In You, Lord, have I trusted)
Non confundar in aeternum (Let me not be damned for eternity)
Salvum fac populum tuum (Save Your people)
Judex crederis (In our Judge we believe)
Libera me Domine (Free me, Lord)
Libera me Domine de morte aeterna (Free me, Lord, from everlasting death)
In die illa tremenda (On that terrible day)
Quando caeli movendi sunt (When the heavens shall be moved)
Caeli et terra (The heavens and earth)
Dum veneris judicare (When Though shall come to judge the world)
O, salutaris hostia (Oh Saviour, saving victim)
Quae caeli pandis ostium (Who opens the gate of heaven)
Bella premunt hostilia (Our enemies besiege us)
Da robur, fer auxilium (Give us strength, bring us aid)
Sit sempiterna gloria (May you always be praised)
Gloria, gloria semper (Glory, glory forever)
Sanctus, sanctus in excelsis (Holy, holy, in the highest)
Mors stupebit et natura (Death and nature shall be confounded)
Cum resurget creatura (When creation shall rise again)
Judicanti responsurra (To answer for judgment)
Judex ergo cum sedebit (Therefore, when the Judge will take his seat)
Nil inultum remanebit (Nothing shall remain unpunished)
Quem patronum rogaturus (To what protector shall I appeal)
Cum vix justus sit securus? (When scarcely the just man shall be secure?)
Juste Judex ultionis (Righteous Judge of vengeance)
Ante diem rationis (Before the day of reckoning)
Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)