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Chapter 6:

Unknown Place, 3rd September, 1943:

Black. Everything was black, as far as Harry could see. He could see at most his hands, and nothing more. It sort of reminded him of the time he had jumped into the veil. He was most probably dead, but didn't know for how long.

The last thing he remembered was getting shot in the face by an advanced energy weapon by Johann Schmidt, the leader of Hydra. And now, Harry was.. somewhere, laying on what he hoped was the ground, as it was very dry.

"Stupid Harry. Should have kept your full strength on. But no, you had to at least look like you aren't a juiced up superhuman, right? Bloody idiot, that's what I am." Harry grumbled, annoyed at himself.

He had worn a ring that day, as he had done for the last 5 years that he was in MI5, that held back most of his strength. He could have just held back, but sometimes, in war, instincts take over, and so Harry had designed that ring.

The Isipho, or Vibranium, as it was being called for about a century, ring that he wore, was inscribed with restriction rune schemes. One part held back his physical strength to a tenth of his original strength. So where before he could lift 40 tons easily, now he could only lift 4 tons. Granted, it's still 3.5 tons more than any human could do, excluding the newest Super Soldier, and Schmidt, but still, he felt weak when he did that.

The other part locked away his instinctive magic. He could still use magic wearing the ring, but it has to be intentional. He couldn't just use shields to stop a bullet or something. He was bulletproof, so he didn't need magic to defend himself. And now he was vaporised.

The ring was first designed by him in the 17th century, when he was in the Maratha Empire. He was pretending to be just a regular foot soldier, so he still had to hold back his strength by a lot. So Harry designed that ring once he had successfully infiltrated the training camp. He had a language problem, but he went by with pretending to be mute, but not deaf. He could understand Marathi just the same as any other language he spoke, thanks to Legilimency, but his accent would have ruined everything. He just didn't have enough time to fix his accent for that time. It was a split second decision.

Harry continued speaking to himself, "And now, thanks to a dumb fucking decision, I'm dead, for who knows how long. And I don't even know where the fuck I am!" Harry shouted the last part.

"You need only ask, Harry Potter." A beautiful, but gravely voice said from behind where Harry was laying.

Harry jumped into the air, as the power behind the voice demanded his full attention, and he hadn't even sensed anything coming. Just by listening that one sentence, Harry knew that he was in some deep shit, or he was finally dead.

Harry turned towards the voice and almost dropped his jaw. There was a lady standing there, with an ethereal glow to her. She had pale skin, and by pale, Harry meant whiter than Voldemort pale. She wore a black dress, with a transparent veil covering her face. The dress was like the one Princess Leia wore and created so much controversy. With one strip at her front, and another at her back, showing her white legs and not leaving much to imagination.

Harry shook his head and looked up, towards her face. Her face was beautiful in a goth sort of way. Yes, Harry remembered Goth from his previous Universe. There were blue rectangular markings on her face, 2 below each eye, and one from her lips down to her chin.

Harry kept on looking at her, as her eerie beauty fascinated him. He had seen Amora, Sif, and even Lady Frigga a few times. But this lady just took the cake. She did not have boobs bigger than everyone like Amora did, or her muscles weren't better than most men, like Sif. Thankfully, she was not motherly, like Frigga. But she was just beautiful. Harry couldn't describe why he felt that way even if he tried.

"Why, thank you, Mr Potter. Now if you're done ogling me?" the lady said, amusedly, not at all uncomfortable with how Harry had just undressed her in his mind.

Harry shook his head, blushed and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment and said, "Sorry. I don't know why I was just like that."

She nodded her head and said, "Understandable, Mr Potter. You haven't encountered a Cosmic Entity like myself before."

"Cosmic Entity? Who are you?" Harry asked her, now curious, and forgetting his earlier questions.

She waved her hands and conjured two recliners. She sat in the one behind her, motioning Harry to do the same, and said, "Cosmic Entities are exactly what they sound like. We are the most powerful beings in the Entire multiverse. No one, other than other Cosmic Entities, can even fight us and hope to stay alive, let alone defeat us. As for who I am. You know me, Harry Potter. After all, we have met before, at the King's Cross Station."

"King's Cross..?" Harry whispered to himself, frowning in thought. And then he widened his eyes and snapped his neck towards her so fast, that it gave him whiplash, and hesitantly asked, "Death?"

The lady, now known as Death, smiled at him widely and said, "Pleased to finally properly meet you. The last time we met, as you might remember, I was wearing this face."

Her body rippled, and was replaced by a face from Harry's past, one who ignited contradicting feelings from Harry. Dumbledore. Both love, and hate. Love for being a sort of mentor to him, and hate because, he could have been nicer about it.

Everyone manipulates everyone. Dumbledore could have simply helped him too, and not just dump him in an abusive household for 10 years. But Harry knew why he did it. He got it. Doesn't mean he had to like it, but he understood it.

"So it was you who asked me to go back? Death wanted me to stay alive and be her Master?" Harry asked incredulously.

Lady death returned to her previous, very attractive, form, and snorted, completely unlike a lady. She waved a dismissing hand, and said, "Your world's wizards jumbled the title. You weren't ever supposed to be my master. And yes, I wanted you alive."

Harry frowned at that, a little relieved that he didn't have that dumb title which was just literally thrown at his face by Dumbledore.

He still asked, a little bit bitter that he didn't know this before, "Why did Bast call me Master of Death, then? Shouldn't a Goddess know? For that matter, none of the souls I called back mentioned it, they even called me 'Master', why's that?"

Death grinned at him and said, "Bast is a minor Goddess with dominion over one religion of one continent. You are way above her pay grade. She shouldn't have even threatened you, but you were still weak, then, so she could get away with it. As for the souls, you are their Master. Master of the Dead. You have the authority to order them around. But that doesn't mean you can order me, though, capeesh?"

He gulped a little and nodded at her. He then asked, "So.. what am I then? Why am I immortal? Why do I always go back to life?"

Lady Death hummed to herself, thinking over the answer, and said, "You're my.. helper? Servant? Heir? Slave? Herald? Yes let's go with that, you're my Herald. The Herald of Death."

Harry, who had gotten pale at Servant, Heir and Slave, was suddenly relieved. But he didn't know what the duties of a Herald were.

So he asked, "Umm.. what are Heralds supposed to do, Lady Death?"

"Well, I'll tell you. You see- wait." Lady Death spoke up, before frowning and asked, "Do you know about Celestials?"

Harry scratched his chin with his hand and said, "Uh. No. I don't think so. But I can guess what they are from their names."

Death nodded and said, "Yes. Celestials are the strongest race of beings in the Multiverse, after the Cosmic Entities. Or you can say this Multiverse."

Harry interrupted her by asking, "What do you mean by this multiverse? I thought there was only one Multiverse."

Death snorted, then shook her head and whispered, "Of course, you did." She then continued a little louder, "The smallest unit, for us, is the Universe. It's just one pocket of Space-time. A group of Universes, which are somehow connected to each other are called Multiverses. Your Universe, and the one you are currently living in, are from the same Multiverse. I am the Death for this Multiverse. I hold dominion over this whole multiverse, with the other Cosmics, and can travel freely between these Universes. But we can't travel to other Multiverses even if we know about them. Similarly, Celestials can travel all over the Universe, but they can't travel to other Universes. Now, above the Multiverses comes the Omniverse. This is the highest anyone can go. The Omniverse is the collection of ALL multiverses. Both known, and unknown. There are infinite Universes and infinite Multiverses. But there is only ONE Omniverse. It is ruled by two beings whose names you're not allowed to know."

Harry nodded his head at that answer, understanding a little, and said, "Sorry, please continue."

Death nodded at him and continued, "Now, there are at most 5 Celestials alive at this day, out of which, only 2 roam freely. One is named Ego The living Planet. Yes, he is a planet with his brain at it's core. The other one is called Galactus. Galactus is a Celestial who has a Herald. Always. His Herald's job is to scout planets for him to eat. The richer in life, the better."

"WHAT!?!?" Harry, who was quite for the whole time, shouted, interrupting her. He growled, now enraged, "I will not scout planets for you to eat and kill everyone! I would rather die!"

"Good." Death said, nodding in agreement.

Harry lost his rage and eloquently stated, "Huh?"

Death spoke up, ignoring Harry for now, "Have you ever tasted a whole planet full of living people? Because I have, and I hate the taste of planets, and the souls might possibly be tasty, but I'm Death. I don't eat souls, I send them on their way. Now, SHUT UP AND LISTEN, HUMAN!"

Scared of the power emitted by the Entity in front of him, Harry snapped back into his place and crossed his hands.

Death looked at him in annoyance and said, "Good. Now don't talk, unless I ask you a question. Your questions can wait. So, you will be my Herald, meaning I will send you only to kill those beings who are not meant to be eternal, but they have somehow gained Immortality. No planets. Just immortal beings. Speaking of, I have a job for you right after our talk is over and you're back on Earth, remind me to give it to you, kay?"

Harry nodded rapidly, still scared, but a little relieved by the job he had. Killing immortals was something he knew. Case in point: Voldemort.

"So," Death spoke up again, and said, "Any questions?"

Harry started with a question he wanted to ask for a long time, "Why haven't we met before? I've died- what, 5 times? 6? Why haven't we met during those times?"

Death made an "Ah!" sound and answered, "Thought you might ask a different question first. So why now? Simply speaking, you weren't strong enough. Want a long answer? Your answer begins with the Tesseract. This is the first death you've had thanks to a Cosmic power, and yes, the Infinity Stones count as Cosmic Powers. If I had met you in this form when you died for the second time, you would have become a vegetable. Alive, but not living. Thanks to the Ritual you do during the lunar eclipses every year, the Heart Shaped Herb, the exposure to 2 Infinity Stones, and lastly, getting killed by the energy of an Infinity Stone, these all factors lead you to meet me. If any two of the conditions were not met, you'd have to have waited another death or two to meet me."

Harry nodded in acceptance, satisfied with the answer, but then he noticed something and asked, "Second time? That was my second time dying?"

"Oh yes, absolutely. You didn't think you can just not die when hit by a Killing Curse, did you?" Death asked Harry, who blushed, because that was exactly what he, and the rest of the Wizarding World thought.

"Huh. Well, you're wrong. You died that day. For, maybe just a microsecond or something. As I expected to be, I was notified of your death as soon as Riddle's curse hit your 15 month old body. But you were to be my Herald, so I sent you back. There's a paradox somewhere there, if you try to find it." Death said, and then chuckled at the last part.

"You knew I was going to be your Herald, so you sent me back to life, which in turn made me your Herald after 16 years." Harry chuckled wryly at that. His whole life he was ruled by a prophecy, and now his being alive was thanks to a small prophecy too.

"Why me? Why was I supposed to be the Herald?" Harry asked after 2 minutes of silence.

Death smirked at him, clapped her hands a few times and giggled. She exclaimed, "Oh, I've been waiting for that one question for 3000 years!"

Harry actually dropped his jaw this time, seeing the scary Lady Death giggling like a school girl, and at the amount of years she had waited for one question. 'What could be an explanation for that?' Harry thought to himself.

Death did not disappoint, and explained, "This is a long story, so sit back and relax. This story starts 4000 years ago, in this Universe, when the Asgardian King, Odin, had a daughter, named Hela. You might remember her name from the Norse mythology of your Universe, her being Loki's daughter in the Myths. The Seers messed that part up, by the way. Right Multiverse, but wrong Universe.

"So anyways, Hela was born, and 1200 years later, she was known throughout the Universe as the Goddess of Death. Why? Because she was a necromancer. Honestly, she shows off her Necromancy to her father and gets a realm named after her, and becomes known as the Goddess of Death. Do you know how insulting it is to me? She created sturdier Inferi and gets the title of Goddess of Death? The uppity bitch."

Harry who had calmly listened to the story until now, almost laughed when he saw Death scowling at the perceived insult. But Harry could understand. Titles are not to be taken lightly, after all.

Death continued speaking, after cursing Hela for a while, she said, "Now, when she was 1200 or something years old, Odin grew scared of her. She stopped taking his orders, she did everything else Odin himself did when he was young. They both fought with the same ferocity, killed with the same idiotic grin on their faces. Both Odin and Hela were monsters on the Battlefield. So, Odin decided to punish Hela, because she didn't listen to him anymore. But did it do it himself? Noooo.. Odin sent his best warriors after her, the Valkyrie. Ah.. now those ladies were something. The grace, the Pegasus they rode on. Amazing!"

"You're drooling." Harry dryly pointed out at her fangirl behaviour.

Death cleared her throat and wiped her lips. She continued speaking, like she wasn't just drooling at the thought of warrior women, and said, "Anyways. No use thinking about those gorgeous warriors now. Hela," Death spat, "slaughtered all of them. Odin had sent them to their deaths. Only one of them is alive as of now, and she is getting drunk off her ass on Planet Sakaar, with no thoughts of going back to Asgard. You should do something about that too. I'll put it on the list. Hela slaughtered the Valkyrie, and so now Odin himself comes. He defeats her and banishes her to Helheim. He then fortifies the protection spells with his life, so as long as he's alive, Hela doesn't escape Helheim."

Death paused at that and smirked, "And now, here's the interesting part of the story."

"There's something more interesting in this story than a fangirling Death?!" Harry whispered to himself in shock.

Death ignored him and spoke, "Hela was not content with sitting in Helheim, trapped for eternity. Or as long as Odin was alive. She knew that Odin would stay alive for at least 2500 more years. So she started trying to escape using her magic as well as her Necromantic powers. Using Norse runes, which Odin himself taught her, and her Necromancy, Hela made a device that would theoretically help her escape from Helheim. It was an arc like portal, which lead to somewhere away from Helheim. Sounds familiar, don't it?" Death smirked at the horrified face that Harry had made.

"The Veil of Death!" Harry mumbled.

Death kept smirking and said, "Correct. She found a way out of Helheim. But not as she had hoped. Oh no, Odin expected this. So he had even incorporated a spell stopping her body from going away from Helheim, again, until he dies. So, Hela activated the Veil of death, and went through it. Correction, her soul went through it, which lead her to Midgard. Your Midgard. But not directly to Midgard, no. Her soul passed through here, through My Realm first. It doesn't have a name, but every soul passes through it."

Death paused her story and smiled at Harry, waiting for him to realise something, so Harry narrowed his eyes at her for a minute, and finally gave up and asked, "Alright, I'll bite. What did you do to her?"

Death laughed and said, "I blocked her memories, all of them! And pushed her soul into an unborn wizardling baby!"

Harry widened his eyes at that, understanding the implications. He sighed loudly, ran his hand down his face, and asked, "She's my great-grandmother or something, isn't she? That's why I was selected for being a Herald."

Death stopped laughing, but still kept a smile on her face and said, "Not quiet. She's your direct ancestor, yes. But it's also true for every wizard and witch from your generation. Except maybe the muggleborn. Although, your friend Hermione was also descended from her."

Harry blinked once at that revelation and asked, "So, Hermione wasn't an actual Muggleborn, afterall?"

Death snorted at him and said, "Don't be stupid. Even a child of two Squibs is technically a muggleborn. She was descended from Hela, yes, but that doesn't mean she was secretly a half-blood or something. Now shall I continue?"

Harry nodded, reluctantly, not knowing what more revelations Death was going to drop on him.

Death continued, "So, on October 31st, 1189 AD, in your Universe, Hela Hufflepuff was born. And yes, she was one of the multiple descendents of Helga Hufflepuff. I wanted to birth her as a first generation witch, in a farmer's house, but I couldn't change the standards she was supposed to live by, no matter the Universe. Now, Hela had completely forgotten everything about Asgard, or even this Universe, so she lived a happy life. Went to Hogwarts, got sorted in Slytherin, ironic really. And then, she got married at the tender age of 19 to your ancestor."

"Let me guess," Harry interjected dryly, "Ignotus Peverell?"

Death looked at him for a long moment, in annoyance for interrupting her, as well as in disbelief, as if he was stupid. She finally asked, "Have you even seen your family tree? Ignotus was born in 1214 AD. No, you dumbass. Hela married Antioch the first, Ignotus's father. Now zip it, and listen.

"Hela married Antioch I Peverell at Spring Equinox, 1207. It wasn't a love marriage, but an arranged one, although she was a happy wife. Now, remember when I said I blocked off her memories, yeah, when I did that, I couldn't block out her instincts. So I also couldn't block out her fascination as well as talent in Necromancy. Now, Midgard at that time, was really liberal with the Dark Arts, so Necromancy was only frowned upon, but not condemned. So she had a lot more material to study from as compared to on Asgard.

"Hela had become known as a Necromancer, and now she taught the same skills to her children. Antioch II, Cadmus, and Ignotus, your ancestors. She lived a full happy life of 47 years, and then died. Now, when she died, her soul had to go back to her original body, so I let it go through the Veil of Death in your Universe and sent her back in her original body, this time keeping my hands off her brain. So when she woke up, back on Helheim, she knew everything that had happened. She didn't want to become a mortal again, so she destroyed the Veil she had made, and stopped trying to escape Helheim.

"Back on Your Midgard, before Hela's death, she had sent her 3 kids on an errand out of the village, on her birthday, no less. Where they met me, and the story you know happened. Cross a river- impress death- three gifts- wise younger brother- yada yada yada. So there. This is why you are my Herald." Death finished, satisfied by her explanation.

Harry thought it over, but still had one doubt about it. So he asked, "Um.. Lady Death? I get that you wanted someone from the line of Odin as your Herald to snub him, even if it's only magically, and no one knows it, I get that you needed an affinity for Death in your Herald. But there had to be thousands of people who were descended from one of the Peverell brothers. But why me? Why me, specifically?"

Death smiled kindly at him and said, "Oh I forgot about that part. Every other descendant of Hela Peverell were only descended from at most 2 of the brothers. Your Voldemort was descended only from Cadmus. Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore were from Ignotus and Antioch. And so on, most of it was thanks to the intermarrying of Wizards. But none of them were descended from ALL THREE of the Peverell Brothers. That was one of the conditions for being my Herald. Just like one had to have all three Deathly Hallows to Master Death, he also had to have the blood of the 3 original owners of them. Plus, the way you got them was the best clue, even if you didn't know the actual story."

Harry frowned at her, and asked, "What do you mean? How am I descended from all 3 brothers? I only knew about Ignotus."

Death nodded at the question and answered, "Your father was descended from both Ignotus, as well as Antioch. Antioch's only daughter had married into the Gryffindor line, and her great-grandchildren married out into different families, one of which, Potter. As you might know, Ignotus's granddaughter, Iolanthe Peverell, married Hardwin Potter, the first Potter and the son of Linfred the Potterer of Stinchcombe. You see, most of the Wizarding World that you first knew was descended from both Ignotus and Antioch. Only a few were descended from only one of them. Thanks to all that interbreeding.

"But Cadmus, no. Cadmus's descendants were down to only two lines. The Gaunts, who never married their women out of the house for fear of sharing their Parseltongue. All the other lines had died out, or got married into the Gaunts. And there was squib line, which produced only squibs for centuries. That was, until Lily Evans was born. A magical descendant of Cadmus Peverell, the first to be born after Tom Riddle.

"So yes, when your mother and father had you, you became the first person to be born out of all three lines. Which automatically made you the prime candidate for the Herald of Death. Then there's also the date I gave them the gifts in the first place." Death finished her explanation calmly, either ignoring, or not seeing Harry's nervous state.

Harry gulped, nervously, and asked, "What was the date?"

Death said, "31st October, 1225, that was when I met the Three Brothers. I'll explain the significance. Ignotus was 11 when I met him, and he was 11 when I gave him the Cloak of Invisibility. His older brother, Cadmus, was 16, and had just lost his fiance to an illness, when I gave him the Resurrection Stone. And the oldest brother was 17, almost 18, when I gave him the Wand of Elder, or as you know it, the Elder Wand, the Deathstick."

Harry had his eyes closed, in frustration. He spoke, unnecessarily, "I was 11 when I got the Cloak, 16 for the Stone, and 2 months away from 18 when I got the Wand. Was this all supposed to happen? Was there even an ounce of free will on my part?" Harry was shedding tears at the end.

The first 18 years of his life were spent dancing to the tune of Dumbledore and Voldemort. Dumbledore meant well, but he still played with Harry's life, and Harry had said the same to his face. Well, to his portrait and his ghost, but you understand. And now, he finds out that everything was predetermined. Everything he did was so he could come to this universe and become it's Herald of Death? When he tried so hard to make his life his own, he was supposed to dance to someone else's tune now? Only now, there's no choice in the matter.

He could have said "Fuck you!" to Dumbledore or the Wizarding World any time and gone off to an orgy or something. But here? Death herself was asking, which meant ordering, you to do stuff for her.

Harry kept crying, in helplessness at the situation. It sounded like something only his life could turn into. In between tears, Harry felt someone hug him to their chest, their soft chest. Harry kept crying, ignoring Death's hug.

Death rubbed her hands on Harry's back and whispered to him, "Hushhh.. Yes it was supposed to happen that way, but of course there was a choice, child. Your life was full of obstacles, and you could have quit your duty anytime you wanted. But.. as soon as you touched the third hallow, and rejected the Stone and the Wand, you passed the test. How should I say it? Your life was the preparation tests for the main exam that was your decision to give up the Hallows. If you had accepted the Hallows right away, if you'd been selfish, I would have let you live your full life of 127 years and you would have died an old man in Hogwarts. But you didn't, and I'm happy for it."

Harry cried for another minute, and then wiped his eyes. He looked towards Death and said, "The first 17 years of my life I'd been manipulated by Dumbledore, to give up my life at the right moment, to die. Then I found out that I can't bloody stay dead! So I started living my life as I wanted it. I became a scholar, ignoring the offers for jobs as an Unspeakable or an Auror. I taught at Hogwarts, doing what I loved, at the place that I loved, with the people that I loved. I couldn't marry anyone, but that was okay, because I already had a son that I loved, Teddy, but then he died, along with everyone else. So I gave up on trying to find love for myself. And now, you're telling me, that all I had to do was keep the Wand and Stone for myself and I would have lived a happy normal life?!"

Death frowned at him and smacked him in the head. She said, "Listen. Normal is overrated. And they died, so does everyone. So will you, someday. You will live longer than anyone save the Cosmics, but you will die. If you just wanted long living partners, you could have tried it with Amora, or Sif. Both are exactly what you wanted. Or even Loki, if you were into that."

Harry snorted at her, sniffed his nose, and said, "The only time I met Loki, he was a 400 year old teenager. I'm not going there. Sif is not exactly my type, and she's in love with Loki's brother. As for Amora, I do like her, but she's not that serious. Shagging a few times was okay, for her, and for me. But a commitment is not something she does."

Death shook her head at her Herald's nativity and said, "Well. That's your problem. Any other questions?"

Harry nodded at her, resigned, and asked, "What are my.. duties, as the Herald of Death?"

Death put a finger on her chin, thinking. She said, "I don't really care what you do in your life. It's your life. But I will give you jobs to do once the time for it comes. Speaking of, there are two jobs that I have for you once you are back home."

Harry cleaned himself up with a spell, knowing he has no choice, but taking it in stride, he asked, "What's the jobs?"

"The first is take that Space ship you have stored, or use those Portals of yours, and go to planet Vormir, you'll have to search for the planet yourself. In all the time you've been in my realm, your murderer, Johann Schmidt has wound up on Planet Vormir, immortal, and is guarding the Soul Stone. He was forced to do it though, so when someone takes the stone away, he will be free to return home. I want you to kill him, and keep the Soul Stone somewhere safe, but keep it hidden from everything. There are beings that can sense those stones." Death started with 2 fingers held up, and pushed one finger down as she said it.

"The second job, is forging a weapon for your job as a Herald. You have Uru, you will know what to do when you get home. But beware, don't use that weapon on every upstart you encounter. You will use the Godkiller only on Gods, and only those I ask you to use it on. Those that have somehow cheated me, only those are supposed to be killed using the Godkiller." Death pulled the second finger down, signifying the end of tasks.

Harry nodded at her and said, "Sounds easy enough. What's the catch?"

Death looked at him and patiently explained, "Infinity Stones are dangerous. Earth already has two of them. If people, dangerous people, find out that a third is on Earth, they will attack it to find the stones at any cost. Or they might attack thinking Earth is getting to uppity. You have to keep the Soul Stone hidden from everything and everyone. Don't even tell Amora, or everything will go down in drain. You can figure something out to block out its energy pattern."

Harry nodded at her, knowing she was speaking the truth. He was about to ask another question when there was a bright flash of light from his right side. He turned to look at it and saw that it was a portal, similar to what he remembered Veil of Death being.

Death got up and dusted her dress. She said, "Well, your body has finished rebuilding itself. Be thankful that I brought it to your Island, or your animals would have attacked humans to find you. Plus, you'd have been reborn in Poland, in front of people. Which would not have been good for your health." Death paused a bit and said, "We will meet again, My Herald. You can think of any more questions you have yet to ask. Until then, Goodbye."

"Hey! Wait a min- Aah!" Harry began, but something pushed him into the portal as Death waved her hand. The last thing he heard was Death's melodious voice, giggling at Harry's face.

"I hope you forgive me, Harry Potter. Your presence is important for the existence of our Multiverse, or I wouldn't have brought you here. One Multiverse has already lost it's balance, thanks to one child in a tantrum. I will not let Thanos destroy this Multiverse too. I have a vested interest in this one." Death mumbled to herself.

When Harry next opened his eyes, he jumped back from the long, pointy fangs in front of his face.

"God dammit, Felix! Don't scare me like that!" Harry shouted at Felix, who was laughing at Harry. Felix was as about as tall as a Hippogriff, so his fangs were quite big.

Felix growled at Harry after laughing at him for a minute, and Harry got the message, 'Where were you all this time?'

"How long has it been since I died?" Harry asked himself. To check, Harry waved his hand and whispered, "Temp et diem." A hologram of some letters and numbers appeared above Harry's hand, which said, "October 31st, 1953: 17:07."

"1953?! I've been dead 10 years?" Harry shouted out, looking at Felix, who just looked at him dryly as if asking, 'Why do you think I was worried, you dumbass?'

"Damn! I didn't think I would lose this much time. I expected maybe a month or two! Not a decade!?! Damn!" Harry exclaimed. He then noticed something. He had an idea of a weapon, a Godkiller weapon. He quickly wrote it all down, before he could forget it.

Death had sent him the knowledge he would need to make the Godkiller. But for that to work, he'll have to kill Schmidt and bring the Soul Stone first.

As for how he'll go? He has the Kree Space ship that he had rebuilt, with Vibranium. He had just made it using normal metals and fibres first. But his first out of planet flight showed him that the space debris can harm it. So he rebuilt it using Vibranium. Then there's the Space Stone pellets he has. Creating portals to the planets will be easy enough, once he knows where exactly it is, but if it doesn't work, only then he'll use the space ship.

But for now, he hasn't eaten in 10 years. He needs food.

A/N: The other Multiverse Death spoke about is the original MCU. Destruction of the Infinity Stones messed up with the balance of the Universe, and with it, the Multiverse. So, to prevent it from happening Death brought Hela to HP Universe, and then Harry to MCU to make changes.

Hope you like my history lesson!

Now, Harry won't just use the Godkiller weapon on every enemy. For most enemies he'll use either Angar, Godric or Bast, depending on his mood. For Thanos, or other immortal gods, and only if Death has a bounty on their head, will Harry summon the Godkiller.

Comment your preference for Harry's Godkiller! I was thinking of a Kusarigama, like Madara's and Hattori Hanzo's or a Scythe, that's normally portrayed in Death's pictures.

And yes, Harry will go to Vormir. But I want to ask you guys? Should he call up some Asgardian Ghost, or visit Xandar to find where Vormir is? There's a chance that someone will find it suspicious that a human is looking for a dead planet. Comment please!