Hi, Ras here. A few words to tell you about this story. This is a prelude to my other story Captive Soul which I have already started. This story will tell how Sesshomaru came to be a slave.


This story will be dark. A telling of how a powerful demon such as Sesshomaru was taken and almost literally broken to the point of non existance. I felt that this would be an asset to help understand Captive Soul to a better extent. Now, on to the story.



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Chapter One: Trapped

The last rays of the golden sunlight spilled into the clouds overhanging the horizon, creating cottony puffs of crimson, and yellowy orange.

As the crisp night wind splashed across his face and fluttered through his silver hair, Sesshomaru flew above the trees, diligently patrolling his fathers borders for any sign of rogue youkai.

He outwardly cursed. This was supposed to be Inuyasha's job, but the mutt ran off on some wild goose chase involving the myth of a sacred jewel protected by youkai exterminators.

'The Fool' he thought with disdain and disappointment. 'Can't accept the fact he is a hanyou, always trying to become a full demon, even when father implores him to embrace his human blood.'

"Humans...hmph.....scourge....I will never see in them what my father saw in that human he called his mate."

And now, with his father away on some diplomatic mission, he was left alone with the sole duty of watching out for invaders.

Alighting on the soft earth, the inu youkai prince sniffed the air, but found no traces of any threat.

Sesshomaru peered up through the trees to the now emerging starlight.

Why? Why had his father presented his half breed of a brother with such a powerful fang and given him, his first born and full demon son, a worthless weapon used only for healing?

It made no sense. He was the heir.

He should have been given the honor of brandishing his father's fang which held the capacity to kill a hundred youkai in one stroke.

But his sire gave the power of destruction to his half brother instead.

Inuyasha carried the love for humans, not he. He would rather die than help heal a human or any other creature.

He unsheathed the Tenseiga and stared at the metal reflecting the tiny pinpoints of light. His tone mildly dry. "Worthless."

After returning the sword to his side, he then pulled out Tojkin.

Father had been quite vexed with him when he had commissioned the sword to be made out of the demon fang that broke the Tetsusaiga in two.

That battle had nearly driven Inuyasha insane.

His half brother's precious sword had been broken during the fight.

And with Tetsusaiga gone, the shield restraining Inuyasha's demon blood had shattered.

It reduced Inuyasha into a cold blooded killer, his half human mind too fragile to control his demon blood's rage.

His father had to contain Inuyasha until the Tetsusaiga could be fixed.

But now he, Sesshomaru, owned a weapon as powerful, if not more powerful, than Tetsusaiga.

And the inu youkai itched to try his new blade out on a warranted foe.

With luck, on this very evening, he may get the chance to test his blade.

As he made his way along the edge of his fathers lands, he spied the border to the south.

Father had given him explicit instructions not to venture into the the high mountainous terrain of the south, warning of unknown dangers that may be too perilous to meddle with.

But he, Sesshomaru, held Tojkin. Nothing could or would stand a chance against him.

His wish for a worthy opponent may yet be granted .

Without a second thought, he took an arrogant step forward, crossing over into the southern lands.


Everything became quiet; no birds, no insects, no wind.

This in itself, began to unnerve the inu youkai. If a danger lurked nearby, there would be no warning from nature what so ever.

He would have to depend solely on his sharp canine senses.

Pitch Black ebbed through out the forested land, bringing the errie silence with it.

The putrid smell of damp earth and decaying moss stung his nose.

He stopped.


A spark of fear seeped up from his instincts.

Then he became angry.

He, Sesshomaru, would not fear darkness or anything in that darkness.

HE was the heir to the Western Lands.

Royal blood flowed in his veins.

Fear...would not rule over one such as he.


And to prove that very point, he strolled further into the blackening abyss of the mountains.


From out of the wooded undergrowth came a fierce scream.

Sesshomaru crouched low to the ground, a feral tint lining his features.

It had sounded like a feline youkai. A very large panther demon to be precise.

His prey had presented itself.

The shrill caterwall echoed in the night while heavy crashing footfalls resounded closer.

He smiled.

The youkai must be enormous and it was definitely headed in his direction.

Sesshomaru held tight to Tojkin, ready for battle.

But then he sensed the panther demon change strides, moving in the opposite direction.

'Damn, must have caught my scent.'

"No, damnit!" he cursed. "You will not run away from this, Sesshomaru, so easily."

Following the panther youkai's echoing footfalls, the dog demon bounded through the underbrush.

The thrill of the hunt pounded in his blood.

His senses crested with the rush of adrenaline.

But so intent on his prey, the inu youkai did not notice the invisable barrier he unwittingly leapt through.

Then... his intended target vanished from his senses without a trace.

He stopped.

Now he was confused.

As he assessed the circling area to determine what had become of his quarry, he realized that everything had become deathly still.

Irritated, Sesshomaru had had enough.

He put Tojkin back in it's sheath.

Just as his feet left the earth to rise and return to his fathers lands, a bright light engulfed him instantly.

Then his head hit something.

He dropped.

He was surrounded by metal; black, shiny, strange.

Flexing his claws, he slashed at the bars in front of him, only to receive a shock that sent him flying backwards.

Sitting up in a crouch, he surveyed the enclosure.

Bars on one side and solid, seamless metal on the other five sides of this.....trap.

He smirked.

Someone or something believed they could ensnare and hold him.

It was most amusing.

Standing to his full height, The demon summoned the power to crack his energy whip.

Nothing happened.

This trap was ensorcelled, containing his demonic energy. But only a monk or very powerful miko had the power for such an enchantment.

He was becoming angry.

No one caged him.

Poison dripped from his extended claws. He then sprayed the noxious liquid on the wall to his right.

The toxic secretion bubbled and hissed only to fall and evaporate on the black metal floor.

No damage had been done.

Even an attempt to turn into an orb of light was thwarted because of the sealing.


He brought out the sword, weilding it in his right hand. Raising the fang, he sliced at the bars before him.

Not a scratch.

That was it!

With his anger boiling up inside him, scarlet flooded the whites of his eyes.

He would transform and bust out of this damned prison.

But something in him cried out and he halted his transformation.

What if.....the metal did not budge. His giant dog form would be crushed ....breaking every bone in his body.

Probably enough damage to actually kill him.

The seriousness of the situation became apparent.

He now knew that this entrapment was designed specifically for dangerous youkai.


He had to wait.

Someone would come soon to check up on their trap.

And then, he would kill whoever dared to keep him pinned up like an animal.

Kill them slowly.

And to emphasize his mental statement, he cracked every knuckle while stretching out the sharp points at the end of each fingertip.








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