I'm putting this up for my friend (she wrote it) as a birthday surprise.
Hey TishVamp! I'd say, 'don't do anything I wouldn't do' but that's never
stopped you before---

~* The Real Last Supper *~

The sun hath lost his searing gaze,
The moon doth rule the night
And in a darkened singing hall
Were those who shun the light.

Deep draughts of ruby red
The vampires did enjoy,
And in a thrown of hammered gold -
The Lord of their employ.

Sat picking bones, from feather wings
Of things that used to fly
Up in the light and fluffy clouds
Till one didst tell a lie

A fallen seraphim, what a feast
The dark Lord did delight
In pleasures of the left wing road
For him that owned the night

Virgins dancing in golden cages
Kings are forced to act as pages
Servants dressed in finery
Priests partake in ecstasy

And on his thrown - the Devil grins
For the righteous now indulge their sins
The bones picked clean - he throws them down
And reaches for his Thorny Crown---