A/N: Hey everyone, I recently started watching All American and I got HOOKED! I really love Asher and Olivia together and I think they make a great couple! Anyways, here is my take on what if Asher was the one who remembered it was Liv's one year sobriety mark and tries to tallk her down. However it doesn't work and it relapses.

Fair warning, I don't have much experience writing about addiction so any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

Olivia stared at the bottle of pills only for a second before she was reminded of everything that costed her her life. Although she barely remembered pieces of what happened that night, it changed her life. Her one-year sobriety mark was coming up tomorrow and all she could think of right now was the urge to pop a pill in her mouth.

Olivia didn't understand what was happening. For months, she'd been to parties, around drugs and alcohol and not once was she tempted. But today felt different. It felt like all of a sudden she was back to her old self from a year ago. She had thought that by talking her sponsor, it would help, but it didn't. She carried around the bottle of pills in her pocket all day, trying to figure out what to do. She knew she should have dumped it as soon as she found it, but she just couldn't. At least not yet...

"Liv?" Asher called out after finding her sitting at the café sitting alone and staring off into space.

She snapped back into awareness, blinking a few times before turning her body towards him. "Asher... hey. What are you doing here?"

Asher took a seat next to her. "Actually, I've been looking for you. Been calling and texting you but you didn't respond."

"Yeah, tough day today... I just needed some time to think."

Asher saw the uneasiness in her eyes and the way she held herself in a defensive position, fidgeting with her ear. "Liv, what's going on? Whatever it is, you know you can tell me, right?"

She nodded as there was an awkward silence hanging over them. She was about to tell him about the bottle when he pulled out a Wonder Woman pin from his pocket.

"The reason I was looking for you was because I wanted to give you this. I know you loved the remake and I thought it would be great way to symbolize your one-year sobriety mark." He looked into her eyes before continuing on. "I am so proud of you and how hard you fought for this..." his voice trailed off to a tiny whisper as Liv took the bottle out of her pocket and set it onto the counter.

"I find them this morning in my closet."

Asher stared at the bottle and glanced at her, not knowing exactly how to approach this. "Have you taken any?"

"No, not yet. But today..."

"Talk to me, Liv. What's going on?"

She let out a heavy sigh, "I guess with the one-year sobriety coming up, I feel like I'm so alone that there's no one there with me to celebrate this. You're the only person who even remembered. Not even my family and I get it. This time of year is always bad... My dad and Jordan have playoffs and my mom has her DA campaigns. I don't know, maybe I had too high of expectations of them to just show up and be there for me... "

Asher listened tentatively to her words and reached out to take her hand in his. "Liv, I had no idea you felt this way. You should have told me. You know you can always tell me what's on your mind." He squeezed her hand and gave her a small smile.

"I know." She gave him a small smile back.

"But if you feel this way, you should tell your parents and Jordan."

She immediately shook her head, "No, that will just hurt them."

"But it's hurting you and you can't heal unless you tell them."

She nodded and wiped away the tears that were slowly sliding her face.

"Come here," Asher said, leaning in to hug her. She buried her head into his shoulder, tightly holding him before whispering thank you in his ear. He nodded and whispered back "I'm here for you, no matter what."

After Asher dropped Liv off at her house, he texted Jordan to keep an eye on Liv. If he couldn't keep an eye on her for the rest of the night, the least he could do was tell Jordan. That way she could have some support that she's been looking for.

Liv took a shower, hoping that it would wash away her temptations. She then sat down on her bed with the bottle in her hands, playing with it and listening to the pills rattling around. She held herself lost in thought until there was a knock on the door.

"Hey Liv," Jordan said, taking a step towards the room.

Liv immediately shoved the bottle under her blanket and hoped Jordan hadn't noticed. "Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing. Just wanted to check up on you. How are you doing?"

Liv raised her eyebrows in suspicion, "Let me guess. Asher?"

"He didn't say much. Just that you had a bad day."

"Yeah. Don't worry, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"


Jordan nodded and turned to leave her room right before she stopped him.

"Do you have plans tomorrow night?"

"No... why?"

"Tomorrow my one-year sobriety mark is coming up and I was wondering... you know... if you'd like to come... But you don't have to if you don't want" she said determined not to get her hopes up.

Jordan's face was flushed with embarrassment, forgetting that almost a year ago his sister nearly died. "Liv, I'm so sorry. Every time I think about what happened, I just feel so guilty that I didn't do more to stop you from OD'ing that night. I know I could have done more."

"It wasn't your fault, Jordan. It was all on me, you know. I wanted to be that 'party girl' that had all the attention. There was nothing you could have done."

"But there's something I can do now. Just let me know when and where."

Liv smiled at him and gave him a fist bump before he left her room.

Liv woke up the next morning feeling worse off than the night before. Today was officially one year since she stopped. She had really thought talking to both Asher and Jordan, somehow it would work. That she would stop feeling this way. She noticed on her phone that there was one message from Asher from last night.

Asher - You okay?

Liv – No...

She got up from bed and set her phone on her nightstand. She went into the bathroom and saw the bottle she left there last night. She looked in the mirror and took a deep breath before unscrewing the cap and putting a pill in her hand. She broke it in half and put one half in the bottle.

"Just this once," she sighed in relief as she swallowed the other half of the pill.