Time To Move On

Okay, so this is a reboot of my Naruto DxD: Sacred Fox. It's going to be a bit different, but I trying a different approach to this. I-I hope I can play this right and slow things down. I rush the story and I don't allow the story to progress nicely and slowly. Now, the way I'm going to approach this story is a single pairing and a single pairing only. To make it fair I will be choosing the pairing, now for those who want other girls. I mean yes, they are all great, they are all amazing. All hot beauties that I'd love to be with. Me, I am trying a different approach. I think a single pairing will make this all but more interesting. As for the pairing I am really debating between two actually. Like I REALLY want Rias like a lot of people like. I know what you guys will say! RIAS IS SO OVERUSED! USE SOMEONE ELSE! Well I mean listen I'm just attracted to Rias more than the others. If I don't write what I like, how can I produce good work? Now I ain't dissing Koneko, but to me, she seems like a child. I-I can't get around that if I tried to do that be producing shit content. With Rias, I know I can produce something good! I mean I could even do Akeno and produce great work too! I like Asia too she is cute but she like a little sister to me. Xenovia is awesome but she like emotionless. Idk but all in all it is my decision like recently I realized how THICC Tsubaki is, but she hardly gets any screen time. I hardly know what type of person she is.

Naruto Uzumaki was a man among mankind. He was your typical everyday normal teenager. He had wild spiky blonde hair, with the sides of his hair framing his face. Making his face seem early similar to his now-deceased father. Naruto had cerulean blue eyes that shined, unlike most people, he has ever been around. Everyone would consider him stranger; he bounces from place to place. He would never stay in one place for too long. It wasn't because of his past; it was because he wanted to influence society as little as possible. You see, Naruto is almost thousands of years old. He has been alive since the Warring States, since the elemental Nations.

He has been in the shadow of the world for many years and many more to come. Naruto got his time to shine, but he had to leave once his time was up. Naruto never really had the best life, but he made it the best he could when he was 'alive'. He still loved the previous people he cared for, the people he looked after. He even fulfilled his dream of being Hokage and with everyone looking up to him. No one saw him the demon fox. No one despised him, he was able to get the recognition he wanted from the village. He watched all his friends and family grow up together and have families together. They had children and grandchildren. They lived their lives to the fullest, however, since Naruto decided to hold all the Bijuu in him.

This gave him immortality and eternal youth as well. This caused his body to never age and his life force to be almost infinite. However, there was one thing that Naruto had to deny himself of love after all of his friends passed. The one sacrifice he made to make sure the tail beasts were never used for their power again. He also decided to rip apart and destroy the Shinobi system and made sure that no one could ever use chakra again. He removed anything to do with learning to access chakra.

Then again it was history, so Naruto didn't completely remove it from history. He removed enough where people knew what chakra was. However, they could never fully utilize chakra ever again. Even though he did this, it didn't change anything. The world still grew, learned, and prospered without the use of chakra. They originally had swords and kunai, but humanity learned to create weapons known as guns.

Naruto watched over the centuries as humanity evolved and changed. It was an amazing thing for Naruto watch, he would always stay in the shadow. Sometimes he would make small miracles happen by saving good folk. Even in this world without chakra, there were maniacs like Jack the ripper a serial killer in a country known in Great Britain. Naruto thought that Kisame Hoshigaki was terrible. Naruto watched the world grow, fall, and regrow again. The way how humanity kept itself going even with the world wars, the depression, and then WWII. The things humanity created were fascinating and allowed Naruto to keep up with the world.

Which reminds Naruto of the other beings that are out there. The other Otsutsuki out there like Kaguya. Well, that was simple all he did was defeat them and seal them away into moons. The moons that float around some of the planets in this solar system. Once he took care of that, some weird things began to happen in the world. Like that another world woke up, this time it was between three big factions in the world.

This was on the supernatural level, the war between Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils. Yes, for some reason those mystical creatures now decide to resurface. Naruto never involved himself with them mainly them reminding them of the elemental nations. This is probably why they all stayed away because not a lot of these mythical things were as strong as Naruto. The only beings who could match Naruto in power would have to be the other Otsutsuki. Well maybe if they all teamed up on him maybe they could give him a challenge. However, Naruto kept himself out of the way and let them figure their own things out.

It reminded Naruto of his master's words about hate and vengeance. Seems even now, after all, he did that more anger and hate still existed.

Naruto made small contributions to the world, mainly through literature. Yes, Naruto decided to pick up where Jiraiya left off on his book series. It gave Naruto a source of income while staying secretive of his work. When he got popular enough, he would have to make live appearances for fans. He would just use Jiraiya's appearance and used the alias Jiraiya first then he used Kakashi for the son, Hiruzen for the son's son. Then he would cycle anyone's name who was a pervert when he was a child.

Out of Naruto's Mind

Naruto's eyes snapped open as he looked around to find himself in everything he hated. Of all the years he has been alive one thing has never changed. That was school… yep, the same crap that he went through during the academy years. The only props he gives was having a physical education class. Granted the classes weren't that harder, he already knew the material. He would always keep to himself and do his work. He would stay at the school for a week or two and then transfer.

Right now Naruto was in a class in Germany. Believe it or not, Naruto was pretty fluent in a lot of the languages of the world. He could speak English, Chinese, Korean, Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese, and his main being Japanese. He was currently in a history class in Germany which was about WWII and how they have to know it happened. Yeah, Naruto knew all of it, hell he even saw the camps that were there. Even if Naruto didn't like it, he used a henge and used what German he knew at the time and impersonated a friendly Nazi General. Together they worked helping and freeing as many Jews as they could.

Anyways that a little dark, but at the moment Naruto is going to be transferring to another school. He is starting at this new school next week; this school is in Japan. It's been a century or two since he has been back to Japan too. Thankfully, Naruto would use shadow clones and transformation jutsu to impersonate his parents. He would either use his real parents, or he would use Tsunade and Jiraiya, or even random civilians. He would even use Ayame and Minato, mainly because Naruto looked up to Ayame like an older sister. Even as Hokage Naruto got to see Kiba and Ayame have a child together. It warmed Naruto's heart knowing that somewhere were his friend's descendants.

In German Class

"Uzumaki! Pay attention, please! Can you tell me the name of one of the generals who helped save the Jews during the holocaust?" His German teacher asked.

Naruto replied in German, "Well there were several Generals…".

Time Skip Next Week

Naruto made his way towards his home in Japan, the apartment he made a contract with made with the landlord. Naruto was currently being enrolled in a school called Kuoh Academy, a recent school that uses to be an all-girls school. Naruto was going in as a Junior in the school, he was attending regular classes. Naruto also used the resources to forge proper documents that allowed him to trick the school system allowing him to basically go anywhere.

It was Monday morning as he made his way towards the school. Naruto was currently wearing the typical Kuoh Blazer that the boys wore. The male's uniforms consist of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes. The alterations Naruto had done to his outfit is he had an orange shirt with the red Uzumaki swirl on the back. However, it was covered up by the jacket.

Right now Naruto was currently keeping to himself as he made his way to school. This was all the time, every time he joins a school. They keep speaking harshly about him, but it has gotten to the point where Naruto has stopped caring. He isn't broody and gloomy like Sasuke was, but he more or less kept to himself. He always ignored people's comments because he wasn't going to stay long. He was just going to move on like he usually does, and people will forget he ever existed.

Many of the comments were him looking like a delinquent who dyed his hair. However, many dismissed that since his eyes were blue which meant he was a foreigner. Then they began to talk as if he wasn't fluent in Japanese and that he couldn't understand them. Many would avoid him because he seemed like a bad person. When Naruto made his way inside, he was supposed to meet with the Student Council president.

Before Naruto walked in, he sensed a group of demonic energies coming from the place. It wasn't a big deal he has been in others before and kept himself on the low. Naruto went inside as he looked around to find the people he was supposed to look for. He looked around and saw a group of girls standing together. He walked over and smiled, he also sensed demonic energy off of them, "I-I'm sorry to bother you guys. Are you guys part of the Student Council? I'm looking for a girl named Sona. I'm Naruto Uzumaki". Naruto smiled.

The girls all stop their conversation and smiled, "Well you certainly are in the right spot. However, Sona is yet to come, but I am a friend of hers. My name is Tsubaki, she is president and I am the vice president". The now named Tsubaki gave a slight bow. She was a young bespectacled woman with long straight black hair that extends all the way down to her knees, with split bangs and heterochronic eyes, with a violet left eye and a light brown right eye. She also had blue semi-rimmed glasses with square frames.

Naruto gave her and the others a foxy grin, "Thanks for the help I really appreciate it".

Just then a girl a beautiful young woman with white skin, blue-green eyes came walking up. She had a buxom figure, but her most distinctive feature is her long, beautiful crimson hair that reaches past her waist to her thighs. She also had a single hair strand (known in Japan as ahoge) sticking out from the top. Her hair also has loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face. Naruto eyes widen seeing such red hair, the red crimson hair reminded him of his mother. She smiled at Naruto, "Hello there my name is Rias". She gave Naruto a wink.

"Ara, Ara, Bucho aren't you friendly chance with Uzumaki-kun. My name is Akeno Himejima". Rias's friend gave Naruto a slight bow. The girl had a buxom style body said with a giggle. She is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, very long black hair and violet eyes. Her hair was tied up into a ponytail reaching down to her legs with two strands sticking out from the top and sloping backward. This was all tied together with an orange ribbon.

Naruto just rubbed the back of his head as he looked at Rias. He smiled, "I-I'm sorry I don't mean to stare, you just remind me of my Kaa-san". Naruto smiled.
"Oh, I do? Then she must be a very pretty woman then". Rias giggled as she eyed Naruto wanting to know who he was.

"Yeah, she was! I-I know she was… she was an amazing person". Naruto rubbed the back of his head chuckling. He remembered that he hardly really even knew who his mother was. Granted he only got to meet her for a few minutes. "Hey you know she kinda fine don't ya think? You're a thousand-year-old Virgin". Kurama smirked. "SHUT UP!" Naruto shouted in his mind.

Soon a girl came walking up from the group. She had a slim figure, black hair styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes, "Oh, you must be Uzumaki-san it's nice to meet you. I'm Sona Shitori".

"Likewise, please just call me Naruto. I'm not very fond of formalities". Naruto replied back with a grin.

Sona nodded her head, "For a foreigner, your Japanese is very good. Anyways here is your schedule your classes will be with me and Rias. I can see that your grades are exceptional, but you don't seem to be very social these past few years. I hope you can find friends and you have a better experience at this school than the others". Sona smiled along with the girls in her group.

"Ahh don't sweat the friend stuff too much, I'll probably be leaving again in a week or two anyway". Naruto chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. Sona and the others frown wondering what type of person he could possibly be. Then Naruto began to make his way towards class as the girls watched him walk away.

"I see then… seems like his family doesn't stay in one place at a time". Rias spoke with a frown on her face.

Akeno giggled, "Ara Bucho do you have a thing for blondes?"

"No Akeno I don't, just he seems happier than he leads to be". Rias put her finger on her lip and tapped it curiously.

Sona sighed, "Rias, I saw some of his records. He never stays at a school longer than three weeks. The most he has ever stayed at a school was roughly thirteen or fifteen days. He would leave and go to other schools; he would go to schools all around the world. I did some background checking on him, you might want to check this out". Sona held her phone up to show Rias and Rias and Akeno's eyes widen, "I have photo evidence and documentation showing that Naruto has two sets of legal guardians. We have Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze, then Jiraiya Namikaze and Tsunade Senju. There are many times Naruto would go by Namikaze or Senju".

"So you're saying there might be something more to him". Rias spoke as her interest were piqued even more.

"Now, it's a gamble Rias. Why not let me take care of Hyoudou, I'll let you take Naruto. I'm pretty sure there is more to him". Sona smiled, "Besides I think it's a fair trade-off don't you think?" Sona smiled.

Rias thought about, Koneko has told Rias that he smelled like a dragon. He is a major pervert he would have to deal with as well. Then again, he has a dragon, but what about Naruto? He seemed strong, "Do I get time? I would want Koneko to look into him".

"That's fine, if not I'll take him. See if he wants to join my peerage, he might be easier to handle than the pervert". Sona said with a gruff in her voice. Even if he did become her member, she would have to deal with Issei's perverted nature and straighten him out.

In Class

Naruto was walking to his class as he left the girls behind. He was mentally having a discussion with the tailed beasts, "Why can't you guys lay off the love crap? You know I can't fall in love, its… not that I can't that I shouldn't". Naruto mentioned to the tailed beasts, "Yeah, but everyone deserves love Naruto. We know you turned that Hinata girl down because you had us. We are ever grateful you took us in to prevent people from ever using us again. They are devils, I remember hearing that devils live almost forever". Matabi spoke up trying to persuade Naruto.

Naruto just shook his head again, "No, I've lost too much and I've been alive for a long time. I-I can't simply do that. Even if they are from factions my power could spark another war. I've seen enough of war I'm done with it. Even if I tried to ease the pain of WWI and WWII, hell there was a war between the angels, fallen, and devils. Then the devils had a civil war too! This world isn't what I pictured when I removed the ability for people to unlock chakra to a level of a Shinobi. I didn't think they would make other methods to kill one another. War never changes". Naruto sighed, has tried in the past to stop the violence but it kept happening even if both sides thought they were right. In war, there are no winners or losers, there are those who survive and die. The ones who die are to be remembered by and for the people who live to continue in their memory. The ones who live are supposed to remember the deaths of their friends and live in their place. The way of this world went isn't the way Naruto wanted this world to go when he altered the way Chakra is perceived. Hopefully, everyone could live in peace and harmony, but that never happened.

Naruto knew he wasn't a god or anything like the sage of six paths. He just wanted to create a better world where everyone can understand one another. The dream he wanted to make a reality for Jiraiya failed, thus why Naruto feel like he also failed him. He has been alive ever since the Fourth Great Ninja War. He can't die he agreed to keep them safe and he never went back on his word. People would try to use them for their power all over again, only he could protect them. Many of the tailed beasts felt bad how Naruto ended up to be, he could have had a wife and kids. Then be a grandfather one day too, but he agreed to protect them. He would be with them until the end of time, he never goes back on his promises. That is his nindo way.

Naruto snapped out of his thought when the teacher called for him to go inside. Naruto made his way into the classroom and stood up front. His name was already on the board, "Hello I'm Naruto Uzumaki, it's nice to meet you". Naruto said this as he went to take a seat in the very back. He was by himself and didn't give much thought to the comments. Rias, Akeno, and Sona were in his class and saw how he purposely would distance himself from the others. He wouldn't talk or even try to converse with the other students. He would take notes, ask, and answer questions properly and thoroughly. He had good grades to begin with, which allowed him to skip around to other schools without any issues.

Rias sat there in her seat tapping her pencil on her desk confused. She wanted to know more about Naruto, just the thought of him irked her. Not in a bad way, only in curiosity. He mysteriously appeared like Sona said and they both were suspicious; he has multiple identities along with parents. When Naruto complimented her hair that was real, probably the most real thing he ever said. Besides that, he was unsure about how much he knew about his mother. A picture says a thousand words, but a picture can only say so much. Rias wanted to learn more about this Naruto, see if he was worth her time and effort to look into. Not like he is a bad looking guy either, it also irked her if those whiskers were real. Would he purr if she rubbed them?

Time Skip Few Days

Naruto was packing up for class and head to lunch. He typically doesn't eat, but he does have a few things for lunch. He went up to the roof of the school and laid on the ground. He opened his mouth a bit to let in the oxygen his body required to breathe. He then let out the carbon dioxide needed by the plants to go through photosynthesis to produce food for the plant. The plant would let out oxygen which let us humans breathe. Naruto then felt presences appear from the door as it opened, "Well I thought I'd find you up here Uzumaki-san". A similar voice that belonged to the redhead spoke up.

Naruto laid there with his eyes shut, "Rias? Right? Is there something I can help you with?" Naruto opened an eye to see her friend Akeno along with a boy with blonde hair like him, but gray eyes.

Rias smiled, "Naruto you said you move around a lot, right?" Rias was going to try straight forward and see if he would join her club. Maybe for now make it look like a normal club, then see if he knows anything about the Supernatural.

"Yeah? What about it?" Naruto asked as he shut his one open eye as he felt the breeze rush across his face causing the wind to blow his hair across his face.

"Well, you seem like you've been lone for a long time. As if you have no friends anywhere you go. So, why not join us? We can be your friends and maybe you won't have to move around". Rias smiled happily as she walked up and folded her arms under her breasts hoping to use a bit of charm on him.

Naruto sighed as he stood up and slowly opened his eyes, "I'll be fine, I'll be out of here within a week or two". Naruto walked past them as he reached for the door. He did stop before turning the handle and turned his head. He gave a small but sincere smile as a breeze caused his hair to fly in the wind, "Thanks though, of all the schools I've been to. You're the first to ever ask me if you wanted to be friends with". Like that Naruto turned the nob and left leaving the devils on the roof.

Rias smiled, "He certainly is an interesting boy if I asked anyone to join my club let alone a guy. They would have fallen to their knees pleading her to do so. Instead, he gently declined and left".

"Ara, Bucho I think you have it bad. I can see those stained pink cheeks". Akeno teased as Rias shook her head and the group began to leave.

Rias shook her head, "Well let's give him some time, we got time too. I'm curious about who this Naruto is, he seems human enough to me. I don't think he has a sacred gear or anything". Maybe she was chasing something that was false, and Sona did this to get Issei to her side. Then again it kept bothering her, she wanted to know who this Naruto was. He seemed like a very interesting guy too. She knew he was a mature way more mature than maybe than any male in the school. She has a hard time reading his eyes as well, his eyes seemed always so bright and filled happily. However, that always happy to go attitude must have had to come somewhere. Where there is happiness there is always darkness something bad had to happen for him to be this way.

The End of the Day

Naruto recently already heard about the perverted trio, now he doesn't want to meet them or really get to know them. He doesn't want to be a perv like Jiraiya was and that's for sure. Naruto was making his way back to his apartment, he felt a presence following him. He knows that she has been trailing him since he left school. Naruto could sense she was a devil, but there was something else as well to her. She could use and sense senjutsu chakra, but her skill level of it was very low. Naruto knew he can't make much of the scene, so he decided to not doing anything. He continued his journey home normally not trying to show off anything out of the ordinary.

The tailed beasts in Naruto began to talk once more, "Naruto don't you think it's time to settle down somewhere? You don't have a place to call home, don't you think you should". Kurama went on.

"Settling down doesn't sound half bad, but I don't like the amount of activity in the energy here has been active. I can sense large powers here. Many Fallen Angels, along with devils, I can't pinpoint the angels, but I can pinpoint the followers". Naruto let sigh out as he entered his apartment.

"Naruto have you ever thought that maybe you should try to bring peace to this world too? You should bring peace to the three factions. Then eventually bring peace to the entire world don't you think? Don't you think this is what Jiraiya would have wanted?" Gyuki spoke up as he read through Naruto's memories.

"I-I don't know, wouldn't it have been bad if I were to intervene in the human world? I mean I know the three factions are heavily relying on regular humans". Naruto spoke sighing, "I know you guys are right, but what do you guys really think it's a good idea to get involved".

"You should really talk to that redhead chick. She was totally checking you out, I think she is interested". Matabi smirked as Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Your too hard on yourself Naruto, wouldn't you want to have a family one day? You threw that chance away for us". Kurama spoke.

"I do it again you guys, I promised to protect you guys from being used again. You guys are all I have left for family". Naruto said as the tailed beasts all went quiet, "Which is why I can keep going, knowing I have you guys with me makes me feel better". Naruto smiled, "Shukaku you remind me of Gaara, Gyuki reminds me of Killer B, Matabi has told me great stories about Yugito, the other told me how you guys enjoyed your Jinchurikis too. Kurama reminds me that I had parents that loved me. Which is why I can keep going, you guys are family. You guys are the only thing close to family I have left". Naruto in his mindscape walked up and gave Kurama and the others a hug. He began to shake, "I-I don't want you guys to leave, I don't care if I find love or not. You guys are my precious family, I could never replace you guys with anyone or anything". The others smile as Naruto stands up and begins to leave the mindscape.

"Brothers… sisters… I know I said we would always stick by his side. I know… I ask of you guys I think it's time the kit moved on. Let's start infusing out DNA with his, so our powers merge with his. This will give him our abilities, its time for us to move on anyways. No one ever found out how to kill tailed beasts because a tailed beast has to use every the special jutsu that our old man taught us". Kurama smirked as everyone began to weave the hand signs, "I will join you all later… I'll see you guys soon it's time that Naruto moved on. He needs a life to live for himself, he needs to find others". Kurama smirked as he watched everything from the seal as Naruto went to sleep.

Next Morning

Naruto woke up the morning and yawned and got up and made breakfast. He went over and prepared breakfast and ate. He simply made eggs, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes. Simple American foods he really enjoyed along with side ramen. Then Naruto heard, "Naruto if you want you might want to skip school. We need to talk". Kurama spoke from the seal.

"I swear fluffy ball if it's about yesterday I'll kill you". Naruto sighed.

"Just get the fuck in here you stupid brat!" Kurama growled as he finished the final hand seal and felt his soul leaving.


Naruto made his way inside as he saw Kurama standing there with the other Bijuu gone, "Huh? Where are the others?" Naruto thought about it as it wasn't his birthday.

Kurama let a sigh of relief out as he sat down, "Naruto it's time for you to move on, you fulfilled your promise to us. It's time for you to move on, you need to go do what makes you Naruto Uzumaki. The most number one unpredictable ninja of the Hidden Leaf!" Kurama growled.

"W-What the hell are you talking about!? Fulfilled my promise what do you mean?" Naruto asked confused.

Kurama sighed, "Brat listen dammit, it's time for you to move on. We will always be your family; we will meet again one day". Kurama took his paw and stuck it out for Naruto to fist bump.

"W-What?" Naruto said worriedly as he fist-bumped Kurama's fist.

"Can you promise me one last thing before I tell you everything?" Kurama asked.

"Y-Yeah what is it Kurama?" Naruto didn't like what they were talking about at all.

Kurama smirked, "You better brat, I want you to promise me… Shukaku, Matabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki, and I. Promise us that you will move on and find some friends. Find a girl settle down and have a family. Live the life you want for once, do what you want instead of worrying about us. We're your family Naruto, we will and always forever be your brothers and sisters. Your one of us Naruto you're the true Tenth Tail that joins us all together".

"W-What? Why are you telling me this!" Naruto shouted.

"SAY IT FIRST! SAY IT! That's a promise of a lifetime! I never got back on my word! Because that's my nindo way! I never give up!" Kurama imitated Naruto as he felt the emotions starting to catch up to him.

Naruto steadily got the words out with tear running down his face, "I'm not gonna run away, I never go back on my word! That's my nindō, my ninja way!" Naruto shouted as Kurama smirked.

"Good". Kurama said as he made the final hand seal. He began to shrink as all of his chakra was drained from him and was sent to a giant mass of chakra behind him that shocked Naruto. Before Kurama let all the charka leave him so his soul can leave. He walked over as he was about Naruto's height with five of his nine tails remaining, "Naruto… over the years that you kept us busy and we enjoyed each other's company. I don't know how you put up with us for these thousand years. These years made you lonely and upset, but you still kept trying to do good while not trying to interfere too much. I want you to follow your heart, I am not saying to follow us so soon. Find a girl, get laid you big virgin, get a brat of your own. You will pass on our powers Naruto; you can expect up to nine kids by the way". Kurama chuckled as he began to disappear in Naruto's arm as he began to shrink in size until he was sitting on the palms of Naruto's hands. Naruto had tears running down his face. Kurama gave one last smirked, "I'll miss ya brat, I'll tell everyone that you're going to do things that make YOU happy. Now you can find someone else to consider precious to protect". Kurama began to appear transparent.

"K-Kurama…. W-why?" Naruto asked, then he disappeared as Naruto cried into his hands and slammed his fist on the ground mindscape. He felt alone again, but he didn't know what to do. Just then he felt a group of hands-on his back. He turned around to see everyone he knows from all the elemental villages back together. He saw his parents, Hinata, Sakura, Sasuke, their kids, Itachi, he saw Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Ino, Sai, Choji, Neji, Kiba, Ayame, Teuchi, Anko, Killer B, A, Onoki, and many more. Then he saw Hagoromo and the rest of the tailed beasts there as well.

Then he felt a pat on his shoulder to find Kurama his normal size. He used his finger to pat his shoulder, Kurama lowered his head and smirked, "Hey brother, when you do die, let me know how that pussy was". Kurama gave Naruto a perverted grin as his soul began to glow. The other's souls that appeared began to glow and dispersed into chakra as their souls shot into the giant pool of chakra that was in front of Naruto.

Real World

Naruto had more tears that ran down his face as he left his mindscape. He looked around his room as he wiped his tears, he let a couple chuckles out. He wiped some more tears, "Stupid Ero-Kyuubi…". Naruto looked at his clock as he saw he had about twenty minutes to get to class. Naruto stood up and quickly took a shower and got dressed. He made his way to class not hearing a single word in his head.

Week Later

Naruto has been at the school for a couple of weeks now, he was considering leaving. It was currently Thursday as Naruto was thoroughly thought this out. He was going to see if he can get some type of help in the whole devil society. Meanwhile, he also wants to see if he can also start making peace between the three factions. It's mainly because the devil side is the most likely to be attacked and targeted. Not like Rias and Sona seemed like bad people either, so he was going to take his time getting to know them. At the end of their classes, Naruto was looking for Rias about having some sort of friendship. Naruto made his way towards the spot where Rias and her group meets up with Sona's.

Naruto made his way as they were crowded by a mob of boys and girls. Mainly Sona being the talk as Issei has gotten a position in the student council thanks to Sona. Sona was his master since she reincarnated him after his incident. When Naruto made his way over, he kindly asked for the girls to move. They declined and began to call him a womanizer and they wouldn't let him near their great Onee-sama. Naruto was more of less annoyed, but he could wait to tell them. Just then a voice spoke out, "Now girls actually it's important to be nice to Uzumaki-kun. Uzumaki-kun isn't actually what you guys think he is. Uzumaki-kun is indeed from a foreign country, however, did you guys know that he moves around a lot from school to school. So, in reality he doesn't have many friends. So he typically stays away from others, so he doesn't bother others. I actually recently offered him to join my club". Rias smiled, then they began to glorify Rias even more as she had a sweat drop appear. Naruto just smirked behind his face knowing that she has a good control over her fangirls.

Boy was he wrong.

Then the girls crowded Naruto surprising him as they began to ask him questions. They begin to ask him if he had girlfriends, they did start to say that he was pretty cute and a good-looking guy. It was only because Rias said so, also because they don't know if it's actually true. Naruto let a sigh out, "Would it be alright if I talked to Rias please". Naruto had a sweat drop appear on his forehead. One second their tigers, now their puppies? Naruto will never understand how women work.

"So, Uzumaki-kun what bring you here today?" Rias smiled happily.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, but he knew how to word it, "Well I thought about it, I'd like to join your club. However, I don't want to be that involved".

Rias smiled that he wanted to join, but when he said he didn't want to be that involved meant he didn't want to be a devil. The thing is how would he know that they were devils and he gave them such a specific reason. Even Sona's back stiffened hearing this from Naruto. Rias smiled, "The occult research club would love to have you Uzumaki-kun!"

"Thanks, I'm glad to join. Please Just Naruto is fine". Naruto smiled truthfully this time as this put a warm smile on Rias's face.

Once he was allowed to join Rias excused themselves, she walked with Naruto to the club room along with Sona. They made their way towards the Occult Research Club room, once they were in the room Rias sat on her desk. Sona was standing off on the side as Rias decided to ask, "So Naruto what do you mean by you wanting to join, but not to be that involved?" Rias asked.

Naruto walked over and sat on the couch as a petite white-haired girl with golden eyes staring at him. She could sense that Naruto was slowly absorbing senjutsu chakra. Naruto sat on the opposite couch from Koneko, "Well it's quite simple, I don't want to be a devil. I have no ill intentions towards you guys. Granted I have somewhat of an idea on how you guys function alongside humanity". Naruto spoke calmly as Rias and the others were a bit on edge.

"What is your goal Naruto?" Sona spoke up wondering what he was aiming for.

Naruto looked down at his hands and let a sigh out, "Well it's simple I know about the war the three factions have been in. I know enough that I want to help create peace, I've known enough of war to know that I want to make a difference".

Sona and Rias looked at one another and their suspicion was right, this Naruto Uzumaki that Sona looked up. He has been around for thousands of years and maybe even more, "Naruto just how long have you been around?" Rias asked.

Naruto closed his eyes wondering if it was alright to trust them. Was it right to allow them to know how long he has been around? Was he being too straight forward… "I've been around since the Warring States. I brought peace after the Warring States it lasted for a while until guns were created". Naruto sat there while Sona and Rias wondered if he was already a devil.

"Naruto are you a devil, angel, or anything of that nature?" Rias asked curiously, now that it makes sense why he keeps himself distant from others.

"No, I'm neither I am actually human and I have power that I still retain to today since the Warring States. Have you ever wondered what happened to the Shinobi system or why Chakra died out?" Naruto asked as Rias and Sona remember hearing that Chakra users were dangerous and strong. That's why the three factions never surfaced because of how powerful the chakra users were, "I decided to remove the Shinobi System so everyone could live equally, but that never happened the way I wanted it to. Even removing the use of chakra people still learned to try to kill one another. I want to stop these factions from tearing one another apart like the Elemental Nations almost did".

Rias and Sona couldn't believe how far back Naruto was. To think that he looked so young the way he is, "Do you mind telling us how your still this young? I know devils, angels, and fallen angels live almost forever so age never has been an issue. We have the longevity but how do you have it if you're not either one of those?"

"As your friend here she can sense me Senjutsu chakra, I bet she can also sense this". Naruto closed his eyes and opened them. They all saw his eyes shift to crimson blood red eyes with a black slit down the middle. He has covered a thin layer of red chakra as his facial appearance became more feral. His whisker marks became thicker, he had claws, sharper teeth, his hair was wilder.

Koneko muttered, "His chakra… it's so dense and strong…". Koneko was wide-eyed about the level of his chakra was. There was hardly a limit it seemed limitless.

"I see then, well you certainly are too powerful for me to reincarnate into a devil". Rias rubbed her forehead in annoyance. Sona didn't think Naruto would be this powerful now she can't reincarnate him.

"All I want it is to make peace between the factions, like how I brought peace to the elemental nations. I don't typically do this but there are things I need to find out for myself as well". Naruto stood up and looked at Rias and Sona, "You guys are right, I have been lonely… been lonely for a long time". Naruto looks at them with sincerity in his eyes Rias's eyes soften as she walks over and smiles.

Naruto noticed the way she walks is elegant and well placed with every step. The way her hips moved and her body bobbed up and down with each step. The way her hair flowed and moved with her step. He noticed how she held herself up, everyone in the room noticed how Naruto stared at Rias. He looked at her, not her chest or ass. Yeah, he saw the way how she walked and the way she walked. Rias smiled as she sat down next to him as Rias smiled, "Naruto, this world is magical where anything is possible. However, never in a million years have I ever heard anyone say they wanted to create peace. It's an admirable goal and dream, but my question is why?"

Naruto looked into Rias's blue-green eyes and smiled, he looked and smiled, "Maybe I'll tell you why some other time. I do want to make the three factions to create peace, it's the most logical because. Even I can tell that hatred is spreading. I wanted to do something about it … but I don't know what … but I believe… that someday the day will come when people truly understand one another". Naruto spoke such wise words that Rias and Sona understood along with everyone else in the room.

"Hold up! You mean there is a war between devils, fallen angels, and angels!" A boy spoke up. Naruto turned his head to see an average height boy with short spiky brown hair, with two short locks of hair behind his head, and light brown eyes.

"Yes, there was but there was a cease-fire and there hasn't been anything more. All sides were heavily hurt, but devils had a civil war later. It's been a mess". Sona sighed as she pushed her glasses closer to her face, "Seems like Naruto has way more than even lead on now".

Naruto looked at Sona and saw Shikamaru in her, she must be really intelligent. She seemed always calm and relaxed about everything. Then Naruto looked at Rias, "Alright then I'm glad that we start being friends. I'll try not to get in the way of your club activities Rias, but I will stop by when I can".

Rias thought about it, "Naruto do you know just how powerful you are compared to us?" Rias asked curiously.

Naruto could sense Rias and alternate motive than she was leading onto. He was able to sense her hidden problems, guess now that he has all this chakra and the rest of the Bijuu's senses. He can pick up on lies or things that people are hiding. Naruto closed his eyes and thought about his answer, "Rias I must ask why are you so insensitive to ask me how strong I am. I know that you and Sona looked up my profile and found out about my past. Figured out that there was something special about me, so why? Why did you guys plan things like this, Sona said she would take Hyoudou which was that guy over there. Then Rias would get me… what do you mean by that?" Naruto narrowed his eyes at Rias as Sona's eyes widen. It should be impossible for him to even hear them when he walked away when they first met. Naruto was able to use his chakra to pinpoint Sona's and Rias's conversation when they mentioned his past, "Clearly you have alternate motives for allowing Sona to have Hyoudou and then Rias getting me?"

Rias looks at Naruto seriously and feels bad for her original motives. She knows that it was wrong she let a sigh out, "The reason I was aiming for you Naruto is you came out of the blue. Before I was aiming originally for Issei because Koneko said he smelled like a dragon".

Naruto raised his eyebrow, "I know who you're talking about, you're talking about the red dragon emperor".

"W-What!? How do you know who that is!" Rias asked shocked.

Naruto smirked, "Well when I was doing my own thing, I've fought him before he was broken up into sacred gears. I know everything about the supernatural thanks to a few friends of mine". Naruto remembers the memories of his tenants. Originally Hagoromo knew of the existence of the supernatural, he made sure that the supernatural didn't attack humans when they did have chakra, "I can also remember his scent to when I last fought him which was many years ago. Then when I heard he was broken into sacred gears I couldn't believe it. Naruto stared at Issei, "Yeah… he definitely has Ddraig in him".

Sona was shocked, "Well it explains why it took all eight of my pawns".

Rias let a sigh out as Naruto turned to her again, "Now stop avoiding my question what is the alternate motive and don't bullshit me. I can tell if your lying".

Rias eyes widen and everyone including Sona and the others were surprised as well. Naruto was extremely sensitive to emotions he could detect how others felt easily. Rias looked at him, "I-I'm sorry, I was originally was going to wait for Issei to die. I was going to have it when my familiar gave him a flyer because he was being targeted by a girl named Yuma Amano. She was a fallen angel who wanted to kill him before his power awakened. Then I would save him before he died, but when you came along, I was more drawn to you. I had higher hopes of strength in you than the pervert".

Naruto knew that method of thinking was twisted and sickening in it's own way. Rias was going to wait until he died to bring him back when he didn't have a choice. If he wanted to be brought back whether he wanted to or not. Issei was really hurt by that as he voiced his opinion, "Wait! You mean you were going to let me die first! Then resurrect me so I didn't have a choice! Kaichou came to me and asked me!" Issei screamed showing his displeasure, "You inconsiderate bitch!" Issei screamed as Rias flinched at the name. Sona wanted to butt in, but Naruto spoke up quickly.

"Issei, you have every right to be mad at Rias. I can say I'm not very happy about her choice either. Give her some credit she told the truth and then Sona took you instead. Did she ask you to join you or not?" Naruto asked.

"K-Kaichou asked if I wanted to join, I agreed that's when I learned they were more than normal. That's when Yuma Amano mysteriously disappeared". Issei spoke remembering how quickly she left, "Then Kaichou told me who Yuma Amano really was and she was just toying with my emotions".

Naruto shook his head understanding, "Well you have every right to be mad at Rias, maybe you can ask her for favor as something in return. Remember I want to create peace, so starting here might be a good idea. Rias, if you want my help, I want you to right your wrongs even if you didn't act on it".

Rias swallowed her pride, "Fine I'll do it, but touching me is out of the question".

"W-What? I mean". Naruto went on confused by her sentence until.

"W-What! No fair! I mean look at your boobs!" Issei whined as Sona whacked him over the head.

"Down boy". She snarled as Issei began to rub the bump on his head as Tsubaki helped tend to his bump on his head.

Naruto facepalmed, "So you are part of the perverted trio I gave you the benefit of the doubt".

"Fine then! I want you to summon the man who creates the amazing Icha-Icha book series! I want his autograph!" Issei pulled out his orange book copy.
Naruto began to sweat as Rias stood up and sighed, she grabbed his book and began to pour magical energy into it. The magic she was using was a summoning that summoned whoever or whatever she was summoning using something that was related to that person. Just then the red circle appeared under Naruto as he disappeared and appeared in front of Rias. Everyone sweatdropped as Naruto stood there with a worried face as he rubbed the back of his head. Koneko stared blankly, "Naruto-senpai is a pervert".

Naruto hated that, "W-wait! We can all come to an understanding here! I want you to know that my late master Jiraiya was the one who created this book! I swear! I did it for the MONEY!" Naruto was on his hands no knees. Sona and Rias had a sweat drop appear on their foreheads.

Issei went running forward as he went on his hands and knee to Naruto, "ERO-SENNIN! PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU DO IT! PLEASE!"

Naruto deadpanned, "I-I use a transformation jutsu". Naruto transformed into Jiraiya which shocked everyone, then he transformed back to himself.

Sona walked up annoyed, "You pervert! Honestly will you ever". Sona moved the wrong way as a book fell out of her pocket.

Issei grabbed it, "Kaichou you dropped… this…". The entire room went silent as Sona was blushing up an entire storm.

Naruto was pretty shocked by this; Sona was a fan of the Icha-Icha series! Rias began laughing as Sona was blushing and grabbed the book from Issei. Sona began to beat Issei to an inch of his life. Tsubaki was trying to calm her down. Rias smiled, "Well Naruto, to think you were Ero-Sennin which reminds me when is the next book coming out?" Rias said with a smirk as she held up her copy of the book too.

"Dammit". Naruto mumbled.

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