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Harry Mason stood atop the sloped road which overlooked Silent Hill. The town was shrouded in ghostly mist as lights flickered on and off. It was looking as unnerving as it always did; as the expression on the man's face.

The man observed the haunted town thoughtfully as he clenched his fist - which was gripped tightly around a pistol.

It was time for Harry to pay another visit to the mysterious, haunted town. He was on the verge of beginning another mission which would take him once again through the civilised land of the undead.

"I really don't wanna go there again. I really don't..."

Harry's lip quivered, but he tried not to show any fear. He knew he couldn't let nerves get the better of him. Trouble was afoot once again - and it was his duty to put a stop to it.

The man took a deep breath, silence reminding himself of how he had survived the last onslaught of aliens, ghosts and zombies here. He had managed to get through it alive. If he could survive here once, there was no reason why he could survive here again.

Harry raised his hand and gripped his weapon tightly, putting his best foot forward. It was time to start his new mission, re-enter Silent Hill and take on any unnerving threats he may face.

"Okay, I'm ready..." he murmured bravely as he strode forward. "Come get me, you bloodthirsty monsters! Just try to attack me and I'll pump led into you all! I can take you on! Each and every-OH CRAP!"

A large rat scurried out across the ground, making Harry jump with fright as it ran in front of him.

"A rat!" Harry doubled back hastily. "Screw this, I'm out! I ain't going back in that God-forsaken town if there are rats there!"

That decided, Harry turned and ran away as fast as he could, never to return to Silent Hill. He didn't stop until he reached home, where he stayed for the rest of the night, watching movies, eating pizza and chugging down booze.

He felt much safer there and away from Silent Hill, where there were no ghosts, no monsters, no zombies, no aliens - and especially no hideous, disgusting rats!

The end.