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While waiting for his siblings to arrive Edward Cullen amused himself with a guessing game he'd invented. He would guess what a student was thinking then read their mind to see if he was right. Well maybe amused wasn't the right word, he thought, as he swiftly withdrew from Mike Newton's mind and awarded himself a disgusted point. It was always a safe bet that the adolescent human would be thinking of something lewd. As Edward continued his game he found that the entire student body, with the exception of Mike, had a one-track mind this particular afternoon. Seems a new student's arrival was causing quite a buzz. "How exciting!" Edward thought sarcastically and he pondered why his mate, Alice, hadn't mentioned a newcomer. It was true she was still working on controlling her psychic visions but the arrival of someone new in town should've created enough ripples to trigger at least one vision.

Edwards question was swiftly answered as he entered another student's thoughts. Discovering at once that the new student was from the nearby reservation and, by dint of blocking Alice's gift, must be a wolf. "Well now" Edward bemused "that is exciting." He realized this must be the subject of the meeting his coven was currently attending with the resident La Push wolf pack. As he made to gather his untouched tray and go try to catch the tail end of the meeting a pungent aroma of petrichor and pine reached him just as the doors to the cafeteria slammed open, silencing the room.

"An Alpha!?" Edwards mind screamed as he took in the figure in the door. "What are those wolves thinking sending one of their Alphas here?" Edward's eyes glanced over the Black Chuck Taylor's and lose straight leg black jeans paired with a red plaid button down. Taking in her shoulder length brown hair, his keen eyes picked up slight red highlights. He noted the mark on her left arm just peeking out under her rolled up sleeve. "That's not the La Push mark, it's similar but...perhaps a sister pack?" He thought as he continued taking stock of the woman.

The woman standing in the doorway projected a clear air of charm and authority, to humans at least. Without reading her mind Edwards vampire senses easily saw the anxious tremble of her hands and heard her panicked heartbeat. He could read her mind, he was pleased to find no barrier to her thoughts, and his ego inflated slightly at the superiority of his gift to Alice's. "It's not every day a Beta is better than an Alpha." Edward congratulated himself with a smile as he sought to decipher this new arrivals thoughts. The smile swiftly fell, however, as 3 voices met his questing power.

"They're all staring at you. They know. They all know." A sickly sweet voice of pure venom hissed in Edwards mind and he saw the Alpha flinch ever so slightly.

"They're just staring because you're new and still in the doorway. Get food. Sit. Eat. Go." A strong but gently encouraging voice whispered lowly.

"Oh! Pepperoni! Bella likey" An excited voice rang forth in Edwards mind as he watched the Alpha, Bella as he'd learned, strut to the cafeteria workers and order an entire pepperoni pizza. There was something awkward and stilted about her strut, Edward noted like her Alpha bravado wasn't truly her own.

As Bella went to pay and find a seat Edward studied, once again, the rest of the student body...err mind. Edward sometimes felt sorry for the mortals around him. They were unable to comprehend or participate in the complex hierarchy of the supernatural world that secretly lived among them but many humans were still affected by it. He noted a good portion of both the male and female students were mentally ravishing Bella while others were experiencing a fit of uncomfortable and inexplicable jealousy towards her. As always there were the lucky humans who were scent non-reactive; the students in the cafeteria whose thoughts remained plainly curious towards the new addition.

Edward returned his attention to this increasingly intriguing Alpha. Although only seated no more than five minutes most of the pizza was already gone. "Well, she's certainly got the wolfish appetite." He mused and peaked into her thoughts once more as she lazily brought another slice to her mouth.

"Why are you here? You already missed half the day. Only here a few days and already screwing up, Pathetic." The voice hissed in a mocking tone. "You think you can change what you are? You are filth, good for nothing no matter what you do."

"Remember why you were late." The other voice countered excitedly. "Didn't you see her? So beautiful" The voice almost purred and seemed to swell slightly with warmth.

Edward watched as Bellas entire body seemed to sigh. His nose was quickly assaulted with the dusky scent of Alpha arousal and he rolled his eyes as a blurry scene of his blonde sister flitted from Bella's mind to his. "Of course Rosalie would catch this Alphas attention." He internally chuckled imagining this wolf being rejected by the blonde Omega like too many before her.

"As if she would ever want you. She'll know immediately what you are, how worthless you are. Who could ever want you?"

Edward nearly flinched at the inaudible rumbling that rattled his skull. "I could be her Alpha." The powerful voice growled almost punching its way into his head. Edward saw how Bella seemed to shrink into herself, not at all embodying the confidence of her inner Alpha's voice.

That was certainly startling to see and hear; an Alpha unable to rise and meet a challenge from their own mind.

"With so little self-esteem," Edward thought, "there's no way she stands a chance with Rosalie." He almost felt sorry for the wolf but swiftly contented himself with thoughts of how he might use Bella's crush to annoy his blonde sister.

Smiling mischievously Edward finally went to discard his tray and tossed one last glance in Bella's direction as he exited the cafeteria. He was unsurprised to see that the scent of Alpha in the air had finally done its job. Multiple chairs scraped back almost in unison and half the student body seemed to surge towards Bella to fawn or glower over their new classmate. Edward was once again intrigued by the Alpha when he noticed the clear flash of fear in her eyes at the people surrounding her even as a charming, but clearly practiced, smile slid onto her face.

"What kind of Alpha doesn't love attention?" He wondered as he left the school grounds heading swiftly for home.

After what he'd learned Edward wasn't sure if he should regret not attending the meeting or be thankful his family had been absent allowing him quiet contemplation of these developments alone.

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