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Somewhere in the woods surrounding Forks around lunch time...

"Well now I guess we know that it's any decision involving Isabella, not just Isabella herself, that's blocked from Alice's visions. I wonder why that is?" Edward mused aloud as he and Jasper made their way through the woods.

"How do you figure that?" Jasper asked.

"Oh she asked me not to mess around in her friendship with Isabella. She didn't interrogate me about this meeting so she must not know." Edward explained kicking slightly at the underbrush as they continued forward.

"So then where does Alice think you are right now?" Jasper asked looking up at the light through the leaves as he walked along beside his brother.

Edward shrugged. "I told Esme we were going out for a hunt." He said.

"Okay, but what did you tell Alice?" Jasper asked again.

"Nothing I assumed Esme would tell her." Edward said looking at his brother in confusion. "Why, are you worried our stories won't match up? What did you tell Emmett?" he asked.

"I told him you wanted to have a secret meeting with me and said not to tell anyone." Jasper replied.

"Wait, what? Are you serious!?" Edward stopped grabbing Jasper and turning the blonde to face him. "Why would you do that? How does that meet with my expectation of you not telling anyone!?" Edward asked, throwing his hands in the air as he spoke.

"Well Em isn't just anyone. He's my mate." Jasper said simply. "I tell him everything. We don't have many secrets between us if any." He finished proudly turning to continue walking.

"Well let's hope Emmett understands better the definition of a secret than you." Edward said walking swiftly to catch up with his brother.

"How exactly does having secret meetings about Isabella meet with Alice's expectation that you not meddle in her new friendship." Jasper asked after they'd been walking in silence for some time.

"Well because I'm doing this for her for one thing. And I'm not meddling in her friendship so much as i'm meddling in Isabella's life." Edward replied fully convinced of his reasoning.

"Oh yeah that's a huge distinction." Jasper replied with a scoff rolling his eyes.

"Clearly it is!" Edward said. "Given that Alice wasn't triggered to a vision by my decision." He finished pompously.

"I suppose whatever is blocking Alice doesn't want her to have any knowledge of Isabella's future. Decisions that involve Isabella affect her future, or have the potential to, after all the future isn't-"

"Set in stone." Edward interrupted Jasper, finishing the familiar saying. "Yes I've heard Alice say so before."

"Maybe you two are spending too much time together." Jasper teased his surly brother. "Time was you'd never care about anyone outside the coven and now look! Having a secret meeting to discuss Isabella and she's only been here a week." Jasper teased elbowing his brother lightly. "Got yourself a crush there Eddy boy? Should Alice be worried about her new best friend stealing you away?" Jasper finished by wiggling his eyebrows in an exaggerated manner.

Edward snorted, rolling his eyes at the other vampire. "Hardly." he stated simply before frowning. "And I told you not to call me that." He reminded.

"I'm just yankin your chain Ward." Jasper replied, punching his brother's arm lightly.

"Yes. well." Edward coughed unsure how to reply. Though Jasper had been with them for many decades at this point Edward still found it difficult to relate to the southerner who seemed to perpetually exist in a state of neutrality unless Emmit were involved. "Fun aside. I asked you here for a reason. Have you noticed Rosalie's been acting strange recently?"

Jasper frowned at the question. "Edward, you know Rosalie doesn't like you snooping through her thoughts and her business." Though they only played twins for the sake of their human charade this was something Jasper understood readily about his blonde sister Rosalie was nothing if not private and had, on many occasions, reminded Edward to respect the boundaries of her privacy.

"Yes yes I know. I haven't read her mind since the last time she went off on me about it." He rubbed an imaginary soreness out of his right shoulder remembering how Rosalie had broken the arm off and hidden it to teach him a lesson last time he read her mind uninvited. "I've just been paying attention. She's been acting differently all week. More confrontational than usual." Edward furrowed his brow as he remembered his sisters temper being uncharacteristically high, even for her.

"Well…" Jasper paused to contemplate the morality of divulging the emotions he's sensed from their blonde sibling recently. Rosalie had not forbidden him from reading her emotions as she had Edwards' ability. On some level she understood that the powers worked differently and Jasper wasn't as readily able to control it by simply focusing on something else like Edward could. To another degree Rosalie needed Jasper's ability to explain for her the dark corners of her emotion that she had trouble with herself. He'd often helped the blonde to unpack and accept these parts of herself over the years, happy to help lay her demons to rest when he could. It was a job he took very seriously being one of the few Rosalie trusted with her unfiltered emotions. He used that trust now to justify his actions wanting only to help ease the turmoil that had been rolling off his sister all week. "She has been more...on edge recently." He finally admitted closing his eyes against the betrayal he was committing.

"I knew it!" Edward exclaimed. "Doesn't take a mind reader to know something changed for her recently but lucky for us that I am a mind reader because I know what that change is!" The bronze haired vampire was practically giddy.

"I thought you said you hadn't been reading her mind!" Jasper growled ready to defend Rosalies privacy.

"And I haven't." Edward said exasperatedly. "I've been reading Isabella's mind." He stated proudly. "Isabella and Rosalie are mates!"

"Edward You can't go reading people's minds just because you feel like it! It's an invasion of privacy and I really thought you had outgrown this habit!" Jasper was beyond disappointed in his brother and barely heard the other vampire speaking as he listed of his disappointment. As Edwards words registered Jasper fell silent staring wide eyed at his grinning brother. "Come again?"

"Isabella and Rosalie are mates." Edward repeated simply his grin growing impossibly wider.

"And you know this...how?" Jasper asked in disbelief.

"Well I don't know for sure per say. But I'm reasonably sure." He insisted.

"Okay and what exactly makes you so reasonably sure?" The southerner probed further.

"Well, for one thing, Rosalie is basically all Isabella has been able to think about, at least when I'm close enough to listen, since she came to Forks." Edward began.

Jasper rolled his eyes at the flimsy argument. "Is that it? You'll need better evidence than that. Need I remind you that it's completely normal? Unmated Alphas are always obsessed with Rosalie, you know that." Jasper interjected.

"And for another thing," Edward continued ignoring his brother pointedly. "Isabella's Alpha told me so."

Jasper paused at this leveling his brother with an unconvinced and vaguely concerned look. "Now I'm calling bullshit and saying you need to have Carlisle take a look at your head. How could her Alpha possibly have told you that?"

"Well I was listening in while she was in study hall and I overheard it tell her they were made for one another." Edward proclaimed as though that explained everything.

"Edward that doesn't mean anything. Isabellas probably just as horny as any other Alpha. She just wants into Rosalie's pants." Jasper had seen many Alphas fall prey to his sister's otherworldly beauty. Why should this wolf be any different?

"Yeah that's a possibility but that's where you and your power come in brother. If Rosalie's Omega is likewise enthralled with Isabella it's more likely they're mates." Edward explained. "So tell me bro what kinds of emotions have you been getting from Rosalie this past week. You said she's been on edge but can I get some further details?"

"I guess she's been tense? Like she's waiting for something but also confused like she doesn't know what it is she's waiting for. She's been lonely...lonelier than usual... like this…" He paused grasping for the right word. " longing she's been harboring is boiling over." He chewed on his bottom lip in thought as he trailed off.

"And how have her emotions been particularly around Isabella or when Isabella is brought up?" Edward questioned with a slight pompous air.

Jaspers eyes widened slightly as he thought back through the week. "Well," he coughed slightly and if his body were physically capable, he'd have blushed. "Uhhh usually there is a sharp rush of lust followed by disdain and, at some point, usually it all bleeds into self loathing. And there is this...this tugging like every part of her wants to move but she's holding still through sheer will alone." Jasper sighed. Emotions weren't always easy to put into words and he hoped his brother understood what he was trying to convey.

"So you're telling me that doesn't even hint a little bit that they are mates?" Edward questioned gently.

"It could mean a hundred different things Edward!" Jasper shook his head. "Emotions aren't as obvious or straightforward as thoughts and they can't be manipulated like the future. They have to run their natural course and there is no telling where that could lead ahead of time."

Edward frowned. "Okay okay I get that but can you at least admit that it's an interesting enough compilation of observations to warrant further investigation." He pleaded with the other vampire.

"If I cared to untangle whatever you just said I might be inclined to admit it, yes." Jasper offered a small smile to soften his joke before sighing. "What's your grand scheme in all this Edward. I know you're just dying to tell me." He chuckled at the Christmas morning joy that lit up Edward's face.

"It's nothing too extravagant, honestly, and that is what makes it so brilliant. We just need to nudge Rosalie and Isabella in the right direction, towards the right conditions and see if my- I mean our- observations truly lead to the conclusion that they are mates." Edward explained.

"Right. Because there is no way that ends with Rosalie ripping off another one of your limbs?" Jasper deadpanned. "She's not going to like us meddling in her life Edward." He warned.

"I guarantee that if our meddling ends with her in her mates arms she'll thank us." Edward dismissed his brother's concerns. "I know you want to see her happy just as much as I do. I think the risk is definitely worth finding her happily ever after, don't you?" Edward asked seriously.

Jasper barely had to think about his reply as he remembered all the years of heartache he'd felt from his unmated sister. "Absolutely."

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