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Story Title: Saiyuki Characters' POV

Author: Fuuei

Chapter Title: Brother

            I see him coming out of the chamber where his mother was. Poor man, having a mother who loves him, but not able to free him and repay her the love that she has given him. I smiled. He is just like my brother, always trying to please and care for the mother that he has. However, he is also just like my opposite. He has a mother who loved him, and he is trying to save her… But I, in my case, it is totally different. My mother also loved me, because I was her son. Nevertheless, in order to rescue my brother, I repaid her love wrongly… by killing her.

            Just by remembering the tragic past makes my heart throb with pain and despondency. After all these years, I cannot forget the sin that I had done towards my own birth mother. I ran away with tears when I finally found out that I had killed my mother. I just left my brother there, too stunned and dumbfounded to even move. How I wish I could really escape from this cruel reality and away from my own guiltiness. I wonder what has happened to my brother? Did he survive from all those insults and tragedy that happened?

            Every one of us has memories. Whether good, or bad, they are only memories… of the past. What has gone has gone. No matter how hard we want to, we can never change it. We can never forget what has happened even though it fades with time. Thus, all we can do is just look forward and live in the reality that we had built up. I understand these sentences very clearly, but I still cannot forgive myself for what I have done. The memories are too hard to live with…

            When I barged into this mansion without myself knowing, I thought that everything was gone. I thought that everything had fade away. I thought that life has abandoned me, because even I had also longed to be abandoned and left to death. The feeling was so excruciating that I had lost myself. After a while, I saw a man coming. A man with long, crimson hair. He asked me to be one of his subordinates and I agreed, as I had nowhere else to go.

            After having a glimpse of my past again, I came back to reality. I smiled again. Having a master with long, scarlet hair just like my brother, does that mean I am lucky? How I wish I can meet back my brother again… then all my doubts would be cleared and at least I can be sure that my mother's death was worth it. But… if worse comes to worse, then I will remember our brotherhood forever, even if it was a short one, and your soul will rest within my master's, so our brotherhood can go on… forever… and ever…


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