Sorry about some lack of detail and jumping, trying to covert a visual medium to a written one is not easy.

The Imperial capital of Sadera was full of activity as the citizens of the Falmar Empire went about their business. But the majority of the drama was happening at the Imperial senate. With what happened at the Gate at Alnus hill, there was a lot of activity. No one in the Empire would think that their army would have been decimated by anyone. But after the army they sent failed to report back, that illusion was shattered. Now the senate was debating what to do next.

Emperor Molt just sat on his throne while he listened the people around him.

"It was an embarrassment your majesty," Marquess Casel said standing in the middle of the senate building. "We lost 60% of the empires military might," as he said the mumblings of the rest of the senate about this. "What would you have us do? How would you guide the state?"

"Marquess Casel, think about how the people must feel," Molt said. "It is true our latest losses cost us our military advantage," he covered his face in mock embarrassment. "They worry that vassals of our state and others may revolt and attack the Imperial capitol itself. How pathetic," he said removing his hand from his face.

Casel just gasped at that.

"Every time our empire is in danger…" he continued. "…the Emperor, the senate and the people become one to confront the danger, and bring about even more progress. No war is won without some loss. Therefore, I will not hold anyone responsible for our recent losses. To think that another nation dares surround the Imperial city… I trust none of you will waste time in court,"

That got even more commotion from the other senators as Molt undressed Casel with words.

"To pass over all responsibility…." Casel muttered.

"But what shall we do?" a senator asked as he walked up next to Casel. "The army we sent was defeated in just two days. And now the gate has been captured, and the enemy has begun setting up a base on this side," Molt leaned back with concern. "Of course, we'll attempt to take the hill back as well. But the enemies in the distance…" the senator paused as he recalled the strange weapons used. "I have never seen such sorcery,"

"We ought to fight them!" another senator declared. "If we do not have enough men, we need only recruit them from our tributaries," he demanded. "Attack the other side of the Gate once more!"

"What good would brute force alone do?" asked another.

"It'll be another Godasen," added another, but at that erupted in arguments.

After a few moments Molt raised his hand quietening the room. "I do not wish to sit idly by. Therefore, we must fight," that shocked everyone. "Send delegates to our tributaries and neighbouring states. Ask for help in defending the continent against these men from another world," he stood. "We will lead the allied army of Godu Rino Gwaban in an attack on Alnus hill,"

"For emperor Molt!" the senate declared.

Sighing Casel walked up to Molt. "You Majesty, it will be a bloodbath," he said darkly but Molt only smiled as if he was expecting that.


King Duran, deciding to take in the scenery, split away from his main formation and looked from a hillside at the mountains in the distance. The serene imagery felt nice, given that he was going to war he decided that taking in some sites before going to battle would have been nice for his perspective. But this was broken as one of his fellow generals rode up next him.

"Your Majesty," he said pointing at a nearby hill. "We've spotted a number of enemy scouts, two hills ahead"

"Leave them be for now," Duran said as he directed his horse back to the main force and rode off. "We must hurry to meet the kings,"

It took a few hours to get to the main encampment. But after arriving and setting up, night was slowly falling as Duran met with the other kings. As they planned to attack an officer from the imperial army arrived to deliver a message. That message shocked the kings who had assembled there.

"The Imperial army commander isn't coming?" Duran asked.

"Our army is facing the enemy at Alnus hill as we speak," the messenger said. "The commander cannot leave," that made the kings look to each other.

"That makes no sense," Duran then spoke. "My scouts only reported a modest number of enemy soldiers," something about that rubbed him the wrong way.

He, like the others had heard about the Imperial forces where decimated by this enemy. But how could they with such a small number? Something didn't add up.

"Sir Duran," one of the kings said. "The Imperial Army is holding the enemy at bay in our place,"

"Lord Ligu," Duran muttered.

"We would like your armies to attack the enemy at sunrise tomorrow," the messenger added.

"Understood," the king of Alguna said standing up. "My army will take the front line,"

"No mine will," the king of Mudwan shot back.

This just descended into arguments about who will take the front and glory of the battle. Duran just shook his head in response. The young kings wanted the glory. It took a while before a battle plan was set and they settled down. Now they were congratulating each other and who's army would be more superior. But Duran was tempering his expectations. The numbers still didn't add up in his mind, something was off. Something that the Imperial army wasn't telling them.

Standing next to him, Ligu decided to speak up. "Unfortunately, my army could not take the front lines," he admitted.

"There are fewer than 10,000 enemies," Duran said. "Our army is 300,000 men altogether. Do you believe that the only path to glory is to be at the forefront?"

"Then why do you not wish to be at the front?"

"I do not like the look of this battle," Duran admitted which made Ligu chuckle.

"Apparently even Duran, Lion of the Erbe clan, is no match against the march of time,"

"It's not that," the one-eyed king countered. "We have numerical superiority, yet when the first attack on the Gate failed, we took the mantle. The Imperial army is meant to the military might of the continent. Doesn't strike you as odd that once they failed, they requested us?" Ligu gave the king a confused look. "Something doesn't add up here,"

"Now that you say it…" Ligu said thinking. "…it doesn't make sense,"

Duran grunted in acknowledgement. Only tomorrow will he have answers.

As sunrise began the main force of the allied army made their move onto Alnus hill. The king of Alguna lead the attack as Duran emerged from his tent and looked out at the sky.

"The time is ripe to go into battle?" he asked no one in particular.

"Notice!" someone then yelled as a scout approached before getting to one knee in front of his king.

"The Alguna and Mudwan armies, 10,000 in all, have approached the hill," he said. "The army of the Principality of Ligu follows," as he said that there was one army that was absent and didn't escape Duran's notice.

"And the Imperial army?" he asked.

"Well…." the scout hesitated. "There is not a single Imperial soldier near the hill," that just confirmed Duran's worst fears, but it was still of surprise.

"What?" he practically yelled.

As the allied army marched forth Ligu looked around expecting to see some kind of reinforcements from the Imperial army. But there was nothing. It was strange, the Imperial army was one of the best on the continent. So, where were they?

"Why is the Imperial army missing?" he asked looking around.

"I don't know," one of his guards said.

"They couldn't have…." Ligu muttered remembering what Duran had said.

The march of the Allied armies didn't go unnoticed by the enemy. But after the first attack they had put up signposts in the language of the locals to try and deter anyone trying to advance. But that did little to stop the army advancing on them. As the army advanced past the sign's screams sounded making them look up. The ground then shook as an explosion took out a large number of the army.

Several more explosions took out more of the allied armies forces with ease. But the worst thing nothing could stop them. In the back Duran watched as the explosions echoed across the hill. His house bucked slightly in surprise but he managed to calm the beast.

"No…" he muttered. "Is Alnus hill erupting?" he asked.

Gritting his teeth, he and a small number of his men moved faster approaching the hill. As they approached the smoke began to lift allowing them to get a good look over the hill. The site shocked them all. The dead bodies of the Allied amies lay before them. No cuts of swords, or anything like that. But they did see burns from fire and the ground below them was void of any grass. Upon looking at this carnage one of Duran's soldiers looked away trying not to vomit.

"Where is the king of Alguna?" Duran then asked. "Where is the king of Mudwan? Where is Duke Ligu?"

A few hours after the first attack, the Allied forces tried to retake the hill again. This time however, the generals and Kings stayed back to watch as the strange weapons of the enemy took out their forces with little difficulty. The command of the army could only watch as wyverns, soldiers and demi-humans as they fell. Loud explosions and bright coloured lights hit their marks on their forces. Small flying objects in the sky buzzed around wyverns taking them down with ease.

Metal ogres moved across the battlefield crushing the allied soldiers like bugs. This wasn't a battle; it was a massacre. Duran could only grit his teeth as he witnessed this. But then one of the metal beasts turned in his direction. His instincts told hi to me, so he did with the other generals as the beast launched something at them. They managed to get out of the way with ease before an explosion sounded at the location where they once were. After it died, it left something in its wake.

Interested Duran jumped off his horse and walked over to it. A large metal disk was imbedded into the rock making his mind buzz with confusion. How could such a simple thing cause so much damage?

The attack failed, come sunset the last four kings and generals where in the command tent licking their very deep wounds.

"We have less than half of the 100,000 men we set out with!" one of them said.

"How could this happen?" another one added.

"Where is the Imperial army?" another asked. "What are they doing?"

"No, not even the Imperial army could stand a chance against them. Should we not retreat?"

"We cannot run off now," Duran said looking at the disk in the middle of the table before his eyes turned to Ligu's helm.

They had killed his friend and he wanted some payback. "Not before I repaired them with an arrow,"

"But Lord Duran, we have hardly enough might," one of the kings shot.

Before anyone could offer a counter, a scout walked in. "My lords, I have completed my scouting of the enemy base," he said but he didn't look too pleased.

"Speak, what do we face?" Duran asked.

The scout gulped. "I do not believe we can win; they have strange monsters and weapons. And they move faster than any human I have ever seen. I also believe that we are facing a united army as well,"

"What makes you say that?" one of the generals asked concerned.

"I spotted no less than 26 flags," he began to shiver as the kings and generals looked at him with wide eyes. "And I do not think that they are simply nobles. The soldiers on the hill, the enemy, they had the flags on their armour,"

"This complicates matters," Duran muttered. "Perhaps a night raid, tonight is a new moon,"

Later that night what was left of the army made their move onto Alnus hill. The army tried to move up slowly and carefully trying not to make too much noise.

"In this darkness, we should be able to make it to the other side of the hill and ambush the enemy," Duran said as he watched the army moved up.

The officers in the army tried to inform them to keep the noise down as much as possible. But as they got closer than last time lights erupted in the air making their night-adjusted eyes shy away. Duran looked up in shock as blue lights lit up the sky as if it was day.

"NO," Duran yelled before trying to get close. "All men forward! Attack the enemy with all your might!" he yelled as large yellow lights landed nearby exploding.

He tried to get in close but something tripped up his horse, he landed in the dirt as more of the lights appeared above him and his men slaughtered. Thankfully more of his men ran up and pushed the strange fence down to help their king up. But his instincts told him that they were in danger.

"RUN!" he yelled as his men tried to set up a shield wall.

But more lights appeared reding the shields useless. All he could do was watch as the lights danced around him. He walked forward, a man without a purpose before he found a bow and arrow. Remembering his promise, he picked the two up and let the arrow lose before the stress and insanity of this war hit him and he laughed.


The night attack on the base was a failure, just like the past three assaults. It seems that the enemy didn't know when to quit. As the new day rose EDF troopers walked around the battlefield seeing if that there was any wounded that they missed. Despite these feudal soldiers attacking them, they were still human as such the rules of war didn't change. They may have changed during the Aggressor war but when war with humans occurs the Geneva convention sill applied.

Itami and a few others walked around looking at the damage. After years of war with the Aggressors, the scene in front of them was nothing. They had become desensitised to it all. As Itami walked he noticed several vultures picking off what was left of the dead. Looking down the Lieutenant noticed part of a bow. He bent down to pick it up as a south African soldier walked up to him.

"L.T, I heard we killed around 60,000 of them," he said in a thick African accent. "Plus, the 60,000 they sent to Ginza,"

"That's around 120,000," Itami said as he stood. "Around two Attack corps worth of men,"

"You worrying about the enemy?" the solder asked.

"They lost 120,000 men in the span on 3 days. It makes you wonder, what kind of nation are we fighting?" he asked as he threw what was left of the bow into the distance.

"Well, the technology is inferior, so a feudal nation of some kind,"

"Yeah," Itami muttered not entirely convinced. "But look around, reminds you of some place?"

The man fell silent with a nod. "The Massacre at Yorkshire," he said remembering the time when a terrorist organisation attacked the EDF loyal people. "Those memories hurt,"

"I cannot agree more, hopefully we can end this soon," Itami said before the two continued to walk.


What was left of the survivors made it back to the Capitol with the reports of the dead. Emperor Molt's advisor stood in the throne room giving the Emperor a report on the casualties.

"Your majesty, we have reports that the casualties sustained from the allied kingdoms exceeds 100,000," he said. "The defeated armies are without leadership and are returning home,"

"All according to plan," Molt said with a smile. "Our neighbours can no longer threaten the empire. Burn every village and town from Alnus hill to the Imperial city. Poison their wells, and take their food and livestock. That will stop any army and leave them vulnerable,"

"Scorched earth policy huh?" the advisor asked. "I worry about the defectors and taxation. I must also say I've been having words with the senators who when to battle with the enemy. I don't think that such polices will work if what they say is true,"

"Defectors you say?" Molt asked focusing on that instead of the talk with the senators.

"There are motions to have you recalled to the senate, beginning with Duke Casel," but that did nothing to deter the Emperor.

"Well, this is a good opportunity to care of the entire senate in one swoop," he laughed. "Let us order the council to investigate,"

But before that could be discussed, a yell made the two of them turn to the door.

"Your Majesty," a red-haired woman dressed in an elegant armour and dress marched up next to the advisor.

"My daughter," Molt said with slight annoyance. "What do you need?"

"It's about Alnus of course," she shot with a hint of anger. "I have learned that the allied army has faced a miserable defeat, and that the Empire's holy ground, Alnus hill, is occupied by enemy forces. What are you doing at a time like this?"

"We will use opportunity to take back Alnus hill," the advisor suggested.

"What complacency!" the princess yelled. "That will not help us stop the enemy invasion!"

"Pinya, you are correct," her father calmly said. "But we are far too ignorant regarding the enemy that occupies Alnus hill," as he said that an idea appeared in his head. "This is perfect, could I ask you and your order to scout their position?"

"M…me?" she asked in surprise. "With my order?"

"Indeed, if your order is more than your plaything, of course,"

That shocked the princess, but she got one knee and bowed. "Of course, your majesty,"


"Ok bring it round!" a soldier yelled directing four long range launchers.

The launchers were old modified scud launchers, remade for launching satellites into the atmosphere. These where useful after the majority of the shuttle launch pads were destroyed during the Aggressor war. After that they needed to get more modern satellites into space. Now they needed them for the special region. Each rocket was loaded with energy gem fuel as well as three satellites per warhead. Making 12 in all.

The launchers where moved to the helipads, the best place the launch the rockets. The trucks positioned themselves in a line with the rockets facing a wide area in case they fell.

"Ready?" he yelled to get thumbs up in response, he nodded and tapped his radio. "Attention all personnel, ear protectors on!" as soon as he got the affirmatives then gave the thumbs to the launch crew.

The rockets then moved into their launch positions pointing up into the heavens. Inside the trucks the crew made the last few calculations for launch. It didn't take long for all lights to go green, and the rockets were read for launch.

Itami walked to the prefab command tent as the rockets took off. He stopped to watch them as they flew into the sky. While he didn't care about them, a thought did cross his mind. Who else could see them? It might attract attention, but given how inferior the enemy was there was little that they could do. Sighing he walked into the command tent and up to the main squad commander.

"Lieutenant Itami, taking your time watching the launch?" he asked with a French accent.

"Yes sir," the otaku saluted. "It's good to know that we are doing what we can for intelligence,"

"Agreed which is why I called you here, Command wants to understand the enemy. So, we've come to the conclusion that we need to investigate the people, their industry, culture, politics and religion,"

"An investigation huh?" Itami asked with a smile. "I hate to see the dummy who gets that job,"

"Well congratulations dummy, you are one of them," the commander said with a smile.

"Please no," Itami begged, trying but knowing it will get him nowhere. "Please tell me I'm got going alone,"

"You're not, we've organised 6 deep recon teams, we've already picked out the teams and commanders. Obviously, you are commanding one of them. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, and you have to accept it," the officer chuckled at his bad joke. "Make contact with the people in your area and determine their nature. If possible, establish friendly relations with them. This is a hearts and minds mission after all. A side mission is to identify any possible monsters and their threat level. With what we have been able to gather from the POW's, there's more than wyverns out there. For one dragons, if they are out there we need to identify the threat and if possible take them out,"

"Seriously?" Itami asked.

"We are the EDF, we have face bigger and more dangerous threats. A dragon should be nothing to us," the dark look Itami got from the officer made him shy away slightly. "So, I hereby grant you command of Recon Team 3," he said making the L.T moan.

After the briefing Itami made his way to is new 12-man squad who stood in front of three light armoured cars. As he approached a tall mountain of a man noticed and stood at attention.

"Fall in!" he yelled with a very heavy Russian accent.

He stood taller than the rest of the squad and was clearly a heavy trooper. Itami smiled as he looked to each of them. Much like the rest of the rest of EDF squads, his was multinational. Looking at the flags he made out at least 2 Americans, 2 British, 1 Russian, 1 German, 4 Japanese, 1 Chinese and 1 Korean. With the latter being one of the Jet angels. But she had switched out her Korean flag PA gear with a standard olive green.

"H.. hi," Itami said. "I'm Iami, commander of Special Region Recon Team 3," he introduced himself. "All because I missed the Yurikamone at Shinbashi that day. Now I'm squad commander," he muttered to himself. "Let's all get going," he then said a little louder.

After he said this the Jet angel, Kyon Bo-Ra, wasn't impressed. "What's with this guy?" she muttered.

"Man, your vehicles!" the Russian then yelled with a stare that would make people cry.

With that look they manned the three vehicles quickly. They started up the vehicles and drove out of the compound. They were already stocked up with enough food and equipment for at least 2 weeks. As they drove along, they took the time to look out at the scenery, drinking it all in. Even after the 10 years since the war, many areas had yet to recover. Even with gem regeneration, it was taking a while. Now was probably the only time they could drink it all in.

Thanks to the satellite uplink, they managed to find several villages and drive to the nearest one. When they arrived the medic, Verona Hertrich the medic of the team, took point and waved a child who was quickly taken in by his mother. But the site of the newcomer made her stop. Seeing no threat, Verona indicated to the rest of the squad that the village was no threat.

Itami emerged from a bush and wave. They didn't spend much time there, other than just talk and to get an idea of who they where dealing with. After establishing some friendly relations and getting a better idea of the idea of the surrounding area before moving on. As they drove along the dirt road Itami looked up at the sky.

"So blue," he said enjoying the sight. "It sure is a different world,"

"There are places like this in Hokkaido," Takeo said. "Granted still a little damage, but it's rebuilding. But I did imagine fairies and dragons flying around. But everyone we've run into so far has been human. What a bummer," the driver moaned.

"You really want to see some cat-eared girls huh?" Itami asked.

"Ahhh a man of culture I hear," Jack said overhearing the conversation.

"A cat girl, voluptuous sorceress, whatever," he admitted. "What about you? What's your deal Commander? "

"Me, magical girls I guess," the commander admitted.

"Seriously?" Takeo asked in surprise. "Man, your standard is low,"

"Don't you talk about my wifu like that," Itami warned.

"It's all good, but I can sing her entire opening,"

"Seriously? Let's do it," and with that the two broke out into song making the other members of the squad smile but Kyon didn't like it one bit.

"Ahhh gezzz, why did I have to get stuck with annoying okatus. They are worse than idol fans," she said in annoyance.

But she wasn't the only one who was annoyed with the singing. Zharkov 'white bear' Mikhailovich, the big Russian heavy trooper, just gritted his teeth.

"You call that music?" he finally yelled. "I'll show you rookies music! To save our mother Earth from any alien attack. From vicious giant insects who have once again come back. We'll unleash all our forces. We won't cut them any slack. The E.D.F. deploys!"

"Oh god no, not that!" Itami yelled but he couldn't stop the Russian from sinning the EDF battle hymn.

'Our soldiers are prepared for any alien threats. The Navy launches ships, the Air Force sends their jets. And nothing can withstand our fixed bayonets. The E.D.F. deploys!" he continued.

"Someone stop him!" Jack yelled.

After a few hours of driving and bad singing the sun began to set in the distance. Using the directions given to them by the leader of Coda village.

"Turn right up ahead," Zharkov said to Takeo. "There should be a river up ahead,"

"Roger," Take replied and turned right at the stream. "There's the stream, just like he said,"

"We're all counting on you, bear," Itami said to the big Russian who just smiled.

"In that case, I wish to provide my opinion Commander Itami," Zharkov said. "Let's set up camp in front of the forest,"

"Agreed, it will be the beast place to show we don't mean hostilities," Itami agreed and Zharkov was about to turn the radio on before realising it was on all the time.

"Ahh, everyone already knows," he muttered.

"Not going in?" Takeo asked.

"Well if we go in now, we'll been seen as sending a hostile intent to the inhabitancy," Itami answered. "Also, we cannot see much in the dark. We are the EDF, the people who care. Our mission is to make friends out here after all,"

"True eno…" Takeo tired to say but something in the distance caught his eye.

Itami followed his eye as did Zharkov. "What the…" the heavy trooper muttered as all they saw black smoke fly into the sky.

Looking at the map Zharkov indicated a small hill where they could look over the forest. The convoy pulled over to the hill and just about everyone looked out at the ranging fire. It brought back some bad memories especially for the two Americans of the group.

"It's burning, a wildfire?" Itami suggested.

"No sir," Davis said. "That fire was started by something,"

"Reminds me of the Beizal riots," Jackson added.

Their expressions went dark at the memory. "Contact!" Zharkov said pointing at something.

Everyone activated their HUD's zoom and spotted something that wasn't expected but were still shocked with. Red scales, bone coloured underbelly, wings and fire breathing here was no mistaking it. It was a dragon.

"Bloody hell," Jack muttered, "Is that a dragon?"

"Reminds me of King Ghidorah," Zharkove said absently.

"That's old school," Itami muttered.

"Commander Itami, what do we do now?" Kyon asked.

"Kyon to hold my hand, your commander is getting scared," he joked.

"Buzz off," she shot back.

Before anyone else could say anything, the dragon roared and took off into the sky. Then a realisation hit Itami.

"A b-class monsters aren't in the habit of burning down forests for no reason, right?" he asked.

Davis and Jackson recoiled in horror as what the dragon was doing. "There's a village in there," Jackson said remembering what the mayor of Coda said.

"An elf village to be exact," Itami said. "Looks like we have to hold out on making camp,"

Everyone nodded but waited for the fire to die down. It wasn't until the next day that they could walk into the destroyed forest. Again, painful memories emerged.

"Beizal riots," Jack asked trying to make conversation. "Wasn't that at Yellowstone?"

"Yeah," Davis said. "Not a good memory, I'd prefer not to talk about it,"

Jack said nothing and just nodded in understanding.

"It would be a miracle if anyone survived here," Kyon said as she looked around.

The entire squad just moved around looking at the devastation of what the fire dragon did. All of them ignored the remains of the elfs. But they did pay some silent respects and prayers. Soon enough they found what left of the village, this allowed them to take the time to take a drink. Itami sat on the edge of a well having a drink.

"Commander," Kyon said as she walked up. "We counted 32- building like structures. But we only counted 27 corpses. I think we can assume the rest were eaten,"

"That's a safe bet, even if they are some under the rubble. If we assume 3 people per building, that means 100 people died here," Itami said doing the math for it.

"That's normally expected casualties for a Beizal attack, in a small populated area," Kyon agreed.

"Yeah, we should make a report about the attack," the otaku said standing. "And the possibly of them attacking settlements,"

"Yeah, but 30 and 50's barely put a dent in the wyverns," Kyon commented. "I suppose it's a good thing that we brought b-class monster rounds and cannons,"

"It just means that we have to find the nest before more come," Itami agreed before dropping a bucket into the well to refill his canteen.

But a thud followed by a splash made the two look down into the well. Activating their helmet lights, they spotted a survivor. A female elf surprising the two.

"We have a survivor!" Itami yelled.


Yorkshire Massacre:

After the second EDF victory there was a power gap with many nations allowing several groups to form. One of them in the UK was a more extreme group with extremely anti-EDF views. But because the majority of places where pro EDF the group decimated an entire town killing thousands. The EDF responded by destroying and executing the ones responsible and making sure that such a group could never do something similar.

Beizal riots:

During the second aggressor war, many cities were evacuated. Several cities were moved to Yellowstone, but this was a mistake as several Beizal monsters moved into the forest causing riots and killing millions.

3rd Recon Members.

Commander: L.T Yoji Itami

2nd in command: Zharkov 'white bear' Mikhailovich.

Jet trooper: Kyon Bo-Ra

Jet trooper: Davies Mitchel

Heavy trooper: Jack Smith

Heavy trooper: Jackson York

Medic: Verona Hertrich

Trooper: Takeo Kurata

Trooper: Daisuke Tozu

Trooper: Hayato Sasagawa

Trooper: Hitoshi Furuta

Mech pilot: Chun-Li Zaho

3rd recon equipment.

1 Mk4 Kuratus

1 Humvee

2 raven transports.