"This way," Yao said as she and two more dark elves escorted DR 3 up the mountain.

While it was easy for her and her fellow guides, it was harder for Itami and his team as they lugged low yield railguns with them. Unlike the one that Bear carried, the rest of the team carried experimental ones that could fire multiple shots at the expense of range and penetration. While the scientists said that they should be able to piece the hide of a dragon, the team didn't take that on faith.

It also didn't help that even these models were heavy. At the very least they didn't need a heavy armour unit to carry. They soon made it to a cave entrance and the group just had to stop for a break.

"I hate these things," Jack said as he sat down taking off his helmet.

"Get heavy armour," was all Bear said as he sat down as well checking his rail gun.

"Speak for yourself," Kyon said as she placed hers on the ground. "You don't wear a jet-suit,"

Bear just cracked his neck and flexed his muscles. "You should build your core up more,"

"Up yours," Davies shot flipping the big Russian the bird.

The team took a good few minutes to get their breath, but avoided eating anything in case of attracting the dragon. Once good and ready they grabbed their railguns and followed the elves deeper into the mountain. Soon they reached a large cavern with a mound in the centre holding three eggs. The group moved slowly as they kept their eyes open in case of anything coming out of the shadows.

"Ok, set the charges," Itami ordered and the team broke off into groups of two to set X10 plastic explosives.

"Guard the entrance," Yao ordered to her fellow dark elves who complained as she moved up to Itami. "What are those?"

"High explosives, used to take down insect hives," he replied.

"Hives? What kind of hive?" she asked.

"Big," he said as he got back to work setting up the explosives.

"Err guys," Chun li chimed in.

Itami and the others picked up on the worry in her voice. "What's up?" Itami asked.

"It could be a problem with my radar, but I'm picking up an S-class," that made the team stop what they were doing and look to one another.

"Kyon, Davies, drop your rails and investigate," Itami ordered.

The two pulled off their railgun packs before shooting out of the cave entrance. Once out the two jet troopers flew up into the air and into the clouds. Activating their hud's, they began to scan the skies keeping eyes open for this creature. After a few minutes of not seeing anything, the two headed back down to the ground and landed. Again they looked around but couldn't see anything. Their visors reacted and the two looked to each other.

"Glitch?" Davis asked.

"Most…" Kyon tried to say, but an alarm went off in their helmets.

The sky darkened and the two looked up to see a grey/ black dragon with bony crests descending into the mountain.

"Contact," Kyon yelled into her radio. "S-class, it's an ancient dragon!"

Itami and the squad said nothing as they just ran into the cave entrance. Only to be discovered by the dragon. It roared and threw blue flame at them. Thankfully, their PA gear allowed them to get away fast. It also helped that Bear's heavy PA gear had a shield that blocked the hot flame. They didn't stop moving as they got out.

"Alnus Command come in!" Itami yelled over the radio.

"Alnus here," a voice said. "What's going on lieutenant?"

"We got an S-class creature on us. It's an ancient dragon!" he said as he and the team slid down the mountain holding onto the dark elves.

OOOOO Alnus Command.

"Understood," the operator said. "We'll get something to you," she hung up before cursing under her breath and typing in another number.

"Hazuma here," the General replied.

"Sir Deep Recon 3 has encountered an S-class creature. An ancient dragon," she said. "Request to send Kuratus Titian support,"

"Granted," the general replied.

The operator put out the call and the soldiers in Alnus began to move. Yellow clad EDF troopers moved into a large building that few were allowed to go into and people just watched with interest. Within a few moments a large flatbed truck rolled out of the building with a large vehicle on it. On lookers couldn't tell what the vehicle was, but that was going to change soon as the flatbed lifted the vehicle upright making people stare at what stood before them.

It stood 50 meters tall and had a similar look to the Kuratus mechs, but had a more humanoid shape with rounded armour instead of angled. A woman in a green brown outfit climbed up the mech and opened up the chest section before climbing in. Kasumi Mai smiled as she strapped herself in and locked the canopy hatch. It closed leaving her in darkness for a few moments before screens turned on in front of her.

"This is Titan one, requesting permission to deploy," she requested.

"Titan one, this is Alnus command, permission granted," a voice said over the radio. "Uploading coordinates. Mission, destroy the ancient dragon,"

Mai smiled. "Understood, engaging jets,"

The back opened up and several jet wings emerged. They activated roared so loud that everyone had to cover their ears as the mech began to lift. Once it was a good hight from the ground, Mai then engaged the flight mode and headed towards the fighting point. A smile on her face as she readied herself towards the battle.


"Don't!" the Elder yelled as a group of dark elves tried to make a run for it.

They didn't make it far before they were turned to ashes thanks to the dragon's blue flame. They didn't even have time to scream as all that was left of them was little more than white and black ashes. What was left of the clan hide inside further into the mountain in a cave where they couldn't be seen. But they could still get incinerated. A few moments later, Yao and the EDF soldiers came into the cave with the two heavy armour troopers putting up shields up against the entrance.

"What happened?" the Elder asked.

"It's an Ancient dragon!" Yao practically yelled as Chun li set up one of the railguns.

She lay prone with a railgun sniper set on a bipod in front of her and aimed it at the entrance. As she did this, Verona handed the elves ear defenders and told them to put them in. Most of the elves did so with only two objecting. They paid the price as Chun li fired the railgun. The sound echoed in the chamber forcing people to cover their ears due to the shear force of the noise.

Verona then got to work on the two dark elves who didn't listen as their ears began to bleed and they couldn't hear anything. After the shot, the dragon roared in pain and pulled back from the cave mouth. Unknown to the group in the cave, the eye of the dragon got hit causing it to go blind in one eye. But the strong scales and bone of the dragon prevented the rail round from going any deeper than the side of the eye socket.

A roar of jets then met the ears of the dragon and group in the cave.

"Deep recon 3, this is Titan 1," Mai said over the radio. "I'm here to help,"

A loud thud then shook the cave and the group exited to see the 50-meter Kuratus mech standing before the ancient dragon.

"By the gods," the Elder said as he looked at the two.

"A much as I want to watch this," Itami said. "We need to get back inside,"

"Why?" Yao asked.

"We… aren't in a good place," Chun li said as she began to usher people back inside the cave.

The dragon ignored them as it focused on Mai's mech which took a martial art stance ready for it. The two began to circle each other making craters in the earth as they did so due to their weight. The dragon snapped, while Mai just looked on unflinching waiting for an opportunity to strike. Soon she found one as the dragon lunged at her aiming for her arm. But she just moved out of the way thanks to her jets.

As soon as she moved, she slammed her fist into its face causing it to recoil in pain. Activating her plasma armblade, she then aimed for the dragon's wing. However, the dragon managed to move out of the way. It didn't do it too much good however, as the blade managed to cut though pert of the wing making the dragon yell out in pain and bit onto the shoulder of the mech and ripped the armour off. But didn't get away unscathed as Mai slashed at it with her blade.

But the scales and bone could withstand the heat of the blade, if only for it bit. She managed to scar the dragon as it tried to pull away. It then slashed at her arm with the blade. Mai cursed as she tried to shake the dragon off. After slamming her free arm into its bad eye, the dragon came off, but the damage was done as it pulled away. Her plasma blade suffered to much damage to use safely. It shut off as the dragon backed up and roared at her. In response she fired a rocket from one of the chest mounts. It recoiled in pain backing up.

Using it's tail it tried to slash at Mai, but she moved back with ease before firing a couple more rockets and opening up a holster. In her leg sat an enlarged gun that was made for her mech. She grabbed it and aimed at the dragon before firing. The large round hit the dragon and took off one of the wings. The dragon roared in pain before throwing a blue fireball at the gun.

Part of the weapon melted due to the heat of the flame, but it still worked. The problem Mai had as that the gun only had around 8 rounds, and no back up ammo. This weapon was meant to be a backup, and not the primary weapon. She fired two more, with one missing and the other taking out of one the dragon's legs before it grabbed onto it. Due to its powerful jaw, the weapon got crushed by the dragon forcing Mai to discard it and grab onto the dragon's neck.

It began to thrash around trying to get her off, but the more it thrashed around the more she held on and tightened her grip. The dragon slowly began to choke as its air was getting cut off. Fire spluttered from its mouth as Mai crushed its neck until it fell onto the floor gasping for air. She pulled herself from the best and stood over it before pulling out a long metal blade and drove it into the dragon's neck killing it. It twitched as it slowly died from oxygen deprivation and blood loss.

"All clear," Mai then said over the radio and the group emerged from the cave to look at the end of the fight.

The elves just looked on in shock as the ancient dragon lay before them while the EDF troopers just cracked their necks from straying still from too long.

"WHAT?" a voice yelled making the group look to see a blue skinned woman running down the mountain and landing next to them. "How is this possible?"

She began to mutter uncontrollably as Rory walked up to her and tapped her shoulder. The woman froze and turned to look to see the Apostle of Emloy before.

"R… Rory," she said with a half-smile.

"Giselle, care to explain what you are doing here," Rory smiled as the EDF troopers surrounded her.

The clicks of weapons cocking made it clear that there was no easy way out.


Kuratus Titan-class.

As the name suggests, the Titan-class of the Kuratus is the largest of mechs that the EDF have produced and fielded. Made with S-class creatures in mind, the Titans are made as super heavy weapons platforms. They tend to have a focus on melee, as S-class tend to be resistant if not immune to ranged weapons.

Due to the scale of the mech, it is extremely costly to build and maintain. Because of this there are at the most 40 Titan-class mechs in operation and are only used when S-class creatures are on the field.