Chapter 1: Wishing You Were Here

A/N: I had this idea rumbling around in my brain at 2am so it might be a bit weird but I love this ship so here we go.

Christine gave the Phantom back the ring with a heavy heart.

She loved him, but he had killed people and was unhinged.

She would also be looked down on by society for being associated with him.

But her heart told her to stay.

She didn't listen.

She left with Raoul, whom she was still engaged to.

She thought she knew Raoul. She thought that he was her childhood sweetheart. She was wrong.

She knew that Raoul was planning to get married soon, he was tired of them just being engaged.

Raoul was the mere shadow of the man she had thought she loved.

Alas, her heart was with one man; a man with a mask who stole her heart when he taught her how to harness her voice in a beautiful soprano.

She had it all planned what she would do. She and Raoul slept in different bedrooms just down the hall in his manor for propriety's sake as they were not yet married.

Christine was still a maiden and longed only for one man to be the one to rid her of it.

She waited until her fiancé was in a drunken sleep in his room before she packed a small bag of essential items like two sets of clean clothing, a set of undergarments, a spare set of shoes, her hairbrush and three nightdresses.

She didn't leave a note – it would be like she vanished into thin air.

People would say that she disappeared because she was afraid of marriage.

That was not true. She was afraid of the man that she was supposed to have been marrying.

She stole off into the night, knowing where to go to find who she was looking for.

She knew that he had mentioned that he was going to America for a fresh start.

She knew where he would be at this hour, so sure that he hadn't left yet.

He couldn't have.

She rushed in the darkness, cloaked by a long black cloak that belonged to the one she sought out.

The Phantom spotted a maiden approaching him in what appeared to be one of his old capes from the Opera Populaire.

He was wary, but when the woman got nearer, her hair gave her away.

Long chestnut curls that he would notice, even in the darkness of the moonless night it was.

He addressed her, "Madam de Chagny."

She flinched, as though she were afraid of the title, "Thankfully, I have escaped that fate. There is one man I long to be with and he is not my fiancé."

His lips twitched upward in a slight smirk, "Oh? Who is this man of mystery you speak of with such impassioned tones, Christine? Was the viscount not to your liking after all?"

She could hear the bitter coldness in his tone, "He spent his time drinking and gambling. I was often a pretty distraction. A bauble. That's not a life I was happy to live. He forbade me to sing, to think of you. But how could I ever stop?"

He was pleased to hear of her disobeying the viscount, "To stop you from singing would be the same as to try and stop a lark from doing the same. It would be impossible."

Christine smiled, "Yes, I believe it would."

He chuckled darkly, "You still have not told me the name of your man of mystery, my dear."

She threw down the hood to her cape, exposing her pale face to him as she sang, "There is only you. Angel of music, can you forgive me? Here in the dark, sighing. Angel of music, my heart whispers; here by his side you'll be always."

He sang, "Only if you'll promise to say you'll share with me me one love, one lifetime. Say you save you from my solitude. Spend each day with me; each night, each morning. Anywhere you go, let me go too. Christine, I that's all I ask of you."

She sang back to him, "Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime. Let me lead you from your solitude. Say you need me with you, here beside you. Say you love me, know you do. That's all I ask of you."

The phantom hugged her close, wrapping his arms around her tightly.

He whispered gently with a slightly hoarse voice full of emotion, "I love you, Christine Daae."

Christine gasped at the words she had waited so long to hear. She hesitated not a second and replied happily, "I love you too, my angel. I only realised now I do not know your name."

He chuckled softly and gently replied, "My name was Erique Claudin, but where we are going; the world will know me as Mr Erik Y."

She smiled, "Mr E. Y... Mystery befits a man of your talent, Erik."

He couldn't help but smile at her registering his plan. He suddenly had an idea, one that filled him with happiness. He looked into her eyes and trembled when he realised she had reached for his mask and pulled it off.

She spoke gently, "I accept you for who you are, my angel."

He replied in a tone full of love, "It is you who are the angel, ma cherié."

She reached up and gently stroked his face, "Erik?" she asked quietly.

"Yes, my dear?" He replied.

"I wish to go with you. Wherever it is you are going." She all but begged him, her eyes imploringly staring at him.

He replied, chuckling, "Of course, mon angé. But I must ask you a favour first."

She replied, "I would do most anything for you, Erik."

He chuckled, "Anything is a lot to ask, mon angé."