Hello everyone, how are you? From time to time in my life I've toyed with this idea but never committed to it. But now, after so long, I've finally decided to start my own Watching Arrow" fic. It will consist, and start, with all of the flashbacks followed by the first two seasons.

The transcripts for the flashbacks will be the ones from Bl4ckhunter's fic entitled "The Journey of the Arrow", which I'll be using with his permission.

I hope you'll enjoy my take on this genre.

Disclaimer: I don't own "Arrow", its characters, canon stories, or dialogue. It's the complete property of its owners and I make no monetary profit off of this.


Year: 2040

Location: Hall Of Justice (Justice League Headquarters)

Setting: League Roundtable

Seated at the roundtable were Mia Queen, her half-brother William, her boyfriend Conner Hawk, who was Diggle and Lyla's adopted son, and her good friend Zoe Ramirez, the daughter of legendary hero Rene Ramirez, aka Wilddog. They were currently in the middle of discussing their latest operation, but one that was very unusual for them compared to their last operations. For them however, it was the most important operation of all and affected not only their city's future, but the past as well.

"Are you certain that this is a good idea Mia?", Conner asked his girlfriend, still a little apprehensive as to the ramifications of what they'd planned and were about to do.

"He has a point sis. As much as I want things to be better for all of us and for this city, is this something we should truly risk doing? After all, isn't messing with the past something that Uncle Barry has warned us about?", William added, also a little concerned though he would ultimately support his sister in this endeavor, knowing how much it meant to her. Heck, it meant a lot to him.

"Of course I'm certain guys. In case you haven't noticed, this future we're living in is crappy and all of us deserve better", Mia answered emphatically, looking at the two men she cared for in different ways. "Besides, all of us one month ago were already made aware of the fact that none of this was supposed to happen anyway in that this is not even the correct timeline and all we need to do is to correct one particular event in the past, the major event we discussed, in order for the timeline to reset back to its original flow. The reason things even went the wrong way is because of Thawne causing a ripple effect when he first murdered Uncle Barry's mom and speaking of the latter, he's the one, along with the rest of the League, who gave his consent for our current endeavor, understanding that we're only reversing things back to the way they were intended to be."

"I fully concur with Mia guys", Zoe added seriously from where she sat. "None of what we went through, or what our parents and their loved ones and allies, went through, should've happened and we've been given a chance by our anonymous informant to set things right. And not only their histories and lives but also their reputations. With what we've planned, not only will we provide them and ourselves with a better future but will hopefully also help them make better choices in their lives so that our enemies won't use the history books to sully their names."

Conner sighed, and then nodded.

"You're right, both of you. This is a tremendous and unique opportunity to better our lives and avoid the mistakes of the past. Plus this is an extraordinary situation since we'll be literally resetting a timeline that actually needs to be reset, which in turn will transform all of our lives for the better. I just wanted to ensure, for all of our peace of mine, that we're all still on the same page here and that this is something we're certain we need to do."

Mia in response to her boyfriend's words reached forward and took his hand in hers.

"I understand Conner, and it's alright to be a little apprehensive. I am as well, and no doubt along with everyone else in this room. But I'm also just as certain that we would not be doing any of this if we had any other choice", she said to him softly while giving his hand a gentle squeeze. He in turn smiled at her and gently squeezed her hand as well. After a moment, William broke the silence.

I guess it's settled then. And so are we ready to proceed sis?"

Mia nodded confidently.

"We are indeed, and let us begin now", she said to him and then, after taking a deep breath to sooth her nerves, summoned their good friend Dante Huang-Ramon, the son of the semi-retired Cisco Ramon, formerly Vibe, and his romantic partner Kamilla Huang. Dante was named in honor of his uncle and Cisco's brother and was the Vibe of this time period, having inherited his father's powers. After a little while, the 19 year old young man appeared before them.

"It's time Dante. Please commence with your given instructions", Mia said to him seriously, to which Dante grinned.

"You've got it boss", he answered in the affirmative and with a big smile, and then turned, leaving the room, and Dante Jr. having picked up a device like the one the late Captain Hunter had used to teleport the Legends when he first recruited them so many years ago, and used it to transport himself to the distant past in order to gather together everyone of absolute importance to his friends current endeavor. And back at the Hall Of Justice, Mia, William, Conner, and Zoe prepared themselves to greet their soon to be guests while hoping that this new mission they'd undertaken would be successful.

To Be Continued

A/N In regards to this particular timeline, and for the purpose of avoiding any complications for myself, the Crisis never happened in this universe and will never happen. That way, I won't be stuck with the issue of the friends wanting to reset the timeline if the timeline was already reset by the merging of worlds and in turn creating a situation in which they're trying to reset a timeline that might not exist for the most part anymore before the Crisis.

Also, for the first time, I'll be following the example of some of my fellow writers in that I'll use my author's notes to address any potential reviewers here. And I'll also be adapting the same policy for future long stories of mine.

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