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The Gathering

Year: 2012

At the Queen Mansion, Moira Queen was currently in the middle of having a heated discussion with her 17 year old daughter Thea about the latter's latest transgression. This time it involved the mother having discovered a packet of ecstasy underneath her wayward daughter's pillow inside of the latter's bedroom. Thea on her part was being dismissive and rude while Moira was trying to keep herself from losing her patience with her when Dante Jr., having appeared behind them and without being seen, activated his device and engulfed the two women in a bright flash of light.

After he did what he had to do there, Dante Jr. next used his Vibe powers to transport himself to China, where Oliver Queen, having been away from home for 5 years, ostensibly lost on an island in the middle of the North China Sea until he was rescued by Chinese fishermen in the area, was currently working to clear things up with the local Chinese authorities. After he'd finished, and with their help, he contacted the Queen Consolidated Subsidiary in the country arranging transportation back home. As soon as that was settled and Oliver was on his way to access it, Dante Jr. stepped before him, adapting a battle stance that Mia had taught him, deliberately challenging the man before him. Oliver suddenly went on the defensive, not knowing who this was but unwilling to back down from a challenge and feeling a need to contain him if he was a threat to the innocent civilians around them.

All of a sudden, the young man turned and ran into the other direction, causing Oliver to growl in annoyance since he did not want to miss his flight home but still needed to know the other man's intentions, causing him to run after him. Dante Jr. on his part led Oliver into an abandoned alley and then turned to face him once more. Oliver stared at him with a stern expression upon his face.

"Who are you?! What do you want?!", he demanded, wanting answers. Dante Jr., having been briefed by Mia and the history books as to how Oliver operated and in turn wanting to keep the other man from attacking him while also wanting to avoid wasting precious time, quickly launched a Vibe from his right hand, slamming the future archer against the wall beside them, slightly disorienting him.

"I'm sorry Mr. Queen, I really am, but I'm doing this for your own good", he regretfully said to the other man, and then immediately whipped out his device and Oliver at that moment found himself surrounded by a bright beam of light, transporting him from away from where he was at that moment.

Dante Jr. next transported himself to somewhere in Europe and made his way to a League Of Assassins safe house that Sara Lance and Nyssa A'l Ghul, daughter of Ra's A'l Ghul who was the leader of the League, were currently using as their base of operations. They'd been dispatched by Nyssa's father to ascertain the location of a major HIVE base in the area and then to relay its coordinates with him so that he could send a strike team which Sara and Nyssa would use to destroy it. The two women were currently standing outside discussing their plans when Nyssa impulsively pulled Sara forward and engulfed her in a hot and deep lip lock which Sara, while surprised, quickly reciprocated.

Dante Jr. took a moment to appreciate the site, smirking to himself, and then approached them.

"Sara Lance and Nyssa A'l Ghul I presume?", he addressed them, causing them to quickly pull apart and adapt their own battle stance, Nyssa on her part pointing a sword straight at him.

"Who are you!? Are you with HIVE!?", she demanded to know, while also annoyed that this bold man had the audacity to interrupt her kiss with her beloved, which they had both been enjoying. "Speak now before I cut out your tongue!"

Dante Jr. gulped, a little intimidated by these two women before him, but unwilling to let it distract him from his mission. Deciding not to waste time, he quickly used his device to capture them in the beam of light and also transported them to where they needed to be.

After that was done, Dante Jr. returned to Star City and went inside the apartment of attorney Laurel Lance, Sara's sister, who was currently finishing up lunch from Big Belly Burger with her close friend, and sometimes friends with benefits, Tommy Merlyn, the latter being Oliver's best friend. As soon as they were through, and while in the middle of chatting and laughing alongside some mutual flirting, the young Vibe quietly approached them and, before they could see him and react, had them transported to the same location where he'd sent the others.

He next went to the home of Detective Quentin Lance of the SCPD, Laurel and Sara's father, and observed the older man about to drink another bottle of beer while another empty bottle stood beside him. Dante Jr. shook his head in dismay, remembering the stories about his alcoholism from the history books and hoping that this would be another problem that Mia's plan would fix. He stepped forward and, without preamble, had Quentin transported to where he also needed to be.

Finally, Dante Jr. found and located John Diggle, who was in the bodyguard business, Felicity Smoak, an I.T. specialist at Queen Consolidated, Lyla Michaels, second in command of the U.S. government agency ARGUS and Diggle's ex-wife, and Roy Harper, a 21 year old resident of the Glades, Star City's, then Starling City, poorest district, and used his device to send them to where he'd sent the others he'd transported, which was in the future.

His work now completed in this decade, he made his way back to the future where Mia, her brother and their friends, and all of their guests he'd just picked up were waiting, he himself eager to get this show on the road.

To Be Continued

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