Shell shocked seemed to be the term for what Harry felt. Ten days since the final battle and he seemed to be in a state of shock. So much had happened in the past six months. Albus back from the dead, attacks on the town and hospital, deaths left and right. Ending with the final battle at school. He had defeated Voldemort for the second and final time. All his loyal allies were either killed or imprisoned awaiting for the kiss. But they had suffered casualties on their side. Ministry employees, towns people, and twelve students had been killed. To Harry's greatest sorrow one of those had been Ron who was killed protecting Hermione. If anything compared to the pain of Ron it was the loss of Tonks. She had been killed defending the entrance to Hufflepuff where younger children had hid. The celebrations for the end of the war were on hold for a few more days. The bodies were being buried and the families allowed to mourn. Harry had spent his time divided between Remus and Hermione who were both suffering the loss of their partner. He had been busy attending funerals as well, attending as many as he could. He felt he owed it to them.

He was confused when he had been summoned to the school. He had spoken little to Albus since the man had come back from the dead. But the invitation had not come from him. Not invitation really but a summoning. The elf had come from an attorney.

Albus smiled when Harry came into the office. "Harry my boy."

Harry kept his distance from a man he once considered a grandfather figure. "What is this about?"

Albus motioned him to take a seat. "I am not aware. I assume you got the same summons I did."

Harry turned his attention to the other two figures in the room. "And them?"

Lucius eyed him over a glass which looked like brandy. "It was my elf."

Harry watched the two blondes in the room. He was reminded they had come out as spies. "Trying to sue me for your wife's death Malfoy?"

Lucius smirked. "Perhaps I should offer you a reward instead."

It was a little hidden secret that Lucius and Narcissa had far from a loving marriage. It seemed while her husband and son were spies, she had not been. She had been killed in the final battle, one of two lives that Harry had taken, the other being Voldemort. The woman had been about to take down Molly after she killed Bellatrix and Harry had stopped her. He felt no regret for her death any more then Voldemort's.

Draco was sitting silently next to his father. Like his father there was only one family member he had mourned in the final battle, and it was certainly not the woman who bore him, or her sister and brother in law. It was the man he had called his Uncle, his godfather Severus.

Harry glared at the man. "Since you dragged me from London to be here, can we get on with it Malfoy?"

Lucius had an odd smile. "I thought you may enjoy a little reunion. Perhaps lunch."

Harry turned to leave. "You can have your lawyers come to me in London."

Lucius' voice cut him off. "Its not my business which brings us here."

Harry turned back to look at him. "I thought you said it was your attorney."

"I did. I simply loaned him the attorney."

Harry didn't get where this was going. "Loaned who?"

Albus saw his glare thinking he was involved. "Severus."

Draco spoke for the first time. "His will."

Harry was no less confused. "And I was summoned why?"

Lucius shrugged. "You were named in his will."

Harry stared at him like he had grown two heads. "I have no time for your jokes Malfoy. Why would he ever name me in his will?"

"I honestly have no idea. One confidence he never shared. I assume your mother."

Harry looked at the headmaster. "Some how I think you do."

Albus once again motioned to the chair. "Perhaps we should wait for the attorney."

Harry angrily sunk down into the chair. He wondered if his dreaded potions professor was playing some bad joke on him here. Oh he knew the man and his mother had been close and he loved her like a sister. Remus had told him more over the past few days. But the man had been forced to protect him for her sake. He had never had any desire to even be helpful to Harry. He sure as well would not leave him anything.

The lawyer appeared in the door way. "I see everyone has come."

Lucius motioned to the man. "I would start Henry or your captive audience may not remain."

The man took out a scroll. "Well the will is quite simple. The private home known as Spinner's End and his personal vaults have been left to his godson Draco Malfoy."

Draco didn't seem shocked. "He told me that long before."

Harry grunted. "So I was brought here to find out Malfoy is richer then before? Grand."

Lucius smirked as he pointed out. "Between your Potter and Black estates you make me look poor. Severus as a teacher was not overly rich."

Albus cleared his throat. "Except of course for the money from his family."

Draco was confused. "Family money? His father was a muggle…."

"And his mother was disowned." Lucius finished for his son. "I know his Uncle died, I assume the money went to some distant relative."

It was Albus and not the lawyer who spoke. "It seems Eileen's father never removed her children. Severus inherited the estate ten years ago."

The lawyer motioned to the paper work. "The other matter we are brought here to deal with."

Lucius was confused and a bit surprised. He would have thought Severus would have told him of such a thing. Oh he knew Severus cared nothing for money or titles. It didn't shock him his brother would never touch the money or the estates. But he and Lucius had never kept secrets from each other. He had wondered why his brother had wanted to use his attorney a year ago. He thought the paper work for Draco was already in place. And it seemed from what the lawyer said, it had been in place in fact since Draco was a baby.

Henry took out a second scroll. "There is an amendment made for the Prince estate and its heir."

Lucius looked at his son and back. "Surely its Draco. He can't inherit the title, his Uncle didn't do the blood rite, but the estate surely."

Henry shook his head. "No, Severus made it clear while his godson inherited his personal wealth, the Prince money was to remain in the family."

Draco was confused. "He had no family. Some distant cousin? He wouldn't pass me over for some unknown cousin."

"Not a distant cousin." Henry assured him. But his next words were a shock. "But his son."

Lucius lost his composure and nearly dropped his drink. "Son? He has no child."

Albus cleared his throat. "He did. A child he felt best to keep hidden until Voldemort was dealt with."

Lucius stood. "I do not believe this. This is one of your schemes Albus. I would know."

Albus tried to calm him. "Henry is your lawyer."

Henry cleared his throat. "He left a letter to be given to his son."

Harry was confused as the man handed him a scroll. "And you expect me to deliver it? Great the man made me a postman in his will."

Henry shook his head. "The letter is for you."

Harry refused to take the scroll. "You are claiming that man was my father? I am the son of James Potter. I have had enough of this."

Albus stopped him. "While James adopted you as his son and heir, he was not your father."

Harry rounded on the man. "What do you mean?"

Albus explained that weeks before James and Lily were to marry, she found out James had cheated on her. In her anger and pain she had sought comfort from her best friend. She had felt guilt for she knew Severus had feelings for her but they had both given in to it. It had been an one night stand and they both knew it could not happen again. Severus loved her too much and knew he put her in danger. He had watched her make up with James after she admitted her affair to him. Lily found out a few weeks after they married that she was pregnant and a paternity test was run. For the safety of the baby Severus had not been told he was the father. James blood adopted Harry and had loved him as his own. Even the marauders had never known that Harry was not James' son. Severus had never told Lucius about that night and he didn't know about the baby.

Harry demanded to know. "Then how did he name me his heir?"

It was the lawyer who explained. "When he inherited the Prince estate he learned that he had a son on the family records."

Lucius understood. "It wouldn't tell him who but simply there was another heir after him."

Albus sighed. "He suspected it was you and he came to me."

Harry looked at the old man. "And you told him you didn't know right?"

Albus looked out the window. "Your mother told me. She wanted to ensure the truth didn't die with her. That Severus would know."

Draco smirked. "And you of course rushed to tell him and got hit with a memory charm?"

Albus didn't deny it. "I thought it best to be kept quiet until we knew Voldemort was gone. You were already a target. I told Severus."

Harry sunk back into the chair he had abandoned. "And of course he was only too happy to forget I existed when you told him."

"He understood you were safer where you were. He was a spy and in no place to raise an eight year old." Albus tried.

Lucius sneered at that. "Oh I can only guess how understanding he was."

Albus motioned to the paper. "He eventually came to reason. And he made sure that Harry would inherit the estate if…"

Harry was furious. "The estate? I have two already. Maybe one. Am I still the Potter heir?"

Albus nodded. "James blood adopted you. You are legally the Potter heir as much as Black or Prince."

Harry was not sure what to make of this. "My father."

The lawyer handed him the forms and a quill. "You need to sign these."

Harry wanted to refuse. "Give them to his bloody godson. We all know that's the only person he actually cared about."

Albus stopped him. "He did care. I have his memories for you to….."

Harry snarled. "How much more have you been hiding from me?"

Albus sighed. "It was for the better good Harry."

Harry grabbed the scroll and signed his name on it. "Now leave me the hell alone."

The lawyer called as he stormed out. "Copies including the deeds to the homes will be sent."

Harry stormed out of the school blindly in anger and confusion. He passed Hagrid's hut and for only a moment thought about stopping to talk to the man. He had promised he would come and visit him soon. But he was in no shape to see the man. He had planned to head home but he doubted Remus and baby Teddy needed his anger right now. He found himself standing in Godric's Hollow in the graveyard, looking at the now five stones there. Tonks and Sirius had been buried with his parents but his eyes went to the surprising fifth stone. He had not fought when they had proposed burying the man here. He looked at the stone of James, his so-called father, and at his mother as well. Albus had not been alone in hiding his true paternity from him all of this time. But his eyes went to the stone of the man he had hated for so long.

"Severus Tobias Snape." Harry spat. "Couldn't face being my father and had to go and get yourself killed too?"