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Pairings: Seto/Jou, Yami/Yugi, Bakura/Ryou, Otogi/Shizuka, Honda/Anzu

* * *

Chapter one: I Had A Dream That I Could Fly

* * *

The cold rain pounded furiously against the cold pavement, each sound louder than the last. The street lamps glowed eerily amongst the haze of water pouring down on the city of Domino. Loud thunder clapped from the cloud filled sky, the angry sound roaring like a dragon that was awakened from its slumber. Cars drove by the nearly empty streets, splashing water everywhere the passed by. The dark night was loud and unforgiving to those who dared to try to surpass its cruelty. Stores were closed; people were sleeping.

A blonde boy ran alone in the treacherous night, tired and cold from braving through the storm. His clothes hung onto his frame, drenched and freezing as the bitter rain pelted and stung at his skin. He winced as he touched his abdomen, feeling the wound that would probably prove to be fatal. Did he really deserve this? Why had he gone?

"B-Be…'cause I'm…stupid," he panted, biting back a yelp of pain that had threatened to erupt from his mouth. He stared at his blood-stained hand as he coughed. It was getting harder to breathe without suffering any amount of pain. He scampered on, in search for help. Surely, anyone that would see a bleeding 16 year old boy would call out for help, right?

The thunder roared again, the rain accumulating even more. The brutal wind and rain were causing his resistance to plummet greatly. He passed several houses, the lights shut off in every single one. He groaned out in pain, his vision blurring as the world threatened to surrender to the inviting darkness that was overcoming him. The boy coughed again, blood seeping from the corners of his mouth.

He blinked hard, trying to rid himself of the burning tears that were stinging his amber colored eyes. Once again, the thunder clapped, startling him enough to have him yelp out slightly. The wind blew bitter, the storm growing worse in each passing second. He was soaked from head to toe, his white t-shirt now tainted crimson from the blood-loss he was suffering.

'I…I'm not gonna make it…' he thought. 'It-It hurts…'

The boy stopped and leaned against a brick wall, struggling to breathe. Each breath caused his chest to ache incredibly. He looked up at the sky, breathing hard, slowly sinking down to the ground. Water pooled all around him, his blood mixing with the clear water, tainting it crimson. The blonde boy winced and groaned, his head flopping to his side. His amber eyes were now lifeless and glazed over, the effects of the injury taking their serious toll.

He moaned out in pain, his breathing become short and labored.

'I…I'm gonna die…'

Thunder clapped.

'It's all over…'

The wind's speed increased.

'I never got to say goodbye to anyone…'

The world began to spin before his eyes.


Everything began to fade into darkness.

'Help me…'

* * *

The ice cold rain pelted against the windows, each sound growing louder and heavier than its predecessor. The spacious room was dark and eerily quiet. The blinds were drawn open, enabling the inhabitant of the room to be able to gaze out at the treacherous storm. For a split second, the room was engulfed in a bright light as thunder flashed across the night sky. The room was silent, the sound of unsteady breathing barely audible.

The entire house was silent.

Dark and ominous.

The hallways were deserted and loomed with darkness.

From deep inside the large mansion, an eerie melody played softly for an audience that was not present to listen to it.

Footsteps echoed faintly through hallways, each step clicking loudly, its echo bouncing from the walls and fading away into the air. The sounds grew louder and louder, approaching a door.

For a split second, a look of worry flashed through the figure's eyes. The person cloaked in darkness continued to make their way down the luminous hallway, passing by rare paintings and valuable vases. The person's eyes scanned the lonely area, making sure there were no intruders. Once again, the thunder roared angrily, never fazing the dark figure. It stopped at the entrance and opened the door softly.

The person stepped into the dark room, not bothering to turn on and source of light. It made its way to the bed, where a blonde boy lay, body now faintly soaked, his breathing coming out shuddered. He was covered by a navy blue satin blanket. His shirt had been removed, and white bandages were wrapped around his lower abdomen. The boy looked as if he were still in pain, his eyes shut tightly while he clutched at the blankets.

The figure stood by the bed, watching the boy intently with focused eyes. The boy moaned as he turned, slightly opening his eyes, which were wet with tears. The figure's gaze, however, did not falter. The boy panted slightly, before falling back into the welcoming slumber that had claimed him. The person sat on the edge of the spacious bed, never saying a single word. Their eyes scanned over all the boy's facial features. The blonde boy's skin was cold and incredibly pale from being test by the storms brutal obstacles. His lips were ice blue, and by the looks of it, it didn't seem like the boy would make it passed the night.

He moaned again, turning slightly, his breathing calming down into a slow but steady pattern. Images began to form in his mind; a blinding light flashed behind his closed eyelids. All at once, the boy felt soft, silken feathers lightly touch at his back, enclosing him in soft angelic wings. He began to sink deeper and deeper into the welcoming arms that were outstretched to him. A smile formed on his lips as he fell deeper and deeper. He felt as if he were slipping away from reality's grasp, all the pain instantly leaving him as he finally fell as deep as he could go.

The dark figure sat gazing at the boy with half closed eyes. The blonde boy's breathing became slow and soft, his tight hold on the blankets now loosening. The deep thunder clapped once more, the rain now pouring heavily against the large mansion. Each pelt against the window caused the dark figure to blink heavily.

The boy's chest was slightly stained with dried blood, his strong arms adorned with gashes and cuts that had been cleaned and dressed properly to prevent any type of infection. His blue jacket was laid on a chair, the piece of clothing still soaking wet, each drip of water hitting the same spot on the midnight blue carpet. The only sounds were that of the loud rain mingling with the strong wind, and the occasional clap of thunder that broke out in large bolts that flashed and broke through the heavily clouded sky.

A thought entered the figure's mind.

'…Should I…'

The thought paused.

'…tell anyone…?'

The figure continued to watch the blonde boy sleep, knowing that there was more harm than what was showing on the surface.

'What am I going to do?'

Seto Kaiba placed a hand on Jounouchi Katsuya's forehead, feeling the immense heat radiate from the stabbed teenager.

Seto's eyes watched Jounouchi carefully for the rest of the night.

* * *

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