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* * *

Chapter Six: I Still Can Dream

* * *

For once it wasn't raining and the sun was barely peaking up through the horizon. Dawn's pink fingers had streaked the sky, creating a collage of brilliant morning colors to be spread throughout the clouds. Water still pooled in several areas and the concrete was still stained with moisture. The grass sparkled with remaining rain water as the sun came up and spread it's light over the ground. But the air was freezing; almost enough to make it seem as if a thousand needles were piercing at one's flesh. Few birds chirped that morning while many still slept in. Those who worked on the weekends were waking up to get to work while the rest remained in a state of deep slumber. Despite the cold, the morning was breathtakingly beautiful.

And deep within the Kaiba Mansion, Jounouchi couldn't sleep.

Somehow, the events that had transpired the previous night had kept him awake. But to Jounouchi it seemed that it was more than the surprise of having Kaiba Seto run out into such a malignant storm. It was the fact that Kaiba hadn't pulled away in surprise when Jounouchi embraced him. When he had leaned in and kissed his cheek. Jounouchi still didn't know why he had done such a thing but realized that he wasn't feeling the same way towards Kaiba anymore. In these few days, the Kaiba he knew, the one that always threw astringent remarks at him, had disappeared. He was replaced with another Kaiba; one who was more cordial, more compassionate towards Jounouchi's feelings.

Jounouchi blushed, remembering the look on Kaiba's face when he had found him sitting down in the rain the night before. The blond duelist had never expected for his most hated rival to come out and save him. The Kaiba that Jounouchi knew would never have done that. But this Kaiba…his action to save him seemed so altruistic. Jounouchi shook his head, knowing he shouldn't be thinking such things about someone he hated so much. Yet somehow, his heart was telling him that he didn't hate Kaiba so much anymore. Of course he felt gratitude towards the blue eyed boy, but there was another feeling that was nagging at his mind. The blond boy blushed again as he shut his eyes and imagined Kaiba's face.

The deep, royal blue eyes that seemed so cold when facing the world but softened substantially whenever he faced his adorable little brother. And now it seemed as if they softened whenever Jounouchi was their target. Kaiba's skin was light, almost ghostly pale. It was obvious that he never got out into the sun very often, but the tone of his skin gave him an abstruse look, almost menacing. His hair looked as if it were the color of the richest chocolate. It waved and looked so soft and smooth. Jounouchi ached to touch it. Kaiba's lips…Jounouchi blushed brightly. They looked so tantalizing and it made the blonde's heart race whenever they curled into a smirk or even a grin.

As he sat alone in his room that resided in the Kaiba Mansion, Jounouchi realized how very handsome the CEO really was. And it wasn't until that moment that he came to grips with the fact that he was attracted to Kaiba. Perhaps it was the deep voice that sent shivers up his spine, or the crystallized blue eyes that seemed so menacing and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time. A small smile tugged at Jounouchi's lips at his newfound truths.

Yes, he was happy, but at that moment, he just wanted to see Kaiba again.

* * *

A royal blue eye opened slightly as it took in the bright colors of the morning. Kaiba groaned as he buried his face into his pillow and took a deep breath. He could barely recall the last time he had had a good night's sleep and it wasn't a surprise that it had felt very pleasant. Kaiba's mind was fogged over, barely allowing him to remember that there was an injured pup in his home. At this he sat up and raked a hand through his hair. He looked out the window and stared at the sunrise for a moment. There were so many things that he'd like to see and do but unfortunately, Kaiba Corporation consumed his entire day. The young boy yawned again as he stood from his bed and he walked over the bathroom. He quickly took a shower and brushed his teeth and emerged from the bathroom fully awake.

Kaiba walked over to his closet and took out his favorite attire; his Battle City outfit but without the white trench coat. As soon as the buckles were in place, Kaiba left his room and walked down the hall to check on Jounouchi. As he placed his hand on the doorknob, Kaiba paused and recalled last night's events. Jounouchi sitting outside, bathed in the moon's light and soaked with rain…Jounouchi staring at him with an indescribable emotion in his eyes…Jounouchi hugging him…the feeling of having Jounouchi's lips pressed against Kaiba's cheek…

The CEO shook his head, hating the way his heart would race so suddenly whenever he thought of Jounouchi that way. Somehow the blond duelist had gotten a strange hold of him and it made Kaiba feel as if he was sick every time he was around him. It was a new and eerie feeling and Kaiba didn't know what in the world it could possibly be. But it wasn't entirely frightening. A part of him enjoyed being around Jounouchi, and the brunette suspected that it was those feelings that were causing his heart to race or his face to flush.

The feeling was almost intoxicating and it was pulling Kaiba deeper and deeper into it.

Kaiba opened the door and was surprised to see Jounouchi sitting by the window again. The blonde's head was resting against the window as he gazed out into the sunrise. His hair shimmered and his skin fairly glowed. Jounouchi's rich, honey colored eyes were warm. Kaiba's breath caught in his throat as he stared at the sight. His heart was pounding so wildly against his chest that he feared Jounouchi could hear it. And once again that feeling was beginning to arise in Kaiba's stomach. It felt strange but somehow, so right.

Jounouchi, feeling that someone was in the room, turned around to see Kaiba openly staring at him. The blond gave him a sunny smile and was surprised to see Kaiba's face flush slightly. Jounouchi beckoned him to come over at which Kaiba surprisingly complied.

"Have you seen this?" Jounouchi breathed, "It's so beautiful." Kaiba stared out the window and gazed at the sunrise. He then realized that he had never stopped to look at it or even dare appreciate it.

'Then again, there are many things I haven't had time to appreciate,' Kaiba thought as his eyes traveled to the blond.

"How are you feeling?" Kaiba changed the subject. Jounouchi sighed as he stared into Kaiba's eyes.

"Still a little sore, but otherwise I'm fine," he replied simply. Jounouchi began to stand and when he suddenly realized he was still too weak and tired to really compose himself, his legs gave way and he fell. The blond readied himself for the impact to the ground, but the pain never came. Instead, he felt a pair of strong arms catch him quickly and pull him to a strong chest. Jounouchi blushed bright red as he realized Kaiba had caught him and was presently holding him tightly in his arms.

Not that Jounouchi was complaining of course…

"You should still be in bed," Kaiba complained. "You're not strong enough to be wandering around the house." The taller of the two began to push Jounouchi away when he felt the blond cling to him. Kaiba hesitated for a moment, only to see that Jounouchi had a tight grip on his shirt and didn't seem to want to let go anytime soon.

"Let's…stay like this…" Jounouchi whispered. "Just for a while…" Kaiba noticed that although he couldn't see the blonde's eyes, Jounouchi's face was red and had an incredibly calm expression. Kaiba heard the other boy sigh and relax into his arms. Both stayed there, staring deeply into the sunrise. The CEO gulped when he felt Jounouchi bury his face into the crook of his neck. And once again, Kaiba fought down a bright blush. "I kind of like this, you know," Jounouchi spoke so softly that Kaiba almost had to lean down to hear him. Jounouchi looked up to gaze into Kaiba's eyes with such a softness in them. The brunette gulped again as he felt his heart pound wildly in his chest, almost drowning in those endless pools of honey.

Somehow, Kaiba never realized how truly beautiful Jounouchi was. Perhaps it was because all he ever saw was the loud-mouthed mediocre duelist instead of the shy, beautiful boy he really was. Jounouchi was never one to show his true self to his rival, so it was plain to see why Kaiba was so taken back with the blonde's sudden display of unnatural beauty.

"Oh really?" Kaiba spoke softly, surprising himself as he did so. Jounouchi nodded as his eyes darkened with an emotion that Kaiba couldn't read. Kaiba's face reddened as he saw the blond shut his eyes and begin to lean in. Despite himself, he couldn't pull away and felt himself lean in closer as well.

The sun shone so brightly through the window. The leaves of trees in the surrounding area created small patterns that carried themselves into the bedroom. A soft breeze blew by and the world seemed to have stopped spinning for just that one moment. Kaiba never thought he'd ever attempt to kiss someone he hated so much…but now…


Their lips were only centimeters apart; Jounouchi could feel Kaiba's warm breath against his lips. Both of their hearts pounded wildly in anticipation for what would come next, when suddenly-

"Nii-sama!" Mokuba called out from behind the closed door.

Kaiba jerked back suddenly and he could've sworn he felt Jounouchi twitch violently.

Damn it! Kaiba heard that little voice in his mind again. He released his hold on the blond boy and headed towards the door.

"Um…sorry about that," Jounouchi apologized. Kaiba stopped and turned to face the blond boy he had almost kissed. The brunette shook his head.

"Rest assure," Kaiba spoke. "We'll finish what we started."

* * *

End of Chapter 6