The world of the Keyblade Graveyard and a black cloaked figure with an eyepatch walked towards the middle shaking his head. He was Xigbar who was Number II of the Organisation as well as known as the Freeshooter. He walked towards an appearing fading figure of an unconscious silver haired young man. It was the figure of the full being that was the young man Terra who was possessed by the spirit of the fallen Keyblade Master Xehanort due to having his heart overtaken Terra's own.

The Terra-Xehanort had been split into two beings previous; a Nobody and a Heartless and both separated to follow different plans to achieve the goals of their full being Xehanort.

The Heartless known as the Seeker of Darkness took the stolen identity of the researcher and ruler of the Radiant Garden; Ansem who had taken in Terra-Xehanort as an apprentice in his amnesiac state. He had set out to grow an army of Heartless to devour the worlds; giving power of the darkness to Maleficent the Dark Fairy and her group of allies to lead the invasion while acting as pawns to his plan. He had Xehanort's old desire to awaken Kingdom Hearts believing Darkness to be inside but at had been defeated by the Key Bearer Sora at the end and to his shock the Kingdom Hearts was filled with Light.

The Nobody was known as Xemnas the Superior of the In-Between who had founded Organisation XIII recruiting Nobody followers along with Xigbar. Xemnas had let them believe that their goals was to gain Hearts of their own to become full humans again; however their true purpose was to act as Thirteen Seekers of Darkness and be puppet pawns so that Xehanort could awaken the power of Kingdom Hearts differently. He too had been defeated by Sora.

Xigbar had collected what remained of both of their essences and used them along with a part of his own self that was Half Xehanort; in order to strengthen the form of Xehanort. Soon enough he was whole again and he got up with his black jacket appearing. "So Xehanort, how do you feel?" Xemnas asked after helping him up and giving him a moment to regain his strength.

"Just fine but I feel both the memories and experiences of my halves both at the same; schemes that took years to implement failed. Backup schemes failing mostly thanks to that Sora boy and his friends. Shame I couldn't get his friend Riku on my side; his story of a boy on Destiny Island yearning to escape and explore the worlds beyond reminded me so much of my own..." Xehanort muttered and though his voice was mostly' Terra's, Xigbar could definitely catch hints of the old man Xehanort in his frustration in the voice.

"So what now; are just back to square one?" Xigbar asked and Xehanort shook his head before facing him.

"The plans maybe foiled by not unsalvageable; I have Xemnas's experiences and I definitely recall watch Maleficent sending her errand boy Pete to the King's castle for the world's Cornerstore. I looked to the Door leading to the Timeless River and I decided to remember it for a backup plan. I have come too far and I won't be defeated yet." Xehanort told him before telling Xigbar to follow him as they left the Keyblade Graveyard.

The world of the Radiant Garden which had been turned into Hollow Bastion when it was corrupted by Darkness; two months had passed since the defeat of Xemnas and Organisation XIII and the denizens were able to move on no problem. The Key Bearer Sora as well as his friends Donald, Goofy, Riku and Kairi (who had both had gotten their own Keyblades) had been visiting regularly.

The three from Destiny Islands were split between their time visiting, being at home with their other friends and family at the Destiny Islands and training with their Keyblades by Yen Sid. Sora in particular was happy to get to know the friends he had made there.

In a home there were the occupants of warrior Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart; Cloud was sitting at a table with Aerith while Tifa came with drinks from the bar she had set up there. "Do you ever long for the days when we thought the biggest threat the planet was Shinra? I thought things would be easier with them and Sephiroth gone. Then the Heartless and having to deal with Sephiroth taking form again as a manifestation of your darkness Cloud..." Tifa muttered and the trio not liking the fact that the situation had gotten so grim that Sephiroth walking around was not a top priority.

At except for Cloud who was out to seek him out for a challenge and to try and take him down once and for all.

"Well it is all over for now, let's not worry about that and just focus on the future." Aerith said positively with her and Tifa each taking a hand of Cloud's hold. Them smiling at the smile forming Aerith decided to do some teasing. She then played with Cloud's caped scarf and said slyly "wow going back to this look Cloud? If you want to dress up from times past; remember Don Corneo?" Aerith asked and Tifa giggled as Cloud looked away not wanting to acknowledge the memory.

"Come on; you can use my dress if you want. We get to look at you in it and you can look at me without it." Aerith asked with a smirk getting up and Tifa was all ready to help untie Aerith's dress; both women not failing to notice the smirk forming on Cloud's lips. They heard a knocking on the door as Tifa quickly retied the first knot in Aerith's dress before she went to get the door.

Sora was there in his new black and red outfit with a white cross on the show; the Key Bearer looking his usual cheery and friendly self. "Nice to see you guys! Thought I would come over, hope I am not interrupting something." Sora stated coming in and the trio stayed silent for a moment.

"...Not at all Sora, we were just discussing how the world was before the Heartless." Aerith said with them sighing. "We definitely didn't have enough problems before the Heartless; honestly this is our second attempt at restoring the planet." Aerith stated with Sora blinked on confusion.

"Wait, wasn't the Radiant Gardens supposed to be a paradise before the Heartless took over?" Sora asked and the trio realised that he didn't have the full story explained to him. They huddled up for a minute which made Sora concerned before deciding to that they could tell Sora the story.

"The Radiant Gardens was a paradise under Ansem's rule but the rest of the world... not so much..." Aerith stated taking a gulp before continuing. "The Shinra Electric Power Company basically ruled the rest of the world while Ansem kept the Radiant Garden hidden from them; Shinra had thought they had taken the last free land after the Wutai War but they were wrong. They supplied energy to the world but the energy was harvested from the world's Lifestream; it was killing the world." Aerith explained to Sora's shock.

"That's horrible, how could they be able to do this?" Sora asked outraged and the three didn't want to hurt his innocence but went on with the story.

"SOLDIER; it was basically Shinra's own army with the soldiers enhanced with what was known as Jenova Cells. One was the strongest of them all and pretty much won the Wutai War; but he went rogue and was taken down. I was a part of a group called AVALANCHE and did our best to sabotage Shinra with their media calling us terrorists. Their president was killed by the strongest and he became a new threat off his own. He was defeated by us and Shinra fell as well. We took up residence in the Radiant Garden before the Heartless came..." Tifa explained and Sora was noticing they didn't name names in this supposed best warrior in SOLDIER.

"Ashamed as I was; I was with SHINRA and thought I was SOLDIER but I just had the skills and memories put into me. I went rogue as a mercenary and joined with Avalanche." Cloud explained shaking his head and Sora looked at him not judgementally but wanting to hear more. "Would you believe it; the warrior as well as Shinra were trying to find somewhere called the Promised Land and I believe the Radiant Garden was the Promised Land they were searching for." Cloud said and Sora was thinking about this supposed warrior.

Before he could ask then came in Chip and Dale who had been helping Sora pilot the Gummi Ship to the Radiant Garden since Donald and Goofy were busy at the moment. "Sorry Sora but the King is saying he needs you back post haste! There is an attack going on at the castle." Chip exclaimed to their shock.

Sora got himself ready but then they saw Cloud adjust his scarf cape and got his Buster Blade, "It's been a while since I have seen action so I will come as well." Cloud stated and Aerith and Tifa telling him to come back safe giving him each a kiss on the cheek.

"Wow your friends are really close with you, aren't they Cloud?" Sora asked and was confused by Cloud's shaking of the head with Aerith giggling.

"We are both with Cloud; Sora. We are more than friends with him. We realise you might find it weird but we both love him and are fine like this." Tifa explained with Sora's eyes widened and there was Chip and Dale ranting for them to hurry. Sora quickly forgot about this as he followed them back to the Gummi Ship along with Cloud.

The Gummi Ship had taken the quickest route to the world where the Disney Castle lies; Sora and Cloud ran out and saw there were Heartless attacking the population with Sora and Cloud's eyes widen in shock. They jumped out of the Ship and wasted little time to join the fray of battle.

Sora had summoned the Keyblade while Cloud had his Buster Sword ready to start attacking the hordes of the Heartless. They were getting through them helping the soldiers who were doing their best; they spotted a figure doing better than they did dealing with them and saw it was King Mickey with his own Keyblade.

Soon enough most of the Heartless outside the courtyard was dealt with and Mickey greeted them; "Glad to see you were able to get here and you brought your friend Cloud. We could get all the help we can get; especially since help that can leave a sword large enough that I am surprised you are able to even lift it at all." Mickey greeted them with his usual cheery demeanour but then grew more serious. "I am wishing though our first meeting was under much better circumstances than this..." He said as Sora asked what happened.

"Everything seemed so normal but then the Heartless came; I brought Minnie and Daisy to saftey but then this fellow calling himself Xehanort came commanding the Heartless. Remember when I told you that Ansem but not really Ansem and Xemnas were both halves of the same person? Xehanort is the both halves formed together again, he looks different from the last time I had seen of him but I can recognise his presence." Mickey explained to concern from the both of them.

The three then charged into the Castle fighting the Heartless as they came, they went past the open door to the library but then noticed all the books had been ransacked. "Whatever he wanted to find in there, it can't be good..." Sora muttered as they noticed an open door.

"Let's go and find Xehanort; don't worry about the others as Riku and Kairi are doing what they can around the castle!" Mickey assured them as they went through the door.

"So what does this door lead to?" Sora asked they went down but Mickey shrugged as if he didn't know. "But isn't this your castle your Highness? How can you not know about the doors here?" Sora asked as they went down a flight of stairs.

"Well I wasn't born royalty Sora; I was a Key Bearer who married into the throne; Minnie is the one with the royal bloodline. Also please just call me Mickey." Mickey told him as they came across a room with several doors that were not connected to any walls. Standing there holding the No Name Keyblade was Xehanort.

"Master Xehanort; I should have known this was your doing... Maleficent, the Heartless, the 7 Princesses of Heart, the Nobodies... They were all your back up plans after you were stopped years ago!" Mickey snapped right at Xehanort while Sora and Cloud despite their confusion as to what Mickey was talking about; at their weapons ready to attack at any moment. Sora was wondering how Mickey knew Xehanort but he knew questions like that would have to wait for now.

"Well if it isn't the student who became the King, yes the actions of the Seeker of Darkness as well as Xemnas were my planning. I had acted brash before in my plans but I planned ahead as I had taken the poor misguided trusting fool as my new vessel. I had taken the Radiant Garden and split in two; two beings carrying out my goals and plans. To think you lost the young boy, the new Keyblade Master as well as my new vessel but their sacrifice were for nought as I was still able to continue on with my ambitions." Xehanort stated with the three glaring at him.

"But you still lost; I beat both of you! Your Heartless thought Kingdom Hearts was filled with Darkness and I showed him the light inside and the Organisation is all gone!" Sora snapped at him stepping forward with Xehanort shaking his head.

"Ah yes; the ordinary boy who had unknowingly stolen his friend's destiny from him. Tell me, why do you think your friend Riku was able to take the Keyblade from you? It was originally meant for him but when his Heart came to Darkness; the Kingdom Key had to go down the list." Xehanort replied and Sora was taken aback wondering if this was true. "Still, you have indeed been a thorn and obstacle to my goals. I hold the memories of both my Heartless and Nobody and you have definitely set my plans back. To awaken the true Kingdom Hearts; I had planned to create 13 Vessels to summon the X-Blade but I have different plans now." Xehanort stated and Sora looked at him in confusion.

"Keyblade, but you already have one there..." Sora stated and Xehanort gave a humourless chuckle as he looked at him. Cloud had the same thought but Mickey knew what Xehanort had meant.

"Foolish boy; the name is similar but it is not X as in 'Key' but as in 'Chi'; the X-Blade was the counterpoint to the Kingdom Hearts but long ago had been shattered into 20 pieces; 7 of Light and 13 of Darkness. I have had to realign my methods when I decided to come here." Xehanort told him and Mickey looked like he was ready to attack. They noticed in his free hand held a book that Mickey was never able to decipher. "To think that the royal family had a copy of the Book of Memories but were never able to find out it's power. I had stumbled across it when I came here for information about this Castle and I can use it for my goals." Xehanort said putting it away.

"If you are here for the Cornerstone of Light; you will never get to it! It's protected from someone with as much Darkness as you!" Mickey told him and Xehanort looked down to his direction.

"No what I had in mind; you know from Xemnas's memories I had saw what Maleficent was up to when she sent that fool Pete here. The doors you have here but never utilised their full power; doorways to the past... I had thought from my research that the restrictions of Time Travels was that you would have to go back to a point where you exist, you would have to leave your physical body behind and you couldn't change things that have happened. The doorways here have no such restrictions; I would be free to be able to gather different versions of me from the past to act as my 13 Seekers of Darkness." Xehanort explained and then the three got ready to fight.

"You don't know what you plan to meddle with Xehanort; messing with time no matter the methods will never end up good." Mickey said as Cloud asked for them to get on with taking Xehanort down. Xehanort moved fast he took on the three warriors.

Xehanort used a blast of Darkness to send Mickey back; "Even after all this time having becoming a Master and King; you are still no match for me." Xehanort taunted him but had to fight back attacks from Sora and Cloud simultaneously. Soon Xehanort managed to get a get shot at Sora's heart as a light came out of it.

Cloud went to help him as Sora was able to get up even if struggling; Mickey and Cloud looked at him in concern asking if he was alright while Xehanort shook his head. "So ends the young Key Bearer who had come far beyond what he should have been capable of; not to worry as you might just live long enough to watch my ultimate victory..." Xehanort only for Cloud to charge at him.

Mickey managed to use his strongest Cure and a bit of his magic to fix the damage in Sora's heart which wasn't so severe that he couldn't fix. Cloud managed to hit the Book in Xehanort's jacket sending it back. Xehanort tried to reach out for it in anger but Mickey used a spell sending it away and it went through a door.

Sora tried to catch it but was falling into the door as Cloud tried to pull him in but they sucked through. Mickey was in worry but had to focus on Xehanort was he decided to just drag the fight out to give Sora and Cloud to retrieve the book and come out. He would take care of them then and take the book back; why use the effort when those two fools could do it himself?

Using the Dream Drop Distance outfit for Sora, deciding to try my hand at a Harem story for Sora which will be an alternate continuation for Kingdom Hearts 2.

Yes here the events of Final Fantasy VII happened much differently than in the game and it would have to be along with the other Final Fantasy games represented here. Remember Seifer being in Twilight Town, Zack in the Coliseum in Birth By Sleep, Aerith of course not being dead (spoilers for of course one of the most memed and well known spoiler in video game history) and others.