All is revealed.

Summary: The Weasley twins are dead. Everyone expresses their feelings, as the funeral happens at Hogwarts.

Fred and George tried to get up. Fred asked " What's going on, George?" "I don't know," answered George.

Everyone was crowding round them, some crying, and some laughing, thinking it was a practical joke. The twins could See their mother crying as a man announced through a magical megaphone "I am sorry. It is too late. They have passed away." Fred and George looked at each other. "But if we've passed away, how come we can still see and talk?" asked George. "We must be ghosts."

They saw their body being lifted into a hole in the quidditch pitch, so that the would always be remembered for Quidditch. They followed the whole school into the castle. They followed Angelina and Alicia into the entrance hall, as they said " I always had a huge crush on Fred, and I never got to ask him to the ball again," sobbed Angelina. "Lucky you got to actually go with Fred. I wanted to go with George but I never got the chance," cried Alicia.

George said "Wow, I never knew Alicia felt that way about me." "The things you learn when you're dead." Fred sighed, as they crossed to Gryffindor tower.

So, what do you think? And I know a lot of people think 'way too short' but that is how I am going to write in this fanfic. R+R!