Chapter 2

(Raven's POV)

Raven snatched her black shiny purse from her nightstand and rushed to get out of the house waving bye to her parents. She was very excited to see Chelsea as always.

Raven closed and locked the front door before she jogged over to her car. Raven's vehicle was a very brand new Black Bentley that she has wanted all her life. It was also a sports car. Ever since Donna Cabonna raised Raven's pay, Raven has been well, shopping.

Raven got in her car and closed the vehicle's door as she was pulled in a vision.


"OH FUCK RAVEN YES!!" Chelsea screamed arching her back with closed eyes as she clenched her fists on the smooth silk velvet bed cover.

Raven was going down on Chelsea like it was her first and last meal.


"JESUS CHRIST. WHAT WAS THAT." Raven breathlessly uttered as she could feel herself getting wet.

Raven place her hands on the back of her head as she laid back on the driver's seat taking a few breaths taking in her vision. Raven was VERY turned on and she couldn't stop it from happening. She opened her windows letting the cool wind enter the car. This helped her a bit but her mind kept thinking about that vision and Chelsea. Raven has calmed down and turned on the car's engine. It was now 7:36 p.m and Raven reached for her phone texting Chelsea letting her know she was on her way. Chelsea replied saying: Ok I'll see you Rae, can't wait xo!

Raven drove off going pretty fast from her usual speed. Her thoughts were going crazy as she was at a stop light just a few streets away from Chelsea's house. "Breath Raven. Breath. It might've been a false vision. Calm down." Raven reminded herself. She continued driving at her pace as she turned right and parked in front of Chelsea's house. Raven got out of the car closing the door and stood there for a few seconds until her legs worked again.

Raven was now in front of Chelsea's door. She knocked on the door looking down on the ground. Chelsea opened the door and Raven looked up at the gorgeous woman who was standing before her. Chelsea had on a Black Velvet body-con wrap dress. Her curves were very visible in the dress she wore. Her long auburn hair had the scent of a strawberry, her hair was very amusing to Raven. Raven speechlessly gazed at Chelsea. Her eyes immediately turned into a dark shade.

Chelsea looked Raven up and down very slowly and savored every part of Raven's body. She was the first to break the tension by saying, "You look... spectacular Rae." Chelsea gulped.

"I uh uhm thanks you uh WOW. You look i mean. Wow." Raven said as she quickly looked away.

"Thanks." Chelsea whispered.

"So uhm shall we?" Raven asked offering her hand to the beauty standing in front of her.

"We shall." Chelsea placed her hand on Raven's as they both felt a tingle inside them.

They walked over to Raven's car and went inside. Raven started the engine and drove off at the same pace she was driving at on her way to Chelsea's house. Chelsea on the other hand couldn't stop herself from glancing at Raven.

(Chelsea's thoughts)

She is so gorgeous. Ohhh i need her body close to mine. Those legs are killing me. Her lips awww god, so plump and shiny.

Chelsea unconsciously licked her lips and bit her bottom lip. This didn't go unnoticed by Raven. She could see Chelsea in the corner of her eye.

"Fuck it." Raven said as she stopped the car in a dark alley with nobody around. Raven turned her attention to Chelsea and leaned in to passionately kiss the redhead. Chelsea moaned into the kiss sending a strong jolt inside Raven. Chelsea did not hesitate to return the kiss as her hands moved to Raven's back. Raven's right hand was at the back of Chelsea's neck and her left on Chelsea's thigh. Raven slowly squeezed Chelsea's thigh causing the redhead to moan even louder. Chelsea slowly pulled away and looked into Raven's eyes seeing pure lust in her eyes. She then began kissing Raven's neck. It was now Raven's turn to moan. They continued to kiss before they both pulled from the kiss to take in air.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that to you but before we talk about this we really need to go to that club. We'll be late." Raven said out of breath. She turned the car on and placed her hands on the steering wheel.

"I- Uhm. That was- i mean." Chelsea stuttered not able to form any words with her mind.

"Shhhh baby we'll be able to talk later just not now." Raven said cutting Chelsea off placing one hand on Chelsea's thigh. Chelsea shuffled in her seat as Raven did this turning her on more than she already was. She loved the thought of Raven calling her baby.

She continued to drive maintaining her position. They arrived at the club and got out of the car. They walked into the club and Raven wrapped her arm around Chelsea's hip. She slowly moved her hand to Chelsea's ass giving it a squeeze causing Chelsea to cover mouth to prevent herself from moaning. They walked over to the bar.

"Could i please get a gin and tonic?" Raven asked the bartender.

"And i will have a Manhattan." Chelsea added.

As the bartender prepared their beverages, Chelsea was the first to talk.

"Look, before you say anything, what we did inside the car was one of the best moments of my life and i needed it bad. I've been having these strong feelings for you and it is was more than a best friend vibe. Everytime i see you, my whole world stops. You are hands down the most beautiful woman in my life. I love you as a best friend forever and always but there's another part of me that wants you as a lover. My body needs you. I-"

Raven puts her finger on Chelsea's lips and leans in to whisper, "I know. Trust me. I feel the same way." Raven lightly tugs Chelsea's earlobe. This action sends Chelsea over the moon.

The bartender was too busy to notice them as he puts down their drinks and move on to another table.

"Dance with me." Chelsea says grabbing Raven's hand and pulling her to the centre of the room. It was a coincidence that the DJ put on a song that turned both Raven and Chelsea on. Chelsea was distracted by something that was going on in the restroom until Raven put her arms around Chelsea's waist from the back causing the redhead to shudder. Raven took the advantage of kissing Chelsea's neck as her hair drifted to the other side. Chelsea was in pure euphoria. Raven whispers to Chelsea in a raspy voice, "You have no idea how fucking sexy you look and feel." Chelsea moaned to the feel of Raven's breath on her ear and drags her out of the club putting their drinks on a random table.

They entered Raven's car in the back. Raven's windows automatically turned dark mode not letting anyone see them. Chelsea hungrily kisses Raven's neck and sucks on her pulse point letting Raven release a loud moan. Raven pulled Chelsea to connect their lips, slightly parting her lips and continued to kiss as Chelsea unzips Raven's dress. "Uh uh not yet babe." Raven zips her dress back on and transfers to the driver's seat. "Awww come on. I was in the moment Rae." Chelsea says in disappointment as she transfers to the passenger seat. Raven glances at Chelsea and pulls her into a kiss once more before driving off in a faster pace than before. Chelsea leans in nibbling on Raven's ear then to her neck. "Ch- Chelsea. We boutta... FUCK! We're gonna...crash into if you keep doing that." Raven breathlessly utters. They've reached a hotel. Chelsea quickly gets out of the car same as Raven. Chelsea grabbed Raven's hand and runs inside the hotel.

They stop at the counter signing in. The lady at the counter could notice how tense Raven and Chelsea were and knew exactly what they were up to but decided not to hold them back from their business.

"Thanks." Raven says as she grabs the keys from the counter and hurrily walks to their room.

Oooooo that's one good cliffhanger. See you on Chapter 3 Y'all already know what's boutta go down... and who's about to go down oop