To refresh your memory from what last happened on chapter 2: They stop at the counter signing in. The lady at the counter could notice how tense Raven and Chelsea were and knew exactly what they were up to but decided not to hold them back from their business.

"Thanks." Raven says as she grabs the keys from the counter and hurrily walks to their room.

Chapter 3

As soon as Raven unlocked the door, Chelsea snatched the keys from Raven's hands and threw it on the ground before wrapping her arms around Raven's waist and looked into her partner's eyes. She saw just what she needed in Raven's hazel eyes, lust and desperation. Chelsea kissed Raven as she slid her tongue inside her lover's mouth. Not breaking the passionate kiss, Raven moved her hands down to unzip Chelsea's dress. The dress was now off of Chelsea and slid off her shoulders. Chelsea did the same to Raven's dress and bra. The redhead took a moment to mesmerize at Raven's beautiful body. Raven's cheek turned to a dark shade of red, blushing. She pulled Chelsea back into a passionate kiss as they shuffled to the bed. Raven gently pushed Chelsea onto the bed which caused the redhead to let out a grunt. Chelsea looked at Raven desperate for her body as Raven walked very slowly around the bed.

"Now, before we do this," Raven moved closer to Chelsea as her lips were with the redhead's ear, "let me just point out the fact that you are killing me. Every move you make, every word you say, every touch you give me makes me feel insane. You are so dangerously sexy." Chelsea closed her eyes as her whole body shuddered from what Raven was doing to her. She couldn't utter a single word out of her body as she relished Raven's warm breath on her ear. "I always wonder how i ever hold back from grabbing your body to mine. I've loved you for forever as my best friend but I am SO ready to take this new journey with you as my lover." Chelsea was relishing every word that was coming out of Raven's mouth knowing that she meant it. Raven turned Chelsea's head to see her face. "I love you Chelsea." The redhead replied with a, "I love you too baby.. SO MUCH."

Raven pulled Chelsea onto a kiss which started off sweet but quickly turned to a passionate and vigorous make out session earning moans from both beauty's. No words were needed in this moment, Raven and Chelsea felt like they were floating. They love each other with the deepest desire, they lust for each other with their whole being.

Chelsea whispered to Raven's ear that completely turned Raven's world upside down, "Touch me fill me with you leave me craving your taste make me moan for more send me upstream let me follow your path lead me forward til i taste my fill let me find satiety on your tongue leave me gasping crying calling your name while I am convulsing in liquid heat."

Raven kissed Chelsea so hard to the point where her lips ached but she knew it was worth it. She slowly pulled from the kiss giving Chelsea's wanting lips one more peck on the lips, then two, then three. Raven's lips took another direction to Chelsea's neck locating her pulse point. Once she found Chelsea's pulse, she sucked on it while her hands drifted slowly up and down the redhead's curves. Raven moved south exploring every part of her lover's body placing hungry kisses. Raven moved down to Chelsea's inner thigh kissing it while she was rewarded with whimpers and moans from the redhead. Raven smiled knowing the vision she had earlier would become a reality in a few moments.

Chelsea craved for Raven's touch and lips. Raven looked up at Chelsea searching for approval. Chelsea looked into Raven's hypnotic hazel eyes and nodded. Raven winked at Chelsea as she slowly spread Chelsea's legs and buried her face between Chelsea's thighs. Chelsea's hands were buried in Raven's hair as she gently pushed Raven deeper inside her. Raven licked Chelsea's clit once, then twice, thrice and so on. Every second passing was a blessing to Chelsea as the person going down on her was the person she loved the most in the world. A tear escaped from Chelsea's eyes from the emotions swirling inside her body. Raven sucked on Chelsea's clit combining with her licks. Raven's vision then happened as Chelsea blurted, "OH FUCK RAVEN YES!!" Chelsea screamed arching her back with closed eyes as she clenched her fists on the smooth silk velvet bed cover. Raven was going down on Chelsea like it was her first and last meal. The redhead moaned once more as her body was shivering hard from the best orgasm she has ever experienced in her life. Raven licked Chelsea once more earning a whimper from her lover. She moved up placing kisses on Chelsea's stomach, breast and her collarbone.

Raven pulled Chelsea up to a sitting position. She took her lover's wanting lips to consociate with hers. As both women were duelling both their tongue's, Chelsea surprised Raven as she gripped on her thigh and felt her passion. Chelsea leaned Raven down onto the bed as she kissed and sucked hard on Raven's neck acquiring loud moans from the brown haired beauty. Raven uttered, "Oh" as Chelsea swiped her tongue across Raven's nipple. Chelsea takes the swollen bud into her mouth and sucks hard as she pinched the other nipple. Chelsea was rewarded with pleased moans from Raven. Chelsea slowly moved to Raven's thigh sucking it leaving a hickey mark like the one she left on Raven's neck and waist. She licked the skin on Chelsea's thigh once more as her tongue made its way to her centre licking it like her life depended on her action. Raven had a mix of sensations that were too brawny for her to put into words. Chelsea could tell that Raven was close to releasing. She created a combo move that she has never done before, taking two fingers entering Raven as her tongue was still licking and sucking Raven. "MOTHER FU-" Raven finally released with juices coming out of her. Chelsea smirked thinking about how she made that happen. The redhead quickly moved up to meet Raven in a mesmerizing and irresistible kiss.

Chelsea pulled from the kiss as she proverbs to Raven, "You are amazing and more. I love you so much mi amore." Raven had a look of awe in her eyes as she replied, "I love you too baby. You are everything i want, need and more." Raven embraced Chelsea in her arms as both ladies processed everything that happened. They soon snoozed off later that night still in each other's living arms.

No regrets, no criticism about what just happened that night. It was the most memorable night of their lives. They loved each other more than before. More and more every second passing knowing it will never end. No words could describe the emotions these women were feeling for each other.

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