It had been a long day for Shirai Kuroko as she was resting on her bed, in the Tokiwadai Dorms.

Actually, that was a lie...

The bed she was on... didn't belong to her...


Sprawled on her upperclassmen's bed, she stuffed her face deep in the pillow, engaging in some questionable activities.

Namely... inhaling the sweet aroma of her Onee-sama.

"My Onee-sama, to leave me so suddenly... and to go on a mission no less..."

"She didn't even tell me where she was going... but she had a familiar expression on her face before she left...)

Shirai sat up from the bed instantly.

"That expression! It's always when she's talking about that-")


A chime echoes throughout her room.

Shirai looks over at her desk, where her computer is mounted. It seems she has received an email.

She opens up the message, looking at the sender.

"T-the Chairmen? Wasn't he just a rumor?"

She scrolls down, gazing at the contents of the message. Two things catch her eye and leave her dumbfounded.

"T-this is... a capture and retrieve mission. The target being... Othinus?"

She ponders this name in thought.

"Othinus... Othinus... Right! She is the terrorist the UNC are looking for. And if I remember correctly... she had someone helping her..."

Shirai, to confirm her own inquiry, read the rest of the message.

"Here we are! Male...level 0? Interesting... and the name... Kamijou... Touma?"

Shirai repeated this name to herself, trying for the life of her to figure out why it sounded so familiar.

"Kamijou... Kamijou... Kamij- OH!"

Shirai widened her eyes as a certain misfortunate boy came to her memories.


Shirai screamed this aloud.

"Why would he- of all people-"

Shirai stopped... then...


A cold dry laughter filled the room.

"I see... Othinus is a girl. Even when he holds Onee-sama's affections! Even when she thinks about him constantly with a look of a pure maiden! He still has the audacity to pick up other girls! And a terrorist no less!"

Shirai then declares with new-found determination.

"Don't worry Onee-sama! I will capture this perverted ape and bring him back here! For you! Even if it makes me sad, I won't let this uncouth gentleman play around with another girl!"

And with with that, Shirai teleported off to a certain airfield to begin her quest...

A quest to capture a certain unlucky boy and his companion.

Little did she know...

She was woefully unprepared for the chaos ahead.

"No matter how you look at it, there shouldn't be a gas station here..."

Kamijou uttered these words, perplexed at the scene in front of him.

Kamijou and Othinus had made considerable distance after they had split up with the team of New Light. However, due to the boy's injuries from his fight with Bayloupe; there traveling speed had gotten slower.

"Stop your complaining human. Just be glad with this stroke of good luck."

Kamijou blanched at that.

"Good luck? Me? Haha! I know for a fact that this Kamijou has never had good luck. Nope!"

"Why do you look so proud... well whatever, I guess your right."

Othinus amusedly smiles.

"A normal person wouldn't have been caught up in this situation."

"I know right. Such misfortune..."

Kamijou belatedly sighs.

"Well regardless, stay out here Othinus. I'll see if we can acquire some food. And maybe warmer clothes for you..."

Kamijou looks at Othinus with a curious gaze.

Othinus, who sees this, backs up slightly.

"Can you please not give me that perverted stare human."

Kamijou pretends not to be offended, and boastily shouts.

"Hah! As if I would give into to my hormonal urges that all healthy high school boys have. My mental will-power is top tier."

"In more ways than one... only you would forgive someone like me."

Othinus mutters this. However Kamijou heard her.

"I don't really see it that way. In the end, I'm doing what I've always done. Nothing has changed. If someone needs my help, who am I to abandon them? You needed help, and I was there to give it to you."

Kamijou said this in a casual tone.

Othinus stood there stunned.

Even after all this time, even after everything they went through; Kamijou Touma still managed to surprise her.

Othinus thinks this as she watches the boy head into the gas station.

Kamijou looks around the store for anything of use. Most of the shelves are bare, as a large majority of buildings in the area have been evacuated due to the manhunt; in other words, because of him and Othinus. Trying to not feel guilty about what he is doing, Kamijou grabs a few snacks and drinks that will keep him and his partner satisfied until they reach their destination.

After he successfully places the items in his pockets, he proceeds to head out of the aisle.

But, unexpectedly enough, he bumped into something.

No... that's not quite right, not something, someone.

It was indeed a person.

And of course, Kamijou's manners proceeded his suspicions.

"Oh, sorry about... that..."



Simultaneously, two voices of involuntarily confusion were let out.

Because the girl standing in front of Kamijou was someone he was familiar with.

Three seconds passed in dead silence.


"You've got to be freaking kidding me! How unlucky can I be! No! This is beyond unlucky! This was worst person I could have run into! Even that erotic imp girl would be better than this!"

Kamijou screamed this while looking at the twin tailed girl; who was snugly dressed in a brown coat with white mufflers.

After adorning a surprised expression from her chance encounter, she replied.

"I finally found you ape! To think I would find you like this... he he he. Well, it's all over no-w-wait! Why are you running away?!?"

Shirai responded in such a manner as Kamijou dashed out of the store and went over to Othinus.

"Human, it's about time... why are you runn-kyaa!"

Othinus squealed in surprise as Kamijou deftly picked her up; much to her embarrassment, and proceeded to book it through the snow.

Shirai wasn't too far behind as she suddenly teleported outside, appearing a little behind them.

"Stop running and let me capture you, you stupid ape!"

"Oh! My bad! Let me just allow myself be captured! Is that what you wanted me to say, you twin tailed pervert!"

"Wha- Who do you think your talking to, you ape!"

"SUCH MISFORTUNE! Out of all the people they could have sent! Why did it have to be you! Why are you even here?!?! What did I do to deserve this!?!"

"Who is she human?"

Othinus has never seen this girl before, so naturally she was confused. She was being held by Kamijou as they ran through the snow.

"Her name is... Shirai Kuroko. She is a friend of BiriBiri and... whenever she sees me I get attacked... huh... just like Misaka. Does that mean I'm actually doing something wrong then!?! Such misfortune!"

Kamijou continued to run with all his might; however it was proved useless as Shirai teleported in front of him with darts between her fingers.

"It doesn't matter what you do, you know, I'll always be able to teleport faster than you can run."

Kamijou realizes the logic in her statement and stops suddenly.

"Oh… so even apes can make rational decisions under pressure. That truly is amazing. If you behave like this, I won't have to get physical you know…"

Shirai says this with a smug expression that boasts authority, then starts to laugh haughtily.

"He he he he-"

"Human, why is this classless woman assuming she's superior to you?"

Othinus breaks in with this mild comment.

Sitting in Kamijou's arms, Othinus wears an annoyed expression.

Shirai's demeanor changes within an instant at this interjection.

"Um, well, Shirai is a little- how to say- Oh! She lives in an all girls school so she thinks that all men are the enemy, or, that is what I've gathered."

Kamijou's explanation is drowned out by Shirai's next exclamation.

"Classless you say? Can you really be calling me that Ms. Terrorist. I assume that's you right? Othinus?"

"Yes. That is my name, please do not disrespect it by speaking it, commoner…"

Shirai's eyebrow twitched.

"C-commoner! Well, look who's dressed like she's in heat!"

Shirai retorts with this as her anger increases.

"Hah? Why should I, a god, care as to what a lowly insect thinks?"

Two prideful girls had a battle of aura through their gazes.

"Um, can I say something…"

Kamijou interrupts their very serious duel and tries to speak.

Shirai, having forgotten all about him, focuses her attention. While Othinus looks away in an arrogant manner.

"Shirai, why are you here exactly? Is there any way to resolve this peacefully? I really don't want to fight you."

Kamijou tries to appeal to the least troublesome option; however, with someone like Shirai, that would be too good to be true.

"Obviously I am here to capture you on behalf of Judgement. Aiding a terrorist when you are part of Academy City is something I can't stand."

Shirai begins to walk forward, while carrying hand-cuffs.

"While I may not be able to teleport you due to your weird ability; I can still restrain you and call for a transport."

Kamijou looks down in displeasure.

"I see… well, I guess there is no choice then..."

Kamijou holds Othinus closer to him, whispering…

"Othinus, I will handle this, please stand back a bit…"

Othinus looks displeased at this, but resignedly nods.

He places her behind him and steps forward, closer to Shirai.

With an imposing voice, he stands firmly, arm outstretched.

"Sorry Shirai, but I can't let you do that. I won't be going with you…"

Shirai looks surprised at this display of courage, but ultimately smiles.

"Fine… that just means I have to knock you out, and do this by force!"

With this, Shirai instantly teleports.

Kamijou remains rigid, wondering where she went.

"Behind you!"

Othinus calls from the sidelines, as, sure enough, Shirai appears from behind him delivering a drop kick to his back.

Kamijou stumbles forward at this attack, but immediatley regains his balance and whips around to charge Shirai. Shirai easily avoids Kamijou's right hook by teleporting behind him once again.

However, Kamijou was ready this time as he ducked low to the ground, narrowly missing another drop kick.

Suspended in the air, Shirai is vulnerable, so Kamijou tips her off balance, destroying her sense of equilibrium. Unable to perform her calculations, Shirai inelegantly lands in the snow.

Shirai lays there for a few seconds.

Not sure what to do when faced with such a sight, Kamijou only utters weakly.

"Um, sorry, w-was that too hard…"

Shirai instantly raises her head, while donning an irritated expression.

"Was that too hard? What is that half-assed attitude. If you couldn't tell, I am trying to seriously hurt you! Why are you holding back!"

Kamijou put on an embarrassed expression as he replied.

"Oh, sorry, I guess I really can't see you as my enemy, Shirai. You are Misaka's friend; I wouldn't want to give her another reason to attack me... he he he."

Kamijou rubs the back of his head.

"What the hell is wrong with you! This isn't a quarrel about you defiling my Onee-sama-"

Othinus looked at Kamijou, mouthing the word 'defile', with a not-amused expression.

"This is an international incident involving you, who has been branded a traitor to Academy City, and a terrorist, who has commited acts of violence to the general populace!"

Shirai exclaimed that in anger.

"You need to realize your situation! This isn't just something you can simply laugh off-."

"You don't think I get that..."

Kamijou said this slowly, eyes cast downward.


"You don't think I understand the repercussions of what I did! The choice that I made! There is not a second that goes by where I don't regret my decision. But... if I didn't act, if I had hesitated to help that girl who believed the whole world was against her..."

Kamijou looks up, azure eyes meeting orange.

"And if no one else would acknowledge the sacrifice she made, the forgiveness she is hoping for, and faults that can be corrected... then... I will! I WILL BE THAT PERSON!"

Kamijou then clenched his fists to his sides.

"An international traitor! Are you kidding me! Of course I'm terrified of something like that; I'm just an average high school student!"

"If that's the case then why-"

"But why does there have to be a reason... Why do I have to have an ulterior motive... I'm not doing this to be labeled as a hero! I'm not doing this for fun! I'm not doing this because someone told me to! Its no skin off my nose to stand in front of someone begging for help and extend a hand!"

Kamijou yells his desires, not tainted by arrogance or greed.

Shirai has never thought anything of Kamijou Touma. His existence was always an obstacle. An obstacle on her conquest for her Onee-sama's affections.

So this boy... this boy standing in front of her, was different then the perverted ape she came to know.

(But it doesn't matter; I have a job to do!)

Shirai thinks this a she steps towards Kamijou.

Kamijou sighs as he sees her clear hostility.

"Guess there is no avoiding this-"


A chill runs down Kamijou's spine. Something is going to happen. Something very bad.

Kamijou's fear is confirmed as he spots a flash of light in the distance behind Shirai.



"Shirai move!"

"Huh? Do you really think I'd fall fo-hyaa!"

Kamijou closes the distance between them instantly, in a manner similar to hysterical strength, and shoves Shirai off to the side.

A moment later...

A steel projectile comes piercing though the side of the boy, causing blood to spew in all directions.


With the momentum of the attack not finished, Kamijou is flung backwards into the snowy fields; whizzing past a startled Othinus who can only cry out.


Kamijou stopped tumbling and landed face down in the snow, body completely still.

Shirai had no idea what was happening. First the boy had a tired look on his face, then it instantly changed to anxiety.

He then called out and rushed towards her. She was going to teleport away, but she was too startled to use her ability.

Then... after being pushed to the side. A projectile made of steel went through the boy's body...

All she saw was red...


The boy was flung past her. He landed in the snow after tumbling a few times...


He remained there facedown, unmoving...


Shirai couldn't believe what she just saw.

(H-he took... the blow for me...)


Othinus had run to the boy and called out to him, to no response.

"N-no... you can't... HUMAN!"

Shirai stood in shock at the reality of her situation.

And then...

"Target is neutralized... although, its a shame I only got one..."

In the distance, a voice was carried to them. The girls looked over to see a lone figure.

Heavy metal armor adorned with a mask that had slits as an opening, colored of red and black, stood a traditional Knight.

In a relaxed position, he held a long bow. The bow was glowing faintly as it was put in a relaxed position.

"Robin... Hood..."

Othinus mutters to herself.

Robin hood.

A powerful long range weapon that the Knights Of England pride themselves in. A tool that has been used in many battles over the course of their history, with the capacity of rivaling RPGs and other guided explosive launchers.

The lone knight stowed the bow and drew his other weapon, a gleaming lance. He then walked towards them, and after a few meters away, stopped.

"Why...why did you kill him... He didn't need to die..."

Shirai forced this out.

After a few moments of silence, the knight spoke.

"On behalf of the United Nations Council, it has been deemed that the elimination of Kamijou Touma and Magic God Othinus is paramount..."

These cold words were spoken from the mask of the knight.

"However... if it came to be that the terrorists had accomplices, those should die as well..."

The knight pointed the lance at Shirai.

"After the accompolice has been killed, the magic god will follow. Then-"





The knight stopped talking, and stiffened in shock.

"T-that's not... how can he..."

The knight stuttered these words in a confused manner, so very different from his previous attitude.

Shirai turned her gaze behind her and widened her eyes in disbelief.

And there...

Stood Kamijou Touma.

Hand cradling his wound, the boy walked past a shocked Othinus. He was swaying from side to side. It was painfully clear that it took a great amount of effort to stay standing.

The boy walked over to Shirai and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, everything... will be alright..."

Shirai didn't say anything. She couldn't. How could one express rationale thoughts after seeing something so unlikely. No, not unlikely, but impossible.

The boy drew closer to the Knight in slow footsteps.

"H-how the hell are you still standing!?! No! How are you even alive!?!"

Kamijou didn't speak, but instead continued to walk forward. His expression was hidden behind his hair... however...

There was an aura radiating around the boy, giving him an immense pressure about him.

The knight, having come to his senses, retained a battle position and charged at the boy.

Kamijou made no effort to dodge as the lance was stabbed into the boy's thigh, puncturing it deeply. Kamijou visibly winces, and once again falls to the ground.

The Knight lowers his weapon once more...but...

It's not over.

Kamijou gets up again with extreme difficulty. Blood pouring out of two wounds now. Kamijou raises his head and stares at the knight for the first time.

The knight is shocked at what he sees.

Even with his body broken, bruised, and mangled; his eyes still have a glimmer of defiance in them.

He raises his weapon in the air and strikes the shoulder of Kamijou, knocking him deftly to the side.

And... he struggles to get up once more.

"Why!?! How can you stand!?! Why won't you break!?! Do you hear me! It will not get easier for you boy!"

Basically, it's really simple.

No one was prepared...

No one was ready...

No one had the willpower...

To stand in the way of A Boy's Resolve To Protect A Single Girl.

So Kamijou kept moving.

And then he spoke.

"There is just... nothing you can do... to prevent me from saving her... whether it's Shirai, Othinus, or someone else entirely... it won't matter..."

Even with his low voice, it reached the ears of Shirai, Othinus, and the knight.

"Because after all..."

Kamijou hardened his body, clenched his right fist, and grit his teeth.

"This is my greed. This is my selfish desire. So no matter how long it takes, I WILL REACH THAT ENDING!!!"

And somehow, Kamijou broke into a sprint and rushed the knight.

"If you think you can sever the ending the we are all working so hard for! If you think that justice has to result in a girl's death! If you think that violence will cause you peace of mind! Then... I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE BUT TO DESTROY THAT ILLUSION OF YOURS!"

After this bold declaration to the Knight, who only stood there paralyzed at the approaching boy; Kamijou smashed his fist through the helmet of the knight, and then to his face.

A sound of shattering glass reverberated through the air.

The knight lay on his back in the snowy plains of Denmark.

And a boy standing over him triumphantly.

"Hah... hah... hah..."

And then...

A smile.

Shirai watches the back of the boy who by first look, cannot be considered reliable...

And yet...

(And yet he still...)

The boy collapses.



Two voices of worry echo through the light snow as the boy loses conciousness.

Kamijou wakes up to a warm feeling.

Slowly, he opens his eyes to see a blonde haired, green eyed girl staring at him from above.

His mind goes blank...

And then...

"Judging from the appropriate distance and the heavenly sensation on the back of my head- Ah! This could only be a Magic God Deluxe Lap Pillow!"

Othinus gives him an exasperated look as she speaks.

"Geez... stupid human, don't say ridiculous things right after you wake up..."

Kamijou flashes his teeth at her, giving off a smile.

"Ah ha ha ha... , yeah sorry..."

Then, tear droplets began to fall on Kamijou's face. He looks up surprised.

Othinus wears a quivering expression.

"D-don't do something like that again... alright... you made me a promise. And I won't accept anything... less..."

Othinus struggled with these prideful words as she gave Kamijou a vulnerable look.

Kamijou brought his hand to Othinus's head and started to rub her hair.

This only served to increase the tears.

"Of course...who would break a promise with a god... so... don't cry Othinus.

She nodded resolutely, then smiled.

"That's right human... and don't you forget it."

Kamijou retracts his hand, much to Othinus' dissapointment.

"Hah... good thing Shirai isn't here. She would be pretty mad to know that this giving me deja vu from Misaka... ha ha ha..."

Kamijou says this without thinking.

"What the hell did you just say...Ape...?"


Kamijou stops laughing suddenly.

Looking over to his right, he sees the extremely dissatisfied expression of Shirai.

"Hey perverted ignoramus ape who is lower than garbage... repeat what you just said..."

"Why did you add on ignoramus?!?And how can my standing with you get any lower?!? Such misfortune."

Kamijou retorts this.

"You were too busy flirting to notice me ape. Now..."

Shirai's voice gained a dangerous edge.

"Repeat... what... you... just... said."

"Yeah human, you have some nerve to mention another girl at a time like this..."

"H-hey, I'm injured you know?"

"Sound good to me..."

Essentially, there was no mercy for this unlucky boy.

"Such misfortune..."

"I am going to die one of these these times... I really am..."

Kamijou said this in a sad voice.

Kamijou, who was thoroughly punished for his actions, was laying in the snow, with his arms outstretched.

Miraculously, Shirai and Othinus managed to work together to stop the bleeding of his injuries.

"Don't be dramatic human... we barely touched you."

Othinus says mildly while looking off the the side, arms crossed.

"Yes... stop complaining."

Shirai jumped in as well.

"Othi-chan, Shirai, you were not gentle at all..."

Kamijou tried to sit up, but Othinus stopped him.

"Relax human, you shouldn't move just yet."

Kamijou shook his head.

"No Othinus, I'll be fine..."

Kamijou slowly raised up into a standing position.

"Ugh... my whole body hurts... such misfortune."

Kamijou complained.

"That's what happens when you try to play the hero... honestly, just what were you hoping to accomplish huh?"

Shirai told this to Kamijou with an exasperated voice.

"Sorry to dissapoint you, but even though you helped me, I won't let you have my Onee-sama!"

Kamijou gave her a confused look.

"I'm jot sure what Misaka has to do with this...but... Shirai, you were about to be seriously injured... why would I have a reason to abandon you?"

Kamijou said this with his eyes closed, trying to stretch his limbs.


Shirai gives him a wide eyed stare.

"Hmm? What's wrong?"

Kamijou asks this in response to Shirai's sound of confusion.

"That just now... you took the blow... because... because you didn't have a reason not to?!?"

Shirai exclaims in surprise.

"What is wrong with you?!?"

"W-wait, why are you mad..."

Kamijou tries to back away from the angry teleporter.

"What do you mean ,'why am I mad' "?!? You had no reason to push me out of the way from that projectile. No reason at all!"

Shirai raises her voice.

"We are not friends, we can barely be called acquaintances, and my opinion of you has always been negative! To me, you are just the perverted playboy who is trying to seduce my Onee-sama; And its working!"

"Okay... the last part isn't true-wait... NO! None of its true! AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SEDUCE PEOPLE!"

Kamijou raised his arms up in the air, but immediatley shrunk back down because of the pain.

"So Why?... what reason did you have? I don't ultimately care for your life decisons up to now, and I am not concerned about your relationship with this blonde bimbo."

"Excuse me..."

"So tell me why you put in the effort to help an enemy that is trying to take you down!"

"A reason? Well... that would have to be... it's because I made a promise."

"A promise? You and I made no such thing..."

Kamijou smiled.

"No, not to you... I made a promise to a certain pain in the ass that was head over heels with Misaka. 'Protect Misaka Mikoto and the world around her...' he told me. And I intend to keep it."

"Something like that is... ridiculous. Although, I do remember you saying something similar when you helped me out before."

Shirai remembers that completely hopeless situation. When her life was at the mercy of another, awaiting the embrace of death. But... the one known as Kamijou Touma saved her at a very crucial moment.

And with one action, he made it all dissapear.

Kamijou's question broke her out of her thoughts.

"So what do think Shirai, have I kept my promise?"

Kamijou's grinning face made her do a double take.

(Geez, this idiotic ape...)

And she smiled, because...

Another face interlapped with his in her mind.

So... maybe, Shirai could learn to tolerate this person.

This perverted, naive, unlucky boy who was there for her when she desperately needed help.


"Huh? 95% of what, the promise? Wait! Then what's the other 5%!?!"

" He he he...Not telling Ape!"

Shirai turned around mischievously.

"Wha- that's so unfair Shirai!... It was the lap pillow wasn't it?!? It was! Such misfortune."

Shirai started laughing at this pitiful boy. Then she sighed.

(Hah... I can't complete me my mission in good conscience with him all injured like this...)

"Ape... it's your lucky day... I won't be bringing you in after all. Contrary to what you might expect, my reason for coming was actually personal."

She brought the boy out of his musings.

"I going to disregard the fact that you just called me lucky, but what was your reason?"

"My precious Onee-sama of course! While she is out there working on some mission. You have been spending time with another girl that isn't her! But don't think that I approve of you. But maybe, just maybe, you have earned some privileges. So... don't get cocky ape!"

"Shirai, I have no idea what your talking about... but thank you. I promise I'll be back soon enough to annoy you."

Kamijou said this while laughing.

Then Shirai addressed Othinus, who had a miffed expression on her face for being ignored.

"And you... blonde girl... don't kill anymore people, understand?"

Othinus mumbled something under her breath but ultimately nodded.


Shirai thought this, and looked at Kamijou.

"I'm heading off then... don't die... and..."

Shirai averts her gaze with a slightly heated face.

"T-thank you for saving me... K-kamijou."

And before he can react, she teleported away.


Othinus turned towards Kamijou, optimizing that face.

"W-what, why are you giving me that face?"

"I have no idea what your talking about, K-kamijou."

Kamijou looks at Othinus in surprise. Having never heard her call him by his name either; naturally he was shocked.

"Othinus... you..."


Othinus avoided Kamijou's gaze, fidgeting slightly.

(Is that no good? Are we not there y-)

"Oh... that's sarcasm right! Ah ha ha ha... You would never call me by my name."

Kamijou laughs it off.

And Kamijou Touma, through EVERY fault of his own, displayed his usual lack of delicacy, regarding the heart of a maiden.

"Y-you... you... IDIOT!"

"You gotta be kidding me! Oh... hello elbow-chan, we meet agai- Gah!"

"Such misfortune!!!"

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