I chewed lip as Gordo told the most frightening horror story he had ever told. There was convenient lightning flashing outside, and the thunder was so loud I was certain it was coming from the upstairs area.

"And then the evil scientist lunged out from behind the..." Miranda and I groaned. Gordo's stories were always scary...until he bought science into them.

"C'mon, you guys haven't even heard what Dr. Crazy has got in his laboratory, there's chemicals so powerful they could destroy the world," he paused for a moment and continued on, hoping he had built up enough suspense to keep them listening, "With one...tiny...drop,"

Miranda let out an exasperated sigh, "Lizzie," she turned to me, "How about you tell a story,"

"Alright, well once there were these three kids, two girls and one guy. They were best friends. Been through everything together. One night they were staying at Libbie's, her friends Gordon and Mira..."

suddenly all the lights went out, and to what must have been to Gordo's dismay, he let out a tiny, shrill scream.

"Great! The powers out!" I groaned.

I got up to go turn it back on, Gordo, being the hero he is grabbed my hand and we headed to the back door. Miranda wasn't bothered by the dark and was happy to be on her own.

I opened the back door with my hero still clutching my hand.

"You're not afraid are you?" he said with a quavering voice.

"Of course not! Are you?" I squinted, trying to see my short, best friend.

He squeezed my hand tighter and cleared his throat, "Scared? I think you got the wrong guy! I'm scared of nothing!"

His voice was all raspy, like he was really, really scared.

We stepped outside, I let him feel like he was brave and let him lead me to the power switch bord.

After fiddling with it for a while he decided that the power must be out from a pole somewhere because of the storm.

We headed back to the back door, only to find that it was locked.

"Must have let it close behind me," I shrugged.

We headed round to the front door. We nocked three times.

"Miranda! Let us in! It's cold out here!" I yelled at the door.

I heard the sound of shattering glass. I turned to Gordo and bit my lip

"Miranda? What's happening?!" Gordo called out, looking equally panicked as I felt.

I frantically tried to turn the door handle but it wouldn't budge.

I ran round the side of the house and looked in through a window. Miranda was lying on the ground, thrashing as if in a fit. Blood was coming out of her mouth. A few seconds later I heard a crash. Gordo had jumped through the window.