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Sara made her way down the street towards the starbucks but had to stop to throw up, when she had finished she looked down, it was blood.

She shivered, what was miranda? she couldnt be a wiccan, they dont have that kind of Power, and the few that do, dont use it for such purposes.

she knows, Sara thought, she knows what i am.

She stumbled along the pathway holding onto the fences as she went, clutching her head. It felt like it was about to explode.

"Man what happened in there?" she asked her self outloud.

She sat down on the curb and put her head in her hands, it couldnt be miranda, she couldnt do that.

She let a tear escape her eye, her life wasnt easy, and it was doomed, she had no idea why she had to be who she was, why she was chosen. it just seemed so unfair to her.

"hey girlie," a voice came from behind her.

Crap, she thought, this was bad timing.

she shakily stood up and turned around, there infront of her was a vampire.

"Oh, ok whatever lets just get this over with,"

She lunged at him but he swung a punch at her face, it hits its mark.

"What the..?" she shook her head and waited for him to come at her.

"So you're the slayer, you're pretty pathetic if you ask me."

She glared at him, and he charged for her.

She tried to duck him but he grabbed her by the throat, "Well slayer, I guess this is your end" he said as he lowered her to the ground and bent over her throat.

She closed her eyes and prayed that something would happen. It didnt. She felt his fangs enter her skin and the blood be sucked out of her. Suddenly, he was lifted off her. She heard the familiar sounds of a fight going on around her then the sound of a vampire exploding. She looked up at her rescuer.


He picked her up off the ground, "Oh my god!" she cried and flung her arms around his neck, "What are you doing here?"

He looked down at her, "I missed you," he said and kissed her.

"Are you ok? What happened back there with that vampire," His dark eyes searched her.

She laughed, "Uh you know, something just sucked the energy out of me,"

"Seriously?" He asked

"Well yeh, I was with Gordo and he introduced me to their friend, Miranda, when I touched her I got this jolt and then I lost all my energy."

He frowned, "I have to talk to you about something,"

"Mm?" She said, "So talk."

"There's something bad here, something that you cant defeat, I can feel it," He said, looking around him.

"How do you know this?" She asked.

"I've been talking to people. Mainly demons. They say theres a new demon in town who wants to kill the slayer." He gave her a meaningful glance.

"Noah, what demon or vampire doesnt want me dead?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

he chuckled, "Me?"

She smiled sadly and shook her head. Connor had doubts about himself, being the son of two of the most notorious vampires in the world, but he had a soul, a pulse and a heart and that was all Sara cared about. "No, you're not a demon. I'm serious though, you have to stop worrying about me, it will be fine."

Connor turned serious again, "I guess we'll never know." he said sadly. "I'm not sure it will be fine, this demon, he's killed a slayer before, and he's not alone, he has a wife."

Sara tried to supress a laugh, "A wife? C'mon, this isn't Passions."

"Can't you be serious?" he snapped, then saw the hurt look on her face, "Look im sorry, i dont want to see you hurt is all."

"ok, so whats the deal with this wife?" she asked.

"Well, she has the power of possesion, which means she can possess who ever she wants, only her power is quite limited and she becomes very weak whilst in the body of a mortal."

"Oh my god, Miranda," Sara whispered.

"Who?" he asked.

"This girl, she's been sick for a few months, and when I touched, her... oh my god." Sara put her hand to her mouth, "I can't kill her Connor, Lizzie and Gordo would never forgive me."

"Who are they?" Connor asked

"Oh, they're these people I've met, we're really good friends now, but they're really close to Miranda, I cant kill her."

"Well it's going to take more than an exorcist to get her out of the girl."

"I'll figure it out," Sara said.

"I know you will,"he said.

"So whos this big demon then?"

"He is one of the first tainted demons ever to walk the earth," Connor began

"Of course," Sara rolled her eyes.

"And the most powerful, but his wife, she's become very weak, she was never meant to live as long as she has, she's alive because her husband uses some kind of magic to sustain her, only its not taking eefect anymore, the only way she can stay alive now, is to live of anothers body... Miranda's."

He let this take effect then continued.

"But now he has found a way to keep her alive for a few more centuries... the heart of a slayer,"

"ookk," sara said slowly, "What's this demons name anyway,"

"his name is Minnaar, it comes from Minnaar van de doden, the name given to him by the dutch people. He likes to romance his victims before he kills them. Just a bit of fun for him i guess, but it means Lover of the dead. his wife is called Diventa, the itallians were the first to discover her document about her, about three thousand years ago. Her name comes from lei chi diventa, she who becomes."

"OK, but how do i kill them?"Sara asked impatiently.

"Pretty much the same way you kill most demons, with Diventa you just need to take her head off and she's done, Minnaar is a bit different, you he has four hearts, each one of them must be impaled with this gold plaited knife...-"

Sara cut him off, "Gold plaited! Where the hell am I meant to get one of them!"

He turned smug, "um, well i found a demon who was selling it, and well... not that I bought it but..." he produced a shining golden blade with emralds and rubys imbeded in the metal.

"Wow," Sara said as she held it in her hand, "This is beautiful."

"Yeah, well i thought you'd like it."

She turned serious, "You can't stay."

"What?" he asked. "Why?"

"I have to do this on my own."

He looked confused, "But why? I can help you,"

"I need to do this Connor. I need to prove that I can do this."

"Sara, I can't leave you here to face this alone, if I lost you.."

"Connor, I can do this, you'll never stop worrying until I prove to you that I can."

He took her hand and kissed it, "I love you,"

She looked down and smiled before looking into his eyes, "I love you too,"

"Be safe," he whispered before he walked off into the shaddows

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