Kidou Kishi Warviour

(Mobile Knight Warviour)

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Chapter 14: Nightmare in Destruction Part 2

Ferrara Residence, Duchy of Venezia. May 3, 1946; 0019 hours

The door of the only house on an island that was connected to the Italian Peninsula was knocked. Answering it was the sole resident of the house – Anna Ferrara.

Seventy years old, Ferrara was a Witch who's served in wars prior to the invention of the Striker Unit. Despite her age, she was still capable of flying but only when using a broom. During the Second Neuroi War, she had trained Witches and among her students were Mio Sakamoto, Yoshika Miyafuji, Pierrette-Henriette Clostermann, and Lynette Bishop. The bridge that connected the island where she lived at existed because her daughter wasn't born with magical abilities, necessitating that a bridge be built.

"Who are you?" asked Ferrara. "Can't you see it's-"

"Hello, Anna," said the individual who knocked on Ferrara's door.

Ferrara's eyes widened due to the voice she had heard. The stranger that had interrupted her sleep, a man as old as she was, removed his straw hat. He had white hair and wrinkles across his face that showed his age and fair skin. His dark brown eyes showed that he had seen many with the way he looked at Ferrara.

"B… Bái?" asked Ferrara as if she recognized the man. "W… What are you doing here?"

"He has awakened," said the man called "Bái". "In addition, they've met."


State of California, United States of Liberion. 1440 hours

In the United States of Liberion, the Stavrosian intelligence agent Kenta Aoi, also known as "Wan", watched as the blackened LNX-01 Warviour wandered across California. In addition to the black color, the Mobile Knight had hexagons, making it a Neuroi.

A sound then came from "Wan's" device that resembled a watch. "Wan" answered it to have the "Director", his superior officer, appear as a projection.

"You left our Stealth Legionarius to be taken by LN forces," said the "Director".

"Even if they manage to analyze our stealth technology, it wouldn't do them any good in the long run," argued "Wan". "In any case, that traitor will kill those mortals for us."

"And what if that fails?"

"Either way, I've thought of another idea."

"What might that be?"


Hill Air Field, United States of Liberion. 1540 hours

The prototype Mobile Knights LNX-02 Wardier and the LNX-03 Wardar, respectively piloted by Chieko Oka and Kei Miyazaki, along with Gertrud Barkhorn in her Ta 152 Adler Striker Unit, returned to Hill Air Field. Most of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing gathered to see that there was failure on the faces of Chieko, Kei, and Barkhorn. Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke and Mio Sakamoto joined them.

"What happened?" asked Minna.

"Warviour, it… it... turned into a Neuroi," answered Barkhorn.

"Come with us," added Sakamoto. "You can explain in Wing Commander Wilcke's officer."


"Oka, Miyazaki, you too," ordered Sakamoto to Chieko and Kei as they got off their respective Mobile Knights.

"Yes, ma'am," replied Chieko and Kei in unison.


1614 hours

"I see," replied Sakamoto as she, Chieko, Kei, and Barkhorn were now at Minna's office.

"It's one thing to fight a Neuroi but Warviour is another," argued Barkhorn. "How did it even turn into a Neuroi?"

"Every time Himemiya uses these weird powers of his, Warviour always emits a red light," added Kei.

"Mi- I mean, Squadron Leader Sakamoto, I believe they should know," warned Minna as she seated on her chair.

"Got it," replied Sakamoto.

"Know what?" asked Chieko.

"There's a Magic Dynamo Engine inside Warviour," answered Sakamoto to Chieko, Kei, and Barkhorn.

"A… Magic Dynamo Engine?" asked Barkhorn. "Like the one they used for the Yamato last year?"

"The same one," answered Minna. "Squadron Leader Sakamoto was told of this by Dr. Himemiya."


1315 hours

"It's about Mr. Himemiya," said Minna to Sakamoto as they remained in the briefing room after dismissing their respective subordinates for the exercise.

"Yes?" asked Sakamoto.

"For two nights, Sanya's powers started to react to whenever Mr. Himemiya is around. Just last night, Sanya collapsed and Mr. Himemiya had to help her. What's strange is that when Mr. Himemiya is far from her, it doesn't last long."

"Figures," replied Sakamoto before she glanced to the door. "Doctor, you may come in."

Entering the briefing room was Koji Himemiya.

"Why did you call him in here?" asked Minna to Sakamoto.

"Because Dr. Himemiya had just found something you should know," answered Sakamoto.

Sakamoto, Minna, and Koji gathered on the center desk. Koji then brought out Warviour's blueprints. The former two noticed that Koji had encircled Warviour's backpack.

"What is it that you found?" asked Minna.

"There's a Magic Dynamo Engine inside Warviour," answered Koji.

"A Magic Dynamo Engine? Impossible!"

"I didn't believe it either but it explains a lot about how Shinta pilots Warviour."

"How so?"

"After we left South Seas Island, Shinta and I found that every time those abilities were used, it's not in the Battle Record. He also falls unconscious every time he does."

"After Midway and the Shokaku, we placed Himemiya in the brig for that reason," added Sakamoto. "Khyber was the one who built Warviour so he must have inserted the Magic Dynamo Engine."

"But why?" asked Minna. "Was it to allow a Witch in using her powers while inside Warviour?'

"It could be," theorized Koji. "It wasn't decided on who was to test Warviour before the Stavrosian attack on Shinkyo. It could have been either Captain Inagaki or Captain Aiba but as a result of their deaths, Shinta piloted Warviour."

"It doesn't take a genius to know that Shinta isn't a Witch but the fact that he can utilize certain powers while inside Warviour means that Khyber must have prepared for the possibility Shinta would attempt to pilot Warviour."

"Do we still keep an eye on him?" asked Minna.

"Yes," answered Sakamoto. "How about we join the others in the exercise?"


"I'll go on ahead," said Koji as he packed up the blueprints and left the briefing room.


1618 hours

"Does everyone else need to know about this?" asked Barkhorn in the present.

"Preferably, I wouldn't say yes but this is critical, so might as well," answered Sakamoto.

"But how do we tell Miss Miyafuji about this?" asked Kei.

"I'll tell her," answered Sakamoto.


S… Shiori?

A girl with long black hair was in front of Shinta Himemiya. Shinta moved closer to the girl he called "Shiori".

Shiori, what's wrong? asked Shinta.

Kill… said "Shiori".


Kill! shouted Shiori as her body turned black and hexagons now filled her body.

For Shinta, his vision was now in red.


Death Valley, United States of Liberion. 1806 hours

The Mobile Knight LNX-01 Warviour was attacking Liberian Army troops. The Mobile Knight was now black and filled with hexagons with its "eyes" glowing red.

M4 medium tanks attempted to fire at the Mobile Knight but to no avail. Not only did Warviour evade the shots, it brought out its Particle Sword and destroyed the tanks with it one-by-one.


Hill Air Field, State of Utah. 1907 hours

At a particular room in the main building of Hill Air Field, Minna and Sakamoto looked at a map of the entire United States of Liberion. A red line was drawn that started at California and was extended near Nevada. Lines in blue were drawn as half-circles across California and Nevada but three of the blue lines were now crossed by red.

"I didn't think Warviour would reach Nevada already," said Minna. "How could the Neuroi have used Warviour's Magic Dynamo Engine?"

Sakamoto stood silent as she heard Minna's question. She began to think of the times she talked to Minna in private as they were related to what happened to Shinta and Warviour.


April 29, 1946; 2120 hours

"Minna, you've heard about how Himemiya destroyed that meteor those Stavrosians launched against Shinkyo, right?" asked Sakamoto to Minna.

"Not much but it involved Warviour using some sort of power," answered Minna.

"To tell the truth, I fear something bad will happen with Himemiya. He used those powers two more times before we even made it to Faraway Land."

"How did those happen?"

"First time was in Midway. How much have you been told?"

"That the Liberian forces there drove back a Stavrosian raid."

"We did most of the lifting. Prior to that, a small meteorite hit Kure Atoll and you can guess who's responsible for that."

Minna didn't respond as she knew only the Stavrosians were capable of such a thing. Sakamoto took Minna's silence as an answer.

"After the Stavrosians withdrew, that meteorite must have opened like a hatchling coming out of an egg. However, it wasn't a baby bird that came out, it was a swarm of Neuroi. They converged on the surviving Liberian defenders and while most died as these Neuroi touched them, some had their bodies altered as if they became Neuroi themselves. Himemiya also had his body altered but he attacked those the small Neuroi touched."

"That can't be true… " said Minna in disbelief.

"Do I look like I'm lying?" asked Sakamoto in response. "And that wasn't the end of it. Just before reaching Faraway Land, Khyber came to us with a boat of Fusoan sailors along with Takami Karibuchi, Kullamas Blengkam, and Miya Misumi. What Karibuchi, Blengkam, and Misumi told us was the same with what happened at Midway. We opted to investigate and hopefully to find some survivors. We did save some people but some attacked us because those small Neuroi made them. We had no choice but to shoot them but it wasn't just regular people we encountered, three Witches attacked us. They were Mie Shindou, Shoko Matsuda, and Sadae Kobayashi."

"Why them?"

"Those miniature Neuroi attacked them too and for some reason, they survived. It happened too at Midway. I can assume the Neuroi must have developed a way to forcibly control a Witch that way."

"And what happened to them?"

"Same like what happened to the Witches in Midway: Himemiya killed them with the same powers."

Minna stopped facing Sakamoto and pushed her head down. She breathed heavily as Sakamoto's story wasn't something to easily take in nor dismiss as she knew Sakamoto wasn't the type to lie.

"Minna?" asked Sakamoto.

"I'm fine… " lied Minna before facing Sakamoto. "Is there anything else I should know?"

"It's about Miyafuji."

"What do you mean?"

"Every time this happens to Himemiya, Miyafuji falls unconscious."

"This is too much," lamented Minna. "You have Mr. Himemiya possessing an unknown power and Miss Miyafuji losing consciousness every time Mr. Himemiya uses that power. What can we do?"

"We just watch."


May 2, 1946; 1908 hours

In the present, Sakamoto was interrupted by her transceiver. She then saw that it was Ichiro Miyafuji's frequency and responded immediately.

"Where are you now?" asked Sakamoto.

"I'm near," answered Ichiro over the other end of the transceiver.

"You better get here right now. You have a lot of explaining to do."


1931 hours

The Fusion Wanderer had returned to Hill Air Field. As the plane landed, the rear ramp was laid out for Ichiro to disembark. From the main building, Sakamoto rushed toward Ichiro.

"This doesn't seem to be-" said Ichiro before Sakamoto grabbed him by the collar.

"I know about the Magic Dynamo Engine!" growled Sakamoto. "What else are you hiding from me!?"

"You might want to rethink that," warned Ichiro as he aimed a P38 semi-automatic pistol on Sakamoto's heart, forcing her to let go of Ichiro with the latter hiding his P38. "As for your question, you will find out in due time but saving Warviour and Shinta-kun comes first."

"… Fine!" said Sakamoto just before turning her back on Ichiro while Minna joined them.

"I assume you have a plan?" asked Minna.

"I do," answered Ichiro. "Might I suggest starting a briefing?"


1949 hours

Every member of the 501st except for Lynette Bishop and from Sakamoto's unit, Chieko and Kei, gathered at the briefing room. Ichiro, at the stage of the briefing room, prepared a projection screen and another device that faced the projection screen like an overhead projector.

"I'm sorry for this briefing but we have developed a way on how to prevent Warviour from attacking any more Liberian troops," announced Minna. "Mr. Khyber, will you do the honors?

Without saying anything, Ichiro connected a device similar to the transceiver Sakamoto kept with her to the projector. As he did, the projection screen now showed what appeared to be a map of Liberion yet it was colored black, filled with squares, and filled with blinking dots; one of which was moving and colored red.

"The red dot represents Warviour," explained Ichiro. "I do have a plan on saving both Warviour and Petty Officer Himemiya but we have to act fast."

"Why?" asked Barkhorn.

"Because my contacts in the Liberian government have told me that they will use an atomic bomb-"

"Wait, did you say an… atomic bomb?" asked Sakamoto.

"That's right," answered Ichiro.

"What's an atomic bomb?" asked Hartmann.

"If I answer that, will you promise to keep this a secret?" asked Ichiro.

"Yes," collectively replied the 501st members and Sakamoto's only subordinates in the briefing room.


No! shouted Shinta as he saw "Wan". Get away from me!

Shinta turned away from "Wan". He breathed heavily because he was running but he wasn't able to see his legs. He then saw figures whose faces were shrouded. Shinta happily ran toward them as he knew who they are.

Father, Mother, Shiori, said Shinta.

However, as Shinta got closer, the figures turned into those that resembled "Wan". Suddenly, Shinta was struck and that he saw a blackened arm with hexagons filled with blood – his blood. Shinta screamed as everything he saw faded to red.


California-Nevada Border. 1902 hours

Warviour again destroyed Liberian Army troops. This time, the latter were aided by the Liberian Army Air Force.

However, Warviour was able to intercept the planes attacking it. One-by-one, the P-61 Black Widoes sent against the Mobile Knights were destroyed. Because of the way Warviour was fighting, the Mustangs' pilots were able to eject. Shinta screamed as Warviour continued to fight the Liberian forces.


Hill Air Field. 2004 hours

"So we've gotten this desperate the next time the Neuroi would attack?" asked Perrine after she, the rest of the 501st, Chieko, and Kei listened to Ichiro's explanation as to how an atomic bomb worked. "And how will we be able to save Mr. Himemiya and Warviour?"

"We'll have life form sensors attached on Warviour," answered Ichiro.

"Life form sensors?" asked Shirley.

"They scan for brain patterns, heart beats, anything to do with your health. That way, I can be able to see what's going on with Petty Officer Himemiya with this."

Ichiro then turned off the projection and the projector. He showed the device he wielded.

"I'll need volunteers for this mission," announced Minna.

"I'll do it," replied Eila.

"Alright then, anyone else?"

I'll go as well," added Sanya.

"Are you sure about this, Sanya?" asked Eila to Sanya.

"It's night so I should have an advantage."

"Oka, Miyazaki, assist Flying Officers Litvyak and Juutilainen," ordered Sakamoto to Chieko and Kei.

"Yes, Ma-," replied Chieko and Kei in unison before Lynette barged into the briefing room and panted.

"I… apologize… for this," said Lynette before she faced Minna and Sakamoto, followed by a salute.

"What is it?" asked Sakamoto.

"It's Yoshika, she's awake."


2019 hours

Sakamoto entered the infirmary to find Yoshika Miyafuji awake. The latter then turned to the former.

"How are you, Miyafuji?" asked Sakamoto.

"I'm fine but… " answered Yoshika with hesitation in her tone. "Lynne isn't telling me about what happened to Mr. Himemiya."

"And I will. However, I will need you to calmly listen."


State of Nevada. 2030 hours

Warviour was now at Nevada. However, a green-colored beam of energy stopped it from advancing. Far from Warviour was Wardier with Chieko piloting it. Rockets were fired at it but Warviour destroyed them with a red-colored beam shaped like a crescent moon.

"You'll be fighting me now," announced Sanya as she appeared and aimed her Fliegerhammer at Warviour.

The Mobile Knight brought out its Particle Sword and charged at Sanya but another shot from Wardier's Particle Cannon prevented it from pursuing Sanya.

Elsewhere, Kei Miyazaki observed from the cockpit of Wardar. The main screen of Wardar's control panel now had a red dot that represented Shinta moving against a blue dot that represented Sanya with another blue dot representing Chieko far from the former two. Another blue dot appeared, leading to Kei using Wardar's communicator.

"Flying Officer Juutilainen, I've just detected your arrival," said Kei.

"How are Sanya and Oka?" asked Eila over the communicator.

"They've got Warviour distracted. Just do what you can to plant that sensor then get out."

"I've got this. Just sit back and watch."

Warviour continued pursuing Sanya bit as it got close, a shot from Wardier's Particle Cannon prevented it from doing so. Likewise when Warviour faces Wardier only to have Sanya fire a rocket to keep the former away from the latter. This allowed Eila, in her Bf109K-4, to follow Warviour without it detecting her. However, Eila was unable to find an opening for her to sneak up on Warviour because if she did, she would endanger Sanya and Chieko's efforts. She contemplated throwing the sensor but she knew the possibility of missing Warviour. Irritably, she contacted Kei using her intercom.

"Miyazaki, this is going nowhere!" warned Eila. "I won't be able to insert that sensor onto Warviour."

"Hold on," replied Kei over the intercom. "I'll see if I can get Chieko to do something."



2036 hours

"Are you serious, Kei?" admonished Chieko inside Wardier's cockpit while talking to Kei through the Mobile Knight's communicator.

"We don't have much time," warned Kei from the other end of the communicator. "Just count on Flying Officer Juutilainen."

"… Fine."

Chieko then turned off the communicator. She began to place her legs on the foot pedals in front of her.

I think this is the stupidest idea I've came up with, thought Chieko. I just hope it works.

Chieko pressed the left foot pedal, using the wheels to make Wardier move toward Warviour. The latter, already attempting to pursue Sanya, realized the former was near and turned its attention toward the red-colored Mobile Knight.

However, Warviour didn't react soon enough. This allowed Chieko to grapple against the former.

"Miss Oka, please-" said Sanya before someone interrupted her over the intercom.

"Flying Officer Litvyak, please let Petty Officer Oka do this," pleaded Kei over the intercom. "I told her to do something because Flying Officer Juutilainen needs to plant that sensor now."

Please hurry up, Eila, anxiously thought Sanya.

Which each of their respective hands gripping each other, Wardier and Wardar faced each other while ignoring everything else. Eila, who had joined Sanya, now saw her chance and raced against Warviour. Because it was being distracted by Wardier, Eila snuck up behind Warviour and placed the sensor on the left wing of the blackened Mobile Knight's Wing Pack.

Eila's done it, thought Sanya. I have to help Miss Oka now.

Sanya aimed her Fliegerhammer at Warviour's rear but not directly as the rocket would damage Wardier. She then flew away far enough for the rocket to not hit either Warviour or Wardier. As she stopped, Sanya aimed her rocket launcher far from Warviour. However, a strafe of machine gun fire stopped Sanya before she pulled the trigger.

To the surprise of the two Witches and the two Mobile Knight pilots, another unit of Liberian Army Air Force planes appeared, forcing Warviour to turn its attention elsewhere. This prevented Sanya from having to harm Warviour or Wardier.

"Looks like we can get out of here," suggested Kei over Eila and Sanya's intercoms.

"But what about those Liberians?" asked Chieko.

"No choice. Now come on!"

"Sanya, you hear that?" asked Eila as she joined the Orussian Witch.

"… Yes," replied Sanya.

Reluctantly, Chieko jumped then activated her vertical thrusters. Eila and Sanya, despite not wanting to abandon the Liberians that had appeared, also opted to flee because they had already made sure the life form sensor was planted on Warviour.


Fusion Wanderer. 2250 hours

Inside the Fusion Wanderer as it was parked inside Hill Air Field, Ichiro Miyafuji used the device he showed to Sakamoto's unit and the 501st for scanning the life-form sensors. Warviour itself was now on the device, which told Ichiro that the mission was a success.

These brain waves, thought Ichiro as squares with a line across them that changed heights appeared. It's as I thought when I first built Warviour. I didn't think this would be worse than Jiāngmén.

Ichiro then looked behind him. While he knew it was a wall, Ichiro had in mind a different reason to look back.

I dreaded that this day would come…


Hill Air Field. 2201 hours

"… So that's what happened?" asked Yoshika Miyafuji in Hill Air Field's infirmary after having listened to what Mio Sakamoto told her about what happened to Shinta.

"Miyafuji… I... " said Sakamoto before Yoshika cut her.

"Where is he now?"


"He's about to reach the city of Las Vegas," answered "Khyber", whom Sakamoto secretly knew as Ichiro Miyafuji.

"What are you doing here?" asked Sakamoto as she turned to Ichiro.

"With those life form sensors, I've figured out a way to save Petty Officer Himemiya."

"How?" asked Yoshika with determination in her tone as she faced the man with the mask.


2124 hours

Barkhorn, Chieko, and Kei had returned to Hill. However, they saw not only the Fusion Wanderer but Yoshika boarding the plane. As the former three landed, Barkhorn rushed toward Yoshika but Sakamoto and Minna appeared.

"What's going on here?" asked Barkhorn.

"Khyber devised a plan to help Mr. Himemiya," answered Minna. "However, Miss Miyafuji is needed for this plan."

Barkhorn said nothing else. While she had her suspicions about "Khyber", if Minna had agreed to such a plan, Barkhorn had no choice but to follow. After its rear ramp closed, the Fusion Wanderer began to leave for Las Vegas.


Outskirts of Las Vegas. 2039 hours

Warviour neared Las Vegas. Artillery fire hampered Warviour's advance but it was to be fleeting as the Mobile Knight located the artillery responsible – M114 howitzers and M4 tanks using T34 Calliope rocket artillery. As Warviour reached the Liberian artillery unit, the screams of Shinta Himemiya were heard. Yoshika made it as she saw Warviour slaughtering Liberion troops and Shinta's screams.

The five-man crew of an M4 with a Calliope began to escape their tank before they died with it. However, Warviour spotted the tank and while four of the five crew members escape, one had yet to escape before the Mobile Knight jumped on them. Suddenly, a blue-colored circle prevented Warviour from killing the Liberians.

"Get out of here now," requested Yoshika Miyafuji on her J7W1 Shinden Striker Unit to the Liberians as she descended from the sky.

The Liberians did as Yoshika suggested and continued to flee. Warviour stopped, resulting in the circle that was Yoshika's shield to disappear with Yoshika herself continuing to descend.

"Shinta, are you there?" asked Yoshika. "Please calm down."

Yoshika continued to land. Warviour miraculously followed by stopping. Yoshika then stopped but Warviour grabbed her.

"Please… stop… " weakly said Yoshika as Warviour continued to strangle her.

The longer Warviour strangled Yoshika, the latter became weaker. However, Shinta began to open his eyes.

Where am I? pondered Shinta as he was regaining consciousness.

As Shinta's eyes continued to open, he saw a glimpse of Yoshika being strangled by Warviour's hands. He was not aware of what had happened because of his confrontation with "Wan" in California.

Who's th- No! It can't be!

Shinta's vision became cleared. It wasn't a mistake that the Mobile Knight was strangling Yoshika.

Why is Sergeant Miyafuji here? Wh- I… I've been… No…. No!

Shinta then let out a big scream. Suddenly, both Warviour and Yoshika were now engulfed in a white light.


Fusion Wanderer. 2044 hours

"What is this light!?" asked Sakamoto as she and Ichiro were inside the Fusion Wanderer's crew cabin and covered their eyes due to the white pillar that appeared.

I guess everything I've done ever since I met Sayaka led up to this moment, thought Ichiro.


Near Las Vegas. 2046 hours

The white light continued to engulf both Warviour and Yoshika. Neither were unable to move but the latter was conscious.

What's happening now? pondered Yoshika. Why can't I move?

Inside Warviour, Shinta Himemiya now saw Yoshika but he too was unable to figure out what happened.

"What is this?" asked Shinta.

She's the one, said a female voice Shinta recognized as he widened his eyes.

This voice- thought Shinta before a woman with long brown hair and blue eyes appeared before him.

"Who are you?" asked Shinta to the woman that appeared before him.

"You will know soon enough," answered the woman.

The white light then intensified, forcing both Yoshika and Shinta to close their respective eyes. The woman disappeared as did the pillar of light.

Opening her eyes, Yoshika found that the light had disappeared. She then saw that Warviour was now white again with its eyes "yellow".

"Shinta!" exclaimed Yoshika as she rushed toward Warviour's cockpit.

The Mobile Knight's cockpit then opened, forcing Yoshika to stop. Now in front of Yoshika was Shinta Himemiya.

"Shinta, you're alright," said Yoshika.

"But… what happened?" asked Shinta.

However, white light in the form of a circle again engulfed both Yoshika and Shinta. Unlike earlier, it came from Liberian Army Air Force Witches carrying spotlights. More Liberian Army troops appeared, turning additional spotlights against Warviour and Yoshika. An officer brought out a megaphone and aimed it toward Warviour's cockpit.

"Petty Officer Shinta Himemiya, you're to disembark from that Mobile Knight and turn yourself in," ordered the Liberian officer.

"Hold on, Shi- I mean-" argued Yoshika before Shinta did as the officer ordered.

After Shinta made Warviour kneel, he jumped off the cockpit. Two Liberian soldiers carrying M1 Garand rifles apprehended Shinta. Suddenly, another officer appeared but his uniform was not that of the Liberian Army but rather the Royal Air Force of the Commonwealth of Britannia. His graying hair was hidden underneath his cap and he had brown eyes. His face gave the impression he never stopped frowning. Yoshika descended and as she was low enough, she saw the Britannian officer but she stopped because she knew the man.

"You're… Trevor Maloney," said Yoshika. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm glad you remembered me, Yoshika Miyafuji," replied the Britannian officer named Trevor Maloney. "I'm here to oversee Petty Officer Himemiya's arrest for attacking LN forces."

Suddenly, the Fusion Wanderer landed. As its rear ramp touched the ground, Mio Sakamoto and Ichiro Miyafuji arrived in a hurry.

"Why are you here, Maloney?" asked Sakamoto as she remembered Maloney from the Second Neuroi War yet there wasn't any lost between the two LN officers.

"What a reunion this became," remarked Maloney as he turned his attention to Sakamoto. "Unfortunately, I have no time to reminisce about the last war."

"What do you intend on doing with Petty Officer Himemiya?" asked Ichiro.

"He managed to turn our prototype Mobile Knight into a Neuroi," answered Maloney toward Ichiro. "And I believe you knew that he had a Neuroi Core, didn't you?"

"You're lying!" shouted Yoshika. "Shinta woul-"

"But it's true," smugly answered Maloney to Yoshika. "Why else does Warviour have a Magic Dynamo Engine? Petty Officer Himemiya has a Neuroi Core lodged in his body. Want proof? Here!"

Maloney then showed a film sheet showing Shinta's body. Sakamoto angrily grabbed it from Maloney and was horrified to see that Maloney wasn't lying because she saw a familiar icosahedron where the heart should be but she still turned to Maloney.

"This looks like an x-ray film but how did you make this?" asked Sakamoto to Maloney.

"He helped," answered Maloney while pointing toward Ichiro.

Both Sakamoto and Yoshika turned their respective faces to Ichiro. While the face of the latter was hidden underneath a mask, his guilt was evident.

"Now I best be going," said Maloney while turning away from the three Fusoans. "I have experiments to oversee. I do promise that Petty Officer Himemiya will be released – if he cooperates."

Maloney continued to walk away. The two Liberians began to force Shinta to move but he cooperated. Yoshika moved toward Shinta but the Liberians stopped her.

"Don't go any further!" shouted Shinta toward Yoshika. "Maloney's right. I… have a Neuroi Core."

"But… " incompletely said Yoshika.

"Just leave me alone. I'm… I'm… a monster… "

As Shinta also walked toward Maloney's direction, the two Liberians followed even if he was cooperating. All Yoshika could do was watch.


Bái (Chinese) – White


As the previous episode was a shout out to episode 14 of Space Knight Tekkaman Blade, this chapter is based on episode 15 of the same anime, particularly the nightmares the protagonist have while on a rampage against his will and how he's brought to his senses. Of course, I had episode 18 of Tekkaman Blade in mind where the protagonist is arrested for the power he possesses and being unable to control it.

Anna Ferrara aside, I used Trevor Maloney from the last episodes of Strike Witches' first season. If you recall, he tried to have the 501st Joint Fighter Wing because he wanted his pet project the "Warlock", a jet fighter that can turn into a robot while powered by a Neuroi Core. More on Maloney in future chapters.

Speaking of Anna, who's that mysterious man named "Bái" who came to see her? Wait for further chapters to come out. Likewise with how Yoshika was able to revert Shinta and Warviour to normal.

If you're wondering why this chapter is short, even compared to part 2 of "The New Weapon"? Well, I was too stumped to come up with a way to increase the length of this chapter that I just opted to write as much as I can. In fact, I've been too busy with other things in my plate and that contributed greatly to my inability to lengthen this chapter. It's also for that reason that I might have to take a break from the fic as a whole for who knows how long. I really am sorry to end it like this but I do promise to make it up to you. Until then, farewell.