Kidou Kishi Warviour

(Mobile Knight Warviour)

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Chapter 16: The Sky Knights

Houston Municipal Airport, State of Texas; United States of Liberion. May 10, 1946; 2215 hours

An Fw 200 Condor transport plane landed at Houston Municipal Airport. Originally a civilian airport that was completed in 1927 but during the Second Neuroi War, the airport was converted into a training school for Witches who've joined the Liberian Army Air Force.

When the war ended in 1945, the airport was again used by civilians. However, that changed when the Neuroi appeared in the California-Nevada border almost a week before, necessitating that certain facilities be turned over to the Liberian Armed Forces with Houston Municipal Airport as one of those facilities.

An MB, commonly called a "Jeep", was in the middle of the runaway of the airport. Three Liberian soldiers, one of whom was their commanding officer, appeared to have been waiting for the Condor. One soldier began to see a woman with long black hair, her eyes covered by sunglasses, and fair skin carrying a suitcase. She wore an aviator jacket over a dress shirt, a monocular strung across her neck, black pants, and black boots.

After the other two soldiers saw the woman, they began to move toward the Condor just as the woman began to disembark. After the latter stepped on the tarmac, she and the Liberian officer saluted each other.

"Welcome, Air Chief Marshal Galland," said the Liberian officer. "Major Drummond. I've been assigned to see to it you'll be bound for Ogden, Utah."

"Thank you," replied the woman that was identified as Adolfine Galland.

"I was told that your flight had been delayed. On behalf of my commanding officer, I express apologies for what happened."

"It's alright."

"Please follow us, ma'am," asked the Liberian officer as he gestured to the MB.

After the Liberians and Galland boarded the MB, the soldier driving it moved it toward the terminal of the airport. After the MB reached the terminal, the processing had started for Galland. However, another Liberian soldier had to inspect Galland's passport as there was a fear of spies coming from countries that willingly allied themselves with the Stavrosian Empire. Once the checks were finished, Galland and Drummond proceeded further but the former stopped as she saw three Witches waiting anxiously and turned to the latter.

"Major, who are those three Witches?" asked Galland as she gestured to Drummond the three Witches.

"If I remember correctly, Flight Lieutenant Takami Karibuchi from the 508th Joint Fighter Wing, and Flight Sergeants Miyu Misumi and Kullamas Blengkam from the 507th Joint Fighter Wing," answered Drummond.

"And how long have they been here?"

"Since yesterday, ma'am. They came here asking for a plane to take them to Europe but the attack last week has delayed that."

It's the same as it was in New York, thought Galland before she faced Drummond. "Major, how long will my plane remain here in Houston?"

"We intend on seeing that plane return to Europe tonight."

"Then get those three Witches on that plane this instant."

"But Air Chi-"

"This is an order. If you want, take me to your commanding officer."

"But I'm to take you to the station this ins-."

"I'll assume responsibility for all of this. Just please help me get those girls to Europe!"


Hill Air Field, State of Utah. May 11, 1946; 0647 hours

For the 501st Joint Fighter Wing and the improvised unit under the command of the 501st's former second-in-command Mio Sakamoto, a week had passed after the Neuroi's failed attempt to destroy the secret factory beneath a Liberian Army Air Force in Nevada. Shinta Himemiya, a member of Sakamoto's unit and a lynchpin in the Neuroi's plan, practiced his martial arts despite what had happened a week before.

Shinta then heard the sound of a familiar set of engines and stopped as a result. At that instant, the Fusion Wanderer appeared. He then faced the main complex of the base.

I honestly don't know how I feel about being with all of you, thought Shinta. However, I am thankful that all of you believe in me. Especially you, Yoshika.

Shinta then caught Yoshika Miyafuji by the doorway.

"W… What are you doing here?" asked Shinta.

"I came to watch you practice," answered Yoshika. "How are you, Shinta-kun?"

"Fine… I guess. I best be going now."

"You're right."

Yoshika then stepped out of Shinta's way. Only after doing so she looks with a smile on her face.

I'm glad we could talk this, thought Yoshika. Please don't give up on us.


1157 hours

Hours later, Shinta, along with Chieko Oka and Kei Miyazaki, were training on their respective Mobile Knights. Training them were Lynette Bishop and Pierette-Henriette Clostermann.

Chieko, piloting the LNX-03 Wardier, fired the Mobile Knight's anti-personnel machine at Perrine. However, the practice rounds that came out of the machine gun were blocked by Perrine's shield.

Unbeknownst to Perrine, Shinta in the LNX-01 Warviour appeared and fired his Mobile Knight's machine gun at the rear of Perrine's right half of her Vg.39bis Striker Unit. As the practice rounds hit Perrine's Striker Unit, Lynette attempted to aim at Warviour. However, she too was unaware another Mobile Knight moved against her.

Behind Lynette was the LNX-03 Wardar, piloted by Kei. Despite his reservations at aiming at a Witch, Kei pressed the button his index finger was positioned at. Lynette then felt that the shot had been fired and responded with a shield. However, that doesn't save her as Shinta raised Warviour upward and as soon as he aimed at Lynette, he fired Warviour's machine gun.

Because she hadn't anticipated Shinta's move, Lynette was unable to summon a shield in time. Despite that, she moved as fast as she could, causing the paint round to hit the left half of her Spitfire Striker Unit.

"I say that's it," announced Kei over Lynette's intercom.

"He's right," said Perrine as she joined Lynette. "We best land now."

"Right… " replied Lynette with disappointment in her tone.


1610 hours

"Yes?" asked Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, the commanding officer of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, upon hearing a knock on her office's door.

"It's Sakamoto," said Mio Sakamoto on the other side of the door. "I've brought Himemiya and Miyafuji with me as instructed."

"Enter," ordered Minna.

Sakamoto, Shinta, and Yoshika proceeded into the office. After the door was closed, both parties saluted each other.

"If you're wondering why you two have been summoned, you're to assist in a trip to Ogden," explained Sakamoto to Shinta and Yoshika upon turning to them. "Wing Commander Wilcke here will explain the details."

Minna then brought out a file. Shinta opened it to find a picture of Adolfine Galland.

"We're to pick up Air Chief Marshal Galland tomorrow," added Minna. "I've assigned Flight Lieutenant Yeager and Sergeant Bishop to assist. This is also a good opportunity to acquire certain supplies."

"Any questions?" asked Sakamoto.

"Any reason why we're to pick up Air Chief Marshal Galland?" asked Shinta.

"For now, that is classified," answered Minna before she saw Yoshika raise her hand. "Yes, Sergeant Miyafuji?"

"What supplies do we need?" asked Yoshika.

"It's in the same file Petty Officer Himemiya is carrying," answered Minna before Shinta gave Yoshika the file.


I.S.S. Buffalo. 1911 hours

In one table of the I.S.S. Buffalo's mess hall, the Imperial Directorate of Intelligence agent Kenta Aoi, alternatively known as "Wan", sat alone as he ate. This was natural for him as he wasn't a part of the Stavrosian military and that he shouldn't fraternize with them.

I haven't heard anything from Fa- I mean, the Master, thought "Wan". If he wanted to berate me for my failure, he should have contacted me by now.

"Mind if I sit here with you?" asked a female voice.

"Wan" turned his attention to Caroline Weber. She, along with Segismundo Padolina and Loyiso Yam, are the pilots of the three PMK-03 Equites, prototype Mobile Knights built to test future weapons.

"Why would you want to join me?" asked "Wan".

"Is it not permitted?" asked Weber.

She has a point, thought "Wan". No one joins me out of their own free will but not so much it's an order.

"Very well."

Weber then sat on the chair opposite "Wan's". After that, she began eating while "Wan" finished his meal as he was almost done when Weber interrupted.

"I assume you have something to ask?" asked "Wan" as he saw Weber swallow her food.

"What makes you say that?" asked Weber.

"I don't think you asked to sit with me because you felt sorry for me."

"… I guess you're right. Is there any way you could contact Lieutenant Bauer?"

"You miss him, don't you?"

"… I do. But I assure you it's not what it looks like."

"I'll see what I can do," said "Wan" as he stood up with his tray filled with empty plates and an empty cup. "However, I best be going now."

"Wan" left Weber alone at the table. Unbeknownst to him, Segismundo Padolina, seated with Loyiso Yam two tables from the right of the table "Wan" walked away from, looked on with suspicion in his eyes.

I bet Sub-Lieutenant Weber sat with him to ask about Lieutenant Bauer, thought Padolina.


2313 hours

While "Wan" slept, his watch rang. As a result, he woke up to respond to it but was startled into staying awake as he the "Director" appear.

"Master, I assume this is about my failure to destroy that factory those mortals will use to build their-" asked "Wan".

"No!" interrupted the Director. "While I do intend to punish you that will have to wait."


"I can imagine Siks being able to control that Core of his must have been Yoshika Miyafuji's doing. I need you to kill her."

"Consider it done."


Outside Hill Air Field, State of Utah. May 11, 1946; 1108 hours

A CCKW 6x6 truck left Hill Air Field. Driving it was the 501st Joint Fighter Wing's Charlotte Yeager. Seated beside the veteran Witch was Shinta Himemiya, now wearing his white tunic with gold trim and gray pants.

"Himemiya, mind if I ask you something?" asked Shirley.

"Sure, ma'am," replied Shinta.

"First off, you don't have to treat me as a superior officer at a time like this. Just call me Shirley."

"Very well then, Shirley."

"Now then, where was I- Oh, yes, how much do you remember from your past?"

"Why do you ask?"

"You're from Nankuo, right?"

"That's what I knew before I met Dr. Himemiya. I really don't remember much of my past but meeting Master Lù, I'm anxious to know more of it, especially with the Neuroi Core in my body."

"About that… you really need Miyafuji's blood to control that thing?"

"I guess… "

"Even now, Miyafuji continues to surprise me. And now, there's you."

"I can understand. You have been fighting the Neuroi for more than five years and yet-"

"Oh no, I really don't have a problem with you having a Neuroi Core. Truth be told, it's cool that you can control one. Better than the past attempts."

"I guess I can agree on that."


1114 hours

At the cab of the CCKW were Yoshika Miyafuji and Lynette Bishop. Both tried their hardest to hear what Shirley and Shinta were discussing but with how loud the engine of the CCKW was, not much could be heard.

"What could they be talking about?" asked Lynette.

"I wish I knew," answered Yoshika.

"… Yoshika, I have to ask you something?"

"What is it, Lynne?"

"Think you could please show me where Mr. Himemiya bit you?"

"… Okay," hesitantly replied Yoshika as she moved her neck to show Lynette where Shinta pierced the neck's skin with the false teeth he received from Lù Báihǔ.

Lynette looked closely. However, she saw nothing and widened her eyes in a combination of amazement and confusion until she moved her head backward.

"I saw no marks," said Lynette.

"I know," replied Yoshika. "I find that strange but somehow, I don't feel anything after I gain consciousness. I lost consciousness when Shinta first bit me."

"Doesn't that bother you?"

"That Shinta has to suck my blood to control the Neuroi Core in his body?"

"Don't you think that's something to be scared about?"

"I guess… but I told Shinta that I believe in him. Maybe Khyber is right; using the Neuroi Core in Shinta's body will help figure out how to defeat the Neuroi.

You wouldn't have said something like that a year ago, Yoshika, thought Lynette. Has meeting Mr. Himemiya made you like this?


Ogden-Hinckley Airport, Ogden, State of Utah. 1205 hours

The CCKW was now at Ogden-Hinckley Airport, currently being used as a Liberian Army Air Force base. Shinta, Lynette, and Yoshika found Shirley returning to them with a map of a city.

"Why did Air Chief Marshal Galland even stop here?" asked Shirley while she walked and looked at the map. "There's hardly anything int-"

However, Shirley stopped, as if she found a contradicting answer to her question. Shinta walked up to her as a result.

"Anything the matter, Shirley?" asked Shinta.

"There's seems to be a Chinatown," answered Shirley.

"Did you say a Chinatown?"

"I did. Now that I think about it, how is Chinese food?"

"Interested?" asked Shinta with his tone becoming serious. "I'm afraid we don't ha-"

"Shinta, why not?" disappointedly asked Yoshika. "I mean, we haven't eaten since we left the base."

"Miyafuji's right," added Shirley. "I'm sure Air Chief Marshal Galland will understand."

"… Fine," replied Shinta. "One hour only and despite my rank, you'll have to listen to me while we're in Chinatown, even if it's a Liberian Chinatown."

"Sure," replied Lynette.


Outside Chinatown. 1239 hours

The CCKW then reached Ogden's Chinatown. During the First Neuroi War, the Neuroi attacked the Republic of China. Despite the assistance of various foreign powers, most of China fell to the Neuroi, forcing many Chinese to flee to other countries. The United States of Liberion, who've received Chinese immigrants prior to the creation of the Republic of China, was one country that received these additional refugees. While Utah already had a Chinatown in its capital Salt Lake City, Chinese refugees coming to Utah necessitated the establishment of more Chinatowns with Ogden being no exception.

"I knew there were Chinatowns across the world due to the Neuroi conquering China but I didn't think a Chinatown would be established here," remarked Shinta as he, Shirley, Yoshika, and Lynette disembarked from the CCKW.

"Same here," added Shirley. "It isn't just Liberion that took in Chinese refugees, though."

"After the first Neuroi War, more enclaves were established in Britannia for Chinese refugees," added Lynette. "Even in Birmingham, where I'm from."

That's right, Flight Sergeant Bishop's father is the merchant Thaddeus Bishop, thought Shinta. Figures he would help many Chinese refugees, especially after what happened three years ago…

"What are we waiting for?" asked Shirley. "Let's eat already."

"Right," replied Shinta. "Like I said, please listen to what I say while we're here."

"Got it," replied Yoshika.

Unbeknownst to the two 501st members and two of Sakamoto's subordinates, a woman with long blonde hair and sunglasses covering her eyes who wore a yellow-colored dress and a monocular across her neck like a necklace watched from afar. She smiled while looking and immediately left with Shinta rearing his eyes briefly before leading Yoshika, Lynette, and Shirley inside Chinatown.


Lóng Shí Táng. Chinatown. 1326 hours

Shirley, Shinta, Yoshika, and Lynette were now inside a restaurant in Ogden's Chinatown called Lóng Shí Táng. Out of every restaurant in Ogden's Chinatown, it was the largest. The two 1st AMIS members and two 501st members sat at a table on the restaurant's second floor. One end of the table was occupied by Yoshika and Lynette whereas Shirley and Shinta were seated on the other end.

"Say, Himemiya, who's that?" asked Shirley as she pointed to a figure of a man with a red-colored face and a long black-haired beard who carried a polearm weapon with a largely curved blade with Shinta looking.

"That's Guan Yu," answered Shinta. "A warrior from China's Three Kingdoms period that came as the empire ruled by the Han Dynasty was falling into decay. What you're seeing is a deification of the man and I don't know why?"

"I can see that you want to be a historian."

"Chieko said the same about Shinta," added Yoshika.

"Hello, your corn crab soup is here," interjected a waiter in his twenties as he appeared with a tray filled with four bowls of soup. The soup's color wasn't easily determined but it had corn on it, pieces of meat, and other ingredients. The two 1st AMIS and the two 501st members looked with a combination of curiosity and confusion.

"So this is corn crab soup?" asked Lynette.

"It is," answered Shinta.

"I can see the corn but I assume the meat is the 'crab'?" asked Shirley.

"That's right," answered Shinta as he was the first to fill his spoon with the soup and move them into his mouth.

Shinta began to chew on the solid ingredients in the soup. As he made his teeth grind on the meat, he stopped, puzzling Shirley, Lynette, and Yoshika. Shinta's eyes widened followed by him swallowing.

"Anything, the matter, Shinta?" asked Yoshika.

"No… " incompletely answered Shinta. "It's just that… I've never had real crab meat in this soup before."

"'Real' crab meat?" asked Shirley.

"I'm no stranger to corn crab soup because I frequent a restaurant in Shinkyo that serves this soup called the Dragon House. Sadly, the corn crab soup they served there uses surimi."

"Surimi?" asked Yoshika.

"Fake crab meat," answered Shinta. "I could have asked Mr. Lìng, the owner, about it but I also felt that I shouldn't because his daughter told me they didn't have the money for real crab meat."

"I'm surprised you can tell the difference between real and fake crab meat," said Lynette.

"Mr. Lìng claimed he once tasted corn crab soup with real crab meat. Of course, had it not been for the war, he would have been ready to spend more for real crab meat and my father and I would have donated."

"Your father?" asked Yoshika.

"My father and I once went to Dragon House together for Golden Week," answered Shinta. "I spent that Golden Week helping out at Shinkyo's Miyazaki branch. Dad got Mr. Miyazaki to allow me to work part-time in the factory. Kei too."

"Why did he do that?" asked Shirley.

"Teach me about real hard work."

"I'm impressed our father did that for you," remarked Yoshika with a smile.

I've never seen Yoshika smile this way for others, thought Lynette as she watched.


1348 hours

"Thanks for assisting in getting us lunch," said Shirley to Shinta as they, Yoshika, and Lynette left Chinatown the way they came.

"Thank you for keeping this in one hour," replied Shinta.

"Shall we look for General Galland already?" asked Yoshika.

"But what about our supplies?" asked Lynette.

"Lynne's right," added Shirley. "We'll need to split up. Lynne and I will handle the supplies. Miyafuji, Himemiya, I need the both of you to find Air Chief Marshal Ga-"

"Pardon me, Flight Lieutenant, but mind if I make a suggestion?" asked Shinta.

"… Sure," replied an embarrassed Shirley. I should have known Himemiya would call me by my rank once Miyafuji and Lynne brought up our objectives.

"I feel that I should look for Air Chief Marshal Galland alone. That way, we can get both objectives done faster."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

"Alright. I just hope you don't get yourself in trouble."

"Leave it to me."

"If you feel like it, you can join us but notify me first. I was given Squadron Leader Sakamato's transceiver."

"Got it."


1447 hours

"Let go of me!" shouted a woman just as Shinta was walking far from Chinatown.

Managing to find where the shout came from, Shinta rushed to help the woman. As he arrived, he found two fair-skinned men firmly holding a woman with long blonde hair.

It's her, thought Shinta as he realized the woman was the same one he briefly looked at outside Chinatown almost two hours ago.

Shinta resumed running to help the woman. As he got close, Shinta bent half of his body by using his left leg to stand followed by flipping toward the man holding the woman's left arm. Shinta's right foot then hit the man before landing, sending the latter flying toward the street.

"Why you little punk!" shouted the man who held the woman's right arm as he charged toward Shinta with a clenched right fist.

Shinta then moved his left leg backward before stomping the pavement with its foot. He then clenched his left hand into a fist but didn't look at the man charging toward him and closed his eyes. As the latter got closer, the former opened his eyes, spun his body clockwise toward the latter, and punched the man. The resulting punch sent the man toward the pavement like his partner-in-crime. After that, Shinta straightened his body and faced the woman.

"That was impressive!" exclaimed the woman. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," replied Shinta. "What happened?"

"Those two brutes tried to take advantage of me. You just saved me. Can I offer you a drink?"

The woman then gestured toward a nearby soda shop.


Al's Soda Stop. 1509 hours

Both Shinta and the woman in yellow were now seated at a table in the soda shop, named Al's Soda Stop. The former received a glass filled with chocolate malt while the latter received an ice cream soda. After the initial gulp, Shinta and the woman resumed facing each other.

"That was an impressive display of martial arts," commented the woman as she remembered how Shinta saved her. "How long have you been practicing?"

"Years," replied Shinta. Surprisingly, I'm lying and telling the truth at the same time.

"Forgive me for presuming but your clothes tell me you're from China, am I correct?"

"I am but I'm currently a citizen of Fuso."

"A son of a refugee family?"


"What's your name?"

I can't say that I'm Shinta Himemiya, anxiously thought Shinta. I'll have to use that name.

"Shy, are we?" asked the woman. "I'll introduce myself first then. I'm Helga Engel."

"… Sorry," replied Shinta. "It's Gāo Lěilóng. I didn't want to cause trouble by openly using my Chinese name."

"I can assume you fled Nankuo three years ago?"

"That's right," answered Shinta with his tone indicating he's ready to ask. "You're from Karlsland, aren't you?"

"That I am."

"How did you manage to travel here since there's a war going on?"

"I've been here since January 2. When this war started, I just used it as an excuse to travel more until I hear it's safe to go back to Karlsland. What about you?"

"I've been here since last year. As you witnessed earlier, I'm a martial artist and I came here on a training journey."

"I see you like practicing martial arts."

"I do. It even helps me connect to my Chinese heritage. The martial art you saw me use is Xíngyìquán."

"Again, I'm impressed. So… what will you do now?"

"I'm not too sure myself."

"Why not accompany me until I return to my hotel?"

"I suppose it gives me time to kill… sure. But we need to finish our drinks first."



Outside Al's Soda Stop. 1528 hours

Both Shinta and Helga stepped out of Al's Soda Stop. However, the GCKW appeared in front of them, making the former two stop. Charlotte Yeager already had already positioned her head to the right and looked directly at the former two.

"Found you, Himemiya," said Shirley.

"Apologies for this, Flight Lieutenant," replied Shinta as he saluted. "I have no excuse for my-"

"Glad you made it, Flight Lieutenant Yeager," said Helga.

"Who are you and ho-" asked Shirley until Helga touched her blonde hair.

To the surprise of both Shinta and Shirley, Helga slowly removed her hair. After doing so, Helga now had long black hair.

"Wait a second, you're-"

"That's right, I'm Air Chief Marshal Adolfine Galland," said "Helga", who revealed her real identity. "Now then, I assume you came all this way to take me to Hill Air Field but before that, think you could please take me back to my hotel?"


Hill Air Field. 1640 hours

A knock was heard from the other side of the door to Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke's office in Hill Air Field. Other than Minna, Mio Sakamoto was inside the room.

"Who is it?" asked Sakamoto.

"Flight Lieutenant Charlotte Yeager and Petty Officer 1st Class Shinta Himemiya, ma'am," answered Shirley from the other side of the door. "We've returned with Air Chief Marshall Adolfine Galland."

"You may proceed inside," ordered Minna.

Opening the door was Shinta. However, he let both Shirley and Galland inside first. Shinta then went inside and closed the door and upon facing Sakamoto and Minna, he along with Shirley and Galland saluted.

"First of all, allow me to thank you for picking me up," said Galland.

"You're welcome, Air Chief Marshal," replied Minna. "I assume you've seen the prototype Mobile Knights?"

"I have. At first, I really didn't think such machines existed, even if I've already photographic proof. In any case, think you and Squadron Leader Sakamoto could please gather your respective subordinates? I'm here to announce something and everyone has to hear it."

"What might it be?" asked Sakamoto.


1730 hours

"Salute Air Chief Marshal Galland," ordered Minna at the briefing room to her subordinates at the 501st.

As Minna's subordinates saluted, so did Sakamoto, Shinta Himemiya, Chieko Oka, Kei Miyazaki, and Yoshika Miyafuji. Although they were a separate unit, Sakamoto's unit was an unofficial one and thus, had to defer to Minna.

"Please be seated," ordered Galland with Minna and Sakamoto's respective subordinates doing so. "Now then, I assume you've been told by your respective superior officers as to why you're here but allow me to explain how this arrangement will win us this war.

"As you know, the Stasvrosian Empire has invaded by bringing advanced weapons, most especially their vaunted Mobile Knights and their Neuroi allies. Witches have been known to get themselves killed fighting Neuroi so allow me to say this: coming here allows us a chance to turn the tide in this war by combining past experience with new technologies. Therefore, all of you will have to work together until this war is won. For that, I ask that everyone in this room will attend a ceremony tomorrow held at the Nevada Arsenal for the unveiling of the first completed mass-produced Mobile Knights, the Masswar. I expect all of you to be at the Arsenal tomorrow at 1100 hours. Now I will entertain questions."

"We're calling the mass-produced Mobile Knights 'Masswar'?" asked Shirley as she raised her hand.

"That's right," answered Galland. "They're to combine all aspects of the prototypes. You'll know more tomorrow. Any more questions?"

"Will all countries be receiving these Mobile Knights?" asked Pierrette-Henriette Clostermann.

"Once more factories have been established, they will," answered Galland followed by Shinta raising his hand.

"How will pilots for these Mobile Knights be selected?" asked Shinta.

"That will be determined after the ceremony," answered Galland. "Unfortunately, that will be all."

"You're all dismissed," ordered Minna.

Everyone stood up and saluted. Afterward, the 501st members and Sakamoto's subordinates began to leave the room.

"Petty Officers Himemiya, Oka, Miyazaki, as well as Sergeant Miyafuji, please see us at Wing Commander Wilcke's office," ordered Sakamoto as she saw her subordinates leave the briefing room.

"Yes, ma'am," replied Shinta, Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika in unison after turning back and saluting.


1750 hours

Shinta, Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika reached Minna's office. Upon finding the latter with Sakamoto and Galland, both parties saluted.

"Could one of you please close the door?" requested Sakamoto. "Whatever we discuss in this room must stay in this room."

"Yes, ma'am," replied Shinta before going to the door and closing it.

"Now then, if you're wondering why you were called here, Air Chief Marshal Galland will explain," said Minna while Shinta rejoined Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika.

"From what I've been told, you three are the pilots of the prototype Mobile Knights because you snuck inside Shinkyo Naval Base when the Stavrosians attacked, is that correct?" asked Galland.

"Yes, ma'am," replied Shinta.

"And Miss Oka and Mr. Miyazaki simply followed you?"

"… We did, ma'am."

"Other than that, I've just been told about the Warviour having a Magic Dynamo Engine built inside of it and that Petty Officer Himemiya can use it because of a Neuroi Core in his body. Is that true?"

"That is true."

"I see… " said Galland before closing her eyes only to open them. "Next, there's the matter behind the miniature Neuroi I've just heard about. Is it true they can control humans, specifically Witches?"

It is," answered Shinta.

"And among those victims were Squadron Leader Mie Shindou and Pilot Officers Shoko Matsuda and Sadae Kobayashi, whom you killed?"


"Now then, I've also been told Sergeant Miyafuji is connected to all of this as she has twice lost consciousness when these miniature Neuroi found humans to control and that it is her blood that will allow you to control the Neuroi Core in your body. Is that true?"

"It is," answered Yoshika.

"That will be all. I've heard enough because I need to tell you this in advance before tomorrow: after the ceremony, Squadron Leader Sakamoto, Petty Officers Himemiya, Oka, and Miyazaki, as well as Sergeant Miyafuji are to be temporarily stationed at the base until May 13. All will be revealed then. I also suggest that you pack up before tomorrow."

"That will be all," announced Sakamoto. "You four are dismissed."

After the salutes, Shinta, Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika left. Sakamoto, Minna, and Galland then turned to each other.

"I'll also need the prototypes taken to the Arsenal," ordered Galland to Minna and Sakamoto.

"I'll arrange it with Dr. Himemiya," replied Sakamoto.

"Pardon, Air Chief Marshal, but why exactly does Squadron Leader Sakamoto have to remain at the Arsenal after the ceremony with her subordinates?" asked Minna.

"If I answer that question, do the both of you promise to keep this to yourselves, at least for the time being?" asked Galland in response.

"We will," answered Sakamoto.


May 12, 1946. 0957 hours

A convoy of vehicles was now gathered at Hill Air Field. One was an MB, one was the CCKW that was used the previous day, and the truck that was used to carry the prototype Mobile Knights from Ogden until the air base.

The members of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing began to leave the main complex of the base. For Mio Sakamoto and her subordinates, they came out with their respective belongings.

"Why are they bringing their belongings with them?" asked Erica Hartmann to Gertrud Barkhorn.

"That I don't know," answered Barkhorn. "I assume Minna knows but I doubt she will answer."

Shinta, Chieko, and Kei took their belongings to the truck used for carrying the prototype Mobile Knights. Sakamoto then joined them.

"Himemiya, Oka, Miyazaki, I need you to get the prototypes onto this truck," ordered Sakamoto.

"Yes, ma'am," replied Shinta, Chieko, and Kei in unison as they saluted before rushing to the hangar where the Mobile Knights are kept.


Liberian Army Air Force Base Above the Nevada Arsenal, State of Nevada. May 12, 1946; 1009 hours

The 501st members and Sakamoto's unit had arrived at the Liberian Army Air Force base hiding the Nevada Arsenal, which was the objective of the Neuroi's attack the week before. To the amazement of the former, many well-dressed men and some women were in attendance.

We're that desperate to have our Mobile Knights mass-produced? remarked Hartmann in her mind as she saw every well-dressed guest. I could recognize some of these guys from the Karlsland government.

I just saw the Gallian Ministers of War, Navy, and the Air Force, thought Perrine.

"Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, may we please have your attention?" asked a Liberian Army officer standing behind a stage's podium. "General Chennault will now make his speech."

The officer made way for his commander Major General Charles Chennault. Fifty-three years old, Chennault's ranged back to the days of the Liberian Army Air Service. When the United States of Liberion opened relations with the Kingdom of Manchuria, Chennault was sent there to help build Manchuria's air force. When the war ended, Chennault was assigned to the newly-built Nevada Arsenal. While the facility became the first factory for mass-producing Mobile Knights, Chennault's duty didn't change.

"I thank you all for coming here," announced Chennault. "Unlike past wars, we face a new one with new weapons. Our tactics hadn't anticipated such weaponry being deployed against us by these invaders who've brought the Neuroi with them as allies. Our Witches have fallen in battle because of how advanced the Stavrosian Mobile Knights are. As a result, we have begun developing our own and with data collected by our three prototypes coming to this facility, we can begin mass-production in earnest with this facility as the first of many to build our Mobile Knights. Now, I will show you the future."

Metallic stomps were heard. This was a surprise to every man and woman as they didn't anticipate that Chennault had something to show. As the stomps got louder, the collective curiosity of the guests grew.

"… It's a Mobile Knight!" shouted Chieko as she and everyone else in attendance saw what was coming closer.

As Chieko announced, it was a Mobile Knight. It resembled not only the prototypes but it was also a mixture of what each prototype had to offer. On its left hip was a Particle Sword like the one used by the LNX-01 Warviour, a cannon above the right shoulder that the LNX-02 Wardier has, and a backpack with a radome reminiscent of the LNX-03 Wardar.

As the Mobile Knight got closer, everyone began to see that it was colored green. Eventually, it stopped just behind the stage with the curiosity remaining.

I didn't think they would opt to combine all three aspects of the prototypes into one Mobile Knight, thought Shinta.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the LNMK-01 Masswar," introduced Chennault. "We were able to combine aspects of the prototypes into one Mobile Knight for the sake of easier manufacturing. Once the records of battle performance collected from the prototypes have been transferred into the operation mechanisms, we can begin training pilots for the purpose of piloting these machines."

"Excuse me, General, I'm Carrie Hollingsworth, The Planner," said a woman with short blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes as she rushed near the stage before Liberian Army soldiers armed with M1 Garand rifles stopped her. "Will Witches pilot these Mobile Knights?"

"I believe the pilot will give you an answer that will satisfy you," answered Chennault before giving a certain hand command.

The cockpit of the Masswar opened. Coming out was its pilot, a woman with long black hair and light brown eyes. Although in the uniform worn by Liberian Army Air Force pilots, the woman was Chinese.

"That's Gui Fangying!" exclaimed Kei.

"Who?" asked Chieko.

"She's from Nánguó," answered Shinta. "While not directly proven, Gui fled Nánguó because it's believed the National Rebirth government began a policy of abducting Witches and when asked, they've never admitted to abducting Witches. No one knows why much less what happens to these Witches but miraculously, the Liberian government helped Gui. Hence her participation in the Battle of Bataan during the Second Neuroi War."

"Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that we've been graced with three guests I wish to introduce to all of you," announced Guì Fāngyīng. "Allow me to introduce to you Petty Officers Shinta Himemiya, Chieko Oka, and Kei Miyazaki, the pilots of the prototype Mobile Knights!"

As Gui gestured to Shinta, Chieko, and Kei, the rest of the crowd did so in kind. Embarrassed, the three Fusoan teenagers went to the stages with cameras now focused on them. Galland, Yoshika, Sakamoto, and the 501st members looked on with puzzlement as to what happened.

"I didn't think Chennault would do this," said Minna.

"Same here," added Sakamoto. "I just hope those three know how to keep their secret as to how to-"

"Carrie Hollingsworth, The Planner," repeated Hollingsworth toward Shinta, Chieko, and Kei. "You're awfully young for Fuso Imperial Navy sailors. How old are you?"

"We're all seventeen years old," confidently answered Kei with his eyes closed. "We were supposed to go to college but the war came to Shinkyo."

Suddenly, other reporters began to increase the volume of their tone when asking that Shinta, Chieko, and Kei about coming from Shinkyo. Sakamoto began to slam her right palm onto her face. Shinta then saw what happened and stepped forward.

"Yes, we came from Shinkyo," answered Shinta. "We normally watched how things were at Shinkyo Naval Base, especially when the Neuroi and the Stavrosian forces attacked. We caught a glimpse of the Mobile Knights and felt we had to do something so we boarded them."

Sakamoto, Minna, and Chennault were horrified by how Shinta answered the question. Chennault then gestured the guards to force Shinta, Chieko, and Kei off the stage but not before rushing to the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen that will be all!" announced Chennault. "Now please enjoy the food we've delivered for this occasion."

The two Liberian Army soldiers appeared on the stage. Realizing why they came, Shinta, Chieko, and Kei left.


1130 hours

"What on Earth possessed you to tell that reported about how you boarded the prototypes!?" shouted Sakamoto with Minna and Yoshika beside her toward Shinta, Chieko, and Kei near an office's door with "Charles Chennault" written as well as "Major General" written below.

"I do not offer an excuse for what I said, ma'am," answered Shinta. "However, I do have an answer to your question."

"And what might that be?" asked Minna.

"I simply altered the story on how Petty Officer Oka, Petty Officer Miyazaki, and I boarded the Mobile Knights to give those reporters something to use. That and the fact we're three teenagers who should have went to college and that we boarded the Mobile Knights could be useful as propaganda."

"It's not that simp-" said Sakamoto.

"General Chennault and Air Chief Marshal Galland are here," announced a female secretary in Liberian Army uniform, interrupting Sakamoto.

Minna, Sakamoto, Shinta, Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika focused their attention on Galland and Chennault. Both parties saluted each other.

"I see all of you are here," said Chennault. "Please follow us."

"Yes, sir," replied Minna, Sakamoto, Shinta, Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika in unison.

After Chennault opened the door to his office, he went inside first with Galland following him. Minna, Sakamoto, Shinta, Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika followed with the secretary closing the door behind them.

"So, you three are the ones who took the prototypes on a joyride?" asked Chennault after he sat down.

"Yes, sir," replied Shinta, Chieko, and Kei in unison.

"That was impressive of you to come up with such a story, which I can tell isn't true. I've been told plenty by Air Chief Marshal Galland here. Allow me to thank you for delivering the data we needed for building the Masswars by letting you go."

"… We're not in trouble?" asked Chieko.

"While I do think that was reckless of you to answer Miss Hollingsworth's question, this war has taught me that we can't keep fighting the same wars," answered Chennault. "Besides, I need you lot relaxed for tomorrow. Go on and enjoy the party."

"Thank you, sir," replied Kei.


1157 hours

Minna, Sakamoto, Shinta, Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika arrived at a hangar of the air base hiding the Nevada Arsenal used to where the party after the ceremony was held. Appropriately, tables were established for guests to eat with some tables dedicated to gathering food.

"Finally, we can eat!" exclaimed Kei as he was the first to rush to where the food was located.

"Hey, wait up!" shouted Chieko as she attempted to catch up to Kei.

"We should follow," added Shinta as he turned to Yoshika.

"Agreed," replied Yoshika.

Both Yoshika and Shinta opted to join Chieko and Kei, albeit slowly. That left Minna and Sakamoto alone to look at each other.

"I can see why General Chennault didn't punish them," remarked Minna. "Those four need to be prepared for tomorrow."

"Even if they knew, they wouldn't act any different than they are now," replied Sakamoto. "Though I can't say the same for Himemiya and Miyafuji."

"What makes you say that?"

"If Himemiya really is that serious about being in the military, we can't force his decision. As for Miyafuji… "

"If they both choose to stay… "

"I doubt Himemiya's the type to abuse that idea."

"It's just that… did it have to be Miss Miyafuji to be the one to keep Mr. Himemiya in the military… ?"

"That I do not know? In any case, we should also get some food."


2234 hours

In a room for enlisted personnel at the air base hiding the Nevada Arsenal, Shinta Himemiya and Kei Miyazaki were given a bunk bed. On his bed, Shinta looked at the vial containing Yoshika's blood.

I have to keep consuming this if I want to control the Neuroi Core in my body, thought Shinta. Wing Commander Wilcke had every right to question that arrangement.


Hill Air Field, State of Utah. May 4, 1946; 1514 hours

"I wish I could believe you but… " said Minna while seeing Shinta, Yoshika, Sakamoto, and Ichiro Miyafuji in his "Khyber" mask at her office in Hill Air Field. "… How do I know you don't have any other reason for needing Sergeant Miyafuji's blood?"

"I can assure you Shi- I mean, Petty Officer Himemiya wouldn't have such a reason," argued Yoshika.

"We were able to save the Arsenal because of Petty Officer Himemiya and Sergeant Miyafuji," added Sakamoto.

"I know that but how do we make sure Petty Officer Himemiya doesn't-"

"I have a suggestion," interrupted Ichiro.

"And what might that be?" asked Minna.

"Assigning someone to guard both Petty Officer Himemiya and Sergeant Miyafuji if the former needs to suck blood from the latter. That way, Petty Officer Himemiya will always be reminded that he has to leave when he sucks Sergeant Miyafuji's blood."

"I can keep an eye on both of them," offered Sakamoto.

"Thank you but I think I can add something," replied Minna just before facing Sakamoto. "However, I will need Petty Officers Oka and Miyazaki to assist."

"Consider it done."


Liberian Army Air Force Base Above the Nevada Arsenal, State of Nevada. May 12, 1946; 2249 hours

"Shinta, you there?" asked Kei as he towered above Shinta, interrupting the latter while he was reminiscing.

"… Kei, how long were you standing there?" asked Shinta.

"For more than five minutes. Is that really Miyafuji-san's blood?"

"It is," answered Shinta as he showed the vial containing Shinta's blood.

Kei then grabbed the vial and looked closely. As he saw it, Yoshika's blood wasn't different than others. Yet, he knew it's the reason Shinta can control his Neuroi Core.

"And you have to suck Miyafuji-san's blood every week to refill this vial?"

"I do," answered Shinta before Kei gave him the vial back.

"How was it!?"

"Why should I answer?"

"Come on, you're sucking Miyafuji-san's blood. I mean… you two are alone and… "

"Kei… ?"

"It's nothing… How did it feel that you have to be guarded while doing it?"

"An order's an order so I have no choice. Same goes for Yoshika."

He didn't even use an honorific, thought Kei.

"Do I continue or can we please go to bed?"

"Right… sorry for disturbing you. Oyasuminasai."


Kei then returned to his bunk while Shinta continued looking at the vial filled with Yoshika's blood.

It may be an order but… as I think about it, no one should monitor what Yoshika and I do in the infirmary, thought Shinta as he began to reminisce again.


Hill Air Field, State of Utah. May 5, 1946; 2146 hours

Shinta Himemiya, in his civilian attire, reached Hill Air Field's infirmary. Standing by the door was Minna Dietlinde-Wilcke.

"I still don't think this is a good idea," warned Minna. "However, Miss Miyafuji has offered herself so I must see this through. If you hurt her… "

"I understand, Wing Commander."

Minna then stepped out of Shinta's way. The latter opened the door to find Yoshika on top of a bed, kneeling and bending her body diagonally toward the bed. Her index, middle, and rings from each hand her slightly pressed against the bed.

"P… Please treat me kindly," requested Yoshika.

I figured that if this was to be weekly, Yoshika wanted to channel the spirit of a Fuso Nadeshiko, thought Shinta before opening his mouth. "S… Same here."

That's a lie, thought Shinta just as he put on the set of fake incisors and canine teeth onto his real upper incisors and canine teeth and proceeded toward the bed.

As he reached the bed, Shinta grabbed Yoshika by her arms but gently put her down. After climbing further into the bed, Shinta began to grab Yoshika by her sailor fuku's collar, which she wore since her days as a student of Yokosuka 4th Girls Junior High School even when she had joined the League of Nations Armed Forces. However, Shinta saw Yoshika confused by what he was attempting to do and stopped.

"… Sorry," said Shinta.

"What is it?" asked Yoshika.

"I… felt that removing your uniform would be better because blood won't get into your uniform."

"Is that so? Then go on."


Shinta continued where he left off and resumed removing the sailor fuku from Yoshika. Yoshika herself then raised her arms to help and as a result, Shinta was able to remove the uniform. He could now see Yoshika in her navy blue-colored sukumizu.

She's… beautiful, thought Shinta as he saw Yoshika in her sukumizu.

Yoshika then moved her entire body to her left, allowing Shinta to find the right side of her neck, where he first sucked her blood the previous day. Unlike that day, however, Shinta rushed the false teeth toward Yoshika's neck and after the teeth pierced through the skin, Shinta pressed the button needed for the false teeth to suck blood. Upon doing so, the teeth began to suck blood with Yoshika closing her eyes, moaning, and firmly grabbing the bedsheet.

Shinta then realized that Yoshika's moaning was enough to tell him that he had collected enough blood, prompting him to press the other button on the false teeth. This ceased further acquisition of blood, rendering Yoshika unconscious.

Removing the false teeth from Yoshika's neck, Shinta got out of the bed. He then saw Yoshika's Healing Ability, her Inherent Magic, at work as the bite marks on her neck vanished before he said anything.

I guess that's the end of that… for now, thought Shinta. I need to get her back to her uniform.

Shinta then made the unconscious Yoshika sit up then grabbed her sailor fuku. Widening the bottom end of the sailor fuku, Shinta slid it across Yoshika's body while making sure her arms got through the sleeves. After that, Shinta made Yoshika lay down again but not before grabbing her and moving toward the door. It was then that Minna appeared before them.

"I assume you're done?" asked Minna.

"We are, Wing Commander," answered Shinta.

"Then follow me. We're taking Miss Miyafuji back to her room."

"Roger that."


Liberian Army Air Force Base Above the Nevada Arsenal, State of Nevada. May 13, 1946; 0859 hours

Mio Sakamoto, Shinta Himemiya, Chieko Oka, Kei Miyazaki, and Yoshika Miyafuji returned to Charles Chennault's office where Chennault himself on his desk and Adolfine Galland, in her suit underneath the aviator jacket, pants, and boots, were waiting along with a man facing a bookshelf. After Shinta closed the door, both parties saluted each other.

"Allow me to introduce to you General Fernando Franco, Chairman of the Leagues of Nations Armed Forces," announced Chennault.

The man who was introduced as Fernando Franco then faced Sakamoto's unit. From the Kingdom of Hispania, Franco was a man in his early-fifties with his head, once filled with black hair, almost bald. Despite his uniform, Franco had a small stature and whenever in a room with others, his height was not brought up in the interest of everyone involved.

Franco's military career began with putting down rebellions in Hispanian Morocco where he was promoted to Brigadier General in 1926. Ten years later, Franco commanded conventional forces during the Neuroi's attempt to conquer Hispania and when the Second Neuroi War started three years later, Franco commanded the Hispanian expeditionary forces sent to aid the rest of Europe, consisting of the División Azul and the Esquadrilla Azul, until1944. After the war, Franco had been promoted to General of the Army but was also assigned as the new Chairman of the LN Armed Forces.

"So you three are the teenagers who foolishly jumped into the Mobile Knights?" asked Franco upon looking at Shinta, Chieko, and Kei. "Normally, I'd have you tried as spies but I've been told of how you've fought. In any case, I've come to discuss two options."

"Pardon, General, but what would those options be?" asked Sakamoto.

"In the case of Petty Officers Himemiya, Oka, and Miyazaki, they can opt for an honorable discharge."

"An… honorable discharge?" asked Kei.

"That's right," answered Franco. "You weren't supposed to pilot those Mobile Knights but in light of what was needed, we had no choice but to wait and hope for the U.S.S. Mayflower to reach Liberion and deliver the Mobile Knights here. You three were able to not only keep the Mobile Knights safe but also to acquire information needed in the mass-production of the Masswars."

"If I may, General, but what is the other option you mentioned?" asked Chieko while she raised her hand.

"Ah… you can stay, of course," answered Franco. "However, there will differences as to what will happen depending on what you choose."

"You'll have to discuss that with the secretary outside," added Chennault.

"But what about Sergeant Miyafuji?" asked Sakamoto.

"As for Sergeant Miyafuji, the choice also applies to her," answered Franco. "From what I heard, she re-joined the LN Armed Forces out of her own volition when the Stavrosians and the Neuroi attacked Faraway Land."

"Please follow me then," ordered Galland as she began to walk out of the room.

"Yes, ma'am," replied Sakamoto and her subordinates in unison while saluting.


0915 hours

Galland along with Sakamoto and her unit stood before Chennault's secretary. The secretary was in the middle of examining documents that the former knew what they discussed.

"If you three opt for an honorable discharge, you'll be paid two million dollars," announced the secretary.

"Wait… did you say… two million dollars?" asked Kei.

"That's right."

"But that's in Liberian dollars," argued Chieko. "How much would that be in Fusoan yen?"

"And more than I usually earn," added Sakamoto.

Kei whispered it to Chieko's left ear with Shinta nearing Chieko too to know what Kei whispered. After hearing what Kei said, Chieko's eyes widened and her mouth gaped. Shinta then faced the secretary.

"And will we earn anything if we stay?" asked Shinta.

"You will be tax-exempted but there's no reward," answered the secretary.

Both Chieko and Kei showed disappointment with their facial language. Shinta, however, closed his eyes.

"At this point, I leave it to all of you on your decision," said Galland. "You have until 1400 hours to make that decision. Otherwise, we'll assume you've opted to stay in the military."


1007 hours

"You better decide wisely," warned Sakamoto to her subordinates as they left the main complex of the air base above the Nevada Arsenal.

"But what will happen to the Mobile Knights," answered Yoshika.

"We can ask him," answered Shinta as he gestured to somewhere, making everyone else stop.

Sakamoto and her subordinates found that the Fusion Wanderer had appeared. Disembarking from the right side entrance was Koji Himemiya.

"What's Dr. Himemiya doing here?" asked Kei.

"Most likely checking up on the Mobile Knights," answered Shinta.

"Squadron Leader, permission to follow Dr. Himemiya?" asked Chieko toward Sakamoto.

"No need to ask," answered Sakamoto. "We'll all follow him."


1024 hours

Sakamoto and her subordinates reached where Koji was going; a hangar where the LNX-01 Warviour, the LNX-02 Wardier, and the LNX-03 Wardar were being kept. Suddenly, Koji glanced to find his son and the rest of Sakamoto's unit behind him and as a result, he turned to go to them.

"What are you doing here?" asked Koji as he reached Sakamoto and her unit.

"We saw you coming so wanted to ask about the prototypes," answered Sakamoto.

"I'm here to reboot the operational systems of each prototype."

"Reboot?" asked Chieko.

"Starting over from scratch is the shortest description I can come up with. However, allow me to elaborate a little: once the data from the prototypes are collected, we'll remove the personalized information you three provided in Shinkyo."

"Why?" asked Shinta.

"Truth be told, we… plan on taking apart the prototypes," answered Kei with guilt filling his tone.

"Why would you do that?" asked Chieko.

"Because the AIs also control the prototypes. The longer you've piloted them, the AIs become accustomed to how you used them. Others wouldn't be able to do so."

"If that's the case… what about the Neu-" asked Shinta.

"Not here!" interrupted Sakamoto. "That's why we were given that deadline to decide. We still need to debate this amongst ourselves too. It's also why General Franco is here."

"Other than that, I assume you've been told that you can choose to be discharged?" asked Koji.

"If that be the case, then I'm staying," announced Shinta.

"Shinta, are you out of your mind!?" asked Kei.

"I told you before, if you want to leave, I will not stop you!" warned Shinta as he turned to Kei.

"Shinta-kun, that's enough!" argued Chieko.

"Listening to those generals was one thing but my decision is another," retorted Shinta before he turned to Sakamoto. "Squadron Leader, I don't suppose-"

"We can still go back and tell General Franco," answered Sakamoto without letting Shinta finish his question.

"You plan on staying?" asked Yoshika.

"I am," answered Shinta. "I don't know about y-"

"Then I'm coming with you!"

Of course she would say that, thought Chieko with jealously influencing her thoughts.

"I can tell you three need to sort this out amongst yourselves," interrupted Sakamoto. "We're going to the Fusion Wanderer and you'll discuss the rest of this there by yourselves."

"Yes, ma'am," replied Shinta, Chieko, and Kei in unison while saluting.


Fusion Wanderer. 1049 hours

Inside the Fusion Wanderer's passenger cabin, Shinta, Chieko, and Kei sat wherever they chose to sit; Shinta on the left with Chieko and Kei on the right. A sharply dressed man appeared with a trolley and on top of the trolley were bottles filled with black-colored liquid.

"Colas, if in case you're thirsty," announced the man.

"Thank you," replied Kei.

As the man took his leave, Shinta, Chieko, and Kei stood up to each grab a bottle but had to use a conveniently placed bottle opener also on the trolley. After taking a turn in using the bottle opener, Shinta, Chieko, and Kei returned to their respective seats and drank from their respective bottles.

"Squadron Leader warned us that whatever it is you two want to talk about, say it now," ordered Shinta.

"See that, you're really being obedient today," argued Kei. "The opportunity to leave is here and you're not-"

"Like I said back in the Mayflower, you two didn't have to follow me."

"Are you really planning on staying in the military to continue fighting?" asked Chieko.

"I am," answered Shinta.

"I doubt it. You're staying because of Yoshika-san, aren't you?"

"What makes you say that?"

"She's the only one whose blood can calm that Neuroi Core of yours."

"So? I can at least fight with it."

"I didn't think you'd choose a woman over us," said Kei.

"It's not like that!" argued Shinta. "I really want to fight the Stavrosians and the Neuroi."

"That's what I'm sick of. You think you can talk to us this way because you're a soldier?"

"That's what we are. Not only that, I'm one rank above you!"

"And now you're assuming we're willing to acknowledge that!" added Chieko. "Sure we chose to pilot Wardier and Wardar because of you but that only happened because you just had to force yourself into Shinkyo Naval Base during that attack."

"Unlike you two, I've been wanting to join the military even when I met the two of you."

"And why do you want to fight!?" asked Chieko.

"I… " barely answered Shinta before he stood up and stopped looking at Chieko and Kei.

"I guess this means you want to tell Sakamoto you intend on staying?" questioned Kei.

"That's right," answered Shinta before walking away. "Do as you wish."

However, an explosion and the subsequent alarms were heard. Shinta stopped as a result but continued to leave the Fusion Wanderer but he ran instead of walking.


Liberian Army Air Force Base Above the Nevada Arsenal. 1108 hours

As Shinta ran out of the Fusion Wanderer, he found Yoshika, Sakamoto, Bagrat Zakaryan, and Or Tauber looking at something, or rather someone. However, Shinta then stopped as he realized who the latter four were looking at. Unbeknownst to Shinta, Chieko and Kei had followed him but hadn't left the Fusion Wanderer.

"Y… You… " said Shinta as he saw a face whom he recognized and with his expression, didn't want to see.

Before Shinta, Sakamoto, Zakaryan, and Tauber was a man in his late twenties. He had long black hair, dark brown eyes, and light skin. He gave a sinister smile upon seeing Shinta and unbeknownst to the LN soldiers, he was the Stavrosian spy Kenta Aoi, also known as "Wan".

He's that man Tanaka warned about, thought Sakamoto.

"So, you're the men and woman who've been able to impede our advance," announced "Wan".

"Why are you here!?" shouted Shinta.

"Is that how you talk to your older brother? I'm disappointed in you, Shinta."

That man and Shinta-kun… are brothers? pondered Yoshika in a combination of fear and confusion.

"Wan" then looked again at Sakamoto, Yoshika, Zakaryan, and Tauber. Tauber and Zakyran shielded Yoshika and Sakamoto from the former.

"The woman in uniform, I assume she's your commanding officer?" asked the long-haired man. "She reminds me of our-"

"That's enough, Aoi!" shouted Shinta.

"So you're addressing me by surname now," rhetorically asked "Wan". "Doesn't matter. I'm here to kill her."

"Kenta" then pointed his finger at Yoshika. Shinta gritted his teeth as he continued to face "Wan".

"You'll have to go through me first!" boasted Shinta just before bringing out the vial containing Yoshika's blood.

"Let's see if Yoshika Miyafuji's blood really helps you control that Core in your body," said "Wan".

After drinking from the vial, Shinta gave it to Tauber. Getting away from the latter, the forehead of the former began to glow but this time, in a purple light. "Kenta's" forehead also glowed but in a red-colored light.

At that instant, both Shinta and "Wan" were engulfed in a purple light and a red light that touched the sky from the ground they stood on. After the lights vanished, Shinta and "Wan" in their respective forms that had blackened skin and lines across their bodies – which showed that they're Neuroi. "Kenta's" form was already familiarized to Chieko, Kei, Sakamoto, and Yoshika.

He's that humanoid Neuroi I encountered in Orussia! thought Sakamoto. And he's Himemiya's brother!

Both Shinta and "Wan", flew into the air to begin their battle. Every man and woman watched in awe and horror that a battle has started.

"Should we shoot?" asked on Liberian Army soldier.

"At what?" asked another soldier. "They both look like Neuroi!"

Repeatedly, Shinta and "Wan" bumped each other with little to no damage. To those at the air base hiding the Nevada Arsenal, it was as if two birds were dancing in the sky.

I can see why Tanaka didn't tell me everything that day, thought Sakamoto as she watched Shinta and "Wan" fight.


U.S.S. Mayflower. April 18, 1946; 2040 hours

Gregory Tanaka sat on his bunk in the statesroom of the U.S.S. Mayflower. Like it was in the U.S.S. Cowpens, Tanaka was the sole occupant of the statesroom because of how the Mayflower couldn't function as a mobile headquarters for a Joint Fighter Wing.

Despite the solitude, Tanaka did his duty as the second-in-command of the unofficial unit that consisted of him with Mio Sakamoto as his commanding officer and Shinta Himemiya, Chieko Oka, and Kei Miyazaki. Part of that duty involved paperwork. However, Tanaka was then interrupted by a knock on his door.

"Tanaka, it's Sakamoto, please let me in," ordered Mio Sakamoto from the other side of the door.

"On my way, ma'am," replied Tanaka before he rushed to the door.

Reaching the door, Tanaka opened it to find Sakamoto outside. After the salutes, Tanaka let Sakamoto inside.

"Have you finished the report yet?" asked Sakamoto.

"No I have not, ma'am," replied Tanaka.

"Good. I came to ask you about what happened hours before."

"You mean when I was taken hostage?"

"That's right. That man who assumed a form similar to the Neuroi, what was he like?"

"With all due respect, ma'am, he was scary."

"Of course he would be but I can tell Himemiya ran off on his own to save you. He too appeared to have turned into a Neuroi during that fight. Did you see how Himemiya assume such a form?"

Tanaka was unable to answer such a question. He remembered how the long-haired man who took him hostage called Shinta Himemiya "brother"

"I have and there's something you should need to need to know," added Tanaka with Sakamoto simply making a sound indicating interest.

"That man who took me hostage… he called Himemiya 'brother'."

"… Are you sure about that?"

"I'm not lying, ma'am. Far from me to presume this but it could explain how Himemiya could turn into that monster."

"In any case, we're seeing the Captain."


Liberian Army Air Force Base Above the Nevada Arsenal. 1114 hours

"Watch out!" shouted Or Tauber, interrupting Sakamoto in the present.

Sakamoto, Tauber, Bagrat Zakaryan, and Yoshika Miyafuji saw "Wan" throwing a slash made of red-colored energy. The former four ran as fast as they could and miraculously, evaded the slash as it hit the ground. This resulted in an explosion that created a fissure, shocking the former four.

That Neuroi…. he… he could do a Reppuzan… ? pondered Sakamoto as she saw the damage "Wan" caused.

Unbeknownst to Sakamoto, Yoshika, Zakaryan, and Tauber, Chieko Oka ran off from the Fusion Wanderer toward the hangar where Warviour, Wardier, and Wardar were kept. Kei Miyazaki then attempted to catch up to Chieko.

"Chieko, where are you going!?" asked Kei as he reached Chieko.

"What does it look like?" asked Chieko in response. "I'm going to help Shinta-kun!"

"By getting back onto Wardier?" asked Kei as he stopped to grab Chieko by the left wrist with his right hand.

"Let go!" shouted Chieko as she struggled to free herself from Kei's grip. "Shinta-kun can't last more than thirty minutes in that form."

"But what makes you think you can be of any help?"

"I have to try!"

Kei grabbed Chieko again yet the latter escaped the grip of the former. Kei was dumbfounded that Chieko would be willing to help Shinta despite his opponent.

"Chieko, I… ," hesitantly said Kei.

"If you're not going to help, get back to the Fusion Wanderer!" shouted Chieko before she stopped facing Kei and resumed running toward the hangar.

"I didn't board Wardar on account of Shinta-kun!" shouted Kei while closing his eyes, making Chieko stop again.

"W… What did you say?" asked Chieko.

"I didn't choose to pilot that Mobile Knight for Shinta-kun's sake," re-phrased Kei as he joined Chieko.

"Then why?"

"I… I guess I was concerned about you?"

However, Shinta was thrown toward the ground by "Wan". Seeing that the former will fall upon them, Chieko and Kei ran away together and upon doing so, they evaded Shinta as he fell where they once stood. Both saw that Shinta got up to resume his struggle.

"Even now, I still can't believe that's Shinta-kun," said Chieko. "And he can only do so because of Yoshika-san… "

"Chieko, are you-" asked Kei.

"Come on!" boasted Chieko as she interrupted Kei's question. "Shinta-kun needs our help."



1120 hours

Both Chieko and Kei returned to the hangar where the prototype Mobile Knights were kept. Hearing their panting, Koji Himemiya rushed to them.

"Chieko, Kei, what are you doing here!?" asked Koji.

"Doc, how are Wardier and Wardar?" asked Kei.

"We've just started the reboot pro-"

"Please allow us to use them?" requested Chieko.

"We haven't rebooted them but if you two go back to piloting, you'll have to stay."

"We want to help Shinta. That's all!"

"But we only have one assault rifle and it's for the Masswar," argued Koji as he pointed to the assault rifle built for Mobile Knights.

"Then I'll use it," announced Kei. "Chieko will simply use Wardier's Particle Cannon."



1126 hours

In the air, Shinta continued his battle with "Wan. The latter continued to evade the former and whenever possible, hit Shinta in the back as if he were a fly.

"You've gotten slow, Siks," chided "Wan". "Is it because you've been drinking that girl's blood?"

Shinta screamed as he turned back to punch "Wan" yet the latter evaded again. Above Shinta, "Wan" simply kicked him with his right leg, disorienting him.

"You should just give it up already."


Below, Sakamoto, Tauber, Zakaryan, and Yoshika continued to watch with dread. Especially with Yoshika as she knew Shinta can only use his Neuroi Core for thirty minutes even if he could control it after drinking Yoshika's blood. Tauber then noticed Yoshika's anxiety and turned to her.

"Miss Miyafuji, I can tell you want to go up there," noted Tauber.

"I do but… " hesitantly answered Yoshika.

"Follow me!" said Tauber as he began to rush back to the Fusion Wanderer with Yoshika following him.


1129 hours

After a failed attack, Shinta was kicked again by "Wan". Again was Shinta sent falling onto the ground. After creating a crater with his fall, Shinta struggled to get up but his forehead glowed purple and he knew what that signaled.

Damn it! cursed Shinta in his mind. If I don't stop using my Core soon, I will lose control again.

"What's the matter, brother?" asked "Wan" as he descended to see Shinta struggle. "Giving up al-"

However, he was interrupted as 12.7x99mm rounds. "Wan" turned to his right to find Yoshika Miyafuji using her J7W1 Shinden Striker Unit and a Type 99-2 cannon.

"Going to die for his sake?" asked "Wan".

"I will," answered Yoshika. "Even if I day, I will believe in Shinta."

"Then di-"

However, a burst of blue-colored energy hit "Wan" as well. It was powerful enough to send him forward away from Yoshika. The latter, followed by the former found that it was the LNX-02 Wardier that fired that burst of energy.

"The Wardier," said Yoshika. "But who?"

"We knights have come to save the fair maiden from the evil monster!" boasted a male voice over the intercom Yoshika wore on her right ear.

"Kei-san, is that you!?" responded Yoshika.

"Sou da!" answered Kei. "And Chieko's in the Wardier."

"Yo," replied Chieko over the intercom.

"You fools!" shouted "Wan". "… Don't assume I'll forget this!"

"Wan" flew away. Yoshika, along with Chieko and Kei, didn't pursue. Yoshika, however, began to realize she forgot something due to the commotion.

"Shinta-kun!" shouted Yoshika as she realized what she forgot while she attempted to fight "Wan".

Yoshika rushed to the ground as to where Shinta fell. She then found Shinta managing to revert back to normal with Chieko and Kei joining them.

"Shinta, you alright?" asked Kei.

"I am… " replied Shinta as he was able to get up. "Where's-"

"That monster left," answered Chieko rather than let Shinta finish his question.

"Himemiya!" shouted Mio Sakamoto as she and Adolfine Galland joined them.

"How are you lot?" asked Galland.

"We're fine," answered Chieko. "But-"

"I know. You three will have to report to General Chennault's office this instant."


1209 hours

Sakamoto, Shinta, Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika were now at Chennault's office as if the previous day never ended. Both Galland and Franco were with Chennault and as a result, the atmosphere in the office felt like the fate of the world will be determined there.

"I assume you three have come up with an answer?" asked Franco toward Shinta, Chieko, and Kei.

"I have, General," answered Shinta. "I intend on staying."

"Same here, sir," replied Yoshika.

"Petty Officer Oka, Petty Officer Miyazaki, what about you two?" asked Chennault as he faced Chieko and Kei.

"Well… truth be told, I wanted to leave but… " answered Chieko with hesitation evident in her tone. "If I do, Shin- I mean, Petty Officer Himemiya wouldn't be able to fight, even with Sergeant Miyafuji. Therefore, I wish to stay."

"Petty Officer Miyazaki?" asked Galland as she turned to Kei.

"Same here," answered Kei. "I wish to continue helping Petty Officers Himemiya and Oka."

"I see… " said Franco before closing his eyes then turning to Sakamoto. "Squadron Leader Sakamoto?"

"They're not the ideal soldiers… " incompletely answered Sakamoto. "But from my experience, even the behavior exhibited by these four is what we always need to prevail."

"Since all of us haven't eaten yet, we must wrap this up," warned Chennault before he turned to Franco. "General?"

"I have decided that you four will be an official unit within the League of Nations Armed Forces," proclaimed Franco before turning to Galland. "Air Chief Marshal Galland?"

"Your unit will be officially designated as the 1st Autonomous Mechanized Irregular Squadron," explained Galland. "Despite the name, you will be treated like a Joint Fighter Wing but it will up to you to accomplish missions we will give you."

"Mio Sakamoto, you will be in command of this new unit," added Franco. "As of today, you are now Wing Commander."

"Thank you, sir," replied Sakamoto with a salute.

"In addition, Petty Officers Himemiya, Oka, and Miyazaki will be given the rank of Sergeant within the League of Nations Air Force but for Himemiya, he will temporarily be second-in-command until Lieutenant Tanaka will be attached to the unit."

"Do you oppose this arrangement?" asked Galland toward Shinta, Chieko, and Kei.

"No, ma'am," replied Shinta, Chieko, and Kei in unison.

"For now, you four will remain at Hill Air Field and will work with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. We will inform Wing Commander Wilcke tomorrow. In addition, we will inform Lieutenant Gregory Tanaka that he will be attached to this unit as second-in-command."

"If I may, sir, why Lieutenant Tanaka?" asked Sakamoto.

"For now, you four will remain at Hill Air Field and will work with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. We will inform Wing Commander Wilcke tomorrow. In addition, we will inform Lieutenant Gregory Tanaka that he will be attached to this unit as second-in-command."

"If I may, sir, why Lieutenant Tanaka?"

"The Lieutenant's been with you since South Seas Island," answered Galland. "In addition, you'll be participating in an operation details of which you will be notified in a week's time."

"What operation?"

"We can't ascertain the objective until we've found what we're looking for," answered Franco. "I assume Señor Khyber will assist."

"I'll remind him," offered Sakamoto.

"Then it's settled?" asked Chennault.

"Yes, sir," replied Shinta, Chieko, Kei, and Yoshika in unison.

"And now all we need is a name," reminded Galland.

"Any suggestions?" asked Sakamoto toward her subordinates.

"I have one," answered Kei while raising his hand.

"And what might be your idea, Petty Officer Miyazaki?" asked Franco.

"Sky Knights."

"Sky Knights?" asked Galland.

"If I may, allow me to explain Petty Officer Miyazaki's suggestion," said Shinta. "Other than Sergeant Miyafuji, we use machines that only require one man to operate it. While airplanes have been called 'Knights of the Sky', Mobile Knights can be used for melee combat."

"I see," replied Franco before he faced Galland. "Air Chief Marshal?"

"Well, I suppose it's a viable name because it isn't a Witch unit," replied Galland before she returned to facing Sakamoto and her subordinates. "Very well, you will also be known as the 'Sky Knights'."

"Yes, ma'am," replied Sakamoto and her subordinates in unison.


Nadeshiko – "caressable child". More on this in the A/N.

Sukumizu (short for sukuru mizugi) – "school swimsuit". More on this in the A/N.

Reppuzan – "Gale Slash"

Lóng Shí Táng (Chinese) – Dragon Eatery

División Azul (Spanish) – "Blue Division". More on this in the A/N.

Esquadrilla Azul (Spanish) – "Blue Squadron". More on this in the A/N.

Señor (Spanish) - Mister


I wrote Houston Municipal Airport, now known as William P. Hobby Airport, because it was known to be where women from the United States federal civil service employees were trained to pilot aircraft, even for combat roles during World War II. In 1938, there was an attempt to name it after Howard Hughes as he helped develop the airport's first control tower until regulations prevented the airport from being named after him as he was still alive at the time.

Everything I wrote about the increased number of Chinatowns was made up for this fanfic. Particularly Ogden's because the only Chinatown in Utah was in Salt Lake City, synonymously called "Plum Alley" and it lasted from the 1860s until 1952. Likewise with Lynette mentioning that Chinatowns were being built across Britannia. Notably, I had Lynette claim that she's from Birmingham and let it be clear that is a fabrication for this fanfic and I do not treat it as canon. In addition, I had Lynette bring up a Chinatown being established in Birmingham because the real-life Chinatown there, called the "Chinese Quarter", is located in the city's Southside district even though it wasn't established until the 1960s. Southside also contains a "Gay Village" that is near the Chinese Quarter. Considering how fans see Lynette's feelings for Yoshika…

If you haven't picked up on it yet, then let me say this: the two men who were taking advantage of Galland were in truth, paid by Galland herself, to stage such an act. Why? So that she can see how Shinta uses his martial arts for such a situation. Speaking of which, Shinta's reluctance in using the name "Gāo Lěilóng" will be explored in future chapters.

During the ceremony that unveiled the Masswar, Perrine noted that the Gallian Ministers of War, the Navy, and the Air Force were at the ceremony. No, I didn't make this up, or rather, I simply had Gallia's civilian control of its military work like real-life France did, where the ground forces were administered by the Minister of War (created in 1791 to replace the Secretary of State, Minister for War), the Minister of Navy controlling the naval forces, and the Minister of Air (created in 1928) controlling the French Air Force. After World War II, the three positions were merged into one that kept changing names with the current one being "Minister of the Armed Forces". Also, I made a little deviation from real life where I replaced "Minister of Air" with "Minister of the Air Force".

As to why I called the LN's mass-produced Mobile Knight "Masswar". First of all, it's a combination of "Mass-produced" and 'Warrior". Second, I originally meant to call it "Warmass" but then I realized it's saying "Warm ass" really fast. In addition, the idea of making a mass-produced Mobile Knight that combines aspects from the three prototypes that came before is from Metal Armor Dragonar. In Dragonar, the MBD-1A Dragoon was created by combining the melee capabilities of the XD-01 Dragonar-1, the long-ranged capabilities of the XD-02 Dragonar-2, and the reconnaissance capabilities of the XD-03 Dragonar-3.

Speaking of Dragonar, this chapter mostly owns its existence to Dragonar episode 25: "D-Weapon Re-planning" where the three protagonists are given the opportunity to leave the military. Like Kaine Wakaba, Tapp Oceano, and Light Newman, Shinta, Chieko, and Kei find themselves choosing to stay.

And why yes, that is Francisco Franco serving as Chairman of the League of Nations Armed Forces. In World Witches tradition, I replaced his forename "Francisco" with "Fernando". As to why I made the man who ran Spain as a dictatorship from 1939 up until his death in 1975 in which he was able to (generally; more on this in the next paragraph) keep Spain out of World War II, well, if Hermann Goring, one of the biggest players within Nazi Germany, could be written into the Contrail of Witches manga, why not Franco?

As for Hispania sending troops to assist the rest of Europe when the Neuroi invaded, that is canon. Very crucial to the backstory of Angela Salas Larazabal from the 504th Joint Fighter Wing. In real-life World War II, the División Azul was a unit of Spaniards in the Nazi German Wehrmacht's Heer whereas the Esquadrilla Azul was simply a term for Spaniards in the Luftwaffe; in truth, five squadrons of these Spanish volunteers rotated between Jadgeschwader 27 and Jadgeschwader 51 from September 1941 until May 1943. This was because Franco opted not to get Spain involved with World War II and that changed when Nazi Germany's Adolf Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. Proposing the idea to send Spanish citizens to Germany where they were to volunteer into the Wehrmacht and be trained there was one Ramon Serrano Suñer, Franco's Minister of Foreign Affairs and his brother-in-law who was pro-German. However, the Axis defeats in Stalingrad and Kursk and Suñer being replaced (due to his involvement in covering for the culprits behind the Begoña Bombing of August 16, 1942, caused by a clash between the Falangist and Carlist factions within Franco's government; Suñer being a Falangist officer) by the pro-Allied Francisco Gómez-Jordana Sousa by Franco as Minister of Foreign Affairs necessitated the withdrawal of the Spanish volunteers from the Wehrmacht. Some stayed while others who initially withdrew back to Spain willingly infiltrated German-occupied France and joined the Waffen-SS. These Spaniards continued fighting for Nazi Germany up until the fall of Berlin in 1945.

Other than Franco, I also had Claire Lee Chennault show up in this chapter with the name "Charles Chennault". You might know him best as the commander of the Flying Tigers, American volunteers who traveled to China while it was being invaded by Japan and these Americans served as part of the Republic of China Air Force.

Carrie Hollingsworth is based on Clare Hollingworth, one of the first female war correspondents. She was best known for finding the first Germany advances into Poland that started World War II. The magazine Hollingsworth worked for, The Planner, is based on The Economist, which real-life Hollingworth worked for after the war.

And I've continued showing the ramifications of Shinta's relationship with Yoshika. You have Lynette and Minna being concerned about Shinta having to suck Yoshika's blood to control the Neuroi Core in his body and you have Chieko being jealous about how Yoshika opted to stay in the military for Shinta's sake. You can probably assume that Chieko has a crush on Shinta but truth be told, I regret not foreshadowing it better. I only remembered that when I got to working on this chapter and for that, I apologize.

In relation to that, I had Shinta internally use the term Fuso Nadeshiko when he saw how Yoshika offered herself to him when he had to suck her blood a second time. In the translation, I already explained that Nadeshiko meant "caressable child" but the term "Fuso Nadeshiko" is a reference to the real-life Japanese term Yamato Nadeshiko, which refers to how the ideal Japanese woman ought to be graceful, kind, and loyal to a fault, especially if the woman is married. "Yamato" refers to a traditional name of Japan while "Nadeshiko" is the Japanese name for the flower Dianthus superbus, alternatively known as "fringed pink". As to why this flower is connected to what the Japanese see in a woman, it is believed to be that the flower's ability to stand on its own without much water is comparable to how a woman must be able to have a will as strong as iron despite her demure nature.

Other than Dragonar, this chapter is based from Space Tekkaman Blade Episode 21: Premonition of Love and Death with Kenta Aoi/"Wan" appearing to Shinta while calling him "brother" as a nod to the man who's Tekkaman Evil calling "D-Boy"/Tekkaman Blade "brother".

Regrettably, I'll have to stop writing this fanfic again for a long while. My next chapter will require an awful amount of research for the setting. Please be patient until then.