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Author: Melovinharrypotter

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Summary: Draco is part Veela and they look for their mate at the age of 16, guess who Draco's mate is. Harry Potter of course. Read what problems they face and will Harry ever accept Draco?

Pairings: Draco/Harry so far, there will be more pairs soon.

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Chapter 1: Draco is part Veela?

Draco Malfoy slowly walked down the hall towards the headmasters office, this was the first time Draco had ever been to Dumbledore's office, but he knew where it was as Snape had told him once. Draco had to talk to Dumbledore about his inheritance of becoming a Veela and who his mate was. Draco's father had told Draco just that summer that he was ¾ part veela, Lucius (Draco's father) had said on Draco's 16th birthday he will come into his inheritance and he will find a mate by his/her scent. At first Draco was confused, but his father had told him that he would understand in time.

Draco understood now, just on the train to Hogwarts, Draco smelt a scent the drove him crazy. The scent of the person made him want to kiss and ravish the person that smelt so yummy. Draco felt like jumping in the air when the scent got closer to him in the hall, he waited for the person to turn the corner so Draco could see his future mate. But when the person did, he got the biggest surprise of his life; there in front of him was the one and only Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Draco felt the urge to push him against the wall and suck on that soft skin on the neck, kiss them full pink luscious lips. Draco looked Harry up and down; he had changed so much since 5th year.

Harry's untidy black hair was now spiked here and there, his emerald glass moon eyes were not hidden behind them disgusting round glasses anymore, he had got a lot taller and has defiantly filled out, his skinny body had now got muscles that showed in his tight turtle neck jumper. Draco couldn't stand it anymore he was staring at the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Draco quickly turned around and ran towards Dumbledore's office.

This was where Draco was now, all that happened about 20 minutes ago, now Draco was at the entrance of Dumbledore's office. He slowly knocked and waited for a voice saying he could enter.

"Come in" Dumbledore's voice was soft yet Draco could tell there was worry in them. Draco slowly pushed open the door and walked in. In front of him stood Severus Snape, Sirus Black, Remus Lupin, Dumbledore and his future mate.

"Ah, Draco, we were waiting for you" Dumbledore smiled, Draco was confused, why were they waiting for him, did they know he was coming. Dumbledore smiled obviously knowing what Draco was thinking.

"Your mother had sent a letter to me, asking me to help you get through the year and especially your inheritance" Dumbledore smiled.

"What inheritance, what is going on here?" Harry asked, a frown on his face. That voice to Draco was the most sexiest he had ever heard and he had to force himself not to pounce on Harry. Black, which Draco had no idea why he was here as he was *supposed* to be a criminal, sighed and he turned and gave Harry a look of sympathy, which made Draco furious.

"Harry, Draco Malfoy is part Veela, his mother is ¼ part Veela and his father is ½ part Veela" Dumbledore explained with a smile on his face. Harry first looked at Dumbledore like he was crazy and then he laughed.

"So Malfoy didn't get all them girls on his own he had to use Veela scent" Harry laughed and then suddenly stopped "ok, so Malfoy is part Veela, what's it got to do with me?" Harry asked worry in his voice. Snape laughed at this and Harry turned to glare at him, which made Draco laugh.

"Harry please sit down, we have much to talk about" Dumbledore whispered as he went behind his desk and sat down on his seat. Harry cautiously walked to a chair and sat down, Draco followed him and sat down in the chair right next to him while Black, Lupin and Snape kept standing up.

"Ok Harry as you know Draco is ¾ Veela, do you know anything about Veelas?" Dumbledore inquired. Harry looked at Dumbledore for a moment before answering.

"Well, I know that they let out a scent that makes people attracted to them, we have learnt a bit about them in Defense against the Dark Arts, the scent is called Maloke, Maloke is in Sheela's language, a Sheela is a creature that used to live in Spain, Veelas evolved from Sheelas and Sheelas got extinct"

"Correct Harry, but that is only a tiny bit in what I have to tell you, right now that is the least important thing you need to know" explained Dumbledore, Draco was confused, what did Harry have to do with this, no one knew that Harry was his mate except him.

"Now the most important thing you must know about is that at the age of 16 Veelas look for mates to love, protect and breed them a heir, they find their mate by the persons scent, to the Veelas the scent is the most best smell they have ever smell and it would turn them on" Dumbledore said calmly. Harry spluttered and looked at Dumbledore like he has totally gone loony, Draco laughed at this. Dumbledore took a breath and continued " the Veela is a very protective creature, once they chose their mate who ever touches their mate in any way has a death wish, the veela won't give up in making his or her mate theirs and only theirs"

"In other words, I won't give up trying to seduce my mate, but I would never force him to do things that he's not ready for" Draco put in. Harry nodded slowly, he looked in Draco eyes and saw an emotion that he had never saw in Draco before.

"When the Veela finally seduces his mate they do what we call bonding, when having sex the Veela casts a spell that makes his/her mate officially his/hers"

Harry nodded his head and said "ok". Draco watched Harry and thought how beautiful when he concentrated. "Still what does this have to do with me?" harry asked, Draco had enough of Dumbledore's slow talking and turned to look at Harry.

"You're my mate" Draco said quickly and a thud was heard, Draco turned around to see Sirus on the floor, 'looks like Dumbledore never told Black yet' Draco thought. Draco turned back to Harry who had a surprised face on.


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